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Middle-aged bugs

This is a project to work on Firefox bugs reported in a range time of -6months(-180d) to -1months(-30d).

These are bugs that haven't been changed recently, but were reported within the last 6 months. Triaging them may find good, relevant bugs. It can also help clear out invalid bugs!

Middle Aged Untriaged Firefox Bugs, UNCONFIRMED.

Full Query
ID Summary Status Whiteboard
238966 If saving two pages simultaneously save is sometimes incomplete UNCONFIRMED
251693 key and context menu item to open links in current tab UNCONFIRMED
254862 Dynamically generated .csv file ends up as ".csv.xls" in Mozilla. Works fine in IE. UNCONFIRMED
267369 When downloading a file or saving a web page, put source URL into "Notes" (Gnome) or "Summary" (Windows) of the saved files. UNCONFIRMED
281199 temporary file not removed when opened with "default application" UNCONFIRMED
296208 RFE: Specify converter (filter) instead of stand-alone app for MIME types or protocols UNCONFIRMED
300002 UI for logging out of sites using HTTP authentication/phishing attack preventer UNCONFIRMED
304654 Save URL/location of saved document in file saved-urls.txt in same directory UNCONFIRMED
309631 offer a per site popup "black list" for hiding the yellow information / popup notification bar UNCONFIRMED
314697 Better support for links connected to objects (longdesc, cite) UNCONFIRMED
316340 Flexible Space does not adjust to fit Bookmark Toolbar Items when placed on menubar UNCONFIRMED
316557 Firefox could have a permanent cached site list UNCONFIRMED [wontfix?]
316718 Controlling window in which new link appears UNCONFIRMED
316886 Right-click on toolbar link: "Copy" should be labelled "Copy Link Location" UNCONFIRMED [wontfix?]
317601 Certain gtk themes cause pages [including the bugzilla page for mozilla] to load incorrectly on amd64 systems. UNCONFIRMED
318896 Alt+Q (providing @) on PC with German keyboard resembles to Quit on Mac Keyboard (Apple-Q) UNCONFIRMED
318952 navigation, bookmarks, and status bar cannot be displayed on new window UNCONFIRMED
320535 clearing cache removes symbolic link to a custom directory UNCONFIRMED
320925 "Clear private data" (sanitize) feature should have an option to clear the last used download target directory name and path UNCONFIRMED
324609 Ellipsis ignores complex clusters causing incorrect rendering in tab titles and tree views UNCONFIRMED
330069 Arrow keys increment scrollspeed during Autoscroll UNCONFIRMED
330590 lockPref() in .cfg does not completely locks preferences UNCONFIRMED
331544 Download attempts fail: "... an unknown error occurred." UNCONFIRMED
333709 Add a toolbarname attribute to all toolbars UNCONFIRMED
335348 "Save Image As ..." should include path information in default filename UNCONFIRMED
338917 network.negotiate-auth.trusted-uris user_pref broken UNCONFIRMED
341337 Moving bookmark and folder in Bookmarks Toolbar UNCONFIRMED
345164 Firefox GERMAN: MP3 File Uploads via php fail. UNCONFIRMED
345332 quick copy URL UNCONFIRMED
350667 Creating shortcuts for files UNCONFIRMED
355747 Autoscroll non-functional with two-button mouse UNCONFIRMED
356184 Multilingual / multi-language Firefox package for MacOS X UNCONFIRMED
357201 white shading on new tab bar is ugly/hard to read if not using standard dark-on-light theme UNCONFIRMED
360482 provide a user choice/override mechanism for audio objects with autostart="true" UNCONFIRMED
360960 Location of personal dictionary should be customisable. UNCONFIRMED
361886 Should be able to install thunderbird extensions from within firefox UNCONFIRMED
367510 Implement a separate ui.key.menuAccessKey for the right-click menu UNCONFIRMED
368669 remeber login name (not only password) UNCONFIRMED
371166 middlemouse.contentLoadURL true closes tab on FF2+ UNCONFIRMED
371739 Reload pages from a script UNCONFIRMED
373790 warn users if they enter characters into a form that do not correspond to the form's declared characterset UNCONFIRMED
373978 Left clicking a link should never open new tabs or windows UNCONFIRMED
375674 "Already running" error dialog should tell user what URL was requested (if any) UNCONFIRMED
380466 Error selecting application to open downloaded file UNCONFIRMED
382491 feature request: allow opening of subset of rss feed links UNCONFIRMED
382960 Submitting forms via keyboard from a textarea UNCONFIRMED
383380 Spell Check Not giving correct spelling context menu UNCONFIRMED
383715 [Win32] cannot show files that have colons in the file name UNCONFIRMED
384004 Wrong helper app shown in pre-download window (because I changed the file type association) UNCONFIRMED
386519 Show file location using custom command on unix-like OS UNCONFIRMED
389115 Wish: Improve tab browser into a vertical bar with tree structure UNCONFIRMED
390741 Image full-size toggle should fix the point under the mouse cursor UNCONFIRMED
391720 Could someone implement support for an optional custom caret (insertion point indicator)? UNCONFIRMED
392313 Addition of "Lock Tab" to lock a tab, and force links to another tab UNCONFIRMED wontfix?
394423 cannot open local file at named anchor from command line UNCONFIRMED
395830 Config option to disable Page scrolling when scrolling an inner component on the page UNCONFIRMED
397645 Saving web pages with illegal/unwanted characters in the file name (replace/escape them) on Linux UNCONFIRMED
398859 Preferences > Fonts shows incorrect data related to Advanced menu UNCONFIRMED
399180 FF .NET browser control? UNCONFIRMED
399646 Tabs do not resize when using large font, high contrast themes UNCONFIRMED
399738 Option to sort/order tabs (e.g. alphabetically, by open date, by file date) UNCONFIRMED
402155 The graphical output generator should support a BiDi-output paramer in order to facilitate BiDi reading UNCONFIRMED
402394 gtk drag and drop does not contain a jpg image when dragging to external gtk application UNCONFIRMED
404538 Focus search box when going to Options ▸ Applications UNCONFIRMED
404657 URL drag and drop from other applications opens incorrect URL UNCONFIRMED
405113 For all secured sites( a bank, or ebay or verisign or google when there is something per.»« Authsonnal) a window appears saying: «XYZ received a message with an authentification code of incorrect message UNCONFIRMED [platform-rel-eBay]
405457 Letter Ⅱ (u+2161: roman numeral two) is displayed as letter 「 (u+300C: left corner bracket). UNCONFIRMED
405592 Sidebar Request for Option to open sidebar links in sidebar UNCONFIRMED WONTFIX?
406958 incorrect permissions for restricted accounts UNCONFIRMED
407572 Cannot Save Image UNCONFIRMED
408704 This and many more web pages can pop up while the pop-up blocker is on. The pop-up's that get through are not on the "allow list". UNCONFIRMED
409297 Googlemail will not accept formatted text from tagkeys UNCONFIRMED
410390 Short of 2 or 3 pix in height for native tab UNCONFIRMED
410529 No print feedback any more UNCONFIRMED
410737 Double download for saving files UNCONFIRMED DUPEME
411268 Tooltips won't disappear / appear outside of the window UNCONFIRMED
411436 Firefox changes registry such that hyperlinks can't be opened from Outlook 2007 messages. UNCONFIRMED [platform-rel-Microsoft][platform-rel-Outlook]
411669 Selecting multiple items breaks when accessibility setting "sticky keys" is activated UNCONFIRMED
412244 Two functions of the Reload button undocumented and inconsistent UNCONFIRMED
413239 gnomestripe: small "warning" icon isn't small size of big "warning" icon, it's probably winstripe icon UNCONFIRMED
413669 Ability to mark content within a website for reference UNCONFIRMED
415795 "open file" dialog shows .exe, .dll files etc UNCONFIRMED [wontfix?]
