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Middle-aged bugs

This is a project to work on Firefox bugs reported in a range time of -6months(-180d) to -1months(-30d).

These are bugs that haven't been changed recently, but were reported within the last 6 months. Triaging them may find good, relevant bugs. It can also help clear out invalid bugs!

Middle Aged Untriaged Firefox Bugs, UNCONFIRMED.

Full Query
ID Summary Status Whiteboard
317601 Certain gtk themes cause pages [including the bugzilla page for mozilla] to load incorrectly on amd64 systems. UNCONFIRMED
341337 Moving bookmark and folder in Bookmarks Toolbar UNCONFIRMED
402525 [10.5] Firefox attempts download to invalid folder on Leopard, fails UNCONFIRMED
410390 Short of 2 or 3 pix in height for native tab UNCONFIRMED
411043 nsWindowsShellService::OpenApplication should fall back to HKEY_LOCALE_MACHINE should HKEY_CURRENT_USER fail UNCONFIRMED
411436 Firefox changes registry such that hyperlinks can't be opened from Outlook 2007 messages. UNCONFIRMED [platform-rel-Microsoft][platform-rel-Outlook]
423664 Add possibility to use wildcards when defining cookies in Exceptions UNCONFIRMED
433489 Zoom Text Only should be Site-Specific (View > Zoom menu option for disabling Full Page Zoom) UNCONFIRMED
435810 when switching between tabs and typing something into the find toolbar firefox freezes for a long time UNCONFIRMED
441384 after installation of ff3, xp has a duplicate "firefox" entry in the "open with" context menu for .htm and html. files UNCONFIRMED
447611 Says it's not the default browser when opening non-html files UNCONFIRMED
471231 Need font size-changing for hi-res displays UNCONFIRMED
476895 Cannot load automatically a podcast to itunes with mozilla UNCONFIRMED
487892 Support translucent nav-bar and tab-bar in fullscreen mode UNCONFIRMED
505348 DLink Router- Fails to access files (i.e. installing firmware and settings files) UNCONFIRMED
514472 Accesskey combo (Alt + Shift) works easily only for those who are right-handed UNCONFIRMED
520520 proxys whose password is remembered should be used automatically UNCONFIRMED
527892 Replacing a search engine/tool/plugin not user friendly UNCONFIRMED
540697 Request - options to use "Clear Recent History" (cache/cookies/etc) via command-line arguments a common entry point with GUI UNCONFIRMED
546105 Pause/Play button doesn't work on videos from youtube UNCONFIRMED [platform-rel-Youtube]
551855 Need network.dns.ipv6OnlyDomains for some sites UNCONFIRMED
555986 An IFRAME on top of an Adobe Flash canvas won't respond to keyboard entry when focus is applied with a mouse click UNCONFIRMED
567172 Provide an option in FF's UI for site spcific zoom (browser.zoom.siteSpecific = true/false) UNCONFIRMED
575165 Mac right click on track pad not working, pull down tab at far right not working. UNCONFIRMED
583299 Too many pinned tabs go off the tab strip UNCONFIRMED
583617 window.open(url) uses different window if current window has minimised toolbar UNCONFIRMED
625482 I increase product amount through javaScript button. When i click it whole page reloads (as written in JS code assigned to button) but FF cant follow exact amount of times i pressed the button, while IE does it perfectly even when the page is reloaded UNCONFIRMED
629880 Custom tab sizes in UserChrome.css breaks the tab bar UNCONFIRMED
655927 Firefox 3.6.17 and 4.0 do not print to Epson printers - message is print job is "on hold" UNCONFIRMED
656563 When maximized with tabs in titlebar are filled, win7 Aero is broken -> no easy drag of titlebar, just some small places you have to hit UNCONFIRMED
658529 Can't open shortcuts/links in firefox if I have several profiles and a window of the choosen profile is already open UNCONFIRMED
680399 Font rendering problems on Windows FF4.0 onwards UNCONFIRMED
709089 Spell check stops working while typing. Have to disable enable to get it working. UNCONFIRMED
713525 Cannot copy-paste files from Download dialog on OSX UNCONFIRMED
723038 Status bar should not display Hyperlink targets over download status UNCONFIRMED
726284 Add-on Sync doesn't respect Add-On Channel Selection UNCONFIRMED [sync:addons]
758557 Suggestion: Alternative Mouse Pointer When Hovering Over Hyperlinks Opening in the Same Window UNCONFIRMED
763402 [New Tab page]Automatically fetch thumbnails for manually pinned sites UNCONFIRMED
765619 Add a preference to open the tab with search bar results in the background UNCONFIRMED [fxsearch]DUPEME
