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Middle-aged bugs

This is a project to work on Firefox bugs reported in a range time of -6months(-180d) to -1months(-30d).

These are bugs that haven't been changed recently, but were reported within the last 6 months. Triaging them may find good, relevant bugs. It can also help clear out invalid bugs!

Middle Aged Untriaged Firefox Bugs, UNCONFIRMED.

Full Query
ID Summary Status Whiteboard
251693 key and context menu item to open links in current tab UNCONFIRMED
371739 Reload pages from a script UNCONFIRMED
373978 Left clicking a link should never open new tabs or windows UNCONFIRMED
380466 Error selecting application to open downloaded file UNCONFIRMED
399738 Option to sort/order tabs (e.g. alphabetically, by open date, by file date) UNCONFIRMED
405592 Sidebar Request for Option to open sidebar links in sidebar UNCONFIRMED WONTFIX?
415795 "open file" dialog shows .exe, .dll files etc UNCONFIRMED [wontfix?]
418830 "Open with" should offer my desktop entrys UNCONFIRMED
419461 "Open With Firefox" from "Opening..." Dialog UNCONFIRMED
421914 [GNOME integration] Choosing from Firefox context menu to view a selected image should open the default GNOME image viewer UNCONFIRMED
424123 quick name change in "you have chosen to open" dialog UNCONFIRMED
446373 Add 'Permissions' button next to 'More Information' in security box to quickly open permissions for a page (site preferences) UNCONFIRMED
456686 Multiple monitor extended desktop w/fast user switching. Firefox drags all open windows to monitor of window which last had focus when switching users. UNCONFIRMED
460714 Option to only use a single window (e.g. clicking QuickLaunch when Firefox is already open) UNCONFIRMED
460891 Wrong file name passed to helper app UNCONFIRMED
482027 Being able to remember better the last folders selected for bookmarking UNCONFIRMED
485243 request: option to always automatically keep one new tab open UNCONFIRMED
509087 Ask whether to open browser when automatically started by other software UNCONFIRMED
509526 "open what to do" with (dot)DO files. UNCONFIRMED
513800 Bug Me Not: Clear Recent History UNCONFIRMED
522421 Middle click on on jump list item should open in new tab UNCONFIRMED
529931 Can't type an open bracket on Mac OS X UNCONFIRMED
534294 Upon open "When FireFox Starts", "Use Bookmark" only open the first 2 bookmarks of 7 in the list UNCONFIRMED
538950 Opening URl with application/json causes many tabs to open UNCONFIRMED
540909 Shift+CMD+F isn't invoking assigned action - is incorrectly triggering Fullscreen mode UNCONFIRMED
541664 after switching away and back to a tab, new tabs open in front of tabs previously opened from it UNCONFIRMED
544611 request from external program / via command line parameter open tab in wrong window UNCONFIRMED
553849 Right click paste text into into aol e-mail body bug UNCONFIRMED
556185 Web page error not trapped and when FF closed, FF process stays open UNCONFIRMED
564254 circumstance:few tabs in window.Problem:if I scroll downloading tab,it open in new window,although I don't like that UNCONFIRMED
565000 stop loading page does not work proper UNCONFIRMED
568444 For MS Visio files with extension *.vsd the "Open With.." option not available UNCONFIRMED
569173 you can't copy the file name in the "You have chosen to open" download dialog UNCONFIRMED
571519 command-t isn't handled consistently when an rss feed is open UNCONFIRMED
571968 Inconsistent zoom behavior with main window and those opened with "Open link in new window" or shift+click depending on cursor position UNCONFIRMED
574679 Checkbox should be checked only when user clicks inside the designated square UNCONFIRMED
574903 When using Ctrl+Tab or New Tab from File New Tab open but Address Bar is not highlighted UNCONFIRMED
