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Middle-aged bugs

This is a project to work on Firefox bugs reported in a range time of -6months(-180d) to -1months(-30d).

These are bugs that haven't been changed recently, but were reported within the last 6 months. Triaging them may find good, relevant bugs. It can also help clear out invalid bugs!

Middle Aged Untriaged Firefox Bugs, UNCONFIRMED.

Full Query
ID Summary Status Whiteboard
317601 Certain gtk themes cause pages [including the bugzilla page for mozilla] to load incorrectly on amd64 systems. UNCONFIRMED
373978 Left clicking a link should never open new tabs or windows UNCONFIRMED
423664 Add possibility to use wildcards when defining cookies in Exceptions UNCONFIRMED
442930 Support opening url files (.url, .desktop, .webloc) on all OS's UNCONFIRMED
472814 autoscroll (middle click) - when enabled, using keyboard up and down should modify speed of autoscroll not try to move page up or down UNCONFIRMED
520802 File icons in Firefox should have labels inside of them. UNCONFIRMED
534615 Enable control of stuff opened in new tabs UNCONFIRMED
547154 Under options, general, the 'Use Current Pages' button does not save all pages. UNCONFIRMED
582468 HTTP_ACCEPT is not constant UNCONFIRMED
608557 Starting Tab doesn't close until opening and closing a new tab. UNCONFIRMED
616707 general.autoScroll reverts to false when using Firefox under Windows and Ubuntu UNCONFIRMED
662025 [wfh] Add a profile-switching menu UNCONFIRMED
680486 Add an easy way to disable / enable all plugins UNCONFIRMED
701950 Add an advanced tab config menu to accomodate the diverging needs of FF users UNCONFIRMED
702750 opening link with middle click opens 1-4 new tabs UNCONFIRMED
703362 Cmd-W does not work when only one tab is open. UNCONFIRMED
703435 There are no config options to undo/reverse recent changes to tab folders behavior UNCONFIRMED
705744 Pop-up window closes on Accessibility API call UNCONFIRMED
708980 Firefox stops responding when I clear recent history (should show a busy Icon on the mouse) UNCONFIRMED
719746 Choose in the download dialog if save the file in the standard download folder or somewhere else UNCONFIRMED [bugday-20131111]
897429 Netbeans like Spacer at bottom of pages (for easier reading) UNCONFIRMED
927621 Restoring firefox in dwm causes resize issue UNCONFIRMED
973333 List of all windows and tabs UNCONFIRMED
1018260 Improve client certificate handling (login/logout, pin caching) UNCONFIRMED
1048286 When launching FF in permanent private browsing mode (with the -private option), only the initial window has the indicator that it's private. UNCONFIRMED
1058058 Popup menus stop working in Firefox UI and on all web pages with X11 UNCONFIRMED
1059603 Portuguese/Portugal [pt-pt] missing from Content Options UNCONFIRMED
1068459 download dialog stay above all windows after drag and drop UNCONFIRMED
1089347 Downloads button keeps attention flag after DownloadList.removeFinished() is called UNCONFIRMED
1106589 Context menu in Downloads Panel is lacking an option to copy the path to the downloaded file. UNCONFIRMED
1110695 Automatic content detection doesn't work for XML Files with Byte Order Mark (BOM) UNCONFIRMED
1116907 Investigate detecting firewall/antivirus blocking Firefox's network access and alerting the user to this issue UNCONFIRMED
1118073 Second Tab Ignored When Using --private-window From The CLI UNCONFIRMED
1135643 ms-windows-store should not auto open in Firefox UNCONFIRMED
1153223 Add a preference to control what happens when middle-clicking a tab UNCONFIRMED
1157443 JPEG Image without file extension is saved with jpe extension UNCONFIRMED
1160473 Download panel not disappearing after drag&drop a file in Ubuntu Linux UNCONFIRMED
1186324 Favicon requests are made to root path even if an explicit load direction exists UNCONFIRMED
1196152 Sequence Error Undo Close Tab UNCONFIRMED
1199577 Whole text in url/search bar selection while changing keyboard layout UNCONFIRMED [fxsearch]
1201111 session restore needs to be redesigned UNCONFIRMED