767010 FF starts new window if multiple URLs are specified on the command line. UNCONFIRMED
767642 keep losing pinned tabs UNCONFIRMED
782563 [meta] Catch up to Chrome for web search integration UNCONFIRMED
814628 Check for update on startup before restoring session UNCONFIRMED
835440 All tabs lost when closing window while view source window is still open UNCONFIRMED
875715 Add a "Save Image" item in the context menu for standalone SVG UNCONFIRMED [wontfix?] [dupeme]
927621 Restoring firefox in dwm causes resize issue UNCONFIRMED
936817 Feature request: mouse/keyboard button/gestures config UNCONFIRMED
939528 Browse windows and tabs in AppleScript UNCONFIRMED
996758 Pinned tabs disappear and cannot be recovered in certain case. UNCONFIRMED
1003367 urlbar-conainer does not respect min-width and max-width in Fx 29 UNCONFIRMED
1018501 firefox settings do not work UNCONFIRMED [closeme 2019-01-01]
1035052 JumpList issue with recent jumplist UNCONFIRMED
1042042 Open Containing Folder doesn't highlight/select file in Dolphin (kde) UNCONFIRMED
1048286 When launching FF in permanent private browsing mode (with the -private option), only the initial window has the indicator that it's private. UNCONFIRMED
1049826 browser.showQuitWarning has different behaviour on Linux and Windows when closing multi tabs window before private window UNCONFIRMED
1086524 pressing Esc when address bar is selected should return focus to window UNCONFIRMED
1088840 A separate content process should be used for each pdf.js tab, or perhaps shared between all pdf.js tabs UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-c-integration]
1096726 Firefox 32 or higher refuses to restore session files from older versions UNCONFIRMED
1120853 "Make Firefox my default browser" - not working if Firefox isn't registered correctly with Windows as a 'browser' option UNCONFIRMED
1125154 In Normal View only Some Tabs in View - no option for others UNCONFIRMED
1127848 Open/display MS Office documents in Firefox (ECMA-376: Office Open XML, xlsx, docx, pptx) UNCONFIRMED
1143337 Show visual warning if HPKP / DANE-TLSA or CAA has activated MiTM status UNCONFIRMED [fxprivacy]
1146224 No more close tabs to the left option? UNCONFIRMED [wontfix?]
1163017 Show all tabs doesn't work in permanent private mode UNCONFIRMED [lang=js]
1186324 Favicon requests are made to root path even if an explicit load direction exists UNCONFIRMED
1188533 No quit warning or multiple tab quit warning in Private Browsing Mode, even with about:config options set True UNCONFIRMED
1194276 Right border on double box shadow inside an odd width and margin auto container UNCONFIRMED
1196151 Custom protocol handler (registerProtocolHandler) can't be opened in iframe UNCONFIRMED
1197159 open a new Private Window from a Private Window and you have Cookies from the first one UNCONFIRMED
1199577 Whole text in url/search bar selection while changing keyboard layout UNCONFIRMED [fxsearch]
1200587 Provide option for about:privatebrowsing to show blank page like about:newtab UNCONFIRMED [fxprivacy]
1208308 Input field suggestion position off UNCONFIRMED [DUPEME]
1208439 An easy way to turn off autoplay of videos and sounds UNCONFIRMED
1210718 fckeditor - paste and paste from word disabled UNCONFIRMED
1215858 OS X's Speak Selected Text speaks incorrect text UNCONFIRMED
1218034 cannot set big picture as background image UNCONFIRMED
1231251 Ubuntu Mate, Multiple Images in an Array don't load correctly when resizing window to half screen UNCONFIRMED
1247333 Poor PDF font rendering with ArialNarrow substitution UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-c-rendering][pdfjs-d-non-standard-fonts]
1256121 Changing language while typing in the location bar selects the whole text if browser.urlbar.clickSelectsAll is set to true UNCONFIRMED [fxsearch]
1282551 CTRL+G finds text hidden in a drop down menu, but doesn't help the user to know which menu UNCONFIRMED
1318615 [meta] Investigate remediations against poisontap (http hijacking, cookie stealing, etc. etc.) UNCONFIRMED
1318871 Text in search field not display properly after fresh install. UNCONFIRMED
1322017 Proxy config remembered only if one enables storing logins GLOBALLY UNCONFIRMED
1344554 Not able to open link from 3rd-party application in Firefox set as default browser UNCONFIRMED
1345538 Regression Audio indicator appears when I enable sound in a tab that isn't producing sound. UNCONFIRMED
