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Middle-aged bugs

This is a project to work on Firefox bugs reported in a range time of -6months(-180d) to -1months(-30d).

These are bugs that haven't been changed recently, but were reported within the last 6 months. Triaging them may find good, relevant bugs. It can also help clear out invalid bugs!

Middle Aged Untriaged Firefox Bugs, UNCONFIRMED.

Full Query
ID Summary Status Whiteboard
317601 Certain gtk themes cause pages [including the bugzilla page for mozilla] to load incorrectly on amd64 systems. UNCONFIRMED
394423 cannot open local file at named anchor from command line UNCONFIRMED
433489 Zoom Text Only should be Site-Specific (View > Zoom menu option for disabling Full Page Zoom) UNCONFIRMED
502489 Change applications search text box text to Search Applications UNCONFIRMED
524899 Firefox should ask for master password when viewing list of sites for which passwords are saved UNCONFIRMED
528767 Pop-up windows, Exceptions, Sites are not retained after Firefox closes. UNCONFIRMED
542991 Missing possibility to observe changes of plugin disabled/enabled state. UNCONFIRMED
551615 using editable IFRAME, cannot edit a table within the IFRAME UNCONFIRMED
554351 When called from link in email or other app, Firefox launches but does not open the URL UNCONFIRMED
557781 Save and restore contents of textareas prior to sending (when back button doesn't work) UNCONFIRMED DUPEME?
583226 When "é" is written "e ́", the result is not good. UNCONFIRMED
589726 On the Mac, Command-Question-Mark keyboard shortcut brings up "help" web page rather than the platform standard of highlighting the "Help" search field UNCONFIRMED
591578 RFC: Please make creating of user profiles less confusing in 4.0 than it was in 3.X UNCONFIRMED
595514 minipicture of site is pixelated in "group tabs"-view after opening new tab UNCONFIRMED
595618 Mouse-wheel scrolling over Zoom toolbar icon should zoom in/out UNCONFIRMED
602358 browse file upload box should only show file name that is going to be uploaded UNCONFIRMED
616771 Having option to horizontal scroll by shift+mousescroll. UNCONFIRMED
630118 In-line javascript dynamically inserted into page causes browser to malfunction on key down event when holding down a key UNCONFIRMED
642595 Can't watch & load this youtube video and can load & watch a youtube video but without sounds UNCONFIRMED [platform-rel-Youtube]
644175 Safe Mode Shift Key Modifier Conflicts With Built-In Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts UNCONFIRMED
644914 Firefox only combines with pinned taskbar icon if taskbar icon is named "Mozilla Firefox" UNCONFIRMED
656348 open blank "new tab" flashes screen white UNCONFIRMED
658970 [Win] remove the old file "urlclassifier3.sqlite" in roaming part of profile UNCONFIRMED
671493 Subsequent 'new window' requests spawn irregularly shaped windows. UNCONFIRMED
680565 I was reading at the middle of the page, and the page got reloaded and brought to the top UNCONFIRMED
685027 Closing last Firefox window doesn't reliably exit the process needs Firefox > Exit UNCONFIRMED
704636 Firefox process still running even after closing the Firefox application during the setup UNCONFIRMED
713129 ⇧↑ Shift + Up in the awesomebar highlights bottom result rather than inputted text UNCONFIRMED
736974 Restore last closed window on MacOSX UNCONFIRMED
758594 Open website and quickly change tabs makes it open on the wrong tab. UNCONFIRMED
783929 bookmarks child menus jitter and shake incessantly when dragging in a shortcut while the main firefox window is using an external monitor UNCONFIRMED
868277 "Restore ALL Tabs" menu should be canceled because nobody ever uses it (unless clicked by mistake). UNCONFIRMED
