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Middle-aged bugs

This is a project to work on Firefox bugs reported in a range time of -6months(-180d) to -1months(-30d).

These are bugs that haven't been changed recently, but were reported within the last 6 months. Triaging them may find good, relevant bugs. It can also help clear out invalid bugs!

Middle Aged Untriaged Firefox Bugs, UNCONFIRMED.

Full Query
ID Summary Status Whiteboard
320535 clearing cache removes symbolic link to a custom directory UNCONFIRMED
360960 Location of personal dictionary should be customisable. UNCONFIRMED
431168 In Kde with multiple desktops clicking a link in kmail causes Firefox to move to same desktop as kmail UNCONFIRMED
442930 Support opening url files (.url, .desktop, .webloc) on all OS's UNCONFIRMED
460891 Wrong file name passed to helper app UNCONFIRMED
500080 in fullscreen mode hiding of tabs schouldn't move screen UNCONFIRMED
538563 Browser freezes while uploading video on myspace.com UNCONFIRMED
571776 ContentEditable - Drag and drop on SPAN element creates new ContentEditable element UNCONFIRMED
575547 New firefox window opens outside (desktop) viewport with 2 monitors UNCONFIRMED
577233 Dowload path selector doesn't have the focus UNCONFIRMED
577620 problem with websites like manga fox UNCONFIRMED
590354 New feature .... SUB-TABS UNCONFIRMED [bugday-20131007]
596922 about:config should show default values for modified entries UNCONFIRMED
607575 Javascript code fills memory and virtual memory to 100%, slows down the computer, and potentially crashes the browser using document.title UNCONFIRMED [sg:dos] DUPEME
613852 Automatic update is not automatic when the application chooses to require user consent even though the Firefox preferences infer that it is. UNCONFIRMED
616707 general.autoScroll reverts to false when using Firefox under Windows and Ubuntu UNCONFIRMED
662025 [wfh] Add a profile-switching menu UNCONFIRMED
767010 FF starts new window if multiple URLs are specified on the command line. UNCONFIRMED
783929 bookmarks child menus jitter and shake incessantly when dragging in a shortcut while the main firefox window is using an external monitor UNCONFIRMED
847020 embedded pdf is not displayed UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-integration]
856092 Open all links in the current tab, except the pages opened from external apps — open these ones in new windows UNCONFIRMED
862135 pdf view prints in wrong order UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-printing]
862677 Integrated PDF viewer does not print rotated sheets UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-integration][pdfjs-printing]
924072 [pdf.js] PDF file making Firefox unresponsive UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-performance]
974937 inline pdf is not shown using firefox UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-c-integration]
977006 Shows blank PDF when file is hosted in a directory protected by NTLM UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-integration]
999740 immediately create a new window when dragging a tab UNCONFIRMED
1048286 When launching FF in permanent private browsing mode (with the -private option), only the initial window has the indicator that it's private. UNCONFIRMED
1054658 Firefox opens local website with wrong port number every time UNCONFIRMED
1088840 A separate content process should be used for each pdf.js tab, or perhaps shared between all pdf.js tabs UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-integration]
1093574 browser.translation.ui.show should be available as a button in the translation toolbar UNCONFIRMED
1120797 Session is recovered only on the second restart. related to timestamped upgrade backups in sessionstore-backups? (does not appear on normal usage) UNCONFIRMED
1133166 Downloaded JAR files are saved with the extension .jar.zip UNCONFIRMED
1185705 Use HTTP Link header (RFC 5988) to show tab favicon UNCONFIRMED
1186324 Favicon requests are made to root path even if an explicit load direction exists UNCONFIRMED
1206443 We immediately warn about reload prevention even for reloads scheduled for a long time from now (e.g. 20 minutes) with no indication to the user UNCONFIRMED
1219219 Firefox Sync fails behind Proxy-servers/Proxy-authencation UNCONFIRMED
1221501 Tours tooltips misplaced when the menu button is missing UNCONFIRMED [WONTFIX?]
1232116 PDF file is printed with wrongly positioned glyphs, barely readable UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-integration][pdfjs-printing]
1243580 PDF.js doesn't honor "/ViewerPreferences <</PrintScaling /None>> in Catalog UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-integration][pdfjs-printing]
1254066 Wrong rendering of shadings UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-rendering][pdfjs-shading-pattern]
1263419 I am able to access the Office365 student email of the last account that was signed in without entering login credentials. UNCONFIRMED
1265440 PDF Viewer is not using print.print_margin UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-integration][pdfjs-printing]
1271259 When the new tab opens, www.example.com is trying to load and throws the address is invalid error UNCONFIRMED
1308822 Firefox shows a separate PDF and Portable Document Format option and refuses to open a PDF file UNCONFIRMED
1313109 Reload all tabs does not load content from network for tabs that are not yet (session-)restored UNCONFIRMED
1314585 Scrolling with mouse wheel on bookmarks main menu stops and switches to expanded sub menu when I hover over a main folder for more than a split second. UNCONFIRMED
1324394 Allow origins to be edited in the Password Manager UNCONFIRMED
1327605 PDF.js doesn't scroll page into view if I try to navigate to the same anchor UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-integration]
1329982 Restore read position in PDF documents after a crash UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-integration]
1346123 Trapping the user in fullscreen by using modal search dialog alerts (and blocking F11) UNCONFIRMED
1349807 Pressing ESCAPE in location bar should return focus to main pane UNCONFIRMED
1352465 Getting permission denied contentwindow.document UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-integration]
1353710 identity ui: Non-PFS should be called as weak encryption (yellow triangle) UNCONFIRMED
1402155 Pocket icon should change color when active page is already saved UNCONFIRMED
1406098 pdfjs.enablePrintAutoRotate doesn't work UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-printing]
1412780 Firefox UI - Window buttons are not showing up properly in Dark themes UNCONFIRMED
1417276 Tabs unable to move to another monitor on top Discord UNCONFIRMED
1417765 Creating a new window drops type-ahead key-presses UNCONFIRMED
1422591 Glitch on tab loading animation UNCONFIRMED
1425231 imported bookmark from google chrome disappear after restart Firefox;workaround found UNCONFIRMED
1432644 Can't manually add exceptions to tracking protection list UNCONFIRMED tp-product
1436026 No way to focus the Firefox alerts via keyboard UNCONFIRMED
1437457 When background tabs are dragged to rearrange don't switch to that tab. UNCONFIRMED
1438262 headless firefox audio still plays UNCONFIRMED
1441365 Add keyboard shortcut for Pocket UNCONFIRMED
1445101 Use native GTK3 dialogs UNCONFIRMED
1453229 headless option to save URL page source UNCONFIRMED
1457557 Describing mixed content as "broken encryption" is surprising UNCONFIRMED
1467338 DNS request flood during Firefox startup UNCONFIRMED
1475785 Activity stream is trying to capture thumbnails even when a blank page is set as home and newtab page UNCONFIRMED
1482682 [tracking] Sessionstore development related to session managers UNCONFIRMED
1483623 Scroll to the top of the page by clicking the active tab UNCONFIRMED
1485688 Home page changes do not persist in AWS UNCONFIRMED
1492388 "Restart with addons disabled", then "Refresh Firefox", opens about:sessionrestore "Sorry" UNCONFIRMED
1497038 Pinned top sites on home page should be synced as bookmarks UNCONFIRMED
1506953 Blurry PDF in built-in viewer UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-image-quality]
1508765 Firefox takes 5min to render poster PDF UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-performance]
1509529 PDF viewer's Page Fit does not completely fit the page UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-ux]
1519034 Allow selectively unblocking individual mixed content resources UNCONFIRMED
1530536 "Homepage and new windows" breaks the ability to open a new window *without* home pages UNCONFIRMED
1534981 After session restore some windows flash/want focus UNCONFIRMED
1536420 PDF uses lot of memory when decoding UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-performance]
1538522 Private Window's search bar colour does not match Firefox theme UNCONFIRMED
1539074 Transformed fonts display badly in PDF UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-font-conversion]
1540208 Firefox Sync doesn't arrange for all devices to show the exact same set of tabs UNCONFIRMED
1555594 PDFjs not using printer settings for Page Orientation UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-printing]
1556154 ESC should cancel address bar focus UNCONFIRMED
1558841 Feature request: Move tab to other open window UNCONFIRMED
1570975 Pinned tabs with Audio muted are hard to select UNCONFIRMED
1571935 about:blank doesn't load properly when set as home page UNCONFIRMED
1574732 Top Sites on New Tab page are not labelled correctly (only lower case is used) UNCONFIRMED
1580494 Deleted bookmarks in toolbar folder come back at end of list. UNCONFIRMED
1586072 Password Manager using Secret Service UNCONFIRMED
1586960 Containers color selection is not colorblind friendly UNCONFIRMED [access-s3]
1587983 Make it clear what the check marks do in the one-click search engines preferences UNCONFIRMED
1588634 pdf-viewer should reload if file-content changes UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-feature]
1593876 hanging + keyboard malfunction UNCONFIRMED
1601148 User needs to sign into Firefox Sync each time they open Firefox on Mac UNCONFIRMED
1602340 Add preferences to optionally disable forgetting old closed windows or tabs UNCONFIRMED
1609657 Firefox does not generate an accessibility tree for PDFs UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-feature]
1612351 Firefox ignores content-disposition for embedded pdf because of default action UNCONFIRMED
1614206 Headless --screenshot doesn't work with local files UNCONFIRMED
1625460 [Protections Panel] Unreachable code in updateSubView under ThirdPartyCookies in browser site protectio UNCONFIRMED
1628122 slide tabs stuck UNCONFIRMED
1629965 The two "new tab" buttons have different accessible label UNCONFIRMED [access-s4]
1635765 Open tabs lose container association on restart UNCONFIRMED
1639746 Endless scrolling/infinite scrolling is incompatible with user font preferences UNCONFIRMED
1647618 Tab is stuck during dragging when user get pop-up message in Microsoft Teams UNCONFIRMED
1648714 Basic Authentication Info shown in tab title UNCONFIRMED
1651969 Firefox translators should be able to translate dynamically added content UNCONFIRMED
1653480 No warning dialog on closing multiple tabs UNCONFIRMED
1658860 address bar not focused on new window UNCONFIRMED
1667048 FirefoxCP Web Content (several simultaneous processes) grows to several GB of memory, slows machine response. UNCONFIRMED QA-not-reproducible
1668164 Firefox sync should sync user css UNCONFIRMED
1668214 High CPU ussage while loading pdf through slow connection / HTTP server (1% CPU in Chrome) UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-performance]
1673963 Screen blink when acceleration is ON. UNCONFIRMED
1677784 PDF.js in Firefox slower than Chrome to load first page of large presentation UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-performance]
1678994 website permission to open special links in external applications not configurable UNCONFIRMED
1685754 Profile management and switching is arcane UNCONFIRMED
1685882 Wrong certificate issuer is displayed UNCONFIRMED
1701253 Text in "Choose an application to open the <scheme> link" is illegible UNCONFIRMED [mac:darkmode]
1705906 Proton small icons with thin lines makes them hard to "read" UNCONFIRMED [proton-icons] [proton-cleanups]
1706933 When sync removes a bookmark with a keyword based on data from another device, the keyword is not removed UNCONFIRMED
1707541 Detectportal does not detect login page when login page is not served as https UNCONFIRMED QA-not-reproducible
1707967 Links to SharePoint files do not open UNCONFIRMED QA-not-reproducible
1709330 audit PDF.js for RFP and dFPI UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-integration]
1714043 Lack of subpixel anti-aliasing in tab, side and status bar in Proton UNCONFIRMED QA-not-reproducible
1714708 Scroll position and text boxes are not saved on exit UNCONFIRMED
1715437 opening about:preferences#home sets focus to the search field preventing hotkeys to work UNCONFIRMED [access-s4]
1717196 Bookmarks are drained out of the individual folder structure to the main bookmarkfolder after restoring them from file or backup UNCONFIRMED
1719058 Command-Tilda ("~") only selects between 2 open windows UNCONFIRMED
1719075 Dragging Firefox tab into Spotify Desktop App instantly crashes Firefox UNCONFIRMED
1723893 You cannot tell if a tab is selected or active UNCONFIRMED
1725736 An important Bookmark folder disappeared again! (Reported before) UNCONFIRMED QA-not-reproducible
1725788 The "insecure HTTPS" icon should be more noticeable (bring back the yellow warning icon or use the red struck-out-lock icon) UNCONFIRMED
1726025 When displaying a certificate's validity period and DST will change during this period, Firefox displays the wrong timezone description. UNCONFIRMED
1729363 Problem with change theme light <---> dark (KDE) UNCONFIRMED
1731249 Autoscroll setting unexpectedly disabled UNCONFIRMED
1732709 No UE-V synchro with Firefox and Thunderbird ESR 91 UNCONFIRMED
1734349 Left "alt" truncates url when trying to open a new tab UNCONFIRMED
1734565 Firefox UI language changes after updating to 93.0 UNCONFIRMED
1734909 Visual glitches on open windows after Firefox restart UNCONFIRMED
1736107 session fails to restore when quiting browser via ctrl+q in standalone window manager on Arch Linux. Session only restores if manually pressing the x button UNCONFIRMED
1737334 Firefox restored session from a week ago instead of latest session UNCONFIRMED
1739987 Flickering UNCONFIRMED QA-not-reproducible
1740223 When leaving Firefox on overnight, it sometimes is frozen the next morning UNCONFIRMED [QA-not-reproducible]
1741077 "Confirm before closing multiple tabs" setting silently unchecked UNCONFIRMED
1741383 Occaisionally Firefox is in a state where the close button on a tab does not work and a cross is displayed at top right. UNCONFIRMED [Qa-not-reproducible]
1742197 Newtab Personalize Context Menu Sliding then disappearing UNCONFIRMED
1742258 Firefox open with tabs and websites loaded then pc not sleeping on AMD system UNCONFIRMED [QA-not-reproducible]
1744356 shutdown background data use to save monthlty data usage UNCONFIRMED qa-not-reproducible
1745106 Launching Firefox in a docker container that shares dbus with the host will hand off to Firefox in the host UNCONFIRMED
1745553 [Wayland/sway] Clicking on 'Show more bookmarks' rapidly increases CPU UNCONFIRMED
1745883 Restarting Mac with "Open all windows currently open" does not open current tabs work UNCONFIRMED [QA-not-reproducible]
1746822 Dropping an URL on the Firefox content area defeats the purpose of the kiosk mode UNCONFIRMED
1747083 Sometimes the content of the page is not displayed when returning to the tab. UNCONFIRMED
1747257 Add Bookmark Location Dropdown Quick Link Location Menu Text is Black on Nearly Black Until Folder is Highlighted. The adjacent dropdown is white on black. Using Mozilla Dark Theme. Win 7. Occurred since version 95 installed. UNCONFIRMED
1747419 History of closed windows disappeared UNCONFIRMED [QA-not-reproducible]
1747614 syncing collections from Fenix (Android) UNCONFIRMED
1747820 Move current batch of themes to AMO after they have expired UNCONFIRMED
1747955 browser.bookmarks.openInTabClosesMenu is not working UNCONFIRMED
1748171 Last Used date of cookies/storage shouldn't be updated by sessions kept alive because of unclosed tabs UNCONFIRMED
1749029 mainPanelView is undefined UNCONFIRMED
1749096 White flash during Firefox startup UNCONFIRMED
1749345 White screen for up to 30 sec after updating Firefox using the full installer UNCONFIRMED
1749669 Discord can access sound even if it's a different tab or a private tab UNCONFIRMED
1749724 New update 96.0 color theme locks up windows UNCONFIRMED
1749731 Tab tooltip spans over multiple screens UNCONFIRMED
1750085 Bad visual on Firefox start / restore. Dark rectangle UNCONFIRMED
1751224 After 96.0.2 upgrade multiple tabs crashed, will not restore UNCONFIRMED
1751413 SECOND tab do not closing . any other (1,3,4..) is ok. it started when FF96 upd UNCONFIRMED
1751503 Firefox keeps resetting my browser.launcherProcess.enabled preference after updating UNCONFIRMED qa-not-reproducible
1751572 Pinned tabs wont save when opening normal Firefox while InPrivate browsing is running in background UNCONFIRMED
1751584 In a titlebar, name the site visited and "Firefox WEb Browser" should be separated by an emdash, not a hyphen (localizations don't follow en-US specification) UNCONFIRMED
1751720 Crash on high number of tabs [ AppendNativeHandler ] UNCONFIRMED
1751744 Firefox updated will not open/display new tabs, unable to report bug thru Firefox browser. UNCONFIRMED
1752676 Incorrect handler display on about:preferences after "Always Open Similar Files" (can't find default handler for CSS files) UNCONFIRMED
1752744 Opening bookmarks from the Library doesn't open a Firefox window if browser.tabs.loadBookmarksInTabs is true UNCONFIRMED
1752975 Support portable installations of Firefox UNCONFIRMED [fidedi-ope]
1753176 Firefox 96.0.3 (64-Bit) - keeps crashing (out of memory?) UNCONFIRMED
1753241 When having multiple windows, firefox fails to restore the sessions UNCONFIRMED
1753557 restore after reboot not working UNCONFIRMED
1755133 some tabs don't update prefers-color-scheme with system theme change UNCONFIRMED
1755440 sync error UNCONFIRMED
1755475 Possible sleeping tab wake-up leading to high CPU and memory usage when sorting many (many) tabs UNCONFIRMED
1755661 Firefox in KDE Plasma as default application UNCONFIRMED [fidedi-ope], QA-not-reproducible
1756320 Extremely high memory usage with only 1 or 2 tabs open. UNCONFIRMED
1756325 Firefox Addon Sync fails when trying to install "enhanced-h264ify" UNCONFIRMED
1756497 In-page clipboard copies are only sent to XA_CLIPBOARD and not XA_PRIMARY as well UNCONFIRMED
1756506 open/save dialog box glitch UNCONFIRMED
1757140 Allow opening target=_blank in current tab UNCONFIRMED
1757249 Although "Open previous windows and tabs" is deselected, previous windows and tabs are opened after unexpected termination or crash UNCONFIRMED
1757359 Middle click to close tab does not work sometimes UNCONFIRMED
1757584 Can't send tab to desktop UNCONFIRMED
1757613 When "Confirm before closing multiple tabs" is active closing FF using the Taskbar Icon "close window" causes freeze requiring the use of Task Manager to stop FF UNCONFIRMED
1757859 I am not able to open the new tab while working on some particular number of tabs . UNCONFIRMED
1758224 I cannot input "Chinese character" into web_address column for searching purpose. UNCONFIRMED
1758226 Youtube dark mode not working UNCONFIRMED
1758246 handoff copy paste does not work UNCONFIRMED
1758350 URL gets automatically extended and page fails to load UNCONFIRMED
1759678 sync UNCONFIRMED
1760572 Tab load and reload fails after some hours UNCONFIRMED
1761084 Second Tab doesn't close UNCONFIRMED
1763114 Inconsistent tab order with Chrome UNCONFIRMED
1763694 Extension crashes after the computer was asleep for more than about 50 minutes UNCONFIRMED
1763749 Firefox doesn't open new tabs as set in about-config UNCONFIRMED
1764038 intermittent sync errors UNCONFIRMED
1765074 dragging tabs using pen/eraser on touchscreen causes error exit of Firefox with MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND=1 UNCONFIRMED
1765965 Firefox installer can be installed bypassing restricted controls set in domain policies on Windows UNCONFIRMED
1766579 ”Tab” key cannot reach “import them into Firefox” link UNCONFIRMED
1766695 Clear sync server data UNCONFIRMED

212 Total; 212 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

  • Verify the bug
    • verify if the bug is still valid
    • read the description and try to reproduce it on the newest Firefox version
    • add need-info flag for reporter
      • eg. can you still reproduce the bug?
      • eg. could you provide more info about this?
    • ask for whatever additional details you need to understand
  • Replicate the bug
    • if the bug is an enhancement request set the severity flag as enhancement
    • if you cannot reproduce the bug
      • if the reporter doesn't answer 1 week later a requested need-info flag and the bug is INCOMPLETE tag the bug as closeme yyyyMMdd (perhaps 2 weeks later?) and wait for that period before you close it.
      • if the bug has all the info you need to close it, close as WORKSFORME or INVALID
    • if you cannot reproduce the bug and you are on a different OS add a need-replication tag
    • if you cannot reproduce the bug, help the reporter in resolving the problem if he/she answers.
    • if you can replicate the bug in the newer Firefox Versions
      • comment the bug
      • mark it as NEW


  • If a bug reporter hasn't answered to qa requested added in the first week after he/she reported the bug, they are more likely to be not interested anymore.
  • Some of these bugs have more than one comment, maybe those are more likely to be significant and already started to be triaged.