1346123 Trapping the user in fullscreen by using modal search dialog alerts (and blocking F11) UNCONFIRMED
1352465 Getting permission denied contentwindow.document UNCONFIRMED
1355978 show tab favicons immediately UNCONFIRMED [fxperf:p5]
1356295 Ctrl-0 is not working when zoom.minPercent is higher than default zoom (100%) UNCONFIRMED
1359047 Force click not working in Mac UNCONFIRMED
1361540 If user has Pocket account with Firefox, a browser logged in to their Firefox Account should be automatically logged in to Firefóx's Pocket Integration UNCONFIRMED
1366477 Regression :Session restore breaks after restarting firefox 55 if pages are loading UNCONFIRMED
1387585 Add ability to set initial size on Windowless Browser UNCONFIRMED
1389633 When using Windows Classic theme in Windows 7, separators in bookmarks toolbar are invisible UNCONFIRMED
1396221 Allow insecure localhost certificates for headless testing UNCONFIRMED
1404540 "Make Default..." does nonsense, sets browser to Thunderbird and breaks xdg-open on URLs UNCONFIRMED
1407238 Cli argument for print page or generate pdf command in Firefox headless mode UNCONFIRMED
1412055 wish: add --host flag (or custom headers) in headless mode UNCONFIRMED
1412693 Sidebar state and button 'checked' state get out of sync in new private windows UNCONFIRMED
1413215 Always show Mini "tab-icon-overlay" (from Pinned Tab) on tab - New about:config preference UNCONFIRMED
1413315 Firefox developer edition occasionally does not restore previous session UNCONFIRMED
1414732 Firefox won't utilize xdg-open to parse custom uris UNCONFIRMED
1419844 Homepage/new tab, change the vertical centring of the page to an alignment from the top UNCONFIRMED
1421431 Problems in Firefox with an encoded backslash in url. UNCONFIRMED [fxsearch]
1423871 Webrtc icon centered on secondary screen in gnome3 UNCONFIRMED
1424296 Mac: Restore previous session leaves pdf displayed corrupted UNCONFIRMED
1424517 Double-click in tab bar only opens new tab if title bar is enabled UNCONFIRMED
1425806 Clear recent history shortcut doesn't work in chrome pages on macOS UNCONFIRMED
1427383 Linux Install Firefox Make Default UNCONFIRMED
1428331 HiDPI and privacy.resistFingerprinting UNCONFIRMED [fingerprinting][fp-triaged]
1428463 Opening Firefox (normal mode) via CLI and then opening another Firefox window via CLI will always be in 'normal mode' rather than whatever you chose (normal or private mode) when inputting the second command UNCONFIRMED
1431138 Colored Title Bar and Buttons are grey/white UNCONFIRMED
1431159 External links to Firefox are not opening correctly when Firefox is already running UNCONFIRMED
1432644 Can't manually add exceptions to tracking protection list UNCONFIRMED tp-product
1432721 Dark Theme-about:preferences to match theme UNCONFIRMED
1433378 Allow associating Firefox with those "other" file types which it supports - JPEG, PNG, GIF, SVG, PDF, BMP, etc. UNCONFIRMED
1435167 Firefox Icon is Windowing System's Standard Icon (Taskbar & Start Menu) UNCONFIRMED
1438466 Connection not secure/crossed padlock when using Twitter embed on HTTP page UNCONFIRMED
1440679 Firefox always show download "Failed" even if it downloads successfully UNCONFIRMED
1441365 Add keyboard shortcut for Pocket UNCONFIRMED
1445497 Many of my open tabs are not being searched (with or without %) UNCONFIRMED
1452537 Cannot copy from Media tab in Page Info window UNCONFIRMED
1453229 headless option to save URL page source UNCONFIRMED
1455624 Installation is failing with Failed to remove temporary file: 0x80520015 UNCONFIRMED
1456367 Incorrect prompt “Search or enter address” when search is turned off UNCONFIRMED [DUPEME]
1458930 Dark theme should have default black background UNCONFIRMED
1460951 Sync spends a lot of time in Garbage Collection UNCONFIRMED
1463274 Firefox does not allow configuring a default webcam device UNCONFIRMED
1463690 firefox headless browser providing screenshot in png format only, even for other formats like jpg and bmp also. UNCONFIRMED
1463726 No activity stream UNCONFIRMED
1465344 use native notification whenever available UNCONFIRMED
1466065 policy requests: puny code, browser.cache.directory_parent and browser.fixup.dns_for_single_words UNCONFIRMED
1474009 *.blogspot.com is not usable with tracking protection (strict list) UNCONFIRMED tp-entitylist
1475785 Activity stream is trying to capture thumbnails even when a blank page is set as home and newtab page UNCONFIRMED