415917 using gtk/gnome integration, file inputs cannot be filled from nautilus nor emptied UNCONFIRMED
416040 Save all tabs for offline use UNCONFIRMED dupeme
417071 Use GtkFileChooserButton for Downloads location selector UNCONFIRMED
417953 web buttons integration with gnome UNCONFIRMED
418127 Low quality back and forward buttons UNCONFIRMED
418328 error pages should include user-recognizable element (img, text, color) UNCONFIRMED
418830 "Open with" should offer my desktop entrys UNCONFIRMED
418929 Browser remembers folder from last attached file on webmail UNCONFIRMED
419088 Selecting a bookmarked directory (Linux Places) while saving a file wipes the current filename UNCONFIRMED
419461 "Open With Firefox" from "Opening..." Dialog UNCONFIRMED
419754 Weblinks appear as %-escaped code sequences instead of punycode in saved pages UNCONFIRMED
420281 News & web clip 'drop downs' need to stay put when selecting multiple items UNCONFIRMED
421068 Group tabs by site. UNCONFIRMED
421134 favicon dropdown "tooltip" and bookmark adding context "tooltip" are using gtk menu UNCONFIRMED
421756 No resize for window UNCONFIRMED
421914 [GNOME integration] Choosing from Firefox context menu to view a selected image should open the default GNOME image viewer UNCONFIRMED
421941 toolbar buttons should follow GNOME desktop wide settings when available UNCONFIRMED
423437 Move viewgroup to the toolkit. UNCONFIRMED
423664 Add possibility to use wildcards when defining cookies in Exceptions UNCONFIRMED
423961 JSMouseEvent needs to expose tablet pressure UNCONFIRMED
424123 quick name change in "you have chosen to open" dialog UNCONFIRMED
424239 mailto: links should open in Gmail if you are already logged into Gmail UNCONFIRMED [platform-rel-Google] [platform-rel-Gmail]
424267 Save user inputs on Save Page As UNCONFIRMED
424458 XML Tree view +/- cannot be clicked below UNCONFIRMED
425392 Fx not using Linux OS filetype detection when uploading, relies on extension instead UNCONFIRMED
425708 Should use KDE Mac-style menu bar if enabled UNCONFIRMED
426059 firefox fail to load local files with space in their filename/path UNCONFIRMED
426934 the color of Text Menu Items doesn't obey GTK color UNCONFIRMED
427080 Arrows does not work when writing in Korean UNCONFIRMED
428644 scrolling sideways using shift-scrollwheel doesn't work in main google spreadsheets view UNCONFIRMED [platform-rel-Google][platform-rel-GoogleSuite][platform-rel-GoogleSheets]
428738 Dragging an del.icio.us post buttons to the desktop causes error UNCONFIRMED
429150 Incorrect Reporting of Page Size - Rt click on pg/View Pg Info - then sv/ondisk-pg larger UNCONFIRMED
430175 Inconsistencies with zoom keys UNCONFIRMED
430542 Firefox 3.0b5 unhides if any sort of dialog/tool-tip pops up UNCONFIRMED
430730 Add support for querying whether content would be blocked by parental controls services UNCONFIRMED
431168 In Kde with multiple desktops clicking a link in kmail causes Firefox to move to same desktop as kmail UNCONFIRMED
431505 renamed downloads are not passed to launched applications UNCONFIRMED
432159 Add in a Business Headline feed in the empty section to the right of the "Help" menu. UNCONFIRMED
432179 object titles do not display after a scroll if the scroll stops with the object under the mouse pointer UNCONFIRMED
432942 Add an option to render page immediately without waiting CSS to load UNCONFIRMED
433247 Unauthorized files/directories creation UNCONFIRMED
433489 Zoom Text Only should be Site-Specific (View > Zoom menu option for disabling Full Page Zoom) UNCONFIRMED
433659 linux firefox 3.0 ignores desktop anti-aliasing settings; forces anti-aliased fonts UNCONFIRMED
433730 ajust interface when OS is configured with big font (more than 16pt) UNCONFIRMED [testday-20120615][wontfix for the pref window?]
433994 use gdk_window_beep() instead of gdk_beep() UNCONFIRMED
434349 "Save Tabs" dialog in Linux doesn't follow the GNOME Human Interface Guidelines UNCONFIRMED
434771 Adding allow pop-up from website (any website) ‘this time only’ function UNCONFIRMED
435514 Side bar should have a ' slide out /in' button UNCONFIRMED
435593 Allow to check multiples checkboxes UNCONFIRMED
435640 Mailing list group manager UNCONFIRMED
436608 Ctrl+Z should restore a recently closed tab UNCONFIRMED
436714 Implement Font finder service UNCONFIRMED
438439 Dragging an icon from the desktop across the toolbars corrupts display, hangs firefox, many gtk_drag_get_data assertion failures UNCONFIRMED
438911 moz-border-radius == 100% CPU load when scrolling UNCONFIRMED
438968 Bell beeps when I use scroll wheel and at random UNCONFIRMED
439417 Customized implementation of a couple of Mozilla functions UNCONFIRMED
439952 Navigation toolbar resizing causing 'jump', possibly by favicon UNCONFIRMED
440020 Forward button not available while go back to G-mail web page UNCONFIRMED
440943 Should be compatible with OS X 10.4 & 10.5 Parental Control UNCONFIRMED
442332 Using Ctrl-+ to enlarge display fails to add scroll bars when content exceeds window size UNCONFIRMED
442930 Support opening url files (.url, .desktop, .webloc) on all OS's UNCONFIRMED
443784 "Accept third-party cookies" preference is inaccurate, third-party cookies are also not *sent* UNCONFIRMED
443999 X11 EXA + XFCE composite = wrong pages render UNCONFIRMED
444264 Enhancement Request: More easier way to enable/disable proxy UNCONFIRMED [wontfix?]
445366 Drag and Drop of text or link should put it in address bar of a new tab (super DnD) UNCONFIRMED
446068 3-rd party applications have no unified way of accessing Firefox cookies UNCONFIRMED
446373 Add 'Permissions' button next to 'More Information' in security box to quickly open permissions for a page (site preferences) UNCONFIRMED
446496 Hebrew diacritics ("nikud") not rendered properly in FF3 (non-spacing chars are spaced) UNCONFIRMED
446633 KGet for firefox's download manager in KDE UNCONFIRMED WONTFIXME
447782 bookmark toolbar UNCONFIRMED
448412 Opening a local browser and a remote browser over X to Solaris 10, causes two browsers to opened locally. UNCONFIRMED
448422 [RFE] Provide information with profile request about who is asking UNCONFIRMED
448493 onbeforeunload is invoked twice when POSTDATA expiration confirm dialog is shown UNCONFIRMED
448919 Ability to show text paragraphs in two columns UNCONFIRMED
450099 Add functionality to remove cached HTTP Authentication credentials UNCONFIRMED
450980 Dragging images in firefox3 doesn't let you see where you're dropping UNCONFIRMED
451410 Mouse doesn't work in popup window if the background is a map. It works fine in firefox2.0.0.16. UNCONFIRMED
451799 Allow to specify enlargement factor (specific Zoom percentage value) UNCONFIRMED
452215 Disabling the Mouse/Keyboard shortcuts to navigate forward and back UNCONFIRMED [wontfix?]
452500 Norton Internet Security Identity Safe not invoked to fill in userid and password UNCONFIRMED
452606 Middle-clicking on scrollbar should start autoscroll even when autoscroll is disabled for middle-clicking elsewhere UNCONFIRMED
453018 certificate window: add search field and customized column UNCONFIRMED
453116 desktop background images show aliasing artifacts UNCONFIRMED
454293 Enable support for web clips on Mac UNCONFIRMED
454976 Merge iframe opening options (open iframe in a new tab with middle click etc) UNCONFIRMED
455388 Ability to see source of tab (The Final Back Button) UNCONFIRMED
456356 Uneven kerning with non-antialiased fonts/text UNCONFIRMED
456577 FF overrides mwm's Xresource-assigned icon when iconifying its own windows UNCONFIRMED
456686 Multiple monitor extended desktop w/fast user switching. Firefox drags all open windows to monitor of window which last had focus when switching users. UNCONFIRMED
457247 Indication _which_ helper will be used in "Opening..." dialog UNCONFIRMED
458221 Failed to load http://www.cjmtk.com/About.aspx - FirefoxHTML\Shell\Open\Command added to URL UNCONFIRMED
458433 Request to Add shiftLeft property compatibility UNCONFIRMED
458518 Copied text will paste as plain text in MS word and excel 2003 UNCONFIRMED DUPEME
458641 Linux: incorrect settings in Page Setup US Letter HP LJ UNCONFIRMED
459312 unrecoverable hang when shift-command-d is used in "save file as" dialog UNCONFIRMED
459459 Opening a new window on a second monitor results in a window height of the primary monitor UNCONFIRMED
459541 Location based browser profiles UNCONFIRMED
459642 Tabs reduce to favicon when too many tabs are open to fit on the screen UNCONFIRMED
459845 Cannot import a CA certificate UNCONFIRMED
460148 Enhancement Request: It will be useful to have options for the new Tab Switching feature UNCONFIRMED DUPEME
460534 Unable to activate FIPS security module UNCONFIRMED
460714 Option to only use a single window (e.g. clicking QuickLaunch when Firefox is already open) UNCONFIRMED
460785 Tools -> Web Search should try highlighting the Web Search textbox UNCONFIRMED
460891 Wrong file name passed to helper app UNCONFIRMED
461145 show more information about loaded javascript and stylesheets UNCONFIRMED
461246 support for Safari web archive (.webarchive) format in Firefox UNCONFIRMED
461418 Auto verify: was page saved correctly or was not UNCONFIRMED
462352 [RFE] Option to auto-select alternate stylesheets for a site in a session UNCONFIRMED
462786 History menu should include option to sort by when you opened/closed the document UNCONFIRMED
462915 Firefox appends an incorrect extension when opening Excel 2007 documents (.xlsx) UNCONFIRMED
465296 Proxy preference to bypass proxy for local addresses UNCONFIRMED
465361 incremental link search should prioritize visible links UNCONFIRMED
465613 'Save Page As' saves text files with wrapped lines with extra newline characters UNCONFIRMED
466267 problem in firefox download manager UNCONFIRMED
467046 Add a drop-down list to the "Save file" value UNCONFIRMED
467197 Text copied from Firefox nightlies does not paste correctly in Gyazmail UNCONFIRMED
468223 URL dropdown menu should be styled after OS X context menus. UNCONFIRMED
468838 tab bar vibrates when browser.tabs.tabMinWidth set lower UNCONFIRMED
469306 Nearly impossible to set font size UNCONFIRMED
469478 Dragging text from a field and dropping it somewhere in page (not field) deletes it. UNCONFIRMED
469662 Downloaded files with Firefox do not show the download-resource-information in the file-information (MacOSX) UNCONFIRMED
