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Middle-aged bugs

This is a project to work on Firefox bugs reported in a range time of -6months(-180d) to -1months(-30d).

These are bugs that haven't been changed recently, but were reported within the last 6 months. Triaging them may find good, relevant bugs. It can also help clear out invalid bugs!

Middle Aged Untriaged Firefox Bugs, UNCONFIRMED.

Full Query
ID Summary Status Whiteboard
327049 Unable to save attachments to folder or desktop from email messages or websites UNCONFIRMED
327699 "Funny" behavior when Extension-Manager haven't enough system-rights to manage all files - Gecko needs an better system-error handling UNCONFIRMED
394423 cannot open local file at named anchor from command line UNCONFIRMED
421068 Group tabs by site. UNCONFIRMED
424239 mailto: links should open in Gmail if you are already logged into Gmail UNCONFIRMED [platform-rel-Google] [platform-rel-Gmail]
452215 Disabling the Mouse/Keyboard shortcuts to navigate forward and back UNCONFIRMED [wontfix?]
476461 Mac bookmarks library quick-search should be Command-option-F UNCONFIRMED
484755 Keyboard shortcuts do not work on quit confirmation panel UNCONFIRMED
488891 In an OpenFileDialog Win/Command + a is not selecting all the files in a folder in Firefox UNCONFIRMED
499077 Can't select active tab UNCONFIRMED
506196 Smart keyboard scrolling on pages with frames UNCONFIRMED
510311 Need keyboard shortcut to switch panels in Options window when focus is on pref UNCONFIRMED
515591 Keyboard scrolling doesn't work UNCONFIRMED
517433 Certain CSS rules hide visible focus UNCONFIRMED
517481 pressing Enter does not invoke Print dialog's default button when focus is in text field UNCONFIRMED
517846 content-disposition doesn't work for streamed response UNCONFIRMED
520802 File icons in Firefox should have labels inside of them. UNCONFIRMED
523407 Context menu key frequently misses dictionary suggestions UNCONFIRMED
526819 When using certain keyboards where virtual keys do not match character output, shortcuts are erratic in behavior. UNCONFIRMED
528067 Escape key does not cancel stuck picture attachment holder UNCONFIRMED
528821 Scroll button disables scrolling using middle mouse button and keyboard UNCONFIRMED
529931 Can't type an open bracket on Mac OS X UNCONFIRMED
530086 Register mailto: links in history, useful for the Awesomebar. UNCONFIRMED
530148 Keyboard input doesn't work after switching virtual desktops UNCONFIRMED
533669 Window system menu appears when pressing shift+10 UNCONFIRMED
539420 Keyboard Shortcut: Alt + D (Select Location Bar) sometimes suddenly stops working UNCONFIRMED
540419 Switching between tabs makes youtube video go back and forth UNCONFIRMED [platform-rel-Youtube]
540909 Shift+CMD+F is incorrectly triggering Fullscreen mode UNCONFIRMED
543547 Keyboard movement through a select list cannot be prevented UNCONFIRMED
544903 On some forms, return and enter get misprocessed after selecting an item in choice menu UNCONFIRMED
546099 Cmd+ left/right arrow moves to a new space and does not navigate back/forward UNCONFIRMED
546102 CMD+2 moves to a new space and not to second tab in firefox browser UNCONFIRMED
546165 F11 Altena not for full-screen mode after you click the center of this page made in flex. UNCONFIRMED
548325 Flex Datagrid up/down arrow keys stop working after browser loses focus UNCONFIRMED
549206 arrow keys don't work in flash with firefox 3.6 and flash UNCONFIRMED
550182 After PRINT, the page has a correct layout, but content is set of unprintable chars UNCONFIRMED
551525 Blinking vertical black strip on certain sites on Ubuntu Linux after version 3.5.5 UNCONFIRMED
556642 default printer not changed by about:config when using CUPS (bug fix also included) UNCONFIRMED
556989 Keyboard shortcuts don't work when window has been minimized to RocketDock UNCONFIRMED
557170 iFrames are not being handled correctly UNCONFIRMED
557433 Drop-down menu item labels that contain a double quotation mark, are not returned properly. UNCONFIRMED
557443 The Add Ons page should use the Mac OS black bar for actions UNCONFIRMED
565334 Ubuntu Firefox. Can't send attachments to Emails using NTLWorld.com (now part of virgin) UNCONFIRMED