881177 Firefox Sync: remote wipe UNCONFIRMED
945039 Blocks of text turns black in Windows 8.1 on any site and must scroll to recover text. UNCONFIRMED
1048286 When launching FF in permanent private browsing mode (with the -private option), only the initial window has the indicator that it's private. UNCONFIRMED
1058058 Popup menus stop working in Firefox UI and on all web pages with X11 UNCONFIRMED
1093678 CLI option to switch to existing tab if a website is already opened UNCONFIRMED
1127848 Open/display MS Office documents in Firefox (ECMA-376: Office Open XML, xlsx, docx, pptx) UNCONFIRMED [enterprise]
1140706 tabs (and page) smooth scrolling animation duration is hard coded UNCONFIRMED
1179917 On the navigation toolbar, icons and bookmarks are pushed away by the address field when dragging a tab on the toolbar. UNCONFIRMED
1194062 [PDF Viewer] pdf.js has a unsupported layer problem UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-c-rendering][pdfjs-d-layers]
1196151 Custom protocol handler (registerProtocolHandler) can't be opened in iframe UNCONFIRMED
1197159 open a new Private Window from a Private Window and you have Cookies from the first one UNCONFIRMED
1206702 "Search with current engine" should have a different background for hover and hover:active UNCONFIRMED
1219219 Firefox Sync fails behind Proxy-servers/Proxy-authencation UNCONFIRMED
1236119 High memory usage on squarespace.com UNCONFIRMED [MemShrink:P3]
1246663 Ctrl+Shift+A does not open addons manager (when <input> or <textarea> have focused) UNCONFIRMED
1254066 Wrong rendering of shadings UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-c-rendering][pdfjs-d-shading-pattern]
1278811 Firefox in Private Browsing Mode deletes downloaded files upon exit UNCONFIRMED
1310959 add user interface for hpkp (http public key pinning) UNCONFIRMED
1322652 Firefox show misleading/wrong message after update has finished UNCONFIRMED
1324394 Allow origins to be edited in the Password Manager UNCONFIRMED
1330816 users cannot delete synced tabs from synced tabs tab UNCONFIRMED
1335963 Accel keys in Page Info Media panel are both "A" for "Save As" and "Select All" UNCONFIRMED
1346123 Trapping the user in fullscreen by using modal search dialog alerts (and blocking F11) UNCONFIRMED
1348646 Suspended tabs show no (fav)icon after restarting Firefox UNCONFIRMED
1356879 Timestamp "lastAccessed" written too often to File "recovery.js" UNCONFIRMED [fxperf:p5]
1370147 Ship/Cache popular JS Frameworks, fonts and CSS & load them locally like DecentralEyes UNCONFIRMED
1403289 When there are no bookmarks in the Bookmarks bar, it shrinks vertically and doesn't stay the same height UNCONFIRMED
1407238 Cli argument for print page or generate pdf command in Firefox headless mode UNCONFIRMED
1415680 Cannot Open PDF Attached Email File with _%_ included in the File Name UNCONFIRMED
1418003 "tab wheel scroll" add-on as a optional feature UNCONFIRMED
1418249 Inconsistent behavior while trying to close tabs fast with middle mouse click UNCONFIRMED
1421713 Home screen - textbox color UNCONFIRMED
1424761 When a youtube.com tab is restored using Ctrl+Shift+T video should start were it was instead of from the beginning UNCONFIRMED
1432644 Can't manually add exceptions to tracking protection list UNCONFIRMED tp-product
1432721 Dark Theme-about:preferences to match theme UNCONFIRMED
1437287 Add an "Add bookmark here" option UNCONFIRMED
1445390 Opening a link in a new tab does not make the tab bar scroll to the right so you can see it UNCONFIRMED
1458930 Dark theme should have default black background UNCONFIRMED
1463527 Implement a mechanism to prevent multiple downloads UNCONFIRMED
1467057 Support multi-row tabs build-in or via API for extensions like Tab Mix Plus UNCONFIRMED