469697 Text typed in text box can be lost if server throws it away UNCONFIRMED
470087 "Recent pages" list blocked by "Secure Connection Failed" alert if such a page is in the list UNCONFIRMED
470158 Alert accessible event should not be fired for bookmark page dialog UNCONFIRMED
470591 RFE: Allow right-click on navigation arrows to open their target in new window. UNCONFIRMED
471231 Need font size-changing for hi-res displays UNCONFIRMED
471441 Accessibility cannot grab F11 key UNCONFIRMED
472739 Downloads generates high rates of refresh in explorer.exe UNCONFIRMED
472814 autoscroll (middle click) - when enabled, using keyboard up and down should modify speed of autoscroll not try to move page up or down UNCONFIRMED
473635 Method to easily to change the displayed order of toolbars UNCONFIRMED
474398 Save as "All files" doesn't UNCONFIRMED
474637 Add URL to saved web page graphics folder UNCONFIRMED
476461 Mac bookmarks library quick-search should be Command-option-F UNCONFIRMED
476895 Cannot load automatically a podcast to itunes with mozilla UNCONFIRMED
477871 Unicode characters are rendered as much higher as they are UNCONFIRMED
478807 Access stylesheet in stylesheet collection by id UNCONFIRMED
480726 nsIFile.copyTo follows symlinks as copyToFollowingLinks does UNCONFIRMED
481267 useless horizontal scroll bar UNCONFIRMED
481909 add maximum expire time to option Keep cookies until they expire UNCONFIRMED
482027 Being able to remember better the last folders selected for bookmarking UNCONFIRMED
482046 Reloading all tabs with errors UNCONFIRMED
482049 Capability to create cookie rules from already accepted cookies UNCONFIRMED
482050 Export/import of cookie acceptance rules UNCONFIRMED
482726 Double file entries in file dialog UNCONFIRMED
483347 Tools->"clear recent history" dialog no longer initialized from from its counterpart in the options UNCONFIRMED
484755 Keyboard shortcuts do not work on quit confirmation panel UNCONFIRMED
485139 "Try Again" works only once on POST page that failed to load UNCONFIRMED
485243 request: option to always automatically keep one new tab open UNCONFIRMED
485344 BUS error, unaligned access in PropertyProvider::GetSpacingInternal on ia64/hpux UNCONFIRMED
485931 Printing of page with marked text should print the marked text only by default UNCONFIRMED
486069 Add preference for range of used local ports UNCONFIRMED
486372 Window Popup Blocker: URL's property for blocking sites, too UNCONFIRMED
487013 Does not use correct font styles as defined in GTK theme in menu bar and some dialogs UNCONFIRMED
487892 Support translucent nav-bar and tab-bar in fullscreen mode UNCONFIRMED
488891 In an OpenFileDialog Win/Command + a is not selecting all the files in a folder in Firefox UNCONFIRMED
489112 Three Finger middle click. UNCONFIRMED
489167 Firefox erroneously reports connection partially encrypted on page with empty href attribute in link tag UNCONFIRMED
489584 Since FF3 Window.console cannot be overriden in javascript UNCONFIRMED
489981 Launching Firefox twice quickly reproducibly gives "Firefox is already running" error UNCONFIRMED
489984 currently loaded (active) page is not changed when the request is sent; only when response comes back UNCONFIRMED
492125 Additional annoying Javascript to block UNCONFIRMED
492230 About:cache needs a way to download cached data directly from the cache UNCONFIRMED
492276 Opening (file) dialog should offer a "default desktop application" checkbutton UNCONFIRMED
492451 Visibly indicate whether a page is valid HTML/XHTML UNCONFIRMED wontfix?
492941 add "include in a tab" while right-clicking on a popup UNCONFIRMED
493267 Enhancement to remove "<" and ">" from URL entries UNCONFIRMED
493994 Right-click a bookmark in the toolbar should provide a "Customize Toolbar" option UNCONFIRMED
494882 When working with multiple FireFox profiles, no indication to user as to which windows are with which profile UNCONFIRMED
495395 Window ID in request header wanted, to solve problem of session merging UNCONFIRMED
495408 RFE: Support petnames for SSL sites in Firefox UNCONFIRMED
495721 View>Page Style>No Style shouldn't mess with table borders UNCONFIRMED
499077 Can't select active tab UNCONFIRMED
499128 Feature request: write "english" in address bar but "cyrillic" in web page UNCONFIRMED
499414 stupid user (me) behavior: option-clicking on e-mail address hangs in download bar UNCONFIRMED
499452 Proxy settings window not wide enough, when Windows design has bigger fonts UNCONFIRMED
500151 No access to named pipes via Javascript chrome extensions UNCONFIRMED
501419 Web Pages Capture Control-L UNCONFIRMED
501832 Add option to close children windows when closing firefox UNCONFIRMED dupeme
501942 idea: upgrade the highlight feature UNCONFIRMED WONTFIX
502312 UI: Add ability to add more search bar boxes to the top toolbar, possibly using the Customize window UNCONFIRMED [wontfix?]
502487 relative paths to local files with '#' characters not handled properly UNCONFIRMED
502489 Change applications search text box text to Search Applications UNCONFIRMED
502578 layout of settings for private settings is weird UNCONFIRMED
504066 save link to desktop inescapable after command-shift-D UNCONFIRMED
504261 Add support for udev; get rid of HAL UNCONFIRMED
504274 find links (apostrophe key) should start at top of screen, not page UNCONFIRMED
504469 section popup/notifier UNCONFIRMED wontfix?
504782 List of Exceptions of Servers which can install addons deleted after mozillas reboot UNCONFIRMED
505030 Drag&drop links into file manager to download files UNCONFIRMED
505236 With the middle click, open the tab on mouse button down UNCONFIRMED
505348 DLink Router- Fails to access files (i.e. installing firmware and settings files) UNCONFIRMED
505821 "Open new windows in new tab" option has changed behaviour from previous versions UNCONFIRMED
506195 Ability to drag from "List all tabs" to a position on the tab bar UNCONFIRMED
506196 Smart keyboard scrolling on pages with frames UNCONFIRMED
507100 Opening a new _emtpy_ window (i.e. about:blank) takes a really noticeable time UNCONFIRMED [tesday-20110603]
507109 Need more reporting/info in cross-domain request scenarios UNCONFIRMED
507134 Merge titlebar into navbar & adressbar UNCONFIRMED
507644 Preferred language not saved UNCONFIRMED
508207 Difficult to blur input box and focus page UNCONFIRMED
508225 Tabs or windows using different proxy setting UNCONFIRMED
508474 Add menu item or about:config entry to disable beep sound from popup windows and warning messages in Firefox 3.5. UNCONFIRMED
508797 upon restart "first-run" unexpectedly occurs, causing (all) options to return to defaults UNCONFIRMED
508814 Allow cookie for website is deleted after closing Firefox UNCONFIRMED
509087 Ask whether to open browser when automatically started by other software UNCONFIRMED
509248 Don't use gtk-select-all in Organize ▸ Select All (Library) UNCONFIRMED
509526 "open what to do" with (dot)DO files. UNCONFIRMED
509887 Send Link needs a keyboard shortcut UNCONFIRMED
510311 Need keyboard shortcut to switch panels in Options window when focus is on pref UNCONFIRMED
510945 'onbeforeunload' code does not submit html form that is to be sent from an iframe UNCONFIRMED
512176 Using Ctrl+Return for '.net' and '.org' besides '.com' UNCONFIRMED
512469 Need APIs for CPU and Memory Usage UNCONFIRMED
513608 Can't stop scrolling when "Confirm Setting Cookie" dialog appears while using scrollbar UNCONFIRMED
513800 Bug Me Not: Clear Recent History UNCONFIRMED
514043 Broken Vowelled-Arabic Text with Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard UNCONFIRMED
514373 System Defaults checking warning did not pop up after kill forcefully and quickly reopen firefox3.7a1pre UNCONFIRMED
514404 Bookmarks Toolbar collapsed with search field UNCONFIRMED
514443 When opening a file with an ampersand in it, anything after the ampersand is dropped when calling the program to do the opening. UNCONFIRMED
514472 Accesskey combo (Alt + Shift) works easily only for those who are right-handed UNCONFIRMED
514547 Improve identification of file/content types in the UI by restoring the MIME/ext. columns from Fx2 Download Actions manager and/or putting the MIME type in parentheses UNCONFIRMED
514937 Clicking on image doesnt de-select text selection UNCONFIRMED
515223 Create whitelist for pages with "Post Data"? UNCONFIRMED
515591 Keyboard scrolling doesn't work UNCONFIRMED
515687 let sites show preview of image referenced in <input type="file"> from local computer UNCONFIRMED
515989 When FF is rebuilt, it ignores a start page of about:blank UNCONFIRMED
516066 External protocol handler runs the wrong application UNCONFIRMED
516375 Incomplete (truncated) and other partially corrupt recoverable images are not logged or indicated. UNCONFIRMED
516927 Origin/Access-Control-Allow-Origin header does not allow remote domain access from local file:// resource UNCONFIRMED
517191 New tab keyboard modifier is unintuitive and not Mac-like UNCONFIRMED
517383 Firefox forgets log-in credentials, passwords, and so forth without being told to when "never remember history" is set under Privacy UNCONFIRMED
517433 Certain CSS rules hide visible focus UNCONFIRMED
517481 pressing Enter does not invoke Print dialog's default button when focus is in text field UNCONFIRMED
517779 Not starting (silently) when data directory is a bad symlink UNCONFIRMED
517789 Add visible feedback (on the statusbar?) when caret browsing is on UNCONFIRMED
517846 content-disposition doesn't work for streamed response UNCONFIRMED
517992 Loading big images changing current position of UNCONFIRMED
518138 improved password entering: proactive phishing protection UNCONFIRMED
518555 Logged into AT&T Uverse account, tried to download PDF bill; it downloaded then error msg below UNCONFIRMED
519102 Add an option to select which sound card will play sounds UNCONFIRMED
519713 Browsing to a page that resized the window, then hitting 'back' to a non-resizing window causes large grey areas around the page. UNCONFIRMED
519966 importing thawte certificates with spc fails - show unfinished private-key/certificate generations UNCONFIRMED
520381 when choosing a different application to open a file the chosen application is ignored UNCONFIRMED
520520 proxys whose password is remembered should be used automatically UNCONFIRMED