575164 can't update if I open UAC of Windows 7 UNCONFIRMED
575165 Mac right click on track pad not working, pull down tab at far right not working. UNCONFIRMED
576852 scrolling locked while havinf find bar open when opening an XML/XSL website. UNCONFIRMED
577162 Cross domain form with target="_parent" inside nested iframe causes a new tab to open UNCONFIRMED
577263 Control-e and control-a do not work on location bar when find box is open. UNCONFIRMED
577447 Favicon from last visited page remains active for new visited page with no favicon associated in windows taskbar UNCONFIRMED
577467 Middlemouse.contentLoadURL is confusing and causes a problem at Google Mail web interface // GMail links don't open from middle-clicking, no link context menu items UNCONFIRMED [session-store-testday][dupeme?] [platform-rel-Google] [platform-rel-Gmail]
578408 option to open file/run file instead of just save file UNCONFIRMED
579903 Bring back option for FF to remember "quitting preference" with regard to open tabs UNCONFIRMED
579905 Open Link to Right of Current Tab via Context menu UNCONFIRMED
581949 restore down if I change from a tab to the tab with hootsuite while having multiple tabs open UNCONFIRMED
582509 Bug when confirming a downloads local destination by pressing [Enter] UNCONFIRMED
583570 Open With Dialog in Firefox Should Be sorted Alphabetically UNCONFIRMED
583617 window.open(url) uses different window if current window has minimised toolbar UNCONFIRMED
585510 Need to be able to alt-click, then select "Open with" to manually choose helper app. UNCONFIRMED
591422 Everytime I open the browser I get an ALERT UNCONFIRMED
595163 The dialog box prompting to open or save a download does not appear. UNCONFIRMED
595605 clicking the download button on the toolbar when download window is alread open does not hide window UNCONFIRMED
599589 cannot open attachment in windows live mail... UNCONFIRMED
603004 waitpid failed pid:31973 errno:10: file /builds/slave/tracemonkey-linux-nightly/build/ipc/chromium/src/base/process_util_posix.cc, line 237 UNCONFIRMED
603390 menus no longer work when a lot tabs open UNCONFIRMED
610595 Right click search should open in a new window when tabbed browsing disabled UNCONFIRMED [invalid?]
611248 Option to automatically stop unresponsive scripts UNCONFIRMED
613026 [QAC generated] Preferences window won't open UNCONFIRMED
615005 link function only with internet explorer whe not cant open sections UNCONFIRMED
623143 bug in error console->evaluate when return html code UNCONFIRMED
623314 v3.6 free download offer continues but I can't get it to open, the download manager just keeps running UNCONFIRMED
626388 Keep getting chucked out of Mozilla3.0.1 every time I open a pps file UNCONFIRMED
633134 Default browser: local .html files open in Firefox instead of my preferred editor UNCONFIRMED
635614 When set to automatically switch to new open tab, I get a blinding white flash on screen before the page loads. UNCONFIRMED
636610 Opening firefox with saved tabs the music starts to play UNCONFIRMED
638950 Selecting 'Open Link in New Tab' opens in wrong window (browser instance) UNCONFIRMED
640442 'Open a new tab' (+) button and tab scroll buttons have missing tops on mouseover UNCONFIRMED
640991 Firefox will zoom in randomly when i use control tab to scroll through my open tabs. UNCONFIRMED
641481 Editing field in NOWnews blog gone sometimes. UNCONFIRMED
642134 When I'm opening a link in a new tab it doesn't load (there is only a new tab and the link in the adress bar but it doesn't load automaticaly). This bug is since the RC. UNCONFIRMED
646883 The new grey symbols in the toolbar can only be a bug I'm sure. Please change. UNCONFIRMED
655627 open a group of links all at once from a text file UNCONFIRMED [wontfix?]
