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Bug Verification Day

Bug verification is done to verify that bugs are properly fixed and to check that the fixes don’t yield any new issues. This is a very important part of the QA work and one of the more challenging areas of community involvement.

This event is open to everyone wanting to help make Firefox better. We usually advertise it on QMO and IRC every week, so you don't miss any updates.


  • Where: IRC #qa channel
  • When: Every Wednesday, all day long, but you can contribute any other time you wish.



Bugzilla is Mozilla's bug tracking system. This is where bugs are reported and where every change for a bug is stored and tracked.

To mark a bug as fixed or do any other Bugzilla work, you will need to sign in to Bugzilla using a Bugzilla account or Mozilla Persona. If you don't already have an account, you can sign up here.

Mozilla Persona

Persona is a service developed by Mozilla which enables secure access to various services using nothing more than your email address and password. You can start using Persona for Bugzilla by clicking Sign in to Persona (blue "Sign in" arrow) here.

The Persona account can also be used for signing in to other Mozilla sites (e.g. Moztrap, Mozillians).


Mozillians is a network of our contributors. You might want to join it in order to connect with other contributors regarding community events, contribution opportunities, knowledge sharing and so on.


These are the builds you should verify the fixes on:

You can pick one of these builds, download it, and launch it with a new, clean profile. Then test the bugs from the appropriate list below!

If you have any questions regarding the above or this event, please address them on the IRC #qa channel.

How to Verify bugs

To begin, choose a bug from one of these lists
Follow the detailed steps below to complete the verification
  • Read the description and comments in the bug to understand the problem.
  • If you don’t understand the bug, comment it asking for whatever additional details you need to understand and verify it.
  • Try to reproduce the bug on a build that is known to be broken (usually any Nightly starting from the day the bug was filed to the day the bug was fixed).
  • If you are able to reproduce the bug on a known broken build, download the latest build of the version that is thought to be fixed (usually indicated by the status-firefoxN flags) and try to reproduce the bug. You can find links to these builds in the Pre-requisites section.
  • Take into consideration that Nightly and Aurora branches receive updates daily, while the Beta version only updates twice a week (which means you might have to wait a few days to verify a very recent fix on it).
  • If you are still able to reproduce the bug, provide the details of your testing in the bug report.
  • If the bug does NOT reproduce, then you can mark the bug as verified. Set the “status-firefoxN” (N = Firefox version) flag to “verified” for the version you tested and add a comment indicating the details of your testing. If you verified the fix against the latest Nightly, set the STATUS field to VERIFIED. Ask someone on IRC for help if you don’t have the rights to change the flags or status.
  • When possible, also do same exploratory testing around the fix to ensure nothing got broken by it.
  • Please verify the bugs on the OS/Platforms they were filed against.
  • Make sure to add [bugday-yyyymmdd] in the QA Whiteboard (or simple Whiteboard, if the QA one is not there) of all the bugs you work on today. That way you will mark the fact that you contributed to this event.
    • If you don’t have the rights to edit a whiteboard, you can simply add [bugday-yyyymmdd] in a comment.
  • If you need any guidance or more information, please address your questions on the channel chat and we will try to help you. You can also take a look at our FAQ page.


In case you have never verified a bug or just need someone to walk you through our process, please contact one of our QA Mentors. These are their names and IRC nicks:

    • Mihai Boldan: mboldan
    • Anthony Hughes: ashughes

If you can't find them on IRC, or don't want to contact them this way, you can just cc one of them in the bug you want to work on and ask for help.

Hosting a test day

Anyone is welcome to host a bugday or test day focused in an area of interest.

If you're hosting a test day or bug day, please report on its results!

  • Email about the results on the dev-quality mailing list.
  • Record the participants (including organizers and moderators) here: https://adhoctribution.herokuapp.com/
  • Follow up in QA or community meetings to thank all the testers. :)


Many thanks to everyone that contributed to these events!






















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