520802 File icons in Firefox should have labels inside of them. UNCONFIRMED
520975 Better cookie management required UNCONFIRMED [invalid?]
521474 Remember latest upload folder location per site UNCONFIRMED
521814 window.opener not set by shift-click UNCONFIRMED
521950 minimize sidebar, or resize freely UNCONFIRMED
522421 Middle click on on jump list item should open in new tab UNCONFIRMED
522679 after redirect, server return text/html type page but browser reports that it's octet/stream and tries to save it as file UNCONFIRMED
523407 Context menu key frequently misses dictionary suggestions UNCONFIRMED
525941 No favicon in bookmarks copied to GNOME desktop UNCONFIRMED
525942 Mouse out event cancels keyboard button press UNCONFIRMED
526219 provide folder search within bookmarks according to matching characters UNCONFIRMED
526237 user.js does not allow Ajaxterm at http://localhost:8022/ to use JS paste UNCONFIRMED
526819 When using certain keyboards where virtual keys do not match character output, shortcuts are erratic in behavior. UNCONFIRMED
527337 account chooser and extension update should not block the whole UI UNCONFIRMED
527373 deny prefetches at site owners' option: use.txt and page markup UNCONFIRMED
528067 Escape key does not cancel stuck picture attachment holder UNCONFIRMED
528162 Integrate tab preview in menu that appears when you right click on the icon in the dock UNCONFIRMED
528466 recently closed windows inactive (not shown in restore list) until after you press restore UNCONFIRMED
528767 Pop-up windows, Exceptions, Sites are not retained after Firefox closes. UNCONFIRMED
528785 Preferences - Applications - dialog isn't suitable to firefox behavior UNCONFIRMED
528821 Scroll button disables scrolling using middle mouse button and keyboard UNCONFIRMED
529529 Firefox does not display theme icons under openbox windows manager UNCONFIRMED
529931 Can't type an open bracket on Mac OS X UNCONFIRMED
529958 Windows restored outside screen using sessionrestore which was created when operating with dual monitor UNCONFIRMED [dupeme?]
530023 Toolbar disabled, no way to exit full screen (mac only) UNCONFIRMED
530086 Register mailto: links in history, useful for the Awesomebar. UNCONFIRMED
530148 Keyboard input doesn't work after switching virtual desktops UNCONFIRMED
530320 in-page search with Google-like features UNCONFIRMED
530323 browser.display.use_document_colors=false makes some non-background images disappear from page UNCONFIRMED
531423 form field and page loading out of sync? UNCONFIRMED
531511 Toolbar customizations reset on extension update UNCONFIRMED
531616 Customized Bookmark Toolbar Disappears From Menu Bar After Restart UNCONFIRMED
532305 bfcache caches pages and form data and javascript state, and results in broken pages UNCONFIRMED
533300 Safe mode should prompt user for confirmation before to make changes and restart UNCONFIRMED
533453 Selection box will not work after using the sort function UNCONFIRMED
533669 Window system menu appears when pressing shift+10 UNCONFIRMED
534294 Upon open "When FireFox Starts", "Use Bookmark" only open the first 2 bookmarks of 7 in the list UNCONFIRMED
534531 comment se débarrasser ou bloquer un site gênant comme http://lo.st/ UNCONFIRMED
534534 Move "Quit Firefox" Dialog box to tool/options/ UNCONFIRMED
534601 Firefox should be able to swap tab content UNCONFIRMED
534615 Enable control of stuff opened in new tabs UNCONFIRMED
534875 Should have an option to use offline mode or not UNCONFIRMED
537024 can not reach ftp servers if the proxy address for the ftp is empty UNCONFIRMED
537455 There is no way to pass file encoding to External Editor UNCONFIRMED
537564 To be able to change directly wallpaper on KDE4 UNCONFIRMED
537714 Multiple Form tags bug while in HTTPS mode will Throw an warning if First form tag is not and HTTP and other form tag being submitted is HTTPS UNCONFIRMED
538041 Buttons unclickable with OS File window open and a JS alert in background UNCONFIRMED
538376 MAC Dock should contain 'recently closed windows' menu UNCONFIRMED
538437 make middle and right mouse button available for ussge by JavaScript UNCONFIRMED
538563 Browser freezes while uploading video on myspace.com UNCONFIRMED
538794 Mouse over one bookmark item is detected as a mouse over the item to it's right. UNCONFIRMED
538840 Make Bookmarks Toolbar appear on the Menu line by Default UNCONFIRMED
538928 Exceptions images n'est pas conservé UNCONFIRMED
538950 Opening URl with application/json causes many tabs to open UNCONFIRMED
539384 Error page pops up every time I enter a new URL UNCONFIRMED
539420 Keyboard Shortcut: Alt + D (Select Location Bar) sometimes suddenly stops working UNCONFIRMED
539466 Entering search key on History re-orders the listings UNCONFIRMED
539646 associate tag with Firefox panels to enable to retrieve them more easily UNCONFIRMED
539680 Back button menu history limit 5 per domain UNCONFIRMED [WONTFIX?]
540003 Firefox 3.5.7 no longer accepts downloads of mail labels from US Postal Service. UNCONFIRMED
540155 make dpi settings more convenient, don't use interpolation to scale icons UNCONFIRMED
540181 Provide an option to store files opened with helper applications in the Downloads directory UNCONFIRMED
540419 Switching between tabs makes youtube video go back and forth UNCONFIRMED [platform-rel-Youtube]
540602 Timer value is changed in non-ssl PRIVACY_ENCRYPTED, 400 bytes in test form url "http://bclary.com/projects/form-utils/form.pl?method=post" UNCONFIRMED [3.6RC1]
540610 Counter and time stamp values have changed in non-ssl PRIVACY_ENCRYPTED, All bytes in Test form url "http://bclary.com/projects/form-utils/form.pl?method=post" UNCONFIRMED
540697 Request - options to use "Clear Recent History" (cache/cookies/etc) via command-line arguments a common entry point with GUI UNCONFIRMED
540909 Shift+CMD+F isn't invoking assigned action - is incorrectly triggering Fullscreen mode UNCONFIRMED
540990 Can't see the dropdown (combobox) menu on 2nd item when booking a movie UNCONFIRMED
541502 no scroll bars on the window UNCONFIRMED
541623 Default right click menu appears over the custom menu uTorrent webUI (javascript application) has. Keyboard shortcuts don't work also. UNCONFIRMED
541664 after switching away and back to a tab, new tabs open in front of tabs previously opened from it UNCONFIRMED
541818 Saving image re-issues request so fails due to hotlink protection UNCONFIRMED
541923 focus problem invoking firefox with createprocess UNCONFIRMED
541927 fullscreen+maximize hide window decorations permanently on metacity + xinerama UNCONFIRMED
542362 On Windows, XUL file-picker should also be available. UNCONFIRMED
542544 Enhanced JavaScript permissions are not reconfigurable UNCONFIRMED
543352 an configuration per site like Opera's F12 window UNCONFIRMED
543547 Keyboard movement through a select list cannot be prevented UNCONFIRMED
543619 Download dialog does not decode multibyte file name in FF3.5.7 UNCONFIRMED
544101 Dragging image to desktop from source view window does not work UNCONFIRMED
544578 Firefox takes over my computer; can't restart; popup windows everywhere I move cursor UNCONFIRMED
544611 request from external program / via command line parameter open tab in wrong window UNCONFIRMED
544700 No option for file:\\\ * .<filetype> to open in program outside Firefox if textual. UNCONFIRMED
544903 On some forms, return and enter get misprocessed after selecting an item in choice menu UNCONFIRMED
545158 Downloading or viewing .doc files results in an error. UNCONFIRMED
545340 'Applications' panel causes any richlistbox/richlistitem in a prefrences overlay to fire it's events UNCONFIRMED
545599 Warn if a page that normally should be encrypted is not encrypted UNCONFIRMED
545629 Firefox 3.6 and Java UNCONFIRMED
546099 Cmd+ left/right arrow moves to a new space and does not navigate back/forward UNCONFIRMED
546102 CMD+2 moves to a new space and not to second tab in firefox browser UNCONFIRMED
546165 F11 Altena not for full-screen mode after you click the center of this page made in flex. UNCONFIRMED
546360 IFrame security enhancement UNCONFIRMED
546977 Notification windows appear in the wrong place using two TFTs in a Twin-View-configuration UNCONFIRMED
547011 Pressing Escape doesn’t cancel downloads of background images UNCONFIRMED
547173 ui.caretWidth configuration parameter support erratic UNCONFIRMED
547361 Multiple windows opened when clicking hyperlinks in third party software UNCONFIRMED
547390 The icon arrow-liked don't disappear from the bookmark side at bookmarks toolbar UNCONFIRMED
547427 Wrong result of screen.availWidth UNCONFIRMED
547524 Right-click in AOL Webmail Inbox Overlays Firefox Rt-Click Menu on top of AOL Rt-Click Menu UNCONFIRMED
547726 Server date/time input into modified field in windows but local PC time input into modified field in linux when saving an image UNCONFIRMED
547983 Possible javascript rendering and windowing problem, UNCONFIRMED
548257 In the mesage->inbox, contact name is not displayed. UNCONFIRMED
548259 Click Scroll does not work in elements, only on whole page or frame UNCONFIRMED
548325 Flex Datagrid up/down arrow keys stop working after browser loses focus UNCONFIRMED
548522 UML back-/forthbutton and history feature request UNCONFIRMED
548786 one click to copy the whole source content of a rendered XML document UNCONFIRMED
548829 Feature Request: Editing/Deleting URL suggestions by right-click/ctrl-click etc UNCONFIRMED
549163 If I want to change order (bookmarks above homepage icon) text in homepage does not disapear UNCONFIRMED
549497 prefs.js replace instead of overwritten UNCONFIRMED
549929 fullscreen mode display "a bit of a bar" even if no bar is to be displayed UNCONFIRMED
550070 I wish to see which popup is blocked UNCONFIRMED
550182 After PRINT, the page has a correct layout, but content is set of unprintable chars UNCONFIRMED
550308 pastes carriage-return into Word rather than ¶ mark, leaving permanent space after each paragraph UNCONFIRMED
551172 Unable to change default program for 7z files UNCONFIRMED
551544 Security slider -- combine max security with max accessibility UNCONFIRMED
551855 Need network.dns.ipv6OnlyDomains for some sites UNCONFIRMED
551892 toolbars not there. UNCONFIRMED
552179 Some shortcut keys (like ctrl+L, ctrl+K, alt+F, ...) do not work when the window of firefox 3.6 has just been restored from minimized UNCONFIRMED
552277 XML "not well-formed" error when loading a OOo Calc file via file:// url in address field UNCONFIRMED
552861 View>Zoom menu item interferes with OSX's core Window>Zoom and blocks use of global keyboard shortcuts UNCONFIRMED
553027 Authentication error on URL passed authentication in img tag with multiple images. UNCONFIRMED
553101 Request created during unload of previous page wrongly associated with current page, can cause SSL warning UNCONFIRMED
553271 Toolbar jumbled can't read UNCONFIRMED
553513 [WISHLIST] use sans-serif as the default font UNCONFIRMED
553849 Right click paste text into into aol e-mail body bug UNCONFIRMED
553974 Small blank "description" box appears under pointer when mouse is inactive for a fraction of a second. UNCONFIRMED