1467338 DNS request flood during Firefox startup UNCONFIRMED
1472317 relocate tab audio indicator to other side because current position is not touch-friendly UNCONFIRMED
1472487 Improve "Clear Data" dialog copy UNCONFIRMED
1476755 Web Extensions cannot manage saved logins for accounts.firefox.com UNCONFIRMED
1477504 Reword "Open Link in New Private Window" to "Open Link in Private Window" and open the link in the existing private window, if there is one UNCONFIRMED
1482682 [tracking] Sessionstore development related to session managers UNCONFIRMED
1483623 Scroll to the top of the page by clicking the active tab UNCONFIRMED
1484951 UX decisions on multiple download spam protection feature UNCONFIRMED
1486205 Dark UI support for not supported areas on macOS UNCONFIRMED
1491297 strange icon and menu font colors on sparc Solaris UNCONFIRMED
1494500 Allow customizing image background UNCONFIRMED
1495194 Restore Previous Session Button should still be Enabled when Restoration of Session is Default Behaviour on Launch UNCONFIRMED
1496802 error in opening a local html file in TOP SITES section UNCONFIRMED
1497038 Pinned top sites on home page should be synced as bookmarks UNCONFIRMED
1504216 Figure out why we need translateFragment for the space alert notification box UNCONFIRMED
1506476 Add support for containers to browser.startup.homepage UNCONFIRMED
1506628 [RFE] Add permission for link targets to open a new window / new tab UNCONFIRMED
1507451 Add feature to restore session on a case by case basis UNCONFIRMED
1516358 Take screenshots in vector format (e.g., SVG) in Firefox UNCONFIRMED
1516819 [CSD] Popup window created by browser.windows.create loses title bar after session restore UNCONFIRMED
1521372 -private is effective for one window; not permanent private browsing UNCONFIRMED
1521456 WebExtension popup windows have a black border at the top UNCONFIRMED
1522956 Focus/entered text in awesomebar/search bar is lost when moving tab to new or existing window UNCONFIRMED
1528063 Copy to clipboard copies JPEG lossy content UNCONFIRMED
1528647 Right-click to search with search engine doesn't work with POST request UNCONFIRMED
1529446 Menus misplaced after toggling HiDpi scaling UNCONFIRMED
1530394 Turn each private browsing window into a separate session UNCONFIRMED
1534981 After session restore some windows flash/want focus UNCONFIRMED
1535953 Title and tab bars flickers with WebRender enabled UNCONFIRMED
1537953 Windows taskbar context menu should use Photon icons for "Open new tab", "Open new window", and "New private window" UNCONFIRMED
1538522 Private Window's search bar colour does not match Firefox theme UNCONFIRMED
1546062 Headless doesn't work when redirect is involved UNCONFIRMED
1547388 Pocket + firefox sync does not work when clearing cookies after closing firefox. Making an exception seems impossible. UNCONFIRMED
1549899 Firefox can't update to the latest version due to installer not adding maintenance service registry keys UNCONFIRMED
1555998 'Take a Screenshot' feature doesn't remember last directory an image was downloaded to UNCONFIRMED
1556154 ESC should cancel address bar focus UNCONFIRMED
1557516 Pocket Integration does not work with Multi-Account containers UNCONFIRMED
1560501 Frequent freezes and large use of memory UNCONFIRMED [MemShrink:P3]
1562419 Add LeakZero as a built-in search engine for Chinese (Simplified) UNCONFIRMED
1564351 "Restore previous session" reopens last closed tab UNCONFIRMED
1565163 Firefox keeps changing my home page settings to "Blank Page" every day or so UNCONFIRMED
1565491 Force restart on upgrade clears address of open tab UNCONFIRMED
1566779 Citrix XenApp 6.5 and Firefox 68 (64bit) Illegal Instruction exception. UNCONFIRMED [enterprise]
1567822 about:logins should re-use an already open tab UNCONFIRMED
1568358 Provide user with option to delete synced data from account when disconnecting Sync UNCONFIRMED
1569239 Tabs not loading when #urlbar-container is hidden UNCONFIRMED
1569793 Add Recently Closed Tabs to the tab context menu UNCONFIRMED
1570231 Full pages screenshot don't work on https://towardsdatascience.com UNCONFIRMED
1574362 firefox-bin CPU high in 68.0.1 ESR UNCONFIRMED
1576127 PDFs print as nonsense UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-c-printing] [sci-exclude]
1577006 Pop-up blocker info: "Show 'http://...'" does not remove pop-up from the list UNCONFIRMED
1577750 Urlbar search icons disappear with extensions.enabledScopes=1 UNCONFIRMED
1577873 Move "Undo Close Tab" to separate section in tabs menu UNCONFIRMED
1578026 allow users to move main menu button to top-left corner UNCONFIRMED
1578203 Problematic interations between sync and icloud-bookmarks extension UNCONFIRMED
1579392 [meta] improve experience for mobile touch screens UNCONFIRMED
1579595 Firefox keeps allocating memory until all consumed when streaming live YouTube presentation UNCONFIRMED [MemShrink]
1579714 Firefox - Accessibility: Accessing a Mixcloud User Page URL causes the active Process to Hang whilst the NVDA Screen Reader is Active as of version 69 UNCONFIRMED
1580633 Unable to show bookmark in highlight section of blank page. UNCONFIRMED
1581919 Some taxi websites hurt users (flashing) UNCONFIRMED
1582021 PDF.js: fonts are rendered very fuzzy in 69 UNCONFIRMED
1582197 Add an option to enable closing pinned tabs with cmd/ctrl+w UNCONFIRMED
1582707 General sidebar button shortcut missing UNCONFIRMED
1582800 Users in Russia unable to access sync-759-us-west-2 UNCONFIRMED
1584353 [NTP] Search the web in the Search Bar is shown in two rows. UNCONFIRMED
1584616 Problem to save pages to pocket UNCONFIRMED
1584714 Kaspersky password manager does not work properly on FF Nightly 71.0a1 UNCONFIRMED
1584771 About:Preferences in FF 69 include a non-scrolling sidebar. UNCONFIRMED
1584867 The document.domain property is set to "pdf.js" when viewing PDF (on a website) UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-c-integration]
1584981 Firefox logs out of Sync and resets my Options UNCONFIRMED
1586060 In full screen mode, there is no feedback for opening a link in a new tab UNCONFIRMED
1586072 Password Manager using Secret Service UNCONFIRMED
1586221 Feature Request: Add the possibility of annotating PDFs in the built-in viewer UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-c-feature]
1586538 Runtime disclosure of origin of file type <-> application association UNCONFIRMED
1586608 Option to always save files instead of asking me whether to open them, regardless of file type UNCONFIRMED
1587023 If page is zoomed in/out, screenshot tool overlay is zoomed in/out too UNCONFIRMED
1587792 Hamburger menu too close to close button (in Windows) UNCONFIRMED
1587983 Make it clear what the check marks do in the one-click search engines preferences UNCONFIRMED
1588330 hamburger menu does not display correctly on multiple monitor configuration UNCONFIRMED
1588435 huge pdf cause system freeze UNCONFIRMED
1588476 Full page scrolling screenshot not working for pdf UNCONFIRMED
1588634 pdf-viewer should reload if file-content changes UNCONFIRMED
1588746 mozilla.cfg is still applied if group polices are applied (conflicting settings) UNCONFIRMED
1588749 Cleanup the Sync error logs should have a threshold for the size UNCONFIRMED
1589500 Unauthorized full access to logged-in sites in LAN environments (protect profile data storage) UNCONFIRMED [reporter-external] [client-bounty-form] [verif?]