1237912 Use site's "theme-color" meta tag for desktop Firefox UI UNCONFIRMED
1254066 Wrong rendering of shadings UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-c-rendering][pdfjs-d-shading-pattern]
1324394 Allow origins to be edited in the Password Manager UNCONFIRMED
1351194 Many unloaded tabs -> excessive CPU and RAM usage on Youtube, Facebook, etc. UNCONFIRMED [MemShrink:P3]
1366477 Regression :Session restore breaks after restarting firefox 55 if pages are loading UNCONFIRMED
1374131 Ctrl+shift+drag on a bookmark/bookmark folder indicates a (symbolic) link will be created, but only a copy is created UNCONFIRMED
1375872 Noticeable delay of button style change when clicking a button to hide the dropdown UNCONFIRMED [reserve-photon-animation]
1385683 [Suggestion] Privacy Badger and HTTPS Everywhere by default in FF UNCONFIRMED
1392265 Revisit styling of Firefox account row in the hamburger panel UNCONFIRMED [reserve-photon-structure]
1396215 Update bookmark panel for Photon UNCONFIRMED
1407238 Cli argument for print page or generate pdf command in Firefox headless mode UNCONFIRMED
1420403 Make the entire library button menu available in the sidebar UNCONFIRMED [photon-structure][triage]
1422544 "Clear All History" prompt doesn't seem to align with the new Photon UI. UNCONFIRMED
1427535 Address bar/Location bar/urlbar drops first few letters when typing immediately after opening a new tab with a custom new-tab URL UNCONFIRMED [fxsearch]
1431138 Colored Title Bar and Buttons are grey/white UNCONFIRMED
1437287 Add an "Add bookmark here" option UNCONFIRMED
1438262 headless firefox audio still plays UNCONFIRMED
1445101 Use native GTK3 dialogs UNCONFIRMED
1461168 Keyboard shortcut to paste primary selection UNCONFIRMED
1463274 Firefox does not allow configuring a default webcam device UNCONFIRMED
1463527 Implement a mechanism to prevent multiple downloads UNCONFIRMED
1472317 relocate tab audio indicator to other side because current position is not touch-friendly UNCONFIRMED
1484262 Address bar refreshes after loading removing typed characters UNCONFIRMED
1486205 Dark UI support for not supported areas on macOS UNCONFIRMED
1486664 a %7E in an URI should be reencoded as its non-percent-encoded tilde / ~ UNCONFIRMED
1487882 PDF.js touchpad zoom too fast when MOZ_USE_XINPUT2 is enabled UNCONFIRMED
1489541 Firefox says it is default browser in KDE despite xdg default-web-browser setting UNCONFIRMED
1496148 High memory use and low responsiveness after long uptime UNCONFIRMED [MemShrink:P3]
1504573 Page occasionally unloads and does not reload, also happens for recently opened tabs UNCONFIRMED
1508765 Firefox takes 5min to render poster PDF UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-c-performance]
1511106 Vertical alignment of Menu Bar and Bookmarks Toolbar items mismatched UNCONFIRMED
1511449 Reopen in container doesn't close previous tab UNCONFIRMED
1518192 New tab top sites Custom Image URL breaks with imgur URLs UNCONFIRMED
1530536 "Homepage and new windows" breaks the ability to open a new window *without* home pages UNCONFIRMED
1537953 Windows taskbar context menu should use Proton icons for "Open new tab", "Open new window", and "New private window" UNCONFIRMED
1540208 Firefox Sync Doesn't Sync Opened Tabs UNCONFIRMED
1542189 [wfh] Add profile switching to Firefox Account button UNCONFIRMED
1552773 Show Content Blocking dropdowns label even when in disabled state UNCONFIRMED
1556154 ESC should cancel address bar focus UNCONFIRMED
1562419 Add LeakZero as a built-in search engine for Chinese (Simplified) UNCONFIRMED [search-engine-request]
1567822 about:logins should re-use an already open tab UNCONFIRMED
1569793 Add Recently Closed Tabs to the tab context menu UNCONFIRMED
1579392 [meta] improve experience for mobile touch screens UNCONFIRMED
1580494 Deleted bookmarks in toolbar folder come back at end of list. UNCONFIRMED
1582707 General sidebar button shortcut missing UNCONFIRMED
1583011 Ctrl+shift+t should restore previous session on startup UNCONFIRMED
1586960 Containers color selection is not colorblind friendly UNCONFIRMED