573961 couldn't access google search and said blocked access to google mail UNCONFIRMED
574903 When using Ctrl+Tab or New Tab from File New Tab open but Address Bar is not highlighted UNCONFIRMED
575165 Mac right click on track pad not working, pull down tab at far right not working. UNCONFIRMED
575471 Identity button not in forward focus ring UNCONFIRMED
576954 Tab key does not work UNCONFIRMED
577263 Control-e and control-a do not work on location bar when find box is open. UNCONFIRMED
579254 Pressing CTRL-TAB passes TAB keypress event to javascript UNCONFIRMED
579293 Keyboard Shortcut for Going to Top of Page Broken UNCONFIRMED
581651 F6 jump to url bar doesn't work with 2 or more instances of firefox UNCONFIRMED
582397 Extension cannot register protocol handler UNCONFIRMED
582509 Bug when confirming a downloads local destination by pressing [Enter] UNCONFIRMED
582624 Tab button(keyboard) is not able to switch between fields in forms UNCONFIRMED
585278 Edition of XUL tree element corrupts keyboard navigation UNCONFIRMED
595362 Bing maps, MSN Direct, Send map info to GPS error UNCONFIRMED
597733 When I open [eXe] "eLearning XHTML editor" a web based elearning editor after launching Firefox, [eXe] opens as a Tab and no pop-ups could open UNCONFIRMED
601105 FireFox4.0b6 doesn't open any url. [error-msg & platform included] UNCONFIRMED
602224 Right click different behavior UNCONFIRMED
606113 Text not shown in menu dropdowns in preferences, nor in js tables UNCONFIRMED
615575 No Set-Cookie for HTTP responses from local cache UNCONFIRMED
617285 Java Script history.go() Not working UNCONFIRMED
626933 Input of type="image" does not appear focused when .focus() in setTimeout UNCONFIRMED
633573 The content (including the sending button) is cut UNCONFIRMED
640952 nsiObserverService doesn't fire profile-before-change event UNCONFIRMED
642152 The focus changes from window to window involuntarily UNCONFIRMED
644739 "Get Add-ons" section hangs browser while certain extensions are enabled UNCONFIRMED
646720 Even with user.js set as directed, copy, cut and paste do not work UNCONFIRMED
647141 Ajax + new html part page + new JavaScript worked with new id = id is not defined. UNCONFIRMED
650245 Important feature broken by capability.policy UNCONFIRMED
651142 Turkish characters not recognized in Firefox 4 when using Verdana or Trebuchet UNCONFIRMED
653387 Wordpress-Firefox 400 Bad Error Request Error [Happens Randomly] UNCONFIRMED
653714 In the forms send the first value instead of the last with the same name attribute UNCONFIRMED
655716 In an ASP.NET Application Firefox wont jump into the EndRequest Event UNCONFIRMED
671561 Elements "input", "textarea": control-dragging a text to copy it can't copy it just before itself nor just after itself. UNCONFIRMED
676226 Bug 622411 UNCONFIRMED
676472 Firefox5 does not open mailto links in Gmail. UNCONFIRMED [platform-rel-Google] [platform-rel-Gmail]
682220 Install Add-on warning shouldn't appear for default theme in new profile. UNCONFIRMED
684846 Firefox often halts on H2 Database Console UNCONFIRMED
698421 Halloween Google doodle image not working properly UNCONFIRMED
701289 Some part Content of www.ibnlive.com site is masked by a panel, which distract for reading the content of the webpage. UNCONFIRMED
703548 ajax request: utf-8 is added despite charset being set UNCONFIRMED
703979 Drop-down menus don't display properly. The menu flashes quickly and closes before a selection can be made. Only happens using Firefox. Scrolling seems to keep returning to top quickly as well. UNCONFIRMED
704763 When I use ff on 2nd display download, source, other windows don't open UNCONFIRMED
707079 [enh] tabstrip scrolled position jumps when maximizing and fullscreening UNCONFIRMED
707447 Dragging to the tabbar in RTL-mode indicator is broken UNCONFIRMED
712625 [Firefox 9.0 and Windows XP]CTRL-C shortcut changes effect when firefox first starts =>whole system affected UNCONFIRMED
718249 Returning to a form using the Back button does not restore entered values UNCONFIRMED
728183 My Firefox update box keeps coming up, but it won't update UNCONFIRMED
730514 don't auto-select the address on alt-D UNCONFIRMED [dupeme?]
