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Middle-aged bugs

This is a project to work on Firefox bugs reported in a range time of -6months(-180d) to -1months(-30d).

These are bugs that haven't been changed recently, but were reported within the last 6 months. Triaging them may find good, relevant bugs. It can also help clear out invalid bugs!

Middle Aged Untriaged Firefox Bugs, UNCONFIRMED.

Full Query
ID Summary Status Whiteboard
267369 When downloading a file or saving a web page, put source URL into "Notes" (Gnome) or "Summary" (Windows) of the saved files. UNCONFIRMED
380466 Error selecting application to open downloaded file UNCONFIRMED
405592 Sidebar Request for Option to open sidebar links in sidebar UNCONFIRMED WONTFIX?
410737 Double download for saving files UNCONFIRMED DUPEME
446373 Add 'Permissions' button next to 'More Information' in security box to quickly open permissions for a page (site preferences) UNCONFIRMED
461246 support for Safari web archive (.webarchive) format in Firefox UNCONFIRMED
506195 Ability to drag from "List all tabs" to a position on the tab bar UNCONFIRMED
520381 when choosing a different application to open a file the chosen application is ignored UNCONFIRMED
544700 No option for file:\\\ * .<filetype> to open in program outside Firefox if textual. UNCONFIRMED
575165 Mac right click on track pad not working, pull down tab at far right not working. UNCONFIRMED
576870 some FireFox functions not working after upgrade to 3.6.6. cmd-w not working UNCONFIRMED
595807 webpage content not shown. works fine with safari, so it's a firefox problem UNCONFIRMED
626010 Add a "bookmark these tabs" option in sessionrestore error page UNCONFIRMED [WONTFIX?][addon idea]
635453 Apps tabs (pin tabs) aren't refresh on startup UNCONFIRMED
641481 Editing field in NOWnews blog gone sometimes. UNCONFIRMED
646146 Session restore activates occasionally after a normal close, with browser.sessionstore_resume_session_once is set to false UNCONFIRMED [bugday-20110401]
662025 [wfh] Add a profile-switching menu UNCONFIRMED
666544 presence of html5 required attribute = alert low and alert high states UNCONFIRMED
673939 Scrolling via spacebar sometimes doesn't happen until next mouse movement event UNCONFIRMED
677181 Jobsdb website cannot show correctly UNCONFIRMED
681485 Web pages that appeared to download but dissolve into terminal screen flutter. UNCONFIRMED
714665 "Safe File..." window unfocused when clicking on link and then hitting enter at Save File/Open UNCONFIRMED
739637 CTRL+Tab sends you to different places UNCONFIRMED
748666 When closing tabs, the focus should return to the last viewed tab UNCONFIRMED [fidefe-quality-foundation]
770946 Ability to view ePub files in Firefox UNCONFIRMED
835440 All tabs lost when closing window while view source window is still open UNCONFIRMED
858591 firefox freezes or hangs ubuntu 12.04 and 12.10... while loading a webpage which try to search and install a multimedia plugin without informing UNCONFIRMED
868277 "Restore ALL Tabs" menu should be canceled because nobody ever uses it (unless clicked by mistake). UNCONFIRMED
892502 On startup, do not show the window until the position has been set UNCONFIRMED
901324 Private mode download option UNCONFIRMED
908980 "Don't load tabs until selected" should not download favicon till selected UNCONFIRMED
949299 Incorporate Download Statusbar functionality into main program. UNCONFIRMED
952483 sessionstore.privacy_level_deferred ignored on alt-F4 (close last window) UNCONFIRMED
1007162 Firefox insists on restoring tabs on startup UNCONFIRMED
1025243 No way to remove offending tab shown by session manager on restart post-crash UNCONFIRMED [notacrash]
1096726 Firefox 32 or higher refuses to restore session files from older versions UNCONFIRMED
1120797 Session is recovered only on the second restart. related to timestamped upgrade backups in sessionstore-backups? (does not appear on normal usage) UNCONFIRMED
1144123 Closing the "Restore Session" tab and recovering it can cause it to not contain the previous session anymore UNCONFIRMED
1146353 Should opened tabs be ranked higher than bookmarks if history is disabled? UNCONFIRMED
1185346 tabs stop loading while session restore after crash - tabs are empty UNCONFIRMED