554085 Tab unexpectedly becomes new window on click in content border UNCONFIRMED
554166 Draw horizontal and space between tab bar and web page UNCONFIRMED
554209 Constant 'Can't reach (google) server' UNCONFIRMED
555082 Tab ordering lost on opening windows UNCONFIRMED
555408 The Edit Menu UNCONFIRMED
555997 Can not toggle "Special Characters" window open/closed. UNCONFIRMED [invalid?]
556185 Web page error not trapped and when FF closed, FF process stays open UNCONFIRMED
556284 Request: 5 favorite download folders. UNCONFIRMED
556286 Always Display Download percentage in header or footer UNCONFIRMED [wontfix?]
556466 Double page sets at first simple click UNCONFIRMED
556751 Tabs (dis)ordered when hyperlinks have target attribute set to _blank UNCONFIRMED
556985 Get to memorize the latest way the browse window was left. UNCONFIRMED
556989 Keyboard shortcuts don't work when window has been minimized to RocketDock UNCONFIRMED
557117 Resize corner and a redundant resizing widget in the Allowed Sites window. UNCONFIRMED
557158 Save File As request UNCONFIRMED
557235 identical quick launch icons while the related sites are different UNCONFIRMED
557415 2 JS LiveConnect Vulnerabilities. UNCONFIRMED
557443 The Add Ons page should use the Mac OS black bar for actions UNCONFIRMED
557458 Back / Forward buttons sometimes get disabled for a tab. UNCONFIRMED
557654 go back to previous page differs with BACKSPACE and BACK button UNCONFIRMED
558064 Need a way to override drag/drop actions of tabs for extensions UNCONFIRMED
558282 Floating un-ordered list boxes do not correctly implement Microsoft Active Accessibility UNCONFIRMED
558341 Blocking cookies by creating exceptions to "Use custom settings" does not work, though exceptions appear under "Exceptions - Cookies" UNCONFIRMED
558603 Firefox won't close properly when I click on the "x" in the upper right corner UNCONFIRMED
559029 problems copy/paste arabic text from google translate in Firefox but works in IE UNCONFIRMED
559090 settings in all addons lost UNCONFIRMED
560401 'Stop loading'-button (X-Button) doesn't stop every action of some websites UNCONFIRMED
560475 javascript-restricted select only restricted in UI, not internally UNCONFIRMED
560481 File upload dialog firing click event behind itself UNCONFIRMED
560501 keyboard events dont get passed to qt4 applications embedded in firefox using mozplugger UNCONFIRMED
560925 Reload button shrunk in size. When page is loading and it changes to the stop button, the size is ok, but otherwise it's very narrow UNCONFIRMED
561297 Right click no longer gives me toolbar menu after I've hidden navigation bar UNCONFIRMED
561349 Extension update window is always on top with no option to disable UNCONFIRMED
562127 tabs not navigable from taskbar like internet explorer UNCONFIRMED
562141 SSL "revoked certificate" popup offers no information, workarounds UNCONFIRMED
562429 geolocation permissions should be in Preferences->Privacy UNCONFIRMED
563603 refuse my general password to access my passwords UNCONFIRMED
563879 Move "Recently Closed Tabs" from menu into sidebar: "View" "By Last Viewed" UNCONFIRMED
563918 Pop-up message continually appearing when visiting pages which requires a login UNCONFIRMED
564182 click link causes infinite tab openings w/ no apparent end - able to shut down w/ "quit" command UNCONFIRMED
564254 circumstance:few tabs in window.Problem:if I scroll downloading tab,it open in new window,although I don't like that UNCONFIRMED
564403 Fireofox won't import p12 - Failed to restore PKCS#12 for unknown reasons. UNCONFIRMED
564634 Tries to load images within JSON (improperly encoded), causing unnecessary 404s UNCONFIRMED
564762 Does not use .lpoptions if silent printing is enabled UNCONFIRMED
564835 The Languages submenu in the context menu of textareas and friends is sorted at random UNCONFIRMED
564977 Good to have a secure mode UNCONFIRMED
564992 Outermost toolbar buttons should stick to the very edges of the screen, when window is maximized UNCONFIRMED
565000 stop loading page does not work proper UNCONFIRMED
565211 Menu toolbar looses customization after extensions' update. UNCONFIRMED
565409 A block with a scrollbar that is continually increased in size that is at the bottom of it's scrollable text will cause the whole page to flicker UNCONFIRMED
566146 The site opens but does not display the start icon ( a coffee cup). Safari does fine. UNCONFIRMED
566242 Method to save a file to a directory the user doesn't have privileges for UNCONFIRMED
566530 scrolling with trackpad down a page with apple's fancy javascript scroll bars breaks scroll behavior UNCONFIRMED
566819 Fenêtre invisible sur Macintosh UNCONFIRMED
567172 Provide an option in FF's UI for site spcific zoom (browser.zoom.siteSpecific = true/false) UNCONFIRMED
567674 browser.link.open_newwindow is ignored. UNCONFIRMED
568299 A "Stop All" Button for use on startup/restoring tabs UNCONFIRMED
568418 Autoscroll option not saved when accessing same profile from different OS's UNCONFIRMED
568444 For MS Visio files with extension *.vsd the "Open With.." option not available UNCONFIRMED
568750 Separators should be removable through Customize UNCONFIRMED
568794 "Allow pages to choose their own fonts" should be a per-site preference. UNCONFIRMED
569003 Removing Yahoo in Search engines won't stay UNCONFIRMED [platform-rel-Yahoo!]
569035 FF right-click menu does not appear UNCONFIRMED
569173 you can't copy the file name in the "You have chosen to open" download dialog UNCONFIRMED
569253 Be able to have thumbnail previews in bookmark bar UNCONFIRMED
569545 download control during a session restore UNCONFIRMED [dupeme?]
569809 horizontal scrolling with the mouse even if disabled UNCONFIRMED
570122 Win7 jump lists items command to other process Firefox's window UNCONFIRMED [wontfix?]
570178 ASP.NET MVC 2 - Html.RenderPartial retaining input focus UNCONFIRMED
570211 Dead keys not working on WYSIWYG editors UNCONFIRMED
571441 Can't establish connection dialog problem. UNCONFIRMED
571519 command-t isn't handled consistently when an rss feed is open UNCONFIRMED
571680 Firefox omits parts of certain filenames when saving with "save Web page, complete" UNCONFIRMED
571711 many HTML character entities appear as "black boxes" UNCONFIRMED
571776 ContentEditable - Drag and drop on SPAN element creates new ContentEditable element UNCONFIRMED
571968 Inconsistent zoom behavior with main window and those opened with "Open link in new window" or shift+click depending on cursor position UNCONFIRMED
572291 Double Numbers Displayed on Webpage in Speech Recognition UNCONFIRMED
572638 Provide UI hints for quick Linux ways to clear UI fields (Internet Search, URL) UNCONFIRMED
572941 back button doesn't function from news articles "back" UNCONFIRMED
572989 Allow the back-button to go back to the application that opened it, i.e. Thunderbird UNCONFIRMED
573273 firefox stays connected to yahoo forever UNCONFIRMED [platform-rel-Yahoo!]
