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Agenda for Bugmaster meeting June 27 9:30am PDT

  • Planning next bug day. SUMO bug day.
    • announce it in advance, have better invitation
    • have a call to start off the bug day
    • make a screencast or video. link to bugzilla for humans
    • screencast of triaging a bug. post that in the sumo threads.
    • make sure to explain the sumo dev team's whiteboard flag use. it is different from the qa test day use of whiteboards and flags
  • User profile status for BMO
  • Tiziana's projects
  • New contributor inquiries are going into a shared inbox in Zimbra. Right now, Liz answers them but that responsibility can be shared.
    • iamjayakumars suggests Screenflow as a tool. mverdi is good at it, ask him.
  • Contributor roadmaps work lizzard and mhoye are doing.
  • Brainstorm for goals for Q3, here: