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Middle-aged bugs

This is a project to work on Firefox bugs reported in a range time of -6months(-180d) to -1months(-30d).

These are bugs that haven't been changed recently, but were reported within the last 6 months. Triaging them may find good, relevant bugs. It can also help clear out invalid bugs!

Middle Aged Untriaged Firefox Bugs, UNCONFIRMED.

Full Query
ID Summary Status Whiteboard
327699 "Funny" behavior when Extension-Manager haven't enough system-rights to manage all files - Gecko needs an better system-error handling UNCONFIRMED
405113 For all secured sites( a bank, or ebay or verisign or google when there is something per.»« Authsonnal) a window appears saying: «XYZ received a message with an authentification code of incorrect message UNCONFIRMED [platform-rel-eBay]
411436 Firefox changes registry such that hyperlinks can't be opened from Outlook 2007 messages. UNCONFIRMED [platform-rel-Microsoft][platform-rel-Outlook]
423664 Add possibility to use wildcards when defining cookies in Exceptions UNCONFIRMED
433489 Zoom Text Only should be Site-Specific (View > Zoom menu option for disabling Full Page Zoom) UNCONFIRMED
465296 Proxy preference to bypass proxy for local addresses UNCONFIRMED
490136 When firefox is exited by closing the last tab, that tab is restored on restart UNCONFIRMED [invalid?][session-store-testday]
494882 When working with multiple FireFox profiles, no indication to user as to which windows are with which profile UNCONFIRMED
536803 Vista and Outlook UNCONFIRMED [platform-rel-Microsoft][platform-rel-Outlook]
541923 focus problem invoking firefox with createprocess UNCONFIRMED
542991 Missing possibility to observe changes of plugin disabled/enabled state. UNCONFIRMED
569809 horizontal scrolling with the mouse even if disabled UNCONFIRMED
570374 Flash videos stutter UNCONFIRMED
575071 Wrong window placement after restart with multiple viewports / Desktops UNCONFIRMED
586242 Key assigned to toggle toolbar doesn't show in Firefox toolbar menus UNCONFIRMED
595962 Can't insert/type text in field UNCONFIRMED
613413 [Win7] Aero Peek sometimes functions incorrectly for App Tabs UNCONFIRMED
615503 "Exceptions - cookies" - let the user edit the entries by double click UNCONFIRMED
616771 Having option to horizontal scroll by shift+mousescroll. UNCONFIRMED
625299 'set as default browser' function wrongly puts double quotes around %s UNCONFIRMED
633300 Tabs sometimes get teared off when selecting them UNCONFIRMED
662025 Add a profile-switching menu UNCONFIRMED
663633 the cursor blink on buttons and the non editable text as well UNCONFIRMED
674232 background-image is change before -moz-transition-delay time UNCONFIRMED
680486 Add an easy way to disable / enable all plugins UNCONFIRMED
681215 I saw in the latest editions of firefox, sometimes when i click a textbox, i get a misaligned curser which is sort of annoying. For e.g., www.irctc.co.in, if i try to click in the checkbox in bottom i get a misaligned curser. UNCONFIRMED
690780 Import NTLM config from IE UNCONFIRMED
691127 Keyboard shortcuts missing consistency on windows / linux UNCONFIRMED
734689 do not automatically enable "Accept third-party cookies" when "Accept cookies from sites" is enabled UNCONFIRMED WONTFIX?
788428 ARIA alertdialog role does not fire system alert event when its visibility changes from hidden to visible UNCONFIRMED
801550 Hole between tabs after closing tab in middle (.tabbrowser-tab:not([pinned]) { max-width and min-width) UNCONFIRMED DUPEME or NEW?
808252 home and end key not working on web pages opened in firefox browser UNCONFIRMED
814628 Check for update on startup before restoring session UNCONFIRMED
844349 PDF Viewer renders unviewable renderings when High Contrast is enabled or "allow pages to set their own colors" is disabled and background is not white UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-c-feature]
875715 Add a "Save Image" item in the context menu for standalone SVG UNCONFIRMED [wontfix?]
881177 Firefox Sync: remote wipe UNCONFIRMED
889502 minimize, maximize button not available UNCONFIRMED
903761 Mouse degrades, main menu items do not open menus after about an hour of browsing (linux) UNCONFIRMED
916915 download box title missing UNCONFIRMED
977994 "Recently Closed Tabs" & "Recently Closed Windows" not working UNCONFIRMED
979283 Firefox looses all customizations UNCONFIRMED [bugday-20140310]
1043298 Template tag download resources when not instantiated UNCONFIRMED
1058058 Popup menus stop working in Firefox UI and on all web pages with X11 UNCONFIRMED
1106045 <input>s within <div>s within <a>s create focus cycles UNCONFIRMED
1116992 Huge memory leak on Facebook, even in safe mode UNCONFIRMED [MemShrink:P2][platform-rel-Facebook]
1133166 Downloaded JAR files are saved with the extension .jar.zip UNCONFIRMED
1149973 Pictures matching the desktop resolution don't fit in in full screen mode UNCONFIRMED
1156944 Add a restart button next to the shutdown button in the menu. UNCONFIRMED [WONTFIX?]
1158559 Typing in address bar, then pressing enter caused the "Restore" button of about:sessionrestore to trigger. UNCONFIRMED
1172312 Private Browsing - Click on Icon of "Open new window" should open another Private window UNCONFIRMED
1174762 about:newtab is not built following web accessibility standards UNCONFIRMED
1185705 Use HTTP Link header (RFC 5988) to show tab favicon UNCONFIRMED
1192175 Firefox keeps bugging me to reset my addons and settings on every restart. UNCONFIRMED
1194253 If I download a file, and click firefox's download manager the entire PC freezes for 30s or so UNCONFIRMED
1195386 [e10s][meta] built-in framescripts register observers for each tab UNCONFIRMED
1196151 Custom protocol handler (registerProtocolHandler) can't be opened in iframe UNCONFIRMED
1200587 Provide option for about:privatebrowsing to show blank page like about:newtab UNCONFIRMED [fxprivacy]
1208308 Input field suggestion position off UNCONFIRMED
1210718 fckeditor - paste and paste from word disabled UNCONFIRMED
1217967 Address bar text is cut off along the bottom when Windows font sizes for system elements are increased UNCONFIRMED
1220675 Session Management disarranges windows/desktops on session restore UNCONFIRMED
1244053 I can't place the New Tab Button in its place - RTL UNCONFIRMED
1267275 Masterpassword cannot be set due to faulty password entry fields UNCONFIRMED
1303376 Sync Bookmarks: Browser are unresponsive when running Sync.Engine.Bookmarks TRACE Mapped UNCONFIRMED
1310802 The "Wait" button in the "A web page is slowing down your browser. What would you like to do?" dialog seems to be not consequent UNCONFIRMED
1318615 [meta] Investigate remediations against poisontap (http hijacking, cookie stealing, etc. etc.) UNCONFIRMED
1323972 History should not be sorted UNCONFIRMED
1330816 users cannot delete synced tabs from synced tabs tab UNCONFIRMED
1332118 [Windows 10] Discovered a Possible Cortana Forced-Edge Workaround UNCONFIRMED
1348597 "Paste & Search" should be in the right-click menu for all search fields UNCONFIRMED
1353710 identity ui: Non-PFS should be called as weak encryption (yellow triangle) UNCONFIRMED
1355848 Right-click automatically select first option from the menu UNCONFIRMED
1363397 Random FireFox 53 crashes corrupt SessionStore JSON, yanking sites' icons from loaded tabs as a result UNCONFIRMED
1366478 Show thumbnails / previews of bookmarks and allow transformation of sets of bookmarks into tabs UNCONFIRMED
1374131 Ctrl+shift+drag on a bookmark/bookmark folder indicates a (symbolic) link will be created, but only a copy is created UNCONFIRMED
1404034 Icon looks pixelated on gnome3 UNCONFIRMED
1404540 "Make Default..." does nonsense, sets browser to Thunderbird and breaks xdg-open on URLs UNCONFIRMED
1406002 When minimize window with many pinned tabs some navigation buttons are shifted UNCONFIRMED
1406088 browser.newtabpage.rows (manually config reset at each restart) UNCONFIRMED
1406098 pdfjs.enablePrintAutoRotate doesn't work UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-c-printing]
1406136 [macOS] Feature Request: Add space above the Tab Strip when a window is in macOS Full Screen UNCONFIRMED [reserve-photon-visual]
1408077 Add WebExtension API for sidebar auto-hide and resize to lower values than current UNCONFIRMED
1410380 Add automated test for "Top Stories - Enable" UNCONFIRMED
1410385 Add automated test for "Top Stories - Context menu" UNCONFIRMED
1410389 Add automated test for "Top Stories - Context menu - Bookmark" UNCONFIRMED
1410391 Add automated test for "Top Stories - Context menu - Remove Bookmark" UNCONFIRMED
1410393 Add automated test for "Top Stories - Context menu - Save to Pocket" UNCONFIRMED
1410397 Add automated test for "Top Stories - Context menu - Open in a New Window" UNCONFIRMED
1410398 Add automated test for "Top Stories - Context menu - Open in a New Private Window" UNCONFIRMED
1410400 Add automated test for "Top Stories - Context menu - Dismiss" UNCONFIRMED
1410402 Add automated test for "Top Stories - Context menu - Dismiss all Stories" UNCONFIRMED
1410435 Add automated test for "New Tab Preferences - Top Stories - Enable" UNCONFIRMED
1410440 Add automated test for "New Tab Preferences - Top Stories - Disable" UNCONFIRMED
1412693 Sidebar state and button 'checked' state get out of sync in new private windows UNCONFIRMED
1413215 Always show Mini "tab-icon-overlay" (from Pinned Tab) on tab UNCONFIRMED
1413865 CSP blocks inline style and style-tags in XHTML UNCONFIRMED
1413874 Add mouse gestures natively UNCONFIRMED
1417276 Tabs unable to move to another monitor on top Discord UNCONFIRMED
1417608 CSS not being applied from userContent.css UNCONFIRMED
1418759 Firefox should not create its own titlebar on Win10 but respect the system's one UNCONFIRMED
1419844 Homepage/new tab, change the vertical centring of the page to an alignment from the top UNCONFIRMED
1420403 Make the entire library button menu available in the sidebar UNCONFIRMED [photon-structure][triage]
1420694 dragging a tab from one window to the first slot in another window causes the "tab here" icon to remain displayed UNCONFIRMED
1422480 Downloads manager shows wrong source when handling 30x redirect on drop UNCONFIRMED
1423362 Update styling of alert(), confirm(), prompt() UNCONFIRMED
1426922 Preference to disable visiting and screenshotting pages in Activity Stream UNCONFIRMED
1427594 Memory consumption on idle UNCONFIRMED
1427663 Rendering glitches and dead space around Firefox window after restoring previous session UNCONFIRMED
1428069 Awkward "Quick Find within link-text only" shortcut placement on AZERTY keyboards UNCONFIRMED
1428331 HiDPI and privacy.resistFingerprinting UNCONFIRMED [fingerprinting][fp-triaged]
1431919 Load tabs on demand when opened in background UNCONFIRMED
1433378 Allow associating Firefox with those "other" file types which it supports - JPEG, PNG, GIF, SVG, PDF, BMP, etc. UNCONFIRMED
1433758 Functionality to preview all tabs UNCONFIRMED
1439344 Dark theme Make scroll bar dark UNCONFIRMED
1440846 Firefox uses 60% of my CPU while downloading a file UNCONFIRMED [Power]
1440875 "Show all bookmarks" should be somewhere else in the hamburger/library bookmarks dropdown/panel/doorhanger/popup/menu UNCONFIRMED
1451132 Provide an option to close the current tab when closing the window UNCONFIRMED
1454188 Support character(s) as Containers icon UNCONFIRMED
1456367 Incorrect prompt “Search or enter address” when search is turned off UNCONFIRMED
1460420 Include AS telemetry in about:telemetry UNCONFIRMED
1461168 Keyboard shortcut to paste primary selection UNCONFIRMED
1463690 firefox headless browser providing screenshot in png format only, even for other formats like jpg and bmp also. UNCONFIRMED
1463726 No activity stream UNCONFIRMED
1464685 Firefox fails to load large session store UNCONFIRMED
1467057 Support multi-row tabs build-in or via API for extensions like Tab Mix Plus UNCONFIRMED
1467291 Command line option fails UNCONFIRMED
1472317 relocate tab audio indicator to other side because current position is not touch-friendly UNCONFIRMED
1472470 [Session Restore] Large session state is not recorded to recovery.jsonlz4 without warning UNCONFIRMED
1472989 Rename/rewire tab attribute notselectedsinceload because its name and it not being removed immediately on tab selection is confusing UNCONFIRMED
1475066 Problem with hyperlinks in Outlook 2016 UNCONFIRMED
1475758 Save to pocket asks to login every time . Login state is not saved. As a result, save to pocket does not work. UNCONFIRMED
1475785 Activity stream is trying to capture thumbnails even when a blank page is set as home and newtab page UNCONFIRMED
1477594 all tabs popup does not mark which tabs are visible in the tab strip UNCONFIRMED
1478365 Activity stream should have a filter for pretty (rich icon) tiles only UNCONFIRMED
1479146 Bookmarks not loaded UNCONFIRMED
1481092 Firefox changes behaviour between search and address in bar depending on how fast you are UNCONFIRMED
1482682 [tracking] Sessionstore development related to session managers UNCONFIRMED
1483623 Scroll to the top of the page by clicking the active tab UNCONFIRMED
1483843 an option to set “Reload all tabs” & “Duplicate tab(s)” keyboard shortcuts UNCONFIRMED
1484262 Address bar refreshes after loading removing typed characters UNCONFIRMED
1485065 Firefox Pdf single page document loads several minutes while other browsers instantly (attached sample PDF) UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-c-performance]
1486070 Search Topsites should include custom search engines UNCONFIRMED
1489364 Using Firefox Nightly strips User Styles from Firefox UNCONFIRMED
1492844 When multiple dictionaries are installed, the context menu shows all the possible sub-dictionaries of those languages UNCONFIRMED
1494500 Allow customizing image background UNCONFIRMED
1496148 High memory use and low responsiveness after long uptime UNCONFIRMED [MemShrink:P3]
1496802 error in opening a local html file in TOP SITES section UNCONFIRMED
1497038 Pinned top sites on home page should be synced as bookmarks UNCONFIRMED
1497100 Screenshot of root element taken with Marionette is cropped to visible viewport UNCONFIRMED
1500675 Using Delete From History option does not delete "every instance" of web page UNCONFIRMED
1503095 ALT key in macOS UNCONFIRMED
1504573 Page occasionally unloads and does not reload, also happens for recently opened tabs UNCONFIRMED
1504876 Improve styling for tabs sent from another device UNCONFIRMED
1506333 Firefox account reset lost passwords UNCONFIRMED
1506416 I can't set Firefox as my default PDF reader on Windows 10 UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-c-integration]
1506476 Add support for containers to browser.startup.homepage UNCONFIRMED
1506953 Blurry PDF in built-in viewer UNCONFIRMED
1509350 Provide tab groups (panorama) UNCONFIRMED
1509594 Sync erased most of my bookmarks UNCONFIRMED
1511106 Vertical alignment of Menu Bar and Bookmarks Toolbar items mismatched UNCONFIRMED
1511449 Reopen in container doesn't close previous tab UNCONFIRMED
1512565 Linux: Firefox-download PDF opens, via Firefox, in Wine PDF reader (Adobe), not default PDF reader UNCONFIRMED
1515238 highlight thumbnails for download items shall be local file icon UNCONFIRMED
1516358 Take screenshots in vector format (e.g., SVG) in Firefox UNCONFIRMED
1516819 [CSD] Popup window created by browser.windows.create loses title bar after session restore UNCONFIRMED
1517439 Bookmark star is not always working UNCONFIRMED
1518058 My Top Sites do not get synced from my account but the messy Top Sites on my device got synced to all my other devices UNCONFIRMED
1519034 Allow selectively unblocking individual mixed content resources UNCONFIRMED
1519218 PDF not rendered correctly in Firefox viewer UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-c-patterns]
1528641 accept local image as custom Top Site tile image UNCONFIRMED
1528738 Bypass HSTS errors (about RFC section 12.1, No User Recourse) UNCONFIRMED
1529170 Firefox loads but unresponsive in macOS Mojave 10.14 betas UNCONFIRMED widget-next
1529178 firefox crash runs long time UNCONFIRMED
1530536 "Homepage and new windows" breaks the ability to open a new window *without* home pages UNCONFIRMED
1532039 The switch to search bar is too slow UNCONFIRMED
1532722 <video crossorigin="use-credentials"> doesn't send cookies during seek UNCONFIRMED
1533115 Add the ability to upload sync logs or other sync diagnostic info to SUMO UNCONFIRMED
1533436 SecurityError in Activity Stream thrown in browser console UNCONFIRMED