656870 Cut and Paste bug UNCONFIRMED
657085 Multiple Problems: Plug in checker has a bug, might be causing problems with performance. UNCONFIRMED
658529 Can't open shortcuts/links in firefox if I have several profiles and a window of the choosen profile is already open UNCONFIRMED
662866 Session Restore overwrites dynamic input element values with those from previous session UNCONFIRMED
664719 Browser reports "Offline mode" when a modal "download error" popup window is open. UNCONFIRMED
667444 unable to open file in mozilla UNCONFIRMED
669447 bug form POST UNCONFIRMED
669933 Aero glass glaze effect jumps down when mousing over links while Find bar is open UNCONFIRMED
676226 Bug 622411 UNCONFIRMED
678784 Color link bug on aminet.net portal UNCONFIRMED
681370 right click on selected navbar text open in new tab UNCONFIRMED
681856 Firefox 6; When FF6 launches FF6 is in "not active" mode and FF6 does not open "on top" UNCONFIRMED
686670 bug: positional shift of links and tab in Firefox 6.0.2. UNCONFIRMED
690317 bug printing html page with multiple div with box-shadow UNCONFIRMED
691098 Desktop Icon Fails to Open New Window After Opened Through MS Outlook UNCONFIRMED [platform-rel-Microsoft][platform-rel-Outlook]
691333 After (perhaps coincidentally?)"syncing", a number of sites either won't open, or open to a partial, incoherent window. UNCONFIRMED
693525 Since I installed Firefox 7.1, when I try to open a webpage in Firefox, it frequently spins its wheels endlessly, never fully loading the page and chewing up MASSIVE amounts of CPUs, and tying up my whole computer. UNCONFIRMED
696610 Tabs keep shaking if you open more tabs than the screen fits and the last one is selected UNCONFIRMED
702052 Error: addons.repository: Failed to open database: Unknown database schema UNCONFIRMED
702053 nightly will not open since thursday UNCONFIRMED
703362 Cmd-W does not work when only one tab is open. UNCONFIRMED
705412 can not open new page (CTRL+T) when exit from private mode UNCONFIRMED
710567 open with .. Firefox UNCONFIRMED
713525 Cannot copy-paste files from Download panel UNCONFIRMED
714665 "Safe File..." window unfocused when clicking on link and then hitting enter at Save File/Open UNCONFIRMED
726284 Add-on Sync doesn't respect Add-On Channel Selection UNCONFIRMED [sync:addons]
735224 Double frame bug UNCONFIRMED
736885 "Find" bar cannot be closed. At the same time, "Open a new tab", bookmarks toolbar and reloading page doesn't work. UNCONFIRMED
753303 tab bar won't automatically scroll to new tab (Firefox was open for some days) UNCONFIRMED
756385 Add-on sync claims "add-on not found in add-on repository" UNCONFIRMED [sync:addons]
758594 Open website and quickly change tabs makes it open on the wrong tab. UNCONFIRMED
767536 Layout bug when file served via https and FF toolbar is visible UNCONFIRMED
787923 firefox opens a new window when clicked on open new tab UNCONFIRMED
789062 During session restore, tabs that require HTTP auth open in new windows UNCONFIRMED
808979 Provide about:config choice to allow reversion of Bug 728831 UNCONFIRMED
815097 Firefox Sync randomly uninstalls some add-ons UNCONFIRMED [sync:addons]
820872 While the "The connection has timed out" page is reloading, Ctrl-T does not work (does not open a new tab) UNCONFIRMED
838816 Use common code to monitor download progress in both taskbar and DownloadsUI UNCONFIRMED
844660 Opening a window from the JumpList can open it in the wrong instance of Firefox if using multiple profiles UNCONFIRMED
847029 Troll links shouldn't be allowed to open hundreds of tabs at once UNCONFIRMED
849581 Can't open links using the middle mouse button on the Bootstrap website UNCONFIRMED
856092 Open all links in the current tab, except the pages opened from external apps — open these ones in new windows UNCONFIRMED
868282 "Open link in New Tab" does not work in HTML form text inputs UNCONFIRMED
874714 clinking links in email doesn't always open new tab if FF 20.0.1 is already open. Additional testing seems to indicate that this occurs when the last opened site was secure. UNCONFIRMED
888080 Bring to foreground when launching open profile from command line UNCONFIRMED
896158 [Mac] OS X, URLs from other applications: If no FireFox window is open in current space (aka "Desktop"), open new window instead of new tab (avoid throwing user to other space) UNCONFIRMED