1589632 Add an option to invert colours in the pdf viewer UNCONFIRMED
1589898 no option for recently closed tabs/windows toolbar icon UNCONFIRMED
1589925 When you add a pocket bookmark, it plays an animation which blocks the bookmarks from being opened UNCONFIRMED
1589928 Firefox offers to save images to different folders UNCONFIRMED
1589978 Taking a screenshot in headless CLI hangs on Linux UNCONFIRMED
1590617 Extraneous magnifying glass in dual-address-bar (awesome + search) scenario UNCONFIRMED
1590985 about: protections show wrong date and number of blockings UNCONFIRMED
1591379 "Restore previous session" data is lost when Firefox gets started by another program then closed UNCONFIRMED
1591778 [enhancement] let accel+w on a pinned tab switch back to the previous tab instead of the first unpinned tab UNCONFIRMED
1591795 Add the hability to remove the search button and add padding to address bar UNCONFIRMED
1591804 Some windows lost after closing firefox UNCONFIRMED
1591992 Can't import stuff from Google Chrome Dev on Windows UNCONFIRMED [lang=js]
1592436 Provide a toggle for the search box in private browsing tabs UNCONFIRMED
1592660 After moving tabs to new window, ctrl-w closes all tabs in that window. UNCONFIRMED
1592667 tabs are restored in wrong windows from session restore UNCONFIRMED
1592714 Elements on tall screenshot rendered incomplete towards bottom UNCONFIRMED
1592743 ESR68.2.0 on one Win10 laptop and user won't launch UNCONFIRMED
1592836 Firefox searches the first suggestion there instead of my original search UNCONFIRMED
1592946 Screenshots don't work with overflow UNCONFIRMED
1593205 Built-in screenshot utility serves wrong mime type text/ico UNCONFIRMED
1593409 Add an option to "Refresh page every....[time duration]" UNCONFIRMED
1593428 After update to 70.0.1 sessions missing UNCONFIRMED
1593464 Firefox account state bottom border overlaps 'Manage Account' sub-label underneath account name/email UNCONFIRMED
1593480 Mac OS (Catalina) "hover text" accessibility feature doesn't work in webpages on Firefox UNCONFIRMED
1593523 Allow Firefox to send backlogged crash reports on my behalf: Document what Preference Does UNCONFIRMED
1593559 Library button footers only show keyboard shortcut for bookmarks UNCONFIRMED
1593586 Dragging tabs when a notification pops up causes a frozen/bad tab bar display UNCONFIRMED
1593660 Google is the default search engine after installing Firefox? UNCONFIRMED
1593855 Remember volume level in private-browsing UNCONFIRMED
1593876 hanging + keyboard malfunction UNCONFIRMED [qf:p2:responsiveness]
1593883 Allow content to handle Accel+N and Accel+T in Full Screen mode UNCONFIRMED
1594248 Clicking lock icon in URL bar displays garbled planet/checkbox background dropdown UNCONFIRMED
1594307 Protection UI empty when ETP is turned on alongside with adblockers/privacy extensions, confusing the user UNCONFIRMED
1594313 Window size is not retained UNCONFIRMED
1594590 Bookmarks are not shown in overview section on new tab UNCONFIRMED
1594838 click on pin/link to a local page (e.g. file:///C:/index.html) on about:newtab page do not load content into new created and open tab view UNCONFIRMED
1595125 Firefox deleted all keywords for searches UNCONFIRMED
1595159 headless screenshot takes forever UNCONFIRMED
1595374 Provide consistent toolbox autohide animation in a fullscreen mode. UNCONFIRMED
1595387 "Take a Screenshot" icon in the right-click menu is dark even on dark themes UNCONFIRMED
1595702 share tab via FxA UNCONFIRMED
1595968 Open in new tab behavior inconsistent throughout UI UNCONFIRMED
1596736 Firefox About:Protocol to Menu UNCONFIRMED
1596996 Reload Tabs: don't reload all tabs for the same site at the same time UNCONFIRMED
1597069 Ability to override just operating system part of user-agent string UNCONFIRMED
1597141 Button to select the bookmarks folder that you want to be displayed on Bookmarks Toolbar UNCONFIRMED
1598442 I have 3 devices listed on my second computer and cannot add this computer to my main computer for sync UNCONFIRMED