1533653 Offer Private Browsing for the search engines UNCONFIRMED
1534361 New tab preferences should allow Custom URLS... like for new window UNCONFIRMED
1534981 After session restore some windows flash/want focus UNCONFIRMED
1535019 Enterprise policies printer settings UNCONFIRMED
1535720 Both CFR tip and webcompat reporter use similar lightbulb icons since bug 1532693 UNCONFIRMED
1535950 On Linux the download URI is saved to GVFS/GIO metadata even in private browsing UNCONFIRMED
1535953 Title and tab bars flickers with WebRender enabled UNCONFIRMED
1536420 PDF uses lot of memory when decoding UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-c-performance]
1537875 favicon breaks certain website in private mode after first access UNCONFIRMED
1537953 Windows taskbar context menu should use Photon icons for "Open new tab", "Open new window", and "New private window" UNCONFIRMED
1538111 Firefox does not display text highlighted with evince in PDFs UNCONFIRMED
1538350 Feature: Show media playback progress on tabs UNCONFIRMED
1538491 Sidebar header doesn't change appearance when switching to touch density UNCONFIRMED
1538521 Private Window search bar not accessible with Tab key UNCONFIRMED
1538522 Private Window's search bar colour does not match Firefox theme UNCONFIRMED
1538668 "@google" pin appears after Google is removed as a search engine UNCONFIRMED
1538813 Redirection to a Firefox survey (scam) http://competition4599.sadman13.agency UNCONFIRMED
1539074 Transformed fonts display badly in PDF UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-c-font-conversion]
1539123 "Incorrect clock" SSL warning changes to MOZILLA_PKIX_ERROR_NOT_YET_VALID_CERTIFICATE when clicking "More Information" after fixing clock UNCONFIRMED
1539851 Firefox Severe Lag UNCONFIRMED
1540183 Multiple system crashes after 66.0.2 update installed UNCONFIRMED
1540208 Firefox Sync Doesn't Sync Opened Tabs UNCONFIRMED
1541465 Firefox Screenshot tool crashes on pages with IPv6 Address UNCONFIRMED
1541866 YouTube Download Button causes massive memory use resulting in a near freeze UNCONFIRMED
1541930 Restoring a session reverts to stale (or inconsistent) version of forms UNCONFIRMED
1542458 In fresh instance of Firefox, if search in address bar is done to fast then it redirects to same landing page UNCONFIRMED
1542562 Parrable may test Do Not Track validity and with cookies and Pepperjam does not respond UNCONFIRMED
1543302 Firefox Sync restores deleted bookmarks UNCONFIRMED
1543509 Feature request - recovery from closing the wrong website (Undo) UNCONFIRMED
1543926 Bookmarks with no title in bookmark panel disappear when in sync with samsung internet UNCONFIRMED
1544299 Enable Bookmarks Toolbar when Importing Bookmarks from Chrome UNCONFIRMED
1544330 Enhancement: about:config should list all blink, animation, and other safety settings UNCONFIRMED
1544388 The animation of closing a tab in Firefox tablet mode is slow and not smooth UNCONFIRMED
1544768 Filetype cannot be added to preferences - checkbox for "always do this action for this filetype" is disabled UNCONFIRMED
1545082 Steam website breaks with Firefox with ESET NOD32 Antivirus installed. Works fine with Edge. UNCONFIRMED
1546021 Headless performance UNCONFIRMED
1546062 Headless doesn't work when redirect is involved UNCONFIRMED
1548083 Cannot Open Options Tab or Debugger UNCONFIRMED
1548953 Feature Request about:config control from menubar UNCONFIRMED
1548991 Right click context menu is so long full of useless items UNCONFIRMED
1549100 New Tabs option should include Custom URLs UNCONFIRMED
1549527 Proofpoint console issue (source file could not be read) UNCONFIRMED
1549692 Unable to sync addons after upgrading to Firefox 66.0.4 UNCONFIRMED
1549767 Pulldown menus will not display, when pushing "ALT" key (Windows 10, FireFox updated last night) UNCONFIRMED
1549899 Firefox can't update to the latest version due to installer not adding maintenance service registry keys UNCONFIRMED
1550067 Cannot open new PDF viewer with blob: URL UNCONFIRMED
1550772 some sites prevent firefox from saving tabs. UNCONFIRMED
1550887 PDF printing not open preview, (preview helps user to use portrair or landscape modes) UNCONFIRMED