1587983 Make it clear what the check marks do in the one-click search engines preferences UNCONFIRMED
1589632 Add an option to invert colours in the pdf viewer UNCONFIRMED
1589978 Taking a screenshot in headless CLI hangs on Linux UNCONFIRMED
1591804 Some windows lost after closing firefox UNCONFIRMED
1593480 Mac OS (Catalina) "hover text" accessibility feature doesn't work in webpages on Firefox UNCONFIRMED
1596996 Reload Tabs: don't reload all tabs for the same site at the same time UNCONFIRMED
1601163 Add a "Dismiss Website" option in the context menu of "Top Sites" UNCONFIRMED
1601394 FF 70.0.1 buggy and can not load various sites UNCONFIRMED
1602697 Allow instant (and lasting) dismissal of any item recommended by Pocket at about:newtab UNCONFIRMED
1606247 Show SSBs as separate taskbar items on Linux UNCONFIRMED
1606620 right click context menu displaying in first screen while window in second screen UNCONFIRMED
1607555 Move "What's New" menu item to Help submenu UNCONFIRMED
1611587 Bookmarks get mixed up during sync. UNCONFIRMED
1611605 Tabs did not get restored from previous session UNCONFIRMED
1616046 Letterboxing does not always set resolution correctly UNCONFIRMED
1619634 On First opening Firefox, the software hangs for 10 to 20 seconds when anthing is entered into the address bar UNCONFIRMED
1622321 Firefox stuck after past to long sentences .2020-03013 UNCONFIRMED
1625732 Confirm closing tab that is emitting sound when doing "Close Tabs To The Right" UNCONFIRMED
1627396 Refresh the page and verify if items are present in cart UNCONFIRMED
1628122 slide tabs stuck UNCONFIRMED
1628669 Cannot remove amazon.com from top sites list UNCONFIRMED
1633908 pdf viewer fails to render 1 setlinecap 100 100 moveto closepath stroke UNCONFIRMED
1634572 when blocking document fonts, exempt PDFs UNCONFIRMED
1635765 Open tabs lose container association on restart UNCONFIRMED
1635837 Unable to type into address bar when Firefox starts UNCONFIRMED
1638687 gmail is removed from firefox top sites after synchronizing Firefox account UNCONFIRMED
1642311 New Tab should be able to be set to Home Page UNCONFIRMED
1642583 PDF preview not correct when using clipmask and Blendmode DARKEN UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-c-rendering][pdfjs-d-smask][pdfjs-d-blend-mode]
1643876 email a link to this page not working UNCONFIRMED
1644144 The "Firefox has just been updated in the background" message is inaccurate. UNCONFIRMED
1646985 "Select a container for each new tab" checkbox doesn't work with Ctrl-T UNCONFIRMED
1650695 Allow option to disable screenshot notification UNCONFIRMED
1653480 No warning dialog on closing multiple tabs UNCONFIRMED
1653853 Clearly indicate if the bookmark manager dialog's filtering search field is global or specific to the selected folder UNCONFIRMED
1655219 Move page navigation toolbar icons to main menu on small screen UNCONFIRMED
1655819 [Firefox 79] "toolkit.tabbox.switchByScrolling" always "true" UNCONFIRMED
1656758 "Page icon" available on address bar, inconsistently UNCONFIRMED
1657273 Insecure icon wrongly displayed in adress bar when reopening a local file tab with "Undo close tab" UNCONFIRMED
1658601 The non-scrolling sidebar in about:addons and about:preferences is still a potential migraine trigger UNCONFIRMED
1659375 One-click keyword search doesn't allow keyword entry UNCONFIRMED
1660413 Uninstallation web form requires iexplore.exe which isn't present UNCONFIRMED
1660650 The new UI of pdf viewer does not compatible with dark themes UNCONFIRMED
1661996 Can't initiate tabs cycling with CTRL+SHIFT+TAB anymore (still works after initiating with CTRL+TAB) UNCONFIRMED
1662194 Add option for POST-method in custom search engines dialog UNCONFIRMED
1662678 firefox headless mode will crash in docker if --remote-debugging-port is specified UNCONFIRMED
1663135 Cache or other site data fills disk space when it shouldn't UNCONFIRMED
1664404 Firefox is in dark mode with out setting it UNCONFIRMED
1665253 Can't create webpage bookmark link on touch screen UNCONFIRMED
1665378 HTML attribute for first visible tab is not updated correctly in GUI UNCONFIRMED