1477184 after clearing browsing data, all tabs are lost if the browser is not closed correctly UNCONFIRMED
1477192 Blank option line is displayed in the dropdown menus of the “Add/Edit Credit Card” screens UNCONFIRMED [webpayments-reserve]
1478365 Activity stream should have a filter for pretty (rich icon) tiles only UNCONFIRMED
1485065 Firefox Pdf single page document loads several minutes while other browsers instantly (attached sample PDF) UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-c-performance]
1485617 Cannot set Firefox (or Chrome) as default browser in Windows 10 UNCONFIRMED
1486205 Dark UI support for not supported areas on macOS UNCONFIRMED
1487342 Downloading a large file to a network share corrupts and truncates the file UNCONFIRMED
1487882 PDF.js touchpad zoom too fast when MOZ_USE_XINPUT2 is enabled UNCONFIRMED
1488618 PDF viewer prints fuzzy; save-as-PDF results in garbled PDF. UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-c-printing]
1488738 Outdated and Minified JavaScript UNCONFIRMED
1488867 Allowing open WebExtensions content page directly in private mode UNCONFIRMED
1489439 window gaps(left/right edge) when restoring previous sessions UNCONFIRMED
1490970 Download history of same file location shows incorrect file size UNCONFIRMED
1491143 Unable to see preferences - white on white - with bad browser.migration.version in prefs.js UNCONFIRMED
1491309 Subdialog windows won't open on sparc Solaris UNCONFIRMED
1491537 segfault at 0 ip af20d0a7 sp ae9b9080 error 6 in libxul.so[aed61000+6bb0000] UNCONFIRMED
1492062 The "Save CC/Address to Nightly" checkbox state changes by clicking on the blank space in line with it UNCONFIRMED [webpayments-reserve]
1492303 PDFs in Firefox's native PDF viewer show pixels instead of vectors UNCONFIRMED
1492388 "Restart with addons disabled", then "Refresh Firefox", opens about:sessionrestore "Sorry" UNCONFIRMED
1493494 Roboform Process Sometimes Causes Firefox to Hang/Stay Resident During Shutdown. UNCONFIRMED
1493589 Addons menus appearing blank UNCONFIRMED
1494052 After each ASan Nightly update remain one zombie process. UNCONFIRMED
1494250 Disabling suggested searches sometimes ignores enter key UNCONFIRMED
1494500 Allow customizing image background UNCONFIRMED
1495171 need MRU decoupled from tab previews system UNCONFIRMED
1495194 Restore Previous Session Button should still be Enabled when Restoration of Session is Default Behaviour on Launch UNCONFIRMED
1496148 High memory use and low responsiveness after long uptime UNCONFIRMED [MemShrink:P3]
1496365 Fix the jumping history drop down arrow and make it visible at all times UNCONFIRMED
1496821 On Ubuntu-based distro Elementary OS, open containing folder attempts to open the file explorer at pptx files instead of the Downloads folder they are contained in. UNCONFIRMED
1496909 Update to Firefox 63 causes all add-ons to break UNCONFIRMED
1497005 get back tabs close buttons options UNCONFIRMED
1497038 Pinned top sites on home page should be synced as bookmarks UNCONFIRMED
1497100 Screenshot of root element taken with Marionette is cropped to visible viewport UNCONFIRMED
1497129 [Linux] Segfaults while using HTML5 based image uploaders UNCONFIRMED
1497710 Add preference to focus left tab when tab is closed UNCONFIRMED
1498083 https pages aren't properly restored after going from 52 to 60 UNCONFIRMED
1498599 The Private Browsing icon does not display in the title bar when a private popup window is created. UNCONFIRMED
1499943 Firefox 60.2.2esr freezes on locating download file folder UNCONFIRMED
1500612 Sync back button history when syncing/sending open tabs to other browsers. UNCONFIRMED
1500675 Using Delete From History option does not delete "every instance" of web page UNCONFIRMED
1500834 Firefox terminates (like in Ctrl+Q shortcut case) upon Ctrl+A when keyboard layout is not in Latin script UNCONFIRMED
1501594 sessionStorage data cannot be restored anymore since Firefox 57 UNCONFIRMED
1501937 tracking-protection-issues.herokuapp.com UNCONFIRMED
1502058 Downloads complete correctly but sometimes the progress bar stops before the end. This is corrected if you close Downloads and re-open. UNCONFIRMED
1502441 Jaws (2018) and NVDA (2017.2) do not render any content in Firefox v60.2 ESR UNCONFIRMED
1502677 Implement option to enable mouse middle/wheel click on the tabbar to perform "Undo close tab" UNCONFIRMED [DUPEME to bug 347209?]