902372 Unneeded tab created when starting the FF Health Report. UNCONFIRMED DUPEME
903761 Mouse degrades, main menu items do not open menus after about an hour of browsing (linux) UNCONFIRMED
910200 displaying download location when opening containing folder or when hovering UNCONFIRMED
919970 Specify existing Firefox window to open tab in UNCONFIRMED
921798 Files won't open when set to "open with" instead of saving, will open when double clicked from download library UNCONFIRMED
932826 Does not open new tab UNCONFIRMED
949299 Incorporate Download Statusbar functionality into main program. UNCONFIRMED
958792 Empty dialog becomes zombie compartment after window.open UNCONFIRMED
962929 Attempts to open PDFs with gedit UNCONFIRMED
1004181 In Mavericks on Mac, notifications from Facebook no longer open Firefox 29 (beta) when clicked on. (Other notifications such as those from LinkedIn still work) UNCONFIRMED [platform-rel-Facebook]
1008911 Menu options like "open new tab", " new private window", frequent pages are missing when I right click the mozilla 29.0.1 icon on the task bar. UNCONFIRMED
1009932 External programs executed from file:// or mailto: open in background without focus UNCONFIRMED
1012925 Undeclared panel height prevents workaround of other panel rendering bug(s) UNCONFIRMED
1042042 Open Containing Folder doesn't highlight/select file in Dolphin (kde) UNCONFIRMED
1042834 certificate green bar not shown when site loaded before old site finished loading UNCONFIRMED
1111226 List of open pages with functionality to search, save, close, move alongside bookmarks and history UNCONFIRMED
1126783 Default Profile File Copy Bug UNCONFIRMED
1135643 ms-windows-store should not auto open in Firefox UNCONFIRMED
1136647 Mistery tab still open after close then cannot create or switch tab UNCONFIRMED
1143403 Don't log short-lived URLs in history UNCONFIRMED
1166691 Open with dialog doesn't offer correct apps to open, but from DN Library it works UNCONFIRMED
1174651 Console SPAM from window.open, stack trace included UNCONFIRMED
1197159 open a new Private Window from a Private Window and you have Cookies from the first one UNCONFIRMED
1201493 Access to localStorage across file:// scheme depends on how open files UNCONFIRMED
1207720 Can't 'Open in new tab' while new page is loading (ctrl + T) works UNCONFIRMED
1215962 Dropdown menus stop working on Linux Ubuntu when you open a website through the Dash UNCONFIRMED
1220675 Session Management disarranges windows/desktops on session restore UNCONFIRMED
1222568 PDF opens with GIMP despite setting it to open with Okular in preferences AND in Dolphin UNCONFIRMED
1233083 Double click on empty tab bar no longer open new tab on OS X since Firefox 43 UNCONFIRMED
1236967 an object with unsupported content-type from iframe is suggested to open UNCONFIRMED
1237912 Use site's "theme-color" meta tag for desktop Firefox UI UNCONFIRMED
1246663 Ctrl+Shift+A does not open addons manager (when <input> or <textarea> have focused) UNCONFIRMED
1280458 Make "Parts of this page are not secure" warning more useful (link to blocked content, or instructions on how to find them) UNCONFIRMED
1308408 [e10s] tabs are blank after changing to a different tab & back UNCONFIRMED
1320868 Moving tabs between Firefox Windows is highly buggy, especially since e10s UNCONFIRMED
1322842 scrollbar slider visibility UNCONFIRMED
1328226 Website options window > more information (UI bug) UNCONFIRMED DUPEME
1335412 Shortcut for History opens along with the window I'm trying to open when I'm using Alt S in online work application. This started today after Firefox update. UNCONFIRMED
1336443 Cannot have Firefox and Firefox Developer Edition open at the same time UNCONFIRMED
1346684 redirect bug UNCONFIRMED
1382675 Fail to open a downloaded PDF file on Ubuntu UNCONFIRMED
1383438 when the Preference under General "Open windows in a new tab instead" is checked the new URL loads over the current tab when opening a url from the library UNCONFIRMED
1393717 Unable to open bookmarks using middle click when connected to single monitor UNCONFIRMED
1396221 Allow insecure localhost certificates for headless testing UNCONFIRMED
1396410 Links in external application open in the current tab instead of a new one UNCONFIRMED