1666444 Excesive use of RAM. Over 15GB for 1 tab. UNCONFIRMED
1667184 Fix "This PDF Document might not be displayed correctly" issue UNCONFIRMED
1667318 startup pages (e.g. twitter) are not opened, although their tab is visible. Restore rarely helps. Was a problem with previous version too, but rare UNCONFIRMED
1667622 Modernize some macOS icons UNCONFIRMED
1668075 Always show last visited page from the last different domain than the currently loaded one in back button history dropdown list UNCONFIRMED
1668214 High CPU ussage while loading pdf through slow connection / HTTP server (1% CPU in Chrome) UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-c-performance]
1669097 [Omnibus Experiment] Emojis not shown in PDFs UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-c-forms]
1669111 Add pdf highlighter tests UNCONFIRMED
1669327 Broken PDF display UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-c-rendering][pdfjs-d-pattern]
1669662 Tabs keep tearing off UNCONFIRMED
1669674 Country is not displayed on first EV padlock click UNCONFIRMED
1670150 Update corner radius of various elements of Firefox's UI to match macOS Big Sur (11.0) UNCONFIRMED
1670942 privacy.firstparty.isolate makes PDF elements and text blurry UNCONFIRMED
1671263 PDF bank statement will not open UNCONFIRMED
1671491 The Alt+W keyboard shortcut for the Wait button in the slow web page dialog does not activate the Wait button. UNCONFIRMED
1671769 Extensions on first install/sync leads to a bad experience UNCONFIRMED
1671779 browser.tabs.allowTabDetach still shows animation when turned to false UNCONFIRMED
1671817 User can accidentally erase their previous session in about:sessionrestore UNCONFIRMED
1671850 RFP spoof english prompt does not handle all cases UNCONFIRMED
1671854 pdf-viewer renders certain files incorrectly UNCONFIRMED
1671855 New Firefox for Android (Fenix) turned on all sync features and forcefully synced all my passwords. How do I purge them from your servers? UNCONFIRMED
1672099 Cannot switch tab, cannot close tabs and the seachbar does not work UNCONFIRMED
1672260 Firefox 82.0 on Mac does does not allow me to copy or print a Word document or a PDF formated page. UNCONFIRMED
1672396 Dice links not found, (error 404) UNCONFIRMED
1672408 History in url bar UNCONFIRMED
1672442 hmm, installation failed due to some reason error UNCONFIRMED
1672775 Firefox snap is choppy when two windows are open UNCONFIRMED
1672910 When Firefox starting in normal browsing mode, is shown "Private Window" theme a moment UNCONFIRMED
1672923 Add AllowInstall policy like Chrome UNCONFIRMED
1673372 Firefox-esr doesn't apply scale factor of system UNCONFIRMED
1673463 Firefox 82.0 64bit using NVDA does not read Bootbox confirm messages title or message bod. UNCONFIRMED
1673520 Passwords are not syncing across multiple devices UNCONFIRMED
1673824 PDF.js much slower than Chrome with lots of LaTeX symbols UNCONFIRMED
1673836 preference Open link in new tab instead of window not saved UNCONFIRMED
1673963 Screen blink when acceleration is ON. UNCONFIRMED
1674225 yaani search engine for Turkey UNCONFIRMED [search-engine-request]
1674248 DOS of browser across restarts or a DOS requiring reboot of user’s computer when import passwords from another browser UNCONFIRMED
1674252 Don't hide pref browser.pagethumbnails.capturing_disabled UNCONFIRMED
1674289 --headless --screenshot is broken, consistently hangs: Use Web Console :screenshot or Firefox Screenshots source code at --headless UNCONFIRMED
1674309 Make it possible to add additional hidden keywords for panes/sections in about:preferences to make searching easier UNCONFIRMED
1674663 Problem in take screenshot when selecting a custom region UNCONFIRMED
1675034 User setting to disable navigating to a file dropped onto an active tab UNCONFIRMED
1675743 Firefox does not restore sessions on update as it states. Not one of mine was restored. UNCONFIRMED
1675842 Firefox PDF rendering: extra spaces in between words and within words UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-c-ux][pdfjs-d-text-selection]