1503095 ALT key in macOS UNCONFIRMED
1503325 Bookmarks sidebar closing triggers react invariant failure, even in another tab UNCONFIRMED
1503927 (Nightly) While Dev console open, sometimes js downloads from CDNs return a security error UNCONFIRMED
1504216 Figure out why we need translateFragment for the space alert notification box UNCONFIRMED
1504573 Page occasionally unloads and does not reload, also happens for recently opened tabs UNCONFIRMED
1504775 Index is wrong for restored tabs UNCONFIRMED
1504876 Photon - shared tabs design UNCONFIRMED
1505049 bookmark bar is messing up with the order UNCONFIRMED
1506021 re-download moved or missing files UNCONFIRMED
1506247 Search in navigation bar does not adhere same shortcuts as URL input UNCONFIRMED
1506333 Firefox account reset lost passwords UNCONFIRMED
1506476 Add support for containers to browser.startup.homepage UNCONFIRMED
1506558 Close button positioned incorrectly (if no Title bar is used, linux) UNCONFIRMED
1506628 [RFE] Add permission for link targets to open a new window / new tab UNCONFIRMED
1507451 Add feature to restore session on a case by case basis UNCONFIRMED
1508711 Nodes inside a shadow root don't properly implement accessibility standards UNCONFIRMED
1508765 Firefox takes 5min to render poster PDF UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-c-performance]
1509232 misplaced word when combining Farsi with English word in a sentence. UNCONFIRMED
1509350 Provide tab groups (panorama) UNCONFIRMED
1509529 PDF viewer's Page Fit does not completely fit the page UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-c-ux]
1509544 [testday-20181123] toggleAudio button appears only on disabled duplicated tabs UNCONFIRMED
1509547 [testday-20181123] "Play" via context menu doesn't appear on multiselected tabs UNCONFIRMED
1509706 when I have multiple Tabs open, sometimes when I navigate through them, the moment I click the Tap, it closes ungracefully. It often happens when am working on something which does not need to be closed. UNCONFIRMED
1510543 Give an option to opt-out of the Firefox Monitor feature UNCONFIRMED
1510920 upgrade-insecure-requests CSP gives Insecure password warning on password input field UNCONFIRMED
1511106 Vertical alignment of Menu Bar and Bookmarks Toolbar items mismatched UNCONFIRMED
1512354 Pinned tabs do not recognize subdomains as belonging to the same website UNCONFIRMED
1513270 Some images gets a spurious "invalid" ATK state attribute, leading to AT technologies to ignore them UNCONFIRMED
1513362 dark theme: background tab text contrast ratio should not be better than active tab UNCONFIRMED
1513898 Text on screenshot buttons is nearly invisible UNCONFIRMED
1515238 highlight thumbnails for download items shall be local file icon UNCONFIRMED
1515251 Impossible to change the expiration date on a screenshot in Firefox Screenshots UNCONFIRMED
1516226 Firefox unloads WebExtentions working with webpages after a while. UNCONFIRMED
1516327 Not able to sync data when enter email in capital letter UNCONFIRMED
1516358 Take screenshots in vector format (e.g., SVG) in Firefox UNCONFIRMED
1516505 After update, Firefox Nightly can't start correctly and keeps spamming error UNCONFIRMED
1516732 Stop offering Yandex as default search engine for Russia UNCONFIRMED
1516819 [CSD] Popup window created by browser.windows.create loses title bar after session restore UNCONFIRMED
1517278 Firefox window grows with every launch UNCONFIRMED
1517282 Starts up in full screen on dual-screen setup when title bar is disabled UNCONFIRMED
1517808 Contextual insecure password warning out of position and covers the text field UNCONFIRMED
1517822 Localize Pocket mobile conversion up-sells UNCONFIRMED
1518058 My Top Sites do not get synced from my account but the messy Top Sites on my device got synced to all my other devices UNCONFIRMED
1518062 Per-page permissions button points to wrong settings menu UNCONFIRMED
1518649 [Request] Prompt user to restore session UNCONFIRMED
1518663 Extensions from policies.json only install on first run UNCONFIRMED
1519034 Allow selectively unblocking individual mixed content resources UNCONFIRMED
