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Please do not edit these pages unless you're on the Firefox team. Your feedback and comments are welcomed on the discussion page.

Bug Triage Day


Bugs can stay unnoticed in Bugzilla for a long period of time – they’re either not moved in the right component or are missing vital information to get them in developers’ hands. Our aim for the day is to manage incoming bugs in the Untriaged component.

What is “triaging”?

Managing incoming bugs: move them in the right component, asking for more information if necessary, changing the state of bugs accordingly, ensuring that bugs have all required information.

This event is open to everyone wanting to help make Firefox better. We usually advertise it on QMO and IRC every week, so you don't miss any updates.


  • Where: IRC #qa channel
  • When: Every Monday, all day long, but you can contribute any other time you wish.



Bugzilla is Mozilla's bug tracking system. This is where bugs are reported and where every change for a bug is stored and tracked.

To update a bug report in any way, you will need to sign in to Bugzilla using a Bugzilla account or Mozilla Persona. If you don't already have an account, you can sign up here.


These accounts are not necessary to participate in a bug day, but they're useful to create as you begin to contribute to Mozilla projects.


Mozillians is a network of our contributors. You might want to join it in order to connect with other contributors regarding community events, contribution opportunities, knowledge sharing and so on.

If you have any questions regarding the above or this event, please address them on the IRC #qa channel.

How to Triage bugs

Here is a basic set of instructions to help you triage a bug
  • Install the latest Firefox Nightly to triage the bugs on it.
  • Pick a bug from THIS LIST.
  • We suggest to check that you are confirming a bug on a relevant platform → at the beginning of the bug report there is a Platform field which should list the Operating System the bug was initially found on (Please click here to see an example). If there is no specified platform, no worries!, just go on with the next steps.
  • Read the description and comments in the bug to understand the problem.
  • If you clearly understand the bug, move it out of the Untriaged component into something more appropriate.
  • If you don't understand the bug or can't reproduce it, add a comment to the report asking followup questions. Some questions you might want to ask:
    • Does the bug happen with the latest Nightly?
    • Does the bug happen when running in Safe Mode?
    • On which Operating System does the bug happen?
      • only if the Platform is not specified.
    • Does the bug happen in competing browsers?
    • Does the bug happen on other Firefox versions?
    • What are the detailed steps to reproduce?
    • Is there a minimized testcase or URL we can use to test?
  • If you can reproduce the bug, mark it as NEW.
  • Getting started: Tutorial
  • Migrate Bugs to SUMO if its a support question, not a bug.
  • You might also find the following articles useful: bugmasters guide, MDN guide.
  • Make sure to add [bugday-yyyymmdd] in the QA Whiteboard (or the normal Whiteboard, if the QA Whiteboard is not available) of all the bugs you work on today. That way you will mark the fact that you contributed to this event.
    • If you don’t have the rights to edit the QA Whiteboard, you can simply add [bugday-yyyymmdd] in a comment.

Hosting a test day

Anyone is welcome to host a bugday or test day focused in an area of interest.

If you're hosting a test day or bug day, please report on its results!

  • Email about the results on the dev-quality mailing list.
  • Follow up in QA or community meetings to thank all the testers. :)


Many thanks to everyone that contributed to these events!


















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