1676026 "Restart required" should not say "we will restore all your pages" as all incognito tabs will get lost after restarting UNCONFIRMED
1676070 Allow users to take screenshots of internal and add-on pages UNCONFIRMED
1676327 When saving a file with a name that already exists, after hitting cancer have the focus switch to the filename UNCONFIRMED
1676519 Sync Addon preference "Run in Private Windows" UNCONFIRMED
1676604 Primary password dialog blocks all(?) network traffic and page loads UNCONFIRMED
1677140 open multiple firefox container at once UNCONFIRMED
1677259 Restored session with maximised window uses wrong window dimensions UNCONFIRMED
1677261 Window moved to foreground after session-restore after having alt-tabbed away UNCONFIRMED
1677716 Tracking Protection: selected "Don't show me messages like this again" - still shows messages UNCONFIRMED
1677784 PDF.js in Firefox slower than Chrome to load first page of large presentation UNCONFIRMED
1677933 Pinch-to-zoom on touchscreens does not work on PDFs UNCONFIRMED
1678034 blank window on startup nightly-community firefox 85 UNCONFIRMED
1678142 about:config: add option to hide scrollbars UNCONFIRMED
1678350 Accessibility settings in about:preferences#privacy seems to be missing UNCONFIRMED
1678632 the deprecated TLS error page doesn't explain the security impact of enabling TLS 1.0/1.1 UNCONFIRMED
1678653 Tabs crash when using Google Meet on Firefox Beta 84 UNCONFIRMED
1678833 dark theme does not change bookmark indication when drag and dropping a tab to the bookmark bar UNCONFIRMED
1678914 PDF viewer does not support relative links from local files (file://) UNCONFIRMED
1678957 Preference syncing doesn't work well when distributions have different default values for preferences UNCONFIRMED
1678994 website permission to open special links in external applications not configurable UNCONFIRMED
1679171 google reviews page is not displayed on mozilla in android UNCONFIRMED
1679313 Take a screenshot option is missing in a frame UNCONFIRMED
1679383 Cannot Pin new Search Engine into "Popular" section UNCONFIRMED
1679384 Linux: PDF Viewer is cutting PDF Table contents (Forms?) on screen and on printout since V83.0 UNCONFIRMED
1680431 Firefox should stay in landscape mode when the phone is rotated upside down on iOS UNCONFIRMED
1680718 Add option to settings to enable session restore for private tabs on crash in Firefox (Nightly) UNCONFIRMED
1681015 Firefox loses all tabs when opened by captcha UNCONFIRMED
1681077 On "Restore Session" page, "previous tabs" view scrolls too fast on macOS UNCONFIRMED
1681192 Certificate Manager "Authorities" Trust UI could use some improvements UNCONFIRMED
1682009 Gmail CTRL click (open in new tab) UNCONFIRMED
1682178 opening link in same tab opens different url than new tab UNCONFIRMED
1682183 Can't access Google.com UNCONFIRMED
1682537 Tab session is gone again UNCONFIRMED
1682591 Very High VRAM Usage from PDF Viewing [v83] UNCONFIRMED
1682649 Mousing across bookmarks bar with middle button down often opens bookmarks UNCONFIRMED
1683071 firefox causes high ram and cpu use after closing private browsing linkedin.com pages UNCONFIRMED
1683221 Tab-bar Scrolling too fast UNCONFIRMED
1683515 Resizing the browser using Windows' Snap feature doesn't overflow the navbar / extension toolbar UNCONFIRMED
1683523 "About Firefox" window leaves a blank line when DPI is changed UNCONFIRMED
1683554 Simplify download manager path choice UNCONFIRMED
1684067 reconnect to firefox account UNCONFIRMED
1684245 [Flatpak] Firefox flatpak does not trust self-signed certificates that the OS does UNCONFIRMED
1684299 Last Pass vault add-on is slow to open in 84.0.1; no problem in 84.0 UNCONFIRMED
1684356 Customization Toolbar is missing automatically UNCONFIRMED
1684476 PDF wrong size recently UNCONFIRMED
1684603 Duplicated or reopened tab is always displayed as insecure shortly UNCONFIRMED
1684721 Severely diminished performance loading sessions with extremely large numbers of tabs UNCONFIRMED
1684722 Neither date added nor date modified reflect the truth when using sync UNCONFIRMED