573338 context menu handler run after alert from blur handler UNCONFIRMED
573396 Thumbnail Previews do not show PDFs UNCONFIRMED
573439 Easy to accidentally delete profile UNCONFIRMED
573488 After exit, firefox.exe remains in process list UNCONFIRMED
573701 URL encoded IDN behaves very differently in browsers, what is the correct behaviour? UNCONFIRMED
573751 Firefox keeps forgetting default download folder after updates UNCONFIRMED
573941 extra spaces are being rendered on certain web pages UNCONFIRMED
574069 Image requests handled during a click event handler are aborted on page exit UNCONFIRMED
574242 Firefox Stability Update 3.6.4 Makes Internet Unaccessable UNCONFIRMED
574243 Computer Hung on Firefox 3.6.4 UNCONFIRMED
574253 Firefox 3.6.4 fails to save last download directory if clear browser history is set UNCONFIRMED
574304 Google Maps Streetview callout doesn't work UNCONFIRMED
574317 Handle to the window that is displaying the caret is 0 when moving caret in WYSIWYG editor. UNCONFIRMED
574484 Private browsing does not initiate in 3.6.4 UNCONFIRMED
574515 updating hangs with 'downloading..' message instead of saying 'not enough permissions' UNCONFIRMED
574604 network.auth.use-sspi = true is manadatory to make negiotiate authentification work UNCONFIRMED
574606 In negotiate auth, Firefox on linux should check if the account associated with the service contacted is trusted for delegation UNCONFIRMED
574673 Holding down key on Mac fires different events from other platforms/browsers UNCONFIRMED
574679 Checkbox should be checked only when user clicks inside the designated square UNCONFIRMED
574903 When using Ctrl+Tab or New Tab from File New Tab open but Address Bar is not highlighted UNCONFIRMED
574972 Force shut window down when boot Firefox from other application assigning. UNCONFIRMED
574999 A click on a javascript component in one browser gets loaded in another one UNCONFIRMED
575099 Full Screen, Resize Available, Undesirable Results UNCONFIRMED
575164 can't update if I open UAC of Windows 7 UNCONFIRMED
575214 Greek character links are url encoded UNCONFIRMED
575411 Change Toolbar button relocation drop markers to match Tab drop marker UNCONFIRMED
575471 Identity button not in forward focus ring UNCONFIRMED
575547 New firefox window opens outside (desktop) viewport with 2 monitors UNCONFIRMED
575608 Window order messed up when opening a new window UNCONFIRMED
575714 Firefox freezes for a few moments and then comes back to life UNCONFIRMED
575930 HTTPS sticky authentication failure UNCONFIRMED
576039 Download bandwidth throttling UNCONFIRMED
576429 Vowel sign is displayed at wrong position in Bengali words when they contains ZWNJ UNCONFIRMED
576442 Incorrect display of page with photos in it. UNCONFIRMED
576501 Sorting option for empty columns should be marked as inactive in Library UNCONFIRMED
576514 No media player UNCONFIRMED
576852 scrolling locked while havinf find bar open when opening an XML/XSL website. UNCONFIRMED
576860 Dragging problem UNCONFIRMED
576870 some FireFox functions not working after upgrade to 3.6.6. cmd-w not working UNCONFIRMED
576954 Tab key does not work UNCONFIRMED
576982 ebay-not showing complete pages security numbers no recognized UNCONFIRMED [platform-rel-eBay]
577007 Websites look all washed out and photographs and other images are grey and lacking in saturation. UNCONFIRMED
577024 The window shown when download a file should have an option to specify a path different than the default UNCONFIRMED [wontfix?]
577055 Firefox did not warn user when many tabs were close despite enabling option. UNCONFIRMED
577079 Can' add new password UNCONFIRMED
577092 User should be taken to app tab if they load the same web page in a normal tab UNCONFIRMED
577162 Cross domain form with target="_parent" inside nested iframe causes a new tab to open UNCONFIRMED
577192 Mouse wheel does not scroll either by itself or with ALT in Firefox 3.6.6 UNCONFIRMED
577215 Auto-fill the (unused portion of the) Bookmarks Toolbar with frecently used websites UNCONFIRMED
577233 Dowload path selector doesn't have the focus UNCONFIRMED
577263 Control-e and control-a do not work on location bar when find box is open. UNCONFIRMED
577423 Mozilla 4.0 beta 1 enhancement for Mozilla button on top left corner UNCONFIRMED [WONTFIX?]
577447 Favicon from last visited page remains active for new visited page with no favicon associated in windows taskbar UNCONFIRMED
577467 Middlemouse.contentLoadURL is confusing and causes a problem at Google Mail web interface // GMail links don't open from middle-clicking, no link context menu items UNCONFIRMED [session-store-testday][dupeme?] [platform-rel-Google] [platform-rel-Gmail]
577620 problem with websites like manga fox UNCONFIRMED
577980 Yahoo PingBox Not Displaying When Using Firefox UNCONFIRMED [platform-rel-Yahoo!]
577999 Pausing audio playback freezes firefox UNCONFIRMED
578155 Recently closed tabs' content restored without request to resurrect the tab. UNCONFIRMED
578231 Will not print to Canon Pixma MX340 with low ink cartridge that I refilled myself. UNCONFIRMED
578314 Using NSWorkspace openURL from a third party app doesn't unhide window UNCONFIRMED
578408 option to open file/run file instead of just save file UNCONFIRMED
578663 keyboard events are sometimes dropped if synchronous ajax requests are executed. UNCONFIRMED
578931 Copy/paste from source window inserts blank lines UNCONFIRMED
579254 Pressing CTRL-TAB passes TAB keypress event to javascript UNCONFIRMED
579286 Language is changed when I tab from input element into a content editable iframe UNCONFIRMED
579290 Attachment file cannot be deleted from Trash UNCONFIRMED
579293 Keyboard Shortcut for Going to Top of Page Broken UNCONFIRMED
579557 Tab text color incompatible with dark GTK themes UNCONFIRMED
579601 fullscreen: address bar speed problems UNCONFIRMED
579626 kanji script (chinese/ japanese characters etc) appears at the top of the mozilla search engine page UNCONFIRMED
579700 Firefox should ask where to save files by default UNCONFIRMED
579770 Missing flashing insertion bar UNCONFIRMED
579840 Heads Up Display cannot be accessed when navigating cnn.com UNCONFIRMED
579903 Bring back option for FF to remember "quitting preference" with regard to open tabs UNCONFIRMED
579905 Open Link to Right of Current Tab via Context menu UNCONFIRMED
579935 While file downloads, would like site "root" to also show with progress UNCONFIRMED
580205 lockPref in "mozilla.cfg" doesn't seem to work properly with Private Browsing UNCONFIRMED
580277 "New tab" icon disappeared UNCONFIRMED dupme
580295 OutlookWebApp display is messed up upon startup UNCONFIRMED [platform-rel-Microsoft][platform-rel-Outlook]
580562 access keys: please provide mechanism at least as good as Konqueror UNCONFIRMED
580613 Exception in nsContextMenu.js - anode is null (line 361) UNCONFIRMED
580634 The browser stop to renderize the page while i dont move the mouse. UNCONFIRMED
581121 window doesn't restore to maximized after minimizing to superbar UNCONFIRMED
581186 unwanted Internet page is opening on my screen UNCONFIRMED
581224 Normal Tab back to App Tab when enter and exit Private Browsing UNCONFIRMED
581269 should have option "arrange tabs by most recently used order" UNCONFIRMED
581293 Firefox/3.6.7: 100% high CPU usage (freeze) when pasting large text UNCONFIRMED
581310 Scroll lag UNCONFIRMED
581452 The signons3.txt file in %appdata% folder does'nt get deleted after i remove the passwords using UI UNCONFIRMED
581533 Large number of SYSTEM Scope pthreads are created and never recycled UNCONFIRMED
581637 Saving a many files with same name unconvinient UNCONFIRMED
581651 F6 jump to url bar doesn't work with 2 or more instances of firefox UNCONFIRMED
581688 Transparency of themes turns black from start up UNCONFIRMED
581698 Umlauts in comments of extension code cause problems (did work in older version) UNCONFIRMED
581701 Keys used previously in Quick Find bar don't generate DOM keydown events UNCONFIRMED
581712 The game moves now appear under the chessboard, instead of to the right. UNCONFIRMED
581806 Cursor in google search UNCONFIRMED
581819 Address Bar does not remember position UNCONFIRMED
581837 Website no longer recognises Java is installed with 4.0b1 UNCONFIRMED
581918 Space scrolling often fails on some sites UNCONFIRMED
581949 restore down if I change from a tab to the tab with hootsuite while having multiple tabs open UNCONFIRMED
581960 Can't Save Tab Sets UNCONFIRMED
582107 keyboard disable in vmfusion while running firefox at the same time UNCONFIRMED
582397 Extension cannot register protocol handler UNCONFIRMED
582444 Javascript not working UNCONFIRMED
582509 Bug when confirming a downloads local destination by pressing [Enter] UNCONFIRMED
582624 Tab button(keyboard) is not able to switch between fields in forms UNCONFIRMED
582659 Feedback button is missing UNCONFIRMED
582670 There should be an option under Page Info/Permissions to block JavaScript for that particular domain. UNCONFIRMED
582846 FireFox tab ameliorate. UNCONFIRMED
582849 The feedback apper and desapper from my Firefx 4 beta 2 UNCONFIRMED
582972 New tabs are in white, undesirable for vision impaired UNCONFIRMED
583032 App Tabs reload on restart causing pages to auto play UNCONFIRMED
