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FF 28 bug triage team

This is the current release of Firefox

Hello! If you'd like to help out with bug management for Firefox 28, please email bugmaster@mozilla.com!

If you find any bugs, file them. (How to File a Bug).

You may also be interested in looking at the bugs others have filed, and see if you can replicate them or add any useful information.

1. Make sure you're using Firefox 28. Check by going to :about in the location bar.
2. Make a bugzilla.mozilla.org account.
3. Skim over the UNCONFIRMED bugs against the current release
4. File bugs when you find them ...
5. Triage through the list of 28 untriaged bugs. So helpful!
--- replicate, comment, confirm
--- needinfo the bug reporter to get more details
--- regression testing

UNCONFIRMED bugs in the 28 Branch

Full Query
ID Summary Product Component Status Op sys
932897 Focus method should dispatch associated focus event synchronously Core DOM: Events UNCONFIRMED Linux
950869 2D canvas: Drawing an image into a clip is faulty Core Graphics: Canvas2D UNCONFIRMED Gonk (Firefox OS)
961708 Transiction to select from options list fire an event but not a event.FromElement Core DOM: Events UNCONFIRMED macOS
968759 say that it is Firefox writing to the invoking shell's STDERR Firefox Shell Integration UNCONFIRMED Linux
971225 Full screen video in a frameset doesn't fill screen Core Layout: Images, Video, and HTML Frames UNCONFIRMED Linux
977651 There is no hotkey or keyboard accelerator that gets me to a specific tab in the Tools/Options window Firefox Keyboard Navigation UNCONFIRMED Windows XP
978500 Top-level panels cannot be moved when parent window is in full screen Core XUL UNCONFIRMED Windows 7
979989 Maintain scroll position after page reload Firefox General UNCONFIRMED Windows 8.1
984291 Different intl.accept_languages values with user settings Firefox Preferences UNCONFIRMED Linux
985376 Firefox 28.0 cannot save, among others, email attachments Firefox File Handling UNCONFIRMED Solaris
985792 Image Cache Problems Core Networking: Cache UNCONFIRMED Windows 8.1
986383 ETA in download icon shows weird numbers Firefox Downloads Panel UNCONFIRMED Linux
986822 Customize Toolbar items appear and then disappear when Firefox starts. Firefox Toolbars and Customization UNCONFIRMED Windows 7
986858 Sidebar view doesn't obey the Windows high-contrast theme setting Firefox Theme UNCONFIRMED Windows 8.1
986861 Print to File Does Nothing If "Save As" Filename Doesn't Change Toolkit Printing UNCONFIRMED Linux
987143 Select tag with required attribute and a disabled option selects an option automatically while not showing it selected. Core Layout: Form Controls UNCONFIRMED Windows 7
987785 MacOS X: Can not connect to IPv4-only sites from IPv6-only node via SOCKS proxy Core Networking UNCONFIRMED macOS
987789 heap-unclassified keeps increasing, memory leak Firefox General UNCONFIRMED Windows 8
988373 V.28 flashes a few time when logging into outlook web access in exchange 2010 environment. Firefox General UNCONFIRMED Windows 8.1
988491 "Non OCSP" SSL Certificate is not being recognized after version 28 even with OCSP validation unchecked Core Security UNCONFIRMED Windows 7
988663 OSX 10.9.2 display corruption while playing videos in 28.0 Core Graphics UNCONFIRMED macOS
989764 Possibility to freeze drag-and-drop function on Firefox and an external program Core DOM: Copy & Paste and Drag & Drop UNCONFIRMED Windows 7
989765 Keyboard keys can be holded after having been push once (affect all programs, not only Firefox) Core General UNCONFIRMED Windows 7
990382 Hash table element is not updated if key already exists. Firefox General UNCONFIRMED Windows 8.1
991352 Alerts/confirmations not functional after tearing the tab off / dragging browser tab to new window Firefox Tabbed Browser UNCONFIRMED All
991539 firefox installed as user fails to register as a web browser Firefox Shell Integration UNCONFIRMED Windows 7
992497 "Save Page As" should use filename extensions ".html" and ".xhtml", not ".htm" and ".xht" Firefox File Handling UNCONFIRMED Linux
992636 incorrect offset of child element in a transformed div causes the element invisible Core CSS Parsing and Computation UNCONFIRMED Windows 7
992748 copy and paste leads to crash: Assertion failure: selection->GetAnchorFocusRange() && selection->GetAnchorFocusRange()->Collapsed() (Selection not collapsed after delete), at ../../../../editor/libeditor/base/nsEditor.cpp Core DOM: Editor UNCONFIRMED FreeBSD