1200587 Provide option for about:privatebrowsing to show blank page like about:newtab UNCONFIRMED [fxprivacy]
1201111 session restore needs to be redesigned UNCONFIRMED
1237912 Use site's "theme-color" meta tag for desktop Firefox UI UNCONFIRMED
1259133 Firefox 45 shows session restore screen on every start UNCONFIRMED
1283425 detect URLs better for "Open Link" UNCONFIRMED
1314245 Accessibility: Camera permissions pop up is not keyboard accessible when triggered from code. UNCONFIRMED
1317334 Closing a bookmark folder in bookmark sidebar can select/trigger another bookmark UNCONFIRMED
1324394 Allow origins to be edited in the Password Manager UNCONFIRMED [fxcm-productive-ux]
1356879 Timestamp "lastAccessed" written too often to File "recovery.js" UNCONFIRMED [fxperf:p5]
1361053 Session Restore Failed To Restore Anything Since Update UNCONFIRMED
1362964 No web notification upon allow but not "remember choice" UNCONFIRMED
1364832 "Firefox is not currently set as your default browser" even though it is UNCONFIRMED
1366478 Show thumbnails / previews of bookmarks and allow transformation of sets of bookmarks into tabs UNCONFIRMED
1387585 Add ability to set initial size on Windowless Browser UNCONFIRMED
1389748 [Linux] default browser firefox not working UNCONFIRMED
1407238 Cli argument for print page or generate pdf command in Firefox headless mode UNCONFIRMED
1412780 Firefox UI - Window buttons are not showing up properly in Dark themes UNCONFIRMED
1413315 Firefox developer edition occasionally does not restore previous session UNCONFIRMED
1416937 Cannot Undo Recently Closed Tabs in Separate Windows UNCONFIRMED
1422480 Downloads manager shows wrong source when handling 30x redirect on drop UNCONFIRMED
1426103 Initial bookmarks sync is very slow, takes hours or never ends (for ~35000 bookmarks) UNCONFIRMED
1434823 Warn user before downloading from private window. UNCONFIRMED
1437457 When background tabs are dragged to rearrange don't switch to that tab. UNCONFIRMED
1440875 "Show all bookmarks" should be somewhere else in the hamburger/library bookmarks dropdown/panel/doorhanger/popup/menu UNCONFIRMED
1447380 Sync email link has white text UNCONFIRMED
1454239 Webpage with spoilers not saved properly for offline viewing UNCONFIRMED [DUPEME?]
1460536 Too easy to leave "Clear history when Firefox closes" enabled by accident UNCONFIRMED
1463274 Firefox does not allow configuring a default webcam device UNCONFIRMED
1464685 Firefox fails to load large session store UNCONFIRMED
1467338 DNS request flood during Firefox startup UNCONFIRMED
1470643 Address bar not immediately cleared in Windows tablet mode UNCONFIRMED
1471311 Add a way to open external links in a private browsing window UNCONFIRMED
1482682 [tracking] Sessionstore development related to session managers UNCONFIRMED
1495194 Restore Previous Session Button should still be Enabled when Restoration of Session is Default Behaviour on Launch UNCONFIRMED
1498083 https pages aren't properly restored after going from 52 to 60 UNCONFIRMED
1504591 Resize full screen get black skin border bug. UNCONFIRMED
1523110 certificate viewer: display more of authority key identifier and subject key identifier extensions UNCONFIRMED
1532696 Customize-Mode: Allow "space" between pinned tabs UNCONFIRMED [fidefe-quality-foundation]
1534981 After session restore some windows flash/want focus UNCONFIRMED
1539074 Transformed fonts display badly in PDF UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-font-conversion]
1540208 Firefox Sync doesn't arrange for all devices to show the exact same set of tabs UNCONFIRMED
1555998 'Take a Screenshot' feature doesn't remember last directory an image was downloaded to UNCONFIRMED [screenshots-extension]
1559652 Massive replications of the Firefox folder and its contents when Firefox is running UNCONFIRMED
1569793 Add Recently Closed Tabs to the tab context menu UNCONFIRMED fidefe-quality-foundation
1573115 click on current tab to switch to the previously displayed tab UNCONFIRMED [fidefe-quality-foundation]
1579392 [meta] improve experience for mobile touch screens UNCONFIRMED
1586960 Containers color selection is not colorblind friendly UNCONFIRMED
1608718 Immediately remember the sidebar visibility, not when FireFox exits. UNCONFIRMED
1612351 Firefox ignores content-disposition for embedded pdf because of default action UNCONFIRMED