764822 onclick event does not report modifiers if user pressed enter instead of clicking UNCONFIRMED
778339 Clicking anywhere outside of the localStorage prompt dismissed the prompt. UNCONFIRMED
808252 home and end key not working on web pages opened in firefox browser UNCONFIRMED
845740 The web site should be able to suggest that Firefox not to use the built-in PDF viewer UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-c-integration]
886100 Missing "i understand the risk" since version 20 UNCONFIRMED
905386 Going to previous/next page using three-finger swipe on ASUS touchpad doesn't work UNCONFIRMED
924072 [pdf.js] PDF file making Firefox unresponsive UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-c-performance]
927621 Restoring firefox in dwm causes resize issue UNCONFIRMED
945039 Blocks of text turns black in Windows 8.1 on any site and must scroll to recover text. UNCONFIRMED
949299 Incorporate Download Statusbar functionality into main program. UNCONFIRMED
953115 numbered accelerators for tabs should be be Ctrl+# under Linux UNCONFIRMED
992497 "Save Page As" should use filename extensions ".html" and ".xhtml", not ".htm" and ".xht" UNCONFIRMED
1083702 Right-clicking in context menu doesn't activate menu item UNCONFIRMED
1163017 Show all tabs doesn't work in permanent private mode UNCONFIRMED
1172808 Restore previous session does not restore multiple windows anymore UNCONFIRMED
1185346 tabs stop loading while session restore after crash - tabs are empty UNCONFIRMED
1199577 Whole text in url/search bar selection while changing keyboard layout UNCONFIRMED [fxsearch]
1203282 support javascript: protocol for longdesc attributes UNCONFIRMED
1210739 Input confusion when Numlock is off UNCONFIRMED
1213636 Middle Mouse button does not open links on some sites. UNCONFIRMED
1219219 Firefox Sync fails behind Proxy-servers/Proxy-authencation UNCONFIRMED
1235304 alt shortcuts fail in Privacy settings about:preferences#privacy UNCONFIRMED
1249637 web-based protocol handlers double url encode url which already has url encoding UNCONFIRMED
1302284 List site-specific zoom levels UNCONFIRMED
1312237 pressing "Alt" to summon Menu bar, then clicking a hyperlink, causes link not to be followed UNCONFIRMED
1329912 Wrong "last-pb-context-exited" notification in some cases (one for child process and one for global process?) UNCONFIRMED
1349807 Pressing ESCAPE in location bar should return focus to main pane UNCONFIRMED
1356192 100% CPU usage on each page load, even with a single loaded tab since bug 1256472 landed UNCONFIRMED [e10s-multi:-]
1366477 Regression :Session restore breaks after restarting firefox 55 if pages are loading UNCONFIRMED
1367131 tabs show the url name but awesomebar shows about:blank and tab cannot be loaded or refreshed and is gone from the data storage UNCONFIRMED
1396215 Update bookmark panel for Photon UNCONFIRMED
1396216 "What's new" in about dialog feels wrong when a manual update search indicates you can update to a different version (shows release notes for existing install instead of update) UNCONFIRMED
1401181 Pointer Lock Notification showing after close tab (Ctrl+W) and hover this notification before disappears. UNCONFIRMED
1402396 Homepage-Shortcut not working in awesomebar UNCONFIRMED
1402756 Control+Q sits right next to Control+W on QWERTY keyboards UNCONFIRMED
1406143 [macOS] Feature Request: Add a short cut to open recently closed tabs or windows UNCONFIRMED
1421431 Problems in Firefox with an encoded backslash in url. UNCONFIRMED [fxsearch]
1422480 Downloads manager shows wrong source when handling 30x redirect on drop UNCONFIRMED
1425806 Clear recent history shortcut doesn't work in chrome pages on macOS UNCONFIRMED
1427663 Rendering glitches and dead space around Firefox window after restoring previous session UNCONFIRMED