583104 Windows 7 rotating wallpaper causes Firefox windows to lose focus on rotation UNCONFIRMED
583226 When "é" is written "e ́", the result is not good. UNCONFIRMED
583465 On start up the computer does not automatically connects to the Bellsouth DSL, IE8 does connect. UNCONFIRMED
583570 Open With Dialog in Firefox Should Be sorted Alphabetically UNCONFIRMED
583612 FF Problem while opening the window when new addons want to be installed UNCONFIRMED
583617 window.open(url) uses different window if current window has minimised toolbar UNCONFIRMED
583632 rendering window not resized to actual window size UNCONFIRMED
583657 There is a small white line immediately under the close/minimize/maximize buttons, and above the back/forward buttons. UNCONFIRMED
583700 "setAttribute is not a function" error in JavaScript UNCONFIRMED
583736 In 'Bookmarks Toolbar' created and moved folder don't show bookmarks moved in it UNCONFIRMED
583747 Problem with icons/text of tabs UNCONFIRMED
583761 When high CPU usage, window control buttons unresponsive/ineffective UNCONFIRMED
583972 firefox reports "Content Encoding Error" when "network.http.accept-encoding" sets to "gzip, deflate" (versions 3.5.5, 3.6.6) UNCONFIRMED
584022 different behavior between linux and windows when select in google search result page UNCONFIRMED
584274 Password reminder not working UNCONFIRMED
584502 Tried 4 times to get 3.6.8. Keep getting corrupt file error. UNCONFIRMED
584514 After Windows update, Mozilla opened without favorites list and no "return" button in tool bar UNCONFIRMED
584677 Too many icons in Nav Toolbar using Icons and Text mode causes browser to extend maximized mode offscreen UNCONFIRMED
584735 <iframe> does not "lock" the mouse correctly on click-hold-move scenario UNCONFIRMED
584748 Give sites some means of recognizing when a new tab has been opened UNCONFIRMED
584940 Seemingly at random, when I switch to a tab all the text has turned into squares. UNCONFIRMED
584961 Blank screen appears when transitioning from encrypted to non encrypted screeen. UNCONFIRMED
585070 Text formatting of comments in this particular forum evaluate incorrectly when hovered over with the mouse UNCONFIRMED
585156 Unable to enter secure site UNCONFIRMED
585167 Shift-Return when entering an address UNCONFIRMED
585172 Password manager doesn't remember exceptions UNCONFIRMED
585278 Edition of XUL tree element corrupts keyboard navigation UNCONFIRMED
585303 Some keyboard shortcuts such as F11 to toggle full-screen view don't function. UNCONFIRMED
585359 Navigator toolbar favicon does not match tab favicon when viewing "Offline mode" message. UNCONFIRMED
585421 function keys not working UNCONFIRMED
585509 Adjusting font size under Edit->Preferences->Content->Fonts and Colors does not alter font size in textarea. UNCONFIRMED
585510 Need to be able to alt-click, then select "Open with" to manually choose helper app. UNCONFIRMED
585519 add a folder in the taskbar UNCONFIRMED
585546 Form with non existing image inside is send twice. UNCONFIRMED
585868 The content of a toolbar's new folder is not correctly displayed UNCONFIRMED
585948 Application tab layout error after reopen UNCONFIRMED
586087 Drag and drop with an image from Firefox to a dock droplet passes ~/Library/Caches/TemporaryItems instead of the full path to the image UNCONFIRMED
586164 First tab shouldn't animate when entering Private Mode UNCONFIRMED
586242 Key assigned to toggle toolbar doesn't show in Firefox toolbar menus UNCONFIRMED
586269 Auto left scrolling when setting focus on text box/window UNCONFIRMED
586622 All toolbars are black when windows is moved on startup UNCONFIRMED
586663 When all other toolbars are hidden, tabs look ugly with any addon's toolbar. UNCONFIRMED
586720 Error Handling for "Can't establish a connection to the server at X" or Circ. Redirect UNCONFIRMED
586846 The secondary click is not working properly UNCONFIRMED
587197 td randomly insterting tab before numbers UNCONFIRMED
587203 Javascript mouse events are blocked for no specific reasons UNCONFIRMED
587380 Title bar is drawn incorrectly sometimes UNCONFIRMED
587446 Add option to not open home page on restart if there are Application Tabs UNCONFIRMED
587498 Find (on page) does not retain highlighting/focus on found match once escaped from if focus was not on an element on the page UNCONFIRMED
587601 Browser when min to taskbar causing games to minimize as well. UNCONFIRMED
587820 SCORM module won't start in 4.0b3; 3.6.8 is OK UNCONFIRMED
587995 inactive firefox window accepts clicks instead of just bringing firefox window to top UNCONFIRMED
588133 In a toolbar that I am developing, toolbarbutton with type=menu-button is misaligned UNCONFIRMED
588179 web page is not displaying correctly UNCONFIRMED
588388 can't scroll ,it will scroll the page not the text box UNCONFIRMED
588928 URLs not coming back out of the operational tray once minimized UNCONFIRMED
588988 Arabic 1025: close minimize maximize buttons on wrong side of browser UNCONFIRMED
589086 Not rendering long pages that are not cached UNCONFIRMED
589107 Old Menu visible when pressing alt, is not readable UNCONFIRMED
589130 "Fonts" windows became "cut" UNCONFIRMED
589407 incorrect displaying of page after maximization of Firefox's window UNCONFIRMED
589411 Undoing enabling 3rd party themes always enables default theme in new AOM UNCONFIRMED
589416 Cycle Through Windows menu option missing UNCONFIRMED
589459 Image non-zoomable (with mouse clicks) after closing window/tab and reopening same image. UNCONFIRMED
589530 copy & paste of text not working properly on eBay UNCONFIRMED [platform-rel-eBay]
589726 On the Mac, Command-Question-Mark keyboard shortcut brings up "help" web page rather than the platform standard of highlighting the "Help" search field UNCONFIRMED
590062 Regular javascript stop error in "chrome://browser/content/browser.js:7131" UNCONFIRMED
590354 New feature .... SUB-TABS UNCONFIRMED [bugday-20131007]
590513 Add exception does not add permanently UNCONFIRMED
590531 Right-Click does not produce popup menu UNCONFIRMED
590576 Favorite icons with blank names block each other UNCONFIRMED
590685 The onload function does not run to completion. The variable "j" should have a value of 74. UNCONFIRMED
590906 When translating webpages using Google translator it makes a loop in the translator bar at the top/ UNCONFIRMED
590913 ieshims.dll is missing according to dependency walker UNCONFIRMED
590949 When two sounds are played on different pages, the later sound stops the previous. UNCONFIRMED
591135 Task bar thumbnails show old tabs that don't exist. UNCONFIRMED
591374 The mouse wheel stop controlling the scroll bars after a visiting a particular website with Javascript UNCONFIRMED
591422 Everytime I open the browser I get an ALERT UNCONFIRMED
591462 Inescapable Download window when authentication pops up at the same time UNCONFIRMED
591578 RFC: Please make creating of user profiles less confusing in 4.0 than it was in 3.X UNCONFIRMED
591625 Italicize text in search toolbar UNCONFIRMED
591646 Firefox does not know it is the default browser after moving Vista user files UNCONFIRMED
591758 The toolbar is all Los Angeles Times bookmarks, and drop bars, I can't edit it, if I try adding anything else to the toolbar it becomes Los Angeles Times UNCONFIRMED
591903 When the mouse is over the tab, the focus go to the menu UNCONFIRMED
592268 Change the keyboard shortcut for "Back" to something that can be hit with one left hand UNCONFIRMED
592300 windows 7 transparency in support bar affecting firefox control button UNCONFIRMED
592433 Text in Text Boxes Gets Deleted Automatically UNCONFIRMED
592445 Windows created from torn off tabs should not be maximized UNCONFIRMED
592451 While previewing tabs theme looks missing .. UNCONFIRMED
592647 Icons and folders in bookmarks toolbar disappear and appear after several reboots UNCONFIRMED
592798 Select box with Hindi characters is rendered incorrectly UNCONFIRMED
592963 Tools->Options->Applications Tab WinRAR File options inconsistent. UNCONFIRMED
592975 Different configuration dependent whether directly started or started via a link in an e-mail UNCONFIRMED
593054 Close minimize and maximize buttons dissapearing UNCONFIRMED
593327 we.de email comfort upload disfunctional UNCONFIRMED
593542 Caret Browsing pop up won't shut off UNCONFIRMED
593715 Image zoom control missing on all but first load UNCONFIRMED
593844 Minimizing main window deletes extended window properties like WS_EX_TOPMOST UNCONFIRMED
594192 Trunk Minefield toolbar horizontal separator broken sometime between 09/01 and 09/07 builds UNCONFIRMED
594285 Reload all affected tabs when untrusted connection accepted UNCONFIRMED
594377 Firefox opens with a new tab or the Firefox Updated page with a blank tab named Custom Value. UNCONFIRMED
594405 Texts in all toolbars aren't anti-aliased. UNCONFIRMED
594630 "Show my windows and tabs from last time" resets to "Show my home page" UNCONFIRMED
594832 Using Firefox with TextWrangler UNCONFIRMED
595023 Problem with selection of the downloaded files UNCONFIRMED
595056 Text with a lighter color and opacity is rendered incorrently UNCONFIRMED
595065 Pages Corrupt UNCONFIRMED
595163 The dialog box prompting to open or save a download does not appear. UNCONFIRMED