1598512 [Feature Request] Please allow us, somewhere in the settings, to customize the default right-click context menu on websites. UNCONFIRMED
1599575 [mac] Intermittent New Tab is non-operational UNCONFIRMED
1599710 Opened tabs disappeared when restart & private windows opened UNCONFIRMED
1599820 screenshot fails on big html-files UNCONFIRMED
1599911 Suggestion: Add support for two or more Sync accounts in same Browser or Browser Profile for the same time UNCONFIRMED
1600128 Option to open new tab to the immediate right from current tab UNCONFIRMED
1600213 Be consistent with use of red for Pocket UNCONFIRMED
1600258 Firefox displaying blank page, not "Firefox Home" though configured UNCONFIRMED
1600393 Previous session does not restore UNCONFIRMED
1600413 Opening PDF's from the CLI strips page information from the URL UNCONFIRMED
1600710 In Bookmarks Toolbar, if >1 folder has (no title), upon syncing, all bookmarks across both folders will end up in one folder, and the other will be empty. UNCONFIRMED
1600947 Can accidentally create new window when clicking on pinned tabs UNCONFIRMED
1601043 Manually enabling "DNS over HTTPS" setting doesn't inform the user that it will be applied at next Firefox launch UNCONFIRMED
1601128 Show icons in menu and context menu UNCONFIRMED
1601148 User needs to sign into Firefox Sync each time they open Firefox on Mac UNCONFIRMED
1601569 unable to use enterprise policies.json to allow notifications when using first party isolation UNCONFIRMED
1601938 Certificate manager window cuts off buttons (German) UNCONFIRMED
1602182 Don't sync locked preferences UNCONFIRMED
1602240 Make more use of available vertical space in the synced tabs when opened via touch UNCONFIRMED
1602340 Add preferences to optionally disable forgetting old closed windows or tabs UNCONFIRMED
1602553 Can't open office files when using Parallels RAS UNCONFIRMED [enterprise]
1602697 Allow instant (and lasting) dismissal of any item recommended by Pocket at about:newtab UNCONFIRMED
1603441 AudioContext.currentTime is in "slow-mo" when running headless Firefox 71 on Linux UNCONFIRMED
1603445 In Options>Applications>PDF - I change the PDF to use my PDF viewer (bluebeam or ecopy), once I close firefox and open again, the setting has changed back to Preview in Firefox. This is happening for all users UNCONFIRMED
1603817 Facebook Container recommended even though Firefox Multi-Account Containers is installed UNCONFIRMED
1604059 Need to recover lost Firefox tabs UNCONFIRMED
1604400 opening rss feed while inprivate window causes feed to be opened in non-private window UNCONFIRMED
1604403 Firefox should sync how we customize our browser, which shortkeys have assigned for extensions, etc. UNCONFIRMED
1604642 about:logins "Sort by: Name (A-Z)" sorts by domain name only -- should then sort by login A-Z within each domain UNCONFIRMED
1604709 browser.sessionstore.resuming_after_os_restart config flag not honored UNCONFIRMED
1605048 Account does not sync UNCONFIRMED
1605222 Synced Tabs Do Not Appear UNCONFIRMED
1605563 session is restored after normal shutdown and restart of Ubuntu 16, even if session restore settings were turned off UNCONFIRMED
1605682 Custom images for TopSites always fail with Valid URL required UNCONFIRMED
1606498 Session restore gives wrong message if Restore previous session is off UNCONFIRMED
1606640 opening a link in a new tab results in a blank page / inactive tab UNCONFIRMED
1606789 First run page suggests signing in when you already are, and accounts.firefox.com doesn't indicate you already are logged in UNCONFIRMED
1606893 JavaScript error: resource://gre/modules/PushDB.jsm, line 414: Error: Record ? does not exist UNCONFIRMED
1607028 tab-crash page needs Submit button or label UNCONFIRMED
1607555 Move "What's New" menu item to Help submenu UNCONFIRMED
1607800 The custom image url for top sites in newtab does not accept file-url's UNCONFIRMED
1607942 Bookmarks corrupted < 1hr after being restored UNCONFIRMED
1608628 Tweak Firefox Theme [suggestions] UNCONFIRMED