1428069 Awkward "Quick Find within link-text only" shortcut placement on AZERTY keyboards UNCONFIRMED
1428463 Opening Firefox (normal mode) via CLI and then opening another Firefox window via CLI will always be in 'normal mode' rather than whatever you chose (normal or private mode) when inputting the second command UNCONFIRMED
1432644 Can't manually add exceptions to tracking protection list UNCONFIRMED tp-product
1435184 Extend "Density" Customize option to also adjust size of sidebar header UNCONFIRMED
1437287 Add an "Add bookmark here" option UNCONFIRMED
1441365 Add keyboard shortcut for Pocket UNCONFIRMED
1463527 Implement a mechanism to prevent multiple downloads UNCONFIRMED
1467057 Support multi-row tabs build-in or via API for extensions like Tab Mix Plus UNCONFIRMED
1470643 Address bar not immediately cleared in Windows tablet mode UNCONFIRMED
1483843 an option to set “Reload all tabs” & “Duplicate tab(s)” keyboard shortcuts UNCONFIRMED
1485688 Home page changes do not persist in AWS UNCONFIRMED
1486664 a %7E in an URI should be reencoded as its non-percent-encoded tilde / ~ UNCONFIRMED
1492844 When multiple dictionaries are installed, the context menu shows all the possible sub-dictionaries of those languages UNCONFIRMED
1506953 Blurry PDF in built-in viewer UNCONFIRMED
1512354 Pinned tabs do not recognize subdomains as belonging to the same website UNCONFIRMED
1516819 [CSD] Popup window created by browser.windows.create loses title bar after session restore UNCONFIRMED
1528641 accept local image as custom Top Site tile image UNCONFIRMED
1529481 Email account directly logged in if it is open in another private window UNCONFIRMED
1530394 Turn each private browsing window into a separate session UNCONFIRMED
1542189 [wfh] Add profile switching to Firefox Account button UNCONFIRMED
1555039 Add Zoom Text Only to the hambuger menu and the Zoom Controls button UNCONFIRMED
1558841 Feature request: Move tab to other open window UNCONFIRMED
1569239 Tabs not loading when #urlbar-container is hidden UNCONFIRMED
1570975 Pinned tabs with Audio muted are hard to select UNCONFIRMED
1574362 firefox-bin CPU high in 68.0.1 ESR UNCONFIRMED
1578026 allow users to move main menu button to top-left corner UNCONFIRMED
1579392 [meta] improve experience for mobile touch screens UNCONFIRMED
1583061 Make middlemouse.paste pref more consistent with Ctrl+V and Paste (from context menu) on selected text UNCONFIRMED
1586060 In full screen mode, there is no feedback for opening a link in a new tab UNCONFIRMED
1586072 Password Manager using Secret Service UNCONFIRMED
1588476 Full page scrolling screenshot not working for pdf UNCONFIRMED
1591992 Can't import stuff from Google Chrome Dev on Windows UNCONFIRMED
1595125 Firefox deleted all keywords for searches UNCONFIRMED
1598512 [Feature Request] Please allow us, somewhere in the settings, to customize the default right-click context menu on websites. UNCONFIRMED
1600947 Can accidentally create new window when clicking on pinned tabs UNCONFIRMED
1601148 User needs to sign into Firefox Sync each time they open Firefox on Mac UNCONFIRMED
1601394 FF 70.0.1 buggy and can not load various sites UNCONFIRMED
1611587 Bookmarks with no title might be reordered. UNCONFIRMED
1612789 Dragging imported folders in bookmark manager does not move all nested bookmarks UNCONFIRMED
1619373 Let WebExtensions preload their new tab page UNCONFIRMED
1622321 Firefox stuck after past to long sentences .2020-03013 UNCONFIRMED
1626879 missing symbols in pdf file UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-c-rendering][pdfjs-d-font-conversion]
1628122 slide tabs stuck UNCONFIRMED
1633908 pdf viewer fails to render 1 setlinecap 100 100 moveto closepath stroke UNCONFIRMED
1635837 Unable to type into address bar when Firefox starts UNCONFIRMED
1636367 Feature request: Add to top sites UNCONFIRMED