1406143 [macOS] Feature Request: Add a short cut to open recently closed tabs or windows UNCONFIRMED
1407238 Cli argument for print page or generate pdf command in Firefox headless mode UNCONFIRMED
1407260 Replacing or changing search keyword URLs does not work UNCONFIRMED
1410398 Add automated test for "Top Stories - Context menu - Open in a New Private Window" UNCONFIRMED
1413874 Add mouse gestures natively UNCONFIRMED
1418003 "tab wheel scroll" add-on as a optional feature UNCONFIRMED
1419649 When I close one of several tabs, after the tab closes, the wrong existing tab is opened as the current tab UNCONFIRMED
1422645 OSX default "Open with..." for files reset by Firefox, especially PDFs. UNCONFIRMED
1423871 Webrtc icon centered on secondary screen in gnome3 UNCONFIRMED
1426103 Initial bookmarks sync is very slow, takes hours or never ends (for ~35000 bookmarks) UNCONFIRMED
1431159 External links to Firefox are not opening correctly when Firefox is already running UNCONFIRMED
1431340 Ctrl+Shift+T tabs to open in background UNCONFIRMED
1433758 Functionality to preview all tabs UNCONFIRMED
1434823 Warn user before downloading from private window. UNCONFIRMED
1441365 Add keyboard shortcut for Pocket UNCONFIRMED
1464685 Firefox fails to load large session store UNCONFIRMED
1467291 -private-window command line option fails to open URL UNCONFIRMED
1471311 Add a way to open external links in a private browsing window UNCONFIRMED
1477504 Reword "Open Link in New Private Window" to "Open Link in Private Window" and open the link in the existing private window, if there is one UNCONFIRMED
1477507 Proposal for a more space-efficient titlebar layout UNCONFIRMED
1488738 Outdated and Minified JavaScript UNCONFIRMED
1488867 Allowing open WebExtensions content page directly in private mode UNCONFIRMED
1496821 On Ubuntu-based distro Elementary OS, open containing folder attempts to open the file explorer at pptx files instead of the Downloads folder they are contained in. UNCONFIRMED
1500612 Sync back button history when syncing/sending open tabs to other browsers. UNCONFIRMED
1502058 Downloads complete correctly but sometimes the progress bar stops before the end. This is corrected if you close Downloads and re-open. UNCONFIRMED
1504591 Resize full screen get black skin border bug. UNCONFIRMED
1506628 [RFE] Add permission for link targets to open a new window / new tab UNCONFIRMED
1529481 Email account directly logged in if it is open in another private window UNCONFIRMED
1535720 Both CFR tip and webcompat reporter use similar lightbulb icons since bug 1532693 UNCONFIRMED
1537953 Windows taskbar context menu should use updated icons for "Open new tab", "Open new window", and "New private window" UNCONFIRMED
1540208 Firefox Sync doesn't arrange for all devices to show the exact same set of tabs UNCONFIRMED
1542189 [wfh] Add profile switching to Firefox Account button UNCONFIRMED
1552426 Using the default theme syncs the wrong color between different OSs UNCONFIRMED
1555039 Add Zoom Text Only to the hambuger menu and the Zoom Controls button UNCONFIRMED
1555594 PDFjs not using printer settings for Page Orientation UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-printing]
1574732 Top Sites on New Tab page are not labelled correctly (only lower case is used) UNCONFIRMED [hnt]
1578026 allow users to move main menu button to top-left corner UNCONFIRMED
1584353 [NTP] Search the web in the Search Bar is shown in two rows. UNCONFIRMED [hnt]
1586608 Option to always save files instead of asking me whether to open them, regardless of file type UNCONFIRMED
1594590 Bookmarks are not shown in overview section on new tab UNCONFIRMED [hnt]
1595968 Open in new tab behavior inconsistent throughout UI UNCONFIRMED
1600128 Option to open new tab to the immediate right from current tab UNCONFIRMED
1602697 Allow instant (and lasting) dismissal of any item recommended by Pocket at about:newtab UNCONFIRMED [hnt]
1603817 Facebook Container recommended even though Firefox Multi-Account Containers is installed UNCONFIRMED
1605229 use Bing InPrivate search in Firefox's Private mode when Bing is set as default search engine UNCONFIRMED
1608656 pocket has only one row on new pageand no option to change UNCONFIRMED
1610526 Different taskbar icons for each opened firefox profile UNCONFIRMED