1612789 Dragging imported folders in bookmark manager does not move all nested bookmarks UNCONFIRMED [sng]
1615841 Multi Tab session saves w/ Mozilla Account. UNCONFIRMED
1623554 Restore tabs more lazily UNCONFIRMED
1630206 Firefox Home page doesn't support dark theme UNCONFIRMED
1631101 Firefox update 75.0 lost MOST of my tabs (not all) using orderly update/restart of Firefox UNCONFIRMED
1649369 restored windows not placed on workspace #1 UNCONFIRMED
1650711 Autoplay about:preferences options could allow better blocking without using unclear about:config options UNCONFIRMED
1651282 Cookies and session state maintained across tabs and windows in incognito mode UNCONFIRMED
1655918 Firefox - Excessive memory use / Memory doesn't appear to clear even after tabs and windows are closed UNCONFIRMED
1662804 When using Firefox Sync and enabling "Delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed", Exceptions will not synchronize. UNCONFIRMED
1664278 Feature request: “Always underline links in text” option in Firefox UNCONFIRMED
1668164 Firefox sync should sync user css UNCONFIRMED
1672923 Add AllowInstall policy like Chrome UNCONFIRMED
1674663 Problem in take screenshot when selecting a custom region UNCONFIRMED
1675743 Firefox does not restore sessions on update as it states. Not one of mine was restored. UNCONFIRMED
1676519 Sync Addon preference "Run in Private Windows" UNCONFIRMED
1676604 Primary password dialog blocks all(?) network traffic and page loads UNCONFIRMED
1681015 Firefox loses all tabs when opened by captcha UNCONFIRMED
1682537 Tab session is gone again UNCONFIRMED
1684263 Repeated password prompts on session restore UNCONFIRMED
1688467 Session restore does not restore UNCONFIRMED
1707967 Links to SharePoint files do not open UNCONFIRMED QA-not-reproducible
1709804 browser.sessionstore.resume_from_crash set to false has no effect UNCONFIRMED QA-not-reproducible
1719075 Dragging Firefox tab into Spotify Desktop App instantly crashes Firefox UNCONFIRMED
1735229 about:logins screen stays empty during a long time UNCONFIRMED
1747083 Sometimes the content of the page is not displayed when returning to the tab. UNCONFIRMED
1755133 some tabs don't update prefers-color-scheme with system theme change UNCONFIRMED
1755508 Back not working UNCONFIRMED
1757859 I am not able to open the new tab while working on some particular number of tabs . UNCONFIRMED
1763428 Firefox freezes and closes without crash report UNCONFIRMED
1766178 Open .bank in the Banking container UNCONFIRMED
1772496 Request denied downloading temporary files when browser.download.start_downloads_in_tmp_dir is enabled in snap builds UNCONFIRMED
1774994 Firefox 101.0.1 hangs in RDP session UNCONFIRMED
1775100 Firefox does not restore previous session if update is installed during program start after the crash UNCONFIRMED
1777446 Possibility of losing tabs from Firefox if crash on startup UNCONFIRMED
1779873 X11 hangs on dragging a FF window with one tab to another's tab bar. UNCONFIRMED
1789107 Firefox erased my session data, disabled my addons and deleted my addon data that existed locally. I couldn't restore my session either. UNCONFIRMED
1789493 Multi-Account Container will not sync UNCONFIRMED
1795587 Reorganizing tabs is laggy and jittery, only in windows UNCONFIRMED
1796381 New Tab does not auto-focus Address Bar UNCONFIRMED
1796515 remember sidebar position UNCONFIRMED
1798333 Firefox View says "check your internet connection" even with working connection UNCONFIRMED
1803710 Firefox loses window on restart UNCONFIRMED
1803997 Forget previous tabs. UNCONFIRMED
1806600 Firefox will only start to restore tabs when launching if it has Application Focus UNCONFIRMED
1808407 [Session restore, Data loss] Outdated session loaded, sessionstore overwritten, tabs lost UNCONFIRMED
1808959 After all 108 updates, The "New Tab" button disappears from the tab bar after the 17th tab has been opened. UNCONFIRMED
1809579 Firefox doesn't reopen tabs when program/computer crashes UNCONFIRMED
1810733 Firefox hangs on Linux when connecting to dbus UNCONFIRMED
1810910 Extension manifest v3 content_scripts registered scripts are not run UNCONFIRMED
1810939 Bookmark toolbar is empty after exiting from fullscreen with "Only Show on New Tab" option. UNCONFIRMED