1608656 pocket has only one row on new pageand no option to change UNCONFIRMED
1608696 Layout for Icons of One-Click Search Engines Sometimes become messed up UNCONFIRMED
1608697 Session restore during startup loses pages' URLs if proxy server responds with HTTP/403 UNCONFIRMED
1608718 Immediately remember the sidebar visibility, not when FireFox exits. UNCONFIRMED
1608739 Google.com keep appear in suggestion UNCONFIRMED
1608903 Sync option in settings menu grayed out. UNCONFIRMED
1609322 Display "Downloading xx/xx KB" on the status bar UNCONFIRMED
1609387 Show webpage load in its tab UNCONFIRMED
1609530 Focused input in devtools add-on panel is unable to type "'" or "/" UNCONFIRMED
1609551 UI/Accessibility Barrier: Forms in add-on dropdowns impossible to fill with on screen keyboard on desktop Linux UNCONFIRMED
1609657 Firefox does not generate an accessibility tree for PDFs UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-c-feature]
1609740 Redhat Linux EL 6.10 Firefox v68, Set as Desktop Background not working - Dialog appears and allows but image not actually set UNCONFIRMED
1610129 New tabs opens a new window instead UNCONFIRMED
1610210 Don't replace original tab when opening a new container UNCONFIRMED
1610430 URL Autosuggestion does not give suggestions until I have typed in "https://" UNCONFIRMED
1610523 Cannot easily reattempt navigating to a URL that returned status 204 No Content using reload button (and URL is not remembered in session restore) UNCONFIRMED
1611121 Allow users to access context menu actions for underlying media in more cases UNCONFIRMED
1611123 "Restore old session" is opening old and unwanted tabs, even when I've deliberately closed them. UNCONFIRMED
1611285 tab contents lost after a forced (upgrade) restart UNCONFIRMED
1611598 Unable to change the start page to custom url if blank page is set via policy UNCONFIRMED
1611605 Tabs did not get restored from previous session UNCONFIRMED
1611627 Option to move the Firefox navigation bar to bottom of the screen UNCONFIRMED
1611641 [regression] Opening a new tab should not override PRIMARY paste content UNCONFIRMED
1611649 [regression] Middle-clicking in URL-bar should only paste PRIMARY buffer, even if clickSelectsAll is True UNCONFIRMED
1611827 [Meta] animation on addons.mozilla.org UNCONFIRMED
1612351 Firefox ignores content-disposition for embedded pdf because of default action UNCONFIRMED
1612405 about:logins should allow restricting search to domains UNCONFIRMED
1612648 Picture in picture icon overlay overlaps mute tab UNCONFIRMED
1612695 [tablet mode] left / right swipe is ignored UNCONFIRMED
1612789 Dragging imported folders in bookmark manager does not move all nested bookmarks UNCONFIRMED
1613023 reinstalled windows signed in in Firefox but is not syncing bookmarks or other things UNCONFIRMED
1613577 Some pending/discarded tabs are loaded when dragged to an existing window UNCONFIRMED
1613716 Add way to see title and alt attributes in the saved screenshot UNCONFIRMED
1614206 Headless --screenshot doesn't work with local files UNCONFIRMED
1614439 Page Info Dialog Uses Significant CPU While Open UNCONFIRMED
1614516 Probably bad handling of HTTP headers UNCONFIRMED
1614963 Window tabs design on light vs dark modes UNCONFIRMED
1615513 Improve look of context menu on Windows UNCONFIRMED
1615841 Multi Tab session saves w/ Mozilla Account. UNCONFIRMED
1615878 Move context menu navigation buttons to the bottom if menu is opened above cursor UNCONFIRMED
1615988 Very high virtual memory usage in Linux UNCONFIRMED
1616126 DOS based on repeated basic authentication prompt. UNCONFIRMED
1616611 Red fill address bar if the website is insecure. UNCONFIRMED
1617505 render un-coloured HTML documents using the system colours UNCONFIRMED
1618218 "Start New Session" should store existing session in sessionstore-backups UNCONFIRMED

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  • Some of these bugs have more than one comment, maybe those are more likely to be significant and already started to be triaged.