1617658 When searching about:logins, select and show the search results' first login. UNCONFIRMED
1624201 Firefox Color Dark Theme mode UNCONFIRMED
1628652 New tab stays bright when using Firefox Default scheme with dark system UNCONFIRMED
1628669 Cannot remove amazon.com from top sites list UNCONFIRMED
1631189 My bookmarks are not visible in Highlights UNCONFIRMED [hnt]
1635765 Open tabs lose container association on restart UNCONFIRMED
1635837 Unable to type into address bar when Firefox starts UNCONFIRMED
1638577 question/bug(userChrome.css): placeholders customization UNCONFIRMED
1644045 Blank page when clicking on item in new tab page since FF77 UNCONFIRMED
1646503 Tab title does not update if titleless page is loaded after 'Problem loading page' UNCONFIRMED
1651891 Per-file-extension open in default app and save UNCONFIRMED
1655260 Option to always open certain sites using private mode UNCONFIRMED
1660564 Window type=panel has sidebarAction residing within UNCONFIRMED
1662804 When using Firefox Sync and enabling "Delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed", Exceptions will not synchronize. UNCONFIRMED
1664943 Firefox MSI to SHA256 UNCONFIRMED
1668164 Firefox sync should sync user css UNCONFIRMED
1668438 Go Back on SSL warning page doesn't go back to blank new tab page UNCONFIRMED [hnt]
1676519 Sync Addon preference "Run in Private Windows" UNCONFIRMED
1677140 open multiple firefox container at once UNCONFIRMED
1678994 website permission to open special links in external applications not configurable UNCONFIRMED
1686657 Tab close option not available until we open the tab itself. UNCONFIRMED
1707967 Links to SharePoint files do not open UNCONFIRMED QA-not-reproducible
1717144 Can't right click to inspect element on Academia.edu UNCONFIRMED qa-not-actionable
1719075 Dragging Firefox tab into Spotify Desktop App instantly crashes Firefox UNCONFIRMED
1725196 Webextension update notices can open new tabs, switch focus UNCONFIRMED
1726135 Offer "Copy Link" in parallel to "Copy Email Address" not to lose mailto: URL parameters UNCONFIRMED
1726713 Fail to open links in webpages UNCONFIRMED [QA-not-reproducible]
1730781 Firefox frequently restores last sessions with option unchecked UNCONFIRMED
1734349 Left "alt" truncates url when trying to open a new tab UNCONFIRMED
1742197 Newtab Personalize Context Menu Sliding then disappearing UNCONFIRMED [hnt]
1752676 Incorrect handler display on about:preferences after "Always Open Similar Files" (can't find default handler for CSS files) UNCONFIRMED
1766178 Open .bank in the Banking container UNCONFIRMED
1766181 Firefox becomes really slow to respond/switch to on MacBook Pro M1 Max UNCONFIRMED
1777719 Keyboard shortcuts don't work (or are delayed) when no tab is open UNCONFIRMED
1780447 open tab next to current do not seem to work properly UNCONFIRMED
1793386 Services.logins is broken, thinking the primary password is locked even though it's not configured. UNCONFIRMED
1798333 Firefox View says "check your internet connection" even with working connection UNCONFIRMED
1803979 When I try to grab a website that is inside a favourite into the toolbar, the browser doesn't recognize my intent and doesn't open the link UNCONFIRMED
1803997 Find a way to highlight recently closed windows to avoid the perception that tabs are lost UNCONFIRMED
1808407 [Session restore, Data loss] Outdated session loaded, sessionstore overwritten, tabs lost UNCONFIRMED
1810910 Extension manifest v3 content_scripts registered scripts are not run UNCONFIRMED
1815131 Randamly some tabs are found "New Tab" when open firefox from a saved session. UNCONFIRMED
1819595 Tabs lost during software update UNCONFIRMED
1827551 BUG: file picker crashes in Firefox Headless on Ubuntu UNCONFIRMED
1827585 Snap Firefox for Ubuntu 22.04 losing session UNCONFIRMED
1829873 Firefox (pocket) ignore settings when you are offline UNCONFIRMED
1839860 Broken font rendering in Nightly PDF preview UNCONFIRMED
1841430 Firefox & Nightly : Session restoration flaw ? UNCONFIRMED
1845959 Opening/Typing a New Website resets the current Tab for when opening tabs to right UNCONFIRMED
1847160 Tabs are square and get a grey color when hovering over inactive tabs UNCONFIRMED
1850931 Some pages fail to load properly after upgrade to 115 ESR UNCONFIRMED
1851374 suddenly google search engine reappeared and overwrote my duckduckgo default UNCONFIRMED