1685013 mute whole firefox audio in all tabs UNCONFIRMED
1685085 check for default browser is in multiple (inconsistent) locations UNCONFIRMED
1685754 Profile management and switching is arcane UNCONFIRMED
1685882 Wrong certificate issuer is displayed UNCONFIRMED
1685909 Replace Tab hover info popup with a tooltip UNCONFIRMED
1686366 Some addons not syncing UNCONFIRMED
1686631 Cannot hear sounds on Jitsi chat app when other party is daling in via phone UNCONFIRMED
1686640 tab iterations not releasing, hogging CPU UNCONFIRMED
1686657 Tab close option not available until we open the tab itself. UNCONFIRMED
1686876 Automatic filename renaming and saving for the same existing image UNCONFIRMED
1687000 Make use of initial blank page upon startup UNCONFIRMED
1687031 ui changing addons look buggy if a tab is inactive for long time UNCONFIRMED
1687047 The new tab page title appears in the window after session restore UNCONFIRMED
1687173 browser.tabs.unloadOnLowMemory = true still gets Firefox killed by earlyoom UNCONFIRMED
1687347 When open multiple tabs then render foreground tab first UNCONFIRMED
1687437 Clicking a link on the JSON view opens a new tab UNCONFIRMED
1687504 taking much time to load the application UNCONFIRMED
1687521 Beim Start von Firefox im Privaten Modus muss man extra die Adress-Zeile anklicken, um eine Adresse einzugeben UNCONFIRMED
1687779 Firefox Nightly not starting correctly UNCONFIRMED
1687894 Icon (favicon) does not get displayed in bookmark when it is in SVG format UNCONFIRMED
1688121 Force history search to keep location of selected item UNCONFIRMED
1688143 Firefox crashes Win 10 Pro when more than 10 tabs open UNCONFIRMED
1688378 Startpage.com search results are lost on browser restart UNCONFIRMED
1688384 dragged URL eliminates tab history / back button UNCONFIRMED
1688396 Wrong Pocket popup size UNCONFIRMED
1688450 Put telemetry options in the First Run screen UNCONFIRMED
1688467 Session restore does not restore UNCONFIRMED
1688526 Passwords fail to sync UNCONFIRMED
1689346 CTRL-left clicking on links now opens the pages to the LEFT of the page i reside in, which is extremely confusing UNCONFIRMED
1690589 when I take a screenshot on an ipv6 address it is not done UNCONFIRMED
1691769 Firefox jumps to another Tab by itself UNCONFIRMED
1692159 Autofill Logins and passwords not working [maybe related to strange Enterprise Policies behaviour] UNCONFIRMED
1692635 session store interval UNCONFIRMED
1694208 sync stopped working 6 months ago UNCONFIRMED
1694222 Reopening tabs in Facebook container (with ctrl+shift+t) doesn't work UNCONFIRMED
1694596 Silent uninstall shows Cleaning Assistant page UNCONFIRMED
1696629 AsyncShutdownTimeout: blank page and crash UNCONFIRMED
1696668 Firefox user name and passwords as well as extensions not syncing UNCONFIRMED
1698255 Session restored even if forbidden by preferences UNCONFIRMED

268 Total; 268 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

  • Verify the bug
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    • read the description and try to reproduce it on the newest Firefox version
    • add need-info flag for reporter
      • eg. can you still reproduce the bug?
      • eg. could you provide more info about this?
    • ask for whatever additional details you need to understand
  • Replicate the bug
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    • if you cannot reproduce the bug
      • if the reporter doesn't answer 1 week later a requested need-info flag and the bug is INCOMPLETE tag the bug as closeme yyyyMMdd (perhaps 2 weeks later?) and wait for that period before you close it.
      • if the bug has all the info you need to close it, close as WORKSFORME or INVALID
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  • If a bug reporter hasn't answered to qa requested added in the first week after he/she reported the bug, they are more likely to be not interested anymore.
  • Some of these bugs have more than one comment, maybe those are more likely to be significant and already started to be triaged.