1636466 Show passwords in about:logins asks for wrong Windows credentials (smart card instead of user-password) UNCONFIRMED
1637545 No label on screenshot frame in responsive design mode UNCONFIRMED
1638687 gmail is removed from firefox top sites after synchronizing Firefox account UNCONFIRMED
1643922 Support Outlook.com as one of default handlers for mailto: URIs UNCONFIRMED
1647618 Tab is stuck during dragging when user get pop-up message in Microsoft Teams UNCONFIRMED
1651113 PDF search should default to unlimited whitespace UNCONFIRMED
1653320 Global sharing indicator blocks access to menus in macOS UNCONFIRMED
1654130 Pinned tab page is loaded as blank UNCONFIRMED
1655219 Move page navigation toolbar icons to main menu on small screen UNCONFIRMED
1655728 Cross site scripting that lead to browser slow down and lead to the endless searching , Version 78.0.1 (64 bit window 8.1) UNCONFIRMED
1657273 Insecure icon wrongly displayed in adress bar when reopening a local file tab with "Undo close tab" UNCONFIRMED
1658059 Middle mouse paste functionality UNCONFIRMED
1660650 The new UI of pdf viewer does not compatible with dark themes UNCONFIRMED
1662194 Add option for POST-method in custom search engines dialog UNCONFIRMED
1669674 Country is not displayed on first EV padlock click UNCONFIRMED
1671850 RFP spoof english prompt does not handle all cases UNCONFIRMED
1675284 Lockwise does not report website breaches or alerts UNCONFIRMED
1678034 blank window on startup nightly-community firefox 85 UNCONFIRMED
1683523 "About Firefox" window leaves a blank line when DPI is changed UNCONFIRMED
1685882 Wrong certificate issuer is displayed UNCONFIRMED
1687806 "Add to screen"/Link to Desktop or Start feature UNCONFIRMED
1695575 With x11-fonts/google-fonts (Google fonts) for FreeBSD: showing the bookmarks toolbar and personal-toolbar-empty, whilst the bar is used for items other than bookmarks toolbar items, can make the UI too wide for the window UNCONFIRMED qa-not-actionable
1701253 Text in "Choose an application to open the <scheme> link" is illegible UNCONFIRMED [mac:darkmode]
1705906 Proton small icons with thin lines makes them hard to "read" UNCONFIRMED [proton-icons] [proton-cleanups]
1707541 Detectportal does not detect login page when login page is not served as https UNCONFIRMED QA-not-reproducible
1707967 Links to SharePoint files do not open UNCONFIRMED QA-not-reproducible
1708870 modifing the mozilla sync request result to make the server to interact with external UNCONFIRMED QA-not-reproducible
1709804 browser.sessionstore.resume_from_crash set to false has no effect UNCONFIRMED QA-not-reproducible
1710986 Malicious website can trigger a download on another website and hijack its trust UNCONFIRMED
1712004 Bookmarks, Extension, Download tabs bugs. UNCONFIRMED
1712363 UI settings not holding after restart UNCONFIRMED
1713381 Tab-bar Horizontal Scroll Wheel Behaviour (Number of Lines Scrolled) UNCONFIRMED
1714043 Lack of subpixel anti-aliasing in tab, side and status bar in Proton UNCONFIRMED
1714050 browser.tabs.onTop not found UNCONFIRMED
1714140 Favicons don't always load on the new tab page UNCONFIRMED
1714142 Since install of Firefox 89.0 (20210527174632), the background colors of my screen and Bookmark Toolbar have changed to all white, and I am unable to correct. UNCONFIRMED
1714401 about:newtab only shows 2 columns UNCONFIRMED
1714417 When dragging a tab from another window or dragging text, and trying to insert it as the rightmost tab it instead indicates it wants to insert as the leftmost tab if you have any hidden tabs. UNCONFIRMED QA-not-reproducible
1714422 [Linux] Firefox not respecting OS scrollbar width setting UNCONFIRMED [access-s3]
1714475 UI Fault: FF89's New Tabs Break Pinned-Tab Conspicuity UNCONFIRMED QA-not-reproducible
1714604 You killed my "Open in a New Tab" ability, and now it makes it harder to navigate FireFox. UNCONFIRMED