1519647 Opened tabs should be in separate 'folders' by device and should be managable from any of synced devices UNCONFIRMED
1520524 Clicking and dragging a tab from my laptop display to a second external monitor opens the new window onto the laptop screen instead of the external monitor UNCONFIRMED
1520971 render plain text documents using the system colours UNCONFIRMED
1521134 Opening new normal window from private window does not restore session UNCONFIRMED
1521372 -private is effective for one window; not permanent private browsing UNCONFIRMED
1521456 WebExtension popup windows have a black border at the top UNCONFIRMED
1522679 Restore Session Restores Windows without Normal Window Chrome UNCONFIRMED
1522956 Focus/entered text in awesomebar/search bar is lost when moving tab to new or existing window UNCONFIRMED
1523066 can't click sync sign-in UNCONFIRMED
1523567 I canceled a Firefox session due to memory leaks. On restart, Crash Report window appears. CLICK RESTORE SESSION, and that crashed. UNCONFIRMED
1523673 Addon native messaging: Firefox does not send the stated number of bytes. UNCONFIRMED
1523758 page info sprite png show alpha UNCONFIRMED
1523995 Bookmark contextual menu is not dark in dark theme UNCONFIRMED
1524046 Firefox Nightly: Window Rendering Crashing UNCONFIRMED
1524371 Command "Restore Previous Session" is not accessible in some circumstances UNCONFIRMED
1524629 Usability Issue: Tap-to-Zoom in Mac UNCONFIRMED
1525139 Page Info reports incorrect size in bytes UNCONFIRMED
1525205 The Content Blocking “Report Problem” doorhanger is inaccessible by keyboard UNCONFIRMED
1525847 General Group Policy Support: Re-Design existing technic from ESR 60 and up UNCONFIRMED
1526459 Nigthly could not restore my browsing session after windows rebot. UNCONFIRMED
1526792 Design and implement the API allowing creation of custom WebAuthentication Authenticators UNCONFIRMED
1526949 In private browsing mode local data for https://www.twitch.tv is cleared after all its sites are closed UNCONFIRMED
1527520 Restoring my tab session at startup often fails, but RESTORE SESSION button literally never fails, so can Javascript just click that button on my behalf? I'm lazy. UNCONFIRMED
1528063 Copy to clipboard copies JPEG lossy content UNCONFIRMED
1528501 Open in New Tab option in Private Browsing Window Opens New Public Window rather than New Private Tab in Active Window UNCONFIRMED
1528641 accept local image as custom Top Site tile image UNCONFIRMED
1528738 Bypass HSTS errors (about RFC section 12.1, No User Recourse) UNCONFIRMED
1529689 When switching tabs shortly after moving tabs, you don't go to the next/previous tab in the list of tabs, but to what would have been the next/previous tab in the previous position of the tab that was moved UNCONFIRMED

255 Total; 255 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

  • Verify the bug
    • verify if the bug is still valid
    • read the description and try to reproduce it on the newest Firefox version
    • add need-info flag for reporter
      • eg. can you still reproduce the bug?
      • eg. could you provide more info about this?
    • ask for whatever additional details you need to understand
  • Replicate the bug
    • if the bug is an enhancement request set the severity flag as enhancement
    • if you cannot reproduce the bug
      • if the reporter doesn't answer 1 week later a requested need-info flag and the bug is INCOMPLETE tag the bug as closeme yyyyMMdd (perhaps 2 weeks later?) and wait for that period before you close it.
      • if the bug has all the info you need to close it, close as WORKSFORME or INVALID
    • if you cannot reproduce the bug and you are on a different OS add a need-replication tag
    • if you cannot reproduce the bug, help the reporter in resolving the problem if he/she answers.
    • if you can replicate the bug in the newer Firefox Versions
      • comment the bug
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  • If a bug reporter hasn't answered to qa requested added in the first week after he/she reported the bug, they are more likely to be not interested anymore.
  • Some of these bugs have more than one comment, maybe those are more likely to be significant and already started to be triaged.