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Goal 2013 Q2

We currently have several areas where contributors come into the project, but these areas are not stitched together well. This means that new people may come into the project, and then fall through the holes between the tools and applications and funnels. We aim to patch these holes and provide a net for all new contributors coming in as a means to begin seeding a community of bugmasters.

Approach and Milestones

There are several entry points to Mozilla.
1. Contribute and first-run nightly page links
2. Bug/test days (and other small projects)
3. JDM's Bugs Ahoy
4. Bugzilla itself

Many times a user comes in through one of these avenues and then is immediately faced with the question of what to do. We will improve the links between tools and projects, and give the users more obvious and immediately actionable items. Our aim is to connect our tools and projects so that bugmastering can lead contributors either more deeply into bugmastery or into other areas of Mozilla. Improving our tools to expose tasks, searches, documentation, and Bugzilla user actions will help us build a strong base for a community to form.

  • TODO: Add bugzilla bug queries to this by attaching proper whiteboard flags to the relevant bugs that are filed.

Milestone 1 -- April

  • [DONE] Release plan for user workflows.
  • [DONE] Complete requirements for user-profile page.
  • [DONE] Complete first draft of explanatory text for user-profile page.
  • [DONE] Begin work on Bugzilla profile UI (862441 and 859550)
  • [ON TRACK] Tie in specific small scale projects to direct bugzilla queries to provide a concrete way forward (
  • [ON TRACK] Continue tying together WMO and BMO more tightly with links to updated Product and Component pages. (Bug 866196 and its project page) (Product level is done. Adding and checking component links will continue throughout the quarter.)
  • [DONE] Work a link and a mail alias into the Firefox nightly Contribute page that directs people to these projects and to bugzilla ([86451])

Milestone 2 -- May

  • [ON TRACK] Tie into the new bugzilla user's view of the BMO front page to supply them with queries and simple projects showcasing what they can do (Bug 860810)
  • [ON TRACK] Update the bugzilla "help" so that it's help about bugzilla as well as "file a support bug" (859581) This needs to be moved to June - lizzard
  • [ON TRACK] Work with support teams to enable their contributors to get familiar with and to help them work with bugzilla. (Event June 6: Bugmasters/Bug_days/SUMO)
  • [ON TRACK] Conduct first new-style community building focused bug day May 30: Mentored and good first bug day
  • [DONE] Determine design for user-profile page.
  • [DONE] Determine SQL queries for user-profiles page. (859550)

Milestone 3 -- June

  • [ON TRACK] Deploy bugzilla "new user" front page and profile changes (code under review, not deployed yet)
  • [DONE] Funnel the new contributors (gained from the previous month) into a Bugday
  • [DONE] Integrate with the QA and developer contribute workflow where we have a less than three day response turn around for interested contributors. (respond to contributor's email in less than 3 days).