1550913 Recall Baidu Search Update system add-on outside of zh-CN UNCONFIRMED
1552426 Using the default theme syncs the wrong color between different OSs UNCONFIRMED
1552466 Non-pausable downloads fail again and show failed download symbol after connection reset UNCONFIRMED
1552633 We need to communicate better to users that Sync is not backup UNCONFIRMED
1552773 Show Content Blocking dropdowns label even when in disabled state UNCONFIRMED
1553791 A more failsafe design for security and privacy: permission-manager addon UNCONFIRMED
1554128 Firefox crashes often on a particular site when tested with Selenium in Docker UNCONFIRMED
1554254 Change "Block websites from automatically playing sound" name UNCONFIRMED
1554379 Mozilla Websites that is hosted by google is forbidden to access UNCONFIRMED
1554507 fullscreen button icons behave inconsistently UNCONFIRMED
1554651 add display name to toolbar button for Firefox account UNCONFIRMED
1555000 2 or more dots in a row in the host name of the URL makes FF to start open new tabs UNCONFIRMED
1555039 Add Zoom Text Only to the hambuger menu and the Zoom Controls button UNCONFIRMED
1555241 Incremental migration from default browser UNCONFIRMED
1555321 [Linux] Using the Linux package manager to update Firefox changes its localization UNCONFIRMED
1555592 PDFjs adding Top and Bottom Magins to Printout UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-c-printing]
1555594 PDFjs not using printer settings for Page Orientation UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-c-printing]
1555755 Restore Previous Session is Broken in 67.0 ... it only remembers the leftmost 10 tabs UNCONFIRMED
1555785 Screenshots only pictures the on-screen viewport correctly when using `mix-blend-mode` UNCONFIRMED
1555905 Lost tabs after upgrade to 67.0 UNCONFIRMED
1555998 'Take a Screenshot' feature doesn't remember last directory an image was downloaded to UNCONFIRMED
1556096 Flash Player not receiving MOUSE_WHEEL events on ESR 60.x 64bit RHEL7 UNCONFIRMED
1556154 ESC cannot cancel address bar focus UNCONFIRMED
1556368 Manage the contents of the custom dictionary (persdict.dat) in about:preferences UNCONFIRMED
1556621 RFE: import Brave settings UNCONFIRMED
1556708 [Features Request] Add new items to "Top Sites" in 'New Tab' via drag links or from 'Page actions' in url bar UNCONFIRMED
1556716 JavaScript error: resource://gre/modules/PrivateBrowsingUtils.jsm, line 73: TypeError: aBrowser is null UNCONFIRMED
1557439 Open up browser, create a new tab, pull out the tab to create a new window. The new window resizes to be smaller than the main window it came from. It creates a cascading window effect but I wish to disable it. UNCONFIRMED
1557466 Can not select word-wise in address bar UNCONFIRMED
1557516 Pocket Integration does not work with Multi-Account containers UNCONFIRMED
1558182 Discord uses local storage in some way that hides from "manage cookies and site data" UNCONFIRMED
1558277 Mac OS X - Mouse 4 and Mouse 5 on do not navigate backwards and forwards UNCONFIRMED [specification][type:bug]
1558291 → Firefox hangs When Opening many YouTube tabs . And sometime leaks bookmarked I saved to Bookmark tool bar.For example, when I save some YouTube links to bookmark bar i didn't find them again after restarting Firefox. This Happened to me intermittently. UNCONFIRMED
1558489 Performance regression in selenium benchmark UNCONFIRMED
1558841 Feature request: Move tab to other open window UNCONFIRMED
1559104 Always signed out of sync when Firefox starts. UNCONFIRMED
1559623 option for min font size to not apply to addon popups/pages (moz-extension:) UNCONFIRMED
1559648 pdf select word no right UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-c-ux][pdfjs-d-text-selection]
1560698 Tabs randomly disappear UNCONFIRMED
1560808 Don't activate enterprise policies if there are no valid policies UNCONFIRMED
1560997 Custom schema fails intermittently with "The address wasn't understood" UNCONFIRMED
1561026 overrun of a stack-based buffer UNCONFIRMED
1561264 Click on toolbar button and fast moving mouse down activates menu item UNCONFIRMED
1561619 [i3wm] url bar not working upon start UNCONFIRMED
1561652 Top Site Icon Transparent Background is white for manually selected images UNCONFIRMED