1852363 Firefox is not blocking subrequests prohibited on policies.json's WebsiteFilter rules UNCONFIRMED
1854489 Unhandled catched exceptions should be re-thrown. UNCONFIRMED
1854610 Ensure that Firefox can load sessionstore files whose uncompressed size exceeds 1073741822 characters. UNCONFIRMED
1854815 Setting Firefox as default browser on Linux doesn't work when .desktop file doesn't exist. UNCONFIRMED
1855004 Tabs flickering when window is at the right width UNCONFIRMED
1856181 More Inconsistent Behavior of System-Theme in Firefox 115 UNCONFIRMED
1857127 Firefox 出现黑色色块, UI 显示错误 UNCONFIRMED
1857576 Chrome and Firefox parse certificate CRL and Cert Policies in digital certificates differently UNCONFIRMED
1857582 Chrome and Firefox parse certificate Cert Policies and Issuer in digital certificates differently UNCONFIRMED
1857712 iframe's cookies and other storages in firefox extension popup page are not working UNCONFIRMED
1857913 Create the condition that prevents the privacy leak of the primary e-mail address in account's sign-in operations UNCONFIRMED
1857937 Reopen Closed Tab - should retain consistent position in drop list UNCONFIRMED
1858090 Firefox Uninstaller (helper.exe) starts firefox.exe, which does not terminate UNCONFIRMED
1858641 Firebox update 118.0.2 installed automatically (without the setting for that turned on) UNCONFIRMED
1858667 Clicking link which should open a pop-up tab does not work at all. UNCONFIRMED
1860742 Chrome and Firefox parse certificate CRL in digital certificates differently. UNCONFIRMED
1861338 Firefox 119 Bookmarks Restore Bug UNCONFIRMED
1862130 'More tools...' dropdown displays, but 'Open application menu' stays highlighted. UNCONFIRMED
1862222 Firefox won't recognize sidebuttons on mouses UNCONFIRMED
1862486 Firefox translation feature converts "€" into "o" UNCONFIRMED
1862535 Google search page hang/slowdown crashes Firefox on shutdown (the first run) UNCONFIRMED
1863218 Executing firefox with no additional arguments should focus an existing instance if possible rather than opening a new window UNCONFIRMED
1863985 English (GB) language setting is not being respected in v.119.0.1 UNCONFIRMED
1864220 User profile tries to open something as an application link UNCONFIRMED
1864317 opening a new window from a private window opens previous session tabs UNCONFIRMED
1864626 Clicking X to close rightmost tab moves the tabs right instead UNCONFIRMED
1865092 Firefox incorrectly parses the version in digital certificates UNCONFIRMED
1866052 Sync attempts result in Connection Refused error UNCONFIRMED
1866378 update runs during fullscreen video playback (netflix) UNCONFIRMED
1866611 i close a page then close the browser itself and when i open it again i get on my home screen but that page is still open as 2nd page UNCONFIRMED
1867580 Firefox certificate viewer unable to parse altNames in digital certificate UNCONFIRMED
1867907 PDF files from local ZIP(jar:file://...) should be shown successfully UNCONFIRMED
1868891 Firefox running under Windows admin account still asks admin privilege when running downloaded unsigned exe files UNCONFIRMED
1869025 Firefox browser incorrectly parsed the subject key identifier of the digital certificate. UNCONFIRMED
1869131 Receive an error message when using Nord Pass UNCONFIRMED
1869169 can't close second tab UNCONFIRMED
1869850 Browser doesn't use free RAM, but crashes from the lack of a pagefile UNCONFIRMED
1869924 Translation does not work, repeats single words in the target language UNCONFIRMED
1870273 Firefox freezes when handling tabs UNCONFIRMED
1870283 Sync not working - AWS connection refused UNCONFIRMED
1870340 Firefox browser incorrectly interprets the basic constraints of digital certificates UNCONFIRMED
1870778 Potential Memory Leak When accessing PDF with User Agent Spoof UNCONFIRMED
1872336 Firefox Sync can set a valid key id as stale, breaking sync for all devices until password reset UNCONFIRMED
1873325 Set focus in address bar when starting Firefox in private mode UNCONFIRMED
1873459 Install Firefox 121.0 via gpo fails UNCONFIRMED
1873670 sending Tabs from Fedora Firefox to Android or other Fedora Firefox does not work UNCONFIRMED
1873868 pdf date input box auto corrects DD/MM/YYYY format to American format of MM/DD/YYYY UNCONFIRMED