993155 canvas does not respond to disabling or styling selections Core DOM: Selection UNCONFIRMED Windows 7
994027 Text area repainting problem Core Layout: Form Controls UNCONFIRMED Windows 7
994122 GPU acceleration makes canvas game perfs worse Core Graphics UNCONFIRMED Windows 7
994130 [Layout] print / print preview: long table is truncated Core Print Preview UNCONFIRMED Linux
994693 Selected range and clipboard content do not match Core DOM: Serializers UNCONFIRMED Windows 7
994787 onBlur is not triggered by Windows.Print pop-up when "Cancel" is clicked FF 28.0 Core General UNCONFIRMED Windows Server 2003
995205 Screen is frozen although engine is still loading pages. Core Layout UNCONFIRMED Windows 7
995628 DDos from the browser through Web Worker Core DOM: Workers UNCONFIRMED Windows XP
995644 firefox linux mint version sometimes cannot activate any context menu either right click or menu bar. Firefox Menus UNCONFIRMED Linux
995666 Firefox loads from cache a page whose SSL certificate has been revoked Firefox Security UNCONFIRMED Windows 7
996612 Problems enumerating properties of window.location Core DOM: Core & HTML UNCONFIRMED Windows 7
997621 wmode=window and div with opacity isn't above Core Layout UNCONFIRMED Linux
997749 Typing fails in an contentEditable div with a :before style applied Core DOM: Core & HTML UNCONFIRMED Windows 7
998259 Fatal OCSP error if certificate is not trusted, even when the options say otherwise Firefox Security UNCONFIRMED Linux
998297 float:none and left or right positions Core Layout UNCONFIRMED Windows 7
999228 Line numbers don't properly update in status bar when caret is in col 1 Toolkit View Source UNCONFIRMED Windows 7
999455 XUL combobox (drop down list) is not searching by keyboard on FF28 Core XUL UNCONFIRMED Windows XP
999619 Disabling contenteditable while focussed breaks badly Core DOM: Editor UNCONFIRMED Linux
999886 Unable to get the HTTP status code for the page itself from JavaScript Core DOM: Core & HTML UNCONFIRMED All
1001294 After printing job I am trying to read .shd files to get count of total printouts, while reading I am getting error. This issue is only with mozilla not others. Toolkit Printing UNCONFIRMED Windows 7
1001610 getSelection should be null after tabbing out of a selection Core DOM: Core & HTML UNCONFIRMED Linux
1001793 Whitelist Google Drive against DOM.event.contextmenu.enabled Firefox Menus UNCONFIRMED Windows 7
1001903 Can't open folder in Bookmarks toolbar with touchscreen: closes immediately (Ubuntu 14.04) Firefox Bookmarks & History UNCONFIRMED Linux
1001971 Firefox freezes with JS based modal dialog and one modal print dialog open at the same time Toolkit Printing UNCONFIRMED macOS
1004042 Images become distorted, or will duplicate in a gallery Core Layout: Images, Video, and HTML Frames UNCONFIRMED Linux
1004382 File > Save Page As... cannot replace loaded document source files Firefox File Handling UNCONFIRMED Windows 7
1004895 mouseup does not trigger a click event on the current item Core DOM: Events UNCONFIRMED Windows 8.1
1006968 translate3d has x and y values switched. Core CSS Parsing and Computation UNCONFIRMED macOS
1007707 Firefox stops HTTP Digest Authentication, after authentication realm has changed and another login is attempted, using URL to provide credentials (http://user:pass@host) Core Networking: HTTP UNCONFIRMED Windows 8.1
1010869 Zoom Text Only respects transition-property Core CSS Parsing and Computation UNCONFIRMED Linux
1016984 Too much I/O for simple IndexedDB transactions Core Storage: IndexedDB UNCONFIRMED Windows XP
1160084 Firefox not updating invalid-format errors Core MathML UNCONFIRMED Unspecified
1170513 Unable to change the preferences values "dom.disable_window_move_resize" and "dom.event.contextmenu.enabled" in firefox 28.0 version using user_pref() function Core Preferences: Backend UNCONFIRMED Linux

62 Total; 62 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Note: I would love to figure out how to make a mediawiki-bugzilla chart here to show bugs that have changed state from UNCO to NEW. Or since that may not be super useful, this might be better done in a dashboard; it would be good to know the number of bugs that changed state in this way.

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Firefox Untriaged bugs in 28 Branch

Bugs that are in the Firefox Untriaged component, reported for 28 branch.

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