1562419 Add LeakZero as a built-in search engine for Chinese (Simplified) UNCONFIRMED
1562482 Searching Pdf fails in Windows. Linux works Windows does not. UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-c-ux][pdfjs-d-text-search]
1562483 Firefox Sync logging out UNCONFIRMED
1563030 Custom URL schemes are being rate limited UNCONFIRMED
1563174 Unable to allow cookies for localhost UNCONFIRMED
1563723 Excess memory usage after restoring multi-tab session UNCONFIRMED
1563897 Firefox is insisting that it is not default browser when Windows is telling me it is. UNCONFIRMED
1563966 Firefox unable to render tab: Shows spinning drain on white background with high CPU and memory allocation UNCONFIRMED
1564351 "Restore previous session" reopens last closed tab UNCONFIRMED
1564415 Add-on "Download Star" is harmed by browser.storage.local.set incompatibility UNCONFIRMED
1565163 Firefox keeps changing my home page settings to "Blank Page" every day or so UNCONFIRMED
1565320 Bookmark with invalid URL prevents any bookmarks from syncing UNCONFIRMED
1565400 chat.google.com doesn't prompt to enable notifications UNCONFIRMED
1565478 Firefox v68.0 does not display properly even in safe mode UNCONFIRMED
1565491 Force restart on upgrade clears address of open tab UNCONFIRMED
1565736 Sometimes modifier keys do not work properly in Linux UNCONFIRMED
1566051 "Local files can no longer access other files in the same directory." UNCONFIRMED
1566318 "Clear Recent History" results in "Firefox not responding" and I have to force quit. Firefox Quantum used on iMac 2.7ghz-2013, Mac OS 10.14.5 UNCONFIRMED
1566506 Update to 68.0 displaying a blank page in TAB. Also new Tabs not accessible UNCONFIRMED
1566820 Link directly to the tracking protection lists in about:preferences UNCONFIRMED
1567176 Make "open new tab on middle mouse button" configurable UNCONFIRMED
1567689 pinned tabs get lost when Firefox gets quit with no opened window UNCONFIRMED
1567734 Session restores hangs on with Firefox 68 (several thousands of tabs) UNCONFIRMED
1567753 Search engine list wraps around UNCONFIRMED
1568123 Checkbox rendered as Radiobutton on AJAX Postback UNCONFIRMED
1568357 Disconnecting Sync has hard-to-parse information leading to user deleting own data UNCONFIRMED
1568358 Provide user with option to delete synced data from account when disconnecting Sync UNCONFIRMED
1569152 DNS over HTTPS: Way to bypass local addresses, like proxy exception (Suggestion) UNCONFIRMED [trr]
1569239 Tabs not loading when #urlbar-container is hidden UNCONFIRMED
1569272 Horizontal Scroll under tabs UNCONFIRMED
1569402 Search Bar UNCONFIRMED
1569793 Add Recently Closed Tabs to the tab context menu UNCONFIRMED
1569914 Make an option to Stop requesting Firefox updates UNCONFIRMED
1569932 PDF viewer: When copying text to clipboard, some spaces are missing UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-c-ux][pdfjs-d-text-selection]
1570117 Crash when opening file dialog (on elementary OS at least) UNCONFIRMED
1570231 Full pages screenshot don't work on https://towardsdatascience.com UNCONFIRMED
1570340 Cannot open new tab in Firefox beta UNCONFIRMED
1571065 hovering cursor over autocomplete suggestions only shows highlight feedback when in Light theme UNCONFIRMED
1571263 Firefox keeps asking me if I want it as a default browser over and over even when the box is unchecked to not receive that message. UNCONFIRMED
1571306 Preferences Dialog: Unable to Navigate to Individual Preference Panels using Single Letter Keyboard Navigation UNCONFIRMED
1571850 Send Tab to Device does not work from Firefox to Firefox for Android UNCONFIRMED
1571935 about:blank doesn't load properly when set as home page UNCONFIRMED
1572888 Programmatically handle downloads UNCONFIRMED
1572994 Once Firefox is install, displays a message: The Application "Firefox.app" can't be opened> UNCONFIRMED
1573115 click on current tab to switch to the previously displayed tab UNCONFIRMED
1573618 sync not working: Sign in button doesn't activate UNCONFIRMED
1573982 Synchronization makes Chaos UNCONFIRMED
1574403 Cannot log in to LastPass extension in private mode (never remember history) UNCONFIRMED

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