Breakpad/Status Meetings/2017-03-29

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Meeting Info

Breakpad status meetings occur on Wed at 10:00am Pacific Time.

Conference numbers:

   Vidyo: Stability 
   650-903-0800 x92 conf 98200#
   800-707-2533 (pin 369) conf 98200# 

IRC backchannel: #breakpad
Mountain View: Dancing Baby (3rd floor)

Operations Updates

  • Miles is working on Pigeon, to get it working on stage by the end of the week

Project Updates

Deployment Triage

PR Triage

Major Projects

Splitting out collector (Antenna)

  • (miles, relud, willkg): Daniel and Miles have got a good theory for the "no configuration at startup" issue tracked in bug #1342619. Miles is going to look into AMI creation.
  • (miles, willkg): We've been working on getting Pigeon going with Antenna on -stage using the ops s3 bucket. This spans a few bugs: bug #1344037 covers monitoring, bug #1336267 covers setup and configuration, and then we've got some issues in the GitHub issue tracker.
  • (willkg): Extracted all the crash ids from one of the load tests last week and verified that all crashes made it to s3. Yay!
  • (miles, mbrandt, willkg): Finished up dataloss analysis. Summary is that Antenna does fine even under load, but may lose crashes during a deploy or scaling down. We alleviated those two scenarios somewhat. Last data loss analysis pass had a 99.99995% success rate (32 out of 613786 didn't make it). More details in bug #1348881.

We're now done with Phase 1 (figure out node configuration, autoscale configuration, load test, and establishing the circumstances Antenna loses data and reducing them).

Now we're working on Phase 2 where we hook up Pigeon (listens to S3 PUT events and adds crash ids to RabbitMQ queue), then switch Antenna -stage to use the webeng S3 bucket, then swap the current Socorro collector out for Antenna in -stage.

Deprecation rampage

  • current status
  • (Adrian) removed deprecated Products service today
  • (Adrian) working on removing the middleware
    • about 4 services to remove
    • about 4 services to move to the django webapp

Processor rewrite

Upgrading elasticsearch

  • (Adrian) extracted the Super Search Fields list from prod into my local ES
  • (Adrian) tested and fixed it for indexing, made an ES5-compatible mapping file (bug 1342083)
  • (Adrian) tested website with ES 5.1 and data imported from prod, fixed an issue
  • (Adrian) I *think* I'm done with this :)

Other Business

  • mbrandt Failing test build due to Seamonkey. Test suite cleanup pr coming soon, speed up the tests.
  • Q end is coming, update your goals, talk to lonnen if they're not done
  • (peterbe) to file a bug to gracefully remove SeaMonkey

Travel, etc

  • lonnen in TOR now, back next week, AFK at another work week on 4/10 + 4/11
  • willkg might be out friday (march 31st), but might timeshift his work.