1814317 Tabs dumped when main windows exited whilst in private browsing UNCONFIRMED
1814890 Restore previous Session Even Though Option Is Off UNCONFIRMED
1817853 When Firefox receives a "Response.ContentType = "text/calendar"" file it ignores the extension of the "Content-Disposition", "attachment;filename" header and downloads it as .ICS UNCONFIRMED
1821836 Firefox starts completely frozen during desktop session restore on login UNCONFIRMED
1822455 "Restore previous session" of crashed Firefox only restores "Restore previous session" tab if closed. UNCONFIRMED
1824569 When applying an update, some or many options are reset to defaults UNCONFIRMED
1824905 Outlook email zooms in when scrolling when changing tabs UNCONFIRMED
1825613 New tabs not opening in Xorg UNCONFIRMED
1827433 Firefox constantly freezes UNCONFIRMED QA-not-reproducible
1827551 BUG: file picker crashes in Firefox Headless on Ubuntu UNCONFIRMED
1827585 Snap Firefox for Ubuntu 22.04 losing session UNCONFIRMED
1827615 Under Wayland, AltGr-Enter in Address Bar or Search Bar doesn't open page in a new tab. UNCONFIRMED
1828246 Some bookmark icons disappear over time UNCONFIRMED
1829457 PDF display corrupted after restore of minimized window UNCONFIRMED
1829543 tab search gives incomplete results after firefox restart UNCONFIRMED
1829873 Firefox (pocket) ignore settings when you are offline UNCONFIRMED
1831200 Going from LinkedIn.com to any other website via manually typed-in URL just reloads the LinkedIn website. UNCONFIRMED
1831246 YouTube Subscribe button not functioning properly UNCONFIRMED
1831266 Firefox crash when start with "-silent" command line switch if have chrome_settings_overrides setting in manifest.json addons. UNCONFIRMED
1833304 Delete a history item from urlbar completion sometimes doesn't work UNCONFIRMED
1833842 Extension in Firefox Private Mode allows for setting cookies UNCONFIRMED
1836033 collegevidya.com isn't redirecting to mobile site on Firefox OS UNCONFIRMED
1836606 Browser tab closed when I searched something on google UNCONFIRMED
1837877 Amazon sponsored shortcut appears again when enabling and disabling the "sponsored shortcuts" option UNCONFIRMED
1838899 Firefox v114 fails to parse the Native Messaging Host manifest with BOM UNCONFIRMED
1840285 Unloaded inactive tabs slow down Firefox (long loading times) - Why ? UNCONFIRMED
1840762 Opening any local PDF always takes a minimum of 5 seconds UNCONFIRMED
1841345 Google Chat stopped working. UNCONFIRMED
1842983 Tab listing bar sometimes freezes when moving tab UNCONFIRMED
1844390 "Discard unsaved changes?" icon is draggable after clicking "Cancel" in the "Create New Login" modal UNCONFIRMED
1844720 Reloading 'about:preferences#privacy' page causes unwanted scrolling UNCONFIRMED
1844940 The edited saved login's username does not update immediately on the 'about:logins' page without refreshing UNCONFIRMED
1845385 URLs that "match about:blank" should be treated as "about:blank" UNCONFIRMED
1845626 Randomly scrolling down UNCONFIRMED
1845959 Opening/Typing a New Website resets the current Tab for when opening tabs to right UNCONFIRMED
1846153 Firefox 115.0.3 the new tab + sign is now either on the far right or far left of the toolbar. Please put it back to the right of the current tab. UNCONFIRMED
1847615 Setting as 'default browser' on Linux does not associate with x-scheme-handler/http UNCONFIRMED
1848195 Undo close tab doesn't restore window from previous session UNCONFIRMED
1848266 Whenever you try to fullscreen videos with the Firefox mobile app for Android it suddenly minimizes the app and makes the phones homescreen appear until you try it a 2nd time. It happens on both my s21 and S23 so I know its a bug with the app. UNCONFIRMED
1848914 bookmarks star icon not highlighted UNCONFIRMED
1849333 Forcing restart while user has open private windows will not restore private windows UNCONFIRMED

181 Total; 181 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

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  • If a bug reporter hasn't answered to qa requested added in the first week after he/she reported the bug, they are more likely to be not interested anymore.
  • Some of these bugs have more than one comment, maybe those are more likely to be significant and already started to be triaged.