1873909 Background of titlebar icons does not update UNCONFIRMED
1874135 Previous tabs appear on startup even when disabled UNCONFIRMED
1874229 Direct drag&drop from inactive tab is not working UNCONFIRMED
1874428 Firefox Installs Update Even If Set to Check Only UNCONFIRMED
1874538 Blocage et non ouverture de page web UNCONFIRMED
1874882 Firefox hanging when right click on tabs UNCONFIRMED
1875326 Tabs are being closed when I click on them UNCONFIRMED
1876093 Iframe gets an empty document.referrer when not in Private UNCONFIRMED
1876278 White stroke effect around tabs UNCONFIRMED
1876910 The first tab right of pinned tabs is replaced by 'Invalid URL'. UNCONFIRMED
1877364 Include Firefox Minor Version in User-Agent String UNCONFIRMED
1877727 *Allow* `moz-extension:` schema-prefixed URIs to access extension data via the Extension ID (as well as the Internal UUID). UNCONFIRMED
1878312 Deleting an Indexed DB object store can take tens of minutes UNCONFIRMED
1878352 Shifting of text saved in a PDF UNCONFIRMED
1878582 Firefox freeze until new instance is opened UNCONFIRMED
1879347 Unable To Restore Tab After Using Tab Search To Navigate UNCONFIRMED
1879736 Full screen command in context menu UNCONFIRMED
1879785 Firefox should not sync autoscroll between systems UNCONFIRMED
1880240 capability.policy.localfilelinks crashes tab on internals site UNCONFIRMED
1880448 Many Firefox Crashes "Out of Memory" with Glean UNCONFIRMED
1880451 I cannot sync my passwords between two laptops. UNCONFIRMED
1880726 Randomly the active tab will switch without input. I was watching a youtube video and the tab switched without me hands even on the keyboard. UNCONFIRMED
1880817 Notification dot of pinned tab stays even when notifications have been cleared UNCONFIRMED
1880855 A closed previously pinned tab keeps reappearing UNCONFIRMED
1880940 While on a pdf document, scrolling down while selecting with mouse will, once you scroll past a page, but offset incorrectly on the next page. UNCONFIRMED
1881410 Duplicate requests are sent for long running requests UNCONFIRMED
1881452 Mozilla crashing on certain websites UNCONFIRMED
1881549 Upgrade to 115.8.0ESR while Firefox open gives Werfault errors UNCONFIRMED
1881734 Unexpected behavior when closing multiple tabs simultaneously using right-click menu UNCONFIRMED
1881923 Start with Windows banner pops up even though I have declined UNCONFIRMED
1882877 firefox verification code UNCONFIRMED
1883624 Print media simulation in Developer Tools has incorrect state display UNCONFIRMED
1883787 Email a Link Not Working UNCONFIRMED
1884129 Pinned tabs unmute themselve UNCONFIRMED
1884361 No clearing of cookies on the site mail.ru UNCONFIRMED
1884515 Acrobat tried to open a .dmg-file UNCONFIRMED
1884622 Incorrect sorting of search results by date UNCONFIRMED
1884889 After latest update, Startup is not reopening previous window and tabs UNCONFIRMED

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  • Verify the bug
    • verify if the bug is still valid
    • read the description and try to reproduce it on the newest Firefox version
    • add need-info flag for reporter
      • eg. can you still reproduce the bug?
      • eg. could you provide more info about this?
    • ask for whatever additional details you need to understand
  • Replicate the bug
    • if the bug is an enhancement request set the severity flag as enhancement
    • if you cannot reproduce the bug
      • if the reporter doesn't answer 1 week later a requested need-info flag and the bug is INCOMPLETE tag the bug as closeme yyyyMMdd (perhaps 2 weeks later?) and wait for that period before you close it.
      • if the bug has all the info you need to close it, close as WORKSFORME or INVALID
    • if you cannot reproduce the bug and you are on a different OS add a need-replication tag
    • if you cannot reproduce the bug, help the reporter in resolving the problem if he/she answers.
    • if you can replicate the bug in the newer Firefox Versions
      • comment the bug
      • mark it as NEW


  • If a bug reporter hasn't answered to qa requested added in the first week after he/she reported the bug, they are more likely to be not interested anymore.
  • Some of these bugs have more than one comment, maybe those are more likely to be significant and already started to be triaged.