1714607 Activating the tab menu moves current tab to new window UNCONFIRMED
1714708 Scroll position and text boxes are not saved on exit UNCONFIRMED
1714755 pinned tabs don't scroll UNCONFIRMED
1714815 Tab tearing now requires a delay to tear UNCONFIRMED QA-not-reproducible
1714834 Wood theme doesn't fill the full bar when on a 4K monitor at 100% scaling . UNCONFIRMED
1714871 New (Proton) download manager progress icon is unclear UNCONFIRMED [proton-toolbar]
1714892 Multiple toolbar icons do not evenly divide in to 16x16 causing them to appear off centered or inconsistently sized UNCONFIRMED [proton-icons][proton-cleanups] qa-not-actionable
1715324 Some characters disappear from website titles (html/head/title) in new floating tabs in Firefox 89 UNCONFIRMED
1715418 Accidentally Closing Pinned Tabs UNCONFIRMED QA-not-reproducible
1715437 opening about:preferences#home sets focus to the search field preventing hotkeys to work UNCONFIRMED [access-s4]
1715791 Tools > Options button display issue when using Windows "High Contrast Black" color scheme UNCONFIRMED QA-not-reproducible
1715918 All firefox tabs crash after version 89 update on ubuntu UNCONFIRMED QA-not-reproducible
1715920 Saving or downloading an image from a URL incorrectly uses an updated version if you have multiple tabs with same URL but different content UNCONFIRMED
1716188 Setting browser.urlbar.maxRichResults to 0 introduces a delay when searching UNCONFIRMED qa-not-actionable
1716228 Figure out if we can remove xlink:href in SVG (just use href) in /test directories UNCONFIRMED
1716230 Add "linting" to prevent xlink:href in SVG (just use href) UNCONFIRMED qa-not-actionable
1716270 downloading multiple files not accessible UNCONFIRMED QA-not-reproducible
1716276 PgUp works like Home, arrows do not work UNCONFIRMED
1716419 Gray box on top of every page except settings UNCONFIRMED QA-not-reproducible
1716467 User is continuously logged out and passwords and data are de-synced after ten-20 minutes after signing in since update. UNCONFIRMED
1717144 Can't right click to inspect element on Academia.edu UNCONFIRMED qa-not-actionable
1717196 Bookmarks are drained out of the individual folder structure to the main bookmarkfolder after restoring them from file or backup UNCONFIRMED
1717456 Automatic change of "sizemode" from "maximized" to "normal" in xulstore.json UNCONFIRMED QA-not-reproducible
1717495 closes open tabs UNCONFIRMED
1717827 Change to the desktop view in Firefox on a smartphone under Linux UNCONFIRMED
1718107 Multiple Tab Creation (via middle click vs CTRL+click) UNCONFIRMED
1718892 <button> has gray background, while using custom background colors settings UNCONFIRMED access
1719040 adress bar and search bar is not resonding UNCONFIRMED
1719058 Command-Tilda ("~") only selects between 2 open windows UNCONFIRMED
1719075 Dragging Firefox tab into Spotify Desktop App instantly crashes Firefox UNCONFIRMED
1719109 Transparency of popups are inconsistent UNCONFIRMED
1719533 [macOS] Extension storage/messaging unload event listeners not running on browser quit UNCONFIRMED
1719660 Fragments of page render dark-to-white background-color transition on load UNCONFIRMED
1719818 When firefox loads a new page, there is a brief flash of white before the page loads. This can cause seizures depending on what the next page loads. UNCONFIRMED QA-not-reproducible
1720118 Firefox does not show data about expired server certificate UNCONFIRMED qa-not-reproducible
1720259 Loading cache assets very slow in Firefox Dev Edition, not in Firefox UNCONFIRMED
1720825 Pin tab redirecting to firefox login page when there is no connection UNCONFIRMED qa-not-actionable
1721595 Certificate Manager reacts to ctrl-tab UNCONFIRMED
1722273 Firefox hangs when opening new window or tab from another application UNCONFIRMED QA-not-actionable
1722678 Pinned tabs overwrite the ones next to them UNCONFIRMED QA-not-reproducible
1722909 At program open, the theme adds a light line and must be reset each time. UNCONFIRMED
1723893 You cannot tell if a tab is selected or active UNCONFIRMED
1724097 EME-free 1.0's popup blocker option NOT allowing popups for my 3riversFCU online bank account site UNCONFIRMED
1724483 No allow button in privacy settings for Microphone UNCONFIRMED
1724554 Clone tabs in the background UNCONFIRMED
1724603 after nightly install on android, screen inside browser disappeare every second UNCONFIRMED
1725040 Firefox (wayland) Unable to move tabs from a group UNCONFIRMED QA-not-reproducible
1725068 Tab Bar Size controls missing FF89+ UNCONFIRMED
1725196 Webextension update notices can open new tabs, switch focus UNCONFIRMED
1725788 The "insecure HTTPS" icon should be more noticeable (bring back the yellow warning icon or use the red struck-out-lock icon) UNCONFIRMED
1726025 When displaying a certificate's validity period and DST will change during this period, Firefox displays the wrong timezone description. UNCONFIRMED
1726135 Offer "Copy Link" in parallel to "Copy Email Address" not to lose mailto: URL parameters UNCONFIRMED
1726713 Fail to open links in webpages UNCONFIRMED [QA-not-reproducible]
1726741 Firefox crashes UNCONFIRMED [QA-not-reproducible]
1726992 Tabs don‘t go away when tapping on close in iPadOS UNCONFIRMED
1727441 Firefox reloads all tabs after update UNCONFIRMED [QA-not-reproducible]
1727499 I can't sign in sepe.es with @ permanent key UNCONFIRMED
1727918 Freeze at NtWaitForAlertByThreadId UNCONFIRMED qa-not-actionable
1728163 FF 91.0.2 restores my session while configured not to UNCONFIRMED [QA-not-reproducible]
1729249 bus error - style::gecko::wrapper::GeckoElement::flags [Solaris SPARC] UNCONFIRMED QA-not-reproducible
1729332 number field with decimal (Windows) 91.0.2 UNCONFIRMED
1729363 Problem with change theme light <---> dark (KDE) UNCONFIRMED
1729763 Firefox temporarily launches a blank window after launching new window/tab UNCONFIRMED [QA-not-reproducible]
1730781 Firefox frequently restores last sessions with option unchecked UNCONFIRMED
1731249 Autoscroll setting unexpectedly disabled UNCONFIRMED
1731370 Using a calendar in a confluence wiki site, the dates are shifted left UNCONFIRMED
1732413 Spanish accented characters can't be typed in Manjaro UNCONFIRMED
1732579 cannot login. It's asking for 2 step authentication but it won't send an sms or call UNCONFIRMED
1733469 Restore v88 layout/menu icons UNCONFIRMED
1734546 about:config - Warning icon and message overlap on resize (smaller width) UNCONFIRMED
1734666 With large text the screen share permission dialog is cropped and not resizable UNCONFIRMED
1734688 Tab marker doesn't go away after move mouse out of tab bar UNCONFIRMED
1734989 Firefox 78.15.0esr (64-bit) hangs, apparently in libpthread via libxul UNCONFIRMED
1735087 Display URL of Page Launched in New Tab Immediately UNCONFIRMED
1735463 Firefox home empty and pinned tabs gone UNCONFIRMED
1735470 Firefox 93.0 (64-bit) in Macbook Pro Keeps crashing when using Keyboard Shortcut to switch tabs UNCONFIRMED [QA-not-reproducible]
1735982 shopping ad page only shows lines and no product or item i search for on shopping ad page UNCONFIRMED
1736030 videos from Youtube (or other sites) stop after and cannot be restarted UNCONFIRMED
1736165 enabling notification for a website causes freezing firefox to force quit UNCONFIRMED

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  • If a bug reporter hasn't answered to qa requested added in the first week after he/she reported the bug, they are more likely to be not interested anymore.
  • Some of these bugs have more than one comment, maybe those are more likely to be significant and already started to be triaged.