595366 Clicking History in the mneu bar does not work the first time UNCONFIRMED
595433 occasional ghosting of embedded frames on web pages UNCONFIRMED
595454 keyboard stuck hangs UNCONFIRMED
595469 Password Manager save prompt should time out after page navigation UNCONFIRMED
595514 minipicture of site is pixelated in "group tabs"-view after opening new tab UNCONFIRMED
595531 back button navigates back two pages instead of one UNCONFIRMED
595605 clicking the download button on the toolbar when download window is alread open does not hide window UNCONFIRMED
595618 Mouse-wheel scrolling over Zoom toolbar icon should zoom in/out UNCONFIRMED
595619 Long press on zoom in/out toolbar button should keep zooming UNCONFIRMED
595621 Zoom button should have a disabled state UNCONFIRMED
595667 When a link is highlighted, pressing Ctrl+Enter should open it in a new tab. Ctrl+Shift+Enter should open in a new window UNCONFIRMED
595707 incorrect handling of new links when linux has multiple desktops UNCONFIRMED
595767 browsing through non WWW suffix URL in VPN adds up www in look up and says Address not Found UNCONFIRMED
595807 webpage content not shown. works fine with safari, so it's a firefox problem UNCONFIRMED
595962 Can't insert/type text in field UNCONFIRMED
596011 Bookmarks Menu button redundant to the Firefox Menu button UNCONFIRMED
596216 Chinese Font size renders too small UNCONFIRMED
596581 Preference to disable cursor (mouse pointer) shape manipulation UNCONFIRMED
596630 The new tool bar background image is very annoying. UNCONFIRMED
596679 context-back menu item is arbitrarily unhidden when context menu is shown UNCONFIRMED
596777 Website JS.focus() steals focus from outside of tab UNCONFIRMED
596922 about:config should show default values for modified entries UNCONFIRMED
596926 Page Layout Not Correct UNCONFIRMED
596968 File.type should use mimetype detection before returning ‘’ UNCONFIRMED
597110 this number comes under my mail i send 37d41d51-b95c-405c-8579-90ff1938cb7d UNCONFIRMED
597146 When LEMSS timesout, it's not possible to log back in UNCONFIRMED
597185 The UI goes black/fully transparent. Completely messes up! UNCONFIRMED
597383 Window border looks odd if you use a reduced Border Padding setting UNCONFIRMED
597464 GlobalSign organization Validation certificate CA issues error, in linux version of firefox from 3.6.4 onwards UNCONFIRMED
597559 Clicking on back button brings up list instead of simply going back!!! UNCONFIRMED
597727 Options dialog windows does not resize properly when expanding "manage accounts" UNCONFIRMED
597733 When I open [eXe] "eLearning XHTML editor" a web based elearning editor after launching Firefox, [eXe] opens as a Tab and no pop-ups could open UNCONFIRMED
597752 Firefox 3.6.10 Completely Freezing UNCONFIRMED
597754 [OSX] Add app tabs to the Dock context menu UNCONFIRMED
597755 [Linux] Add app tabs to the windows managers context menu UNCONFIRMED
597822 Unexpected image at startup UNCONFIRMED
597847 Wavemaker Problems UNCONFIRMED
597892 When I middle click the tabs or page scrolls on me UNCONFIRMED
597925 jQuery: Firefox 4 beta 6 live('change') executes ajax and not execute callback UNCONFIRMED [platform-rel-jQuery]
598004 Firefox does not handle properly CRLF, problems when copy-pasting from gedit to firefox UNCONFIRMED
598059 page looks different on FF3.6 and FF4.0 due to line-height problem UNCONFIRMED
598286 The window does not close. UNCONFIRMED
598495 right click on firefox taskbutton does not works when firefox is executed without installation UNCONFIRMED
598563 Preferences not staying set; Unable to set certain preferences. UNCONFIRMED
598569 Media player should be default player for video files such as .mov, .mp4, .mpg UNCONFIRMED
598593 Monitor switching with Ultramon causes rendering to be performed at wrong resolution UNCONFIRMED
599056 Customization of toolbars is not saved when exiting Firefox UNCONFIRMED
599427 Customized menu bar may result in unusable defaults after upgrade UNCONFIRMED
599522 Web pages shake when hovering over the alternate text of links UNCONFIRMED
599589 cannot open attachment in windows live mail... UNCONFIRMED
599648 Firefox blocks Typinator, TextExpander, … UNCONFIRMED
599676 page up/page down keys exhibit incorrect behavior UNCONFIRMED
599721 Remove "Delete" and "Select All" from context menus on Mac UNCONFIRMED [killthem]
599763 HTML Special Characters Rendered Without Trailing Semicolon UNCONFIRMED
600240 A single value is not being sent via POST from one page to another while other values are. UNCONFIRMED
600822 Bookmarks toolbar doesn't resize correctly when adding bookmarks UNCONFIRMED
600985 Add an accesskey to go to quick filter in download manager UNCONFIRMED
601412 On Back/Forward button hover, display the target in the location bar UNCONFIRMED
601420 Presence of "allow for session" cookie exception causes YouTube to fail when cookies are disabled UNCONFIRMED [platform-rel-Youtube]
601528 "Allow pages to choose their own colors" doesn't revert to defaults when unchecked. UNCONFIRMED
601550 show with a star in the tab (and title) when the tab contains form inputs that are lost upon closing UNCONFIRMED
601554 100% CPU consumption UNCONFIRMED
601813 Allow Privacy / Security Settings based on "Zones" UNCONFIRMED
601815 Performance regression: normal mapping chrome experiment UNCONFIRMED
601853 When Scrolling very edge of font text on right/left borders cut off and leaves small dots as pieces UNCONFIRMED
601855 Add option "Login immediately" to Bookmarks Manager UNCONFIRMED
601924 Cant get rid of the pop-up - "To display this page, Firefox must send information that will repeat any action (such as a search or order confirmation) that was performed earlier." UNCONFIRMED
602154 Khmer Unicode not rendering neatly in Linux as in Windows UNCONFIRMED
602159 Browser freezes when you drag a tab UNCONFIRMED
602224 Right click different behavior UNCONFIRMED
602358 browse file upload box should only show file name that is going to be uploaded UNCONFIRMED
602404 back button duplicates current pageWhen using Namoroka UNCONFIRMED
602464 Wrong display for preferences dialog/DualHead UNCONFIRMED
602752 in my university mail service, there are some mails that arent showed as they should UNCONFIRMED
602771 scrolling webpages displays the actual website content wavy UNCONFIRMED
602779 Don't save new proxy settings after close Firefox UNCONFIRMED
602866 Browsing stop for a while UNCONFIRMED
602903 Cacti Realtime Graphs not displaying UNCONFIRMED
602955 Cursor Apprears When I Click on Text UNCONFIRMED
602957 Leaving a HTTPS Site without a chance to stop the process UNCONFIRMED
603004 waitpid failed pid:31973 errno:10: file /builds/slave/tracemonkey-linux-nightly/build/ipc/chromium/src/base/process_util_posix.cc, line 237 UNCONFIRMED
603088 Firefox doesn't remember Monitor it been used on UNCONFIRMED
603140 gui change sometimes UNCONFIRMED
603161 Sound keeps playing after closing firefox UNCONFIRMED
603179 After a hard reset, Firefox will no longer display windows. UNCONFIRMED
603203 When the webpage loaded the site wouldn't stop shaking UNCONFIRMED
603277 Font for the buttons is not Windows Default UNCONFIRMED
603286 Minimizing browser should set active state of its topmost tab to false UNCONFIRMED
603390 menus no longer work when a lot tabs open UNCONFIRMED
603595 Back button grays out when hitting during Printing dialog UNCONFIRMED
603747 home button not functional UNCONFIRMED
603900 Need do a GUI solution to disable java script exception UNCONFIRMED
603904 Page Info counts meta tags in xml document but doesn't show them UNCONFIRMED
604050 Double-click on a windows shortcut (URL) generates an error message UNCONFIRMED
604097 overlapping text a.s.o on Lenovo T400 display UNCONFIRMED
604109 close/minimize bar gone UNCONFIRMED
604116 Old throbber persists in "List all tabs" UNCONFIRMED
604372 Why no HTML Special Characters display? UNCONFIRMED
604400 Phising protection by password hash database UNCONFIRMED
604407 google map is not loaded completely after reset zoom on MACOSX platform UNCONFIRMED
604438 Suggesting for increasing FF security and speed UNCONFIRMED
604827 .part files are not renamed safely UNCONFIRMED
604877 link max-width attribute ignored when toolbars are active. UNCONFIRMED
605054 Storage mechanisms allows functions to be overwritten UNCONFIRMED
605075 [QAC generated] Seemingly random pages show Asian characters UNCONFIRMED
605694 Remove {all} cookies not working UNCONFIRMED
605797 Animation does not appear where it is supposed to. UNCONFIRMED
605901 Browser reopned minimized UNCONFIRMED
606037 Seek and loading animations should turn the same way UNCONFIRMED
606042 Firefox randomly goes back a page UNCONFIRMED
606069 Size of a request header field exceeds server limit. UNCONFIRMED
606184 Text Box in Firefox Highlights Previous Text As Typing Numbers UNCONFIRMED
606191 many function broken down when defined a variable "Services" in extension UNCONFIRMED
606203 closing (popup) causes the browser to change its width and height UNCONFIRMED
606234 Request to show warning or notice accessing secure site over unsecured wireless connection UNCONFIRMED
606341 Firefox does not close properly UNCONFIRMED
606522 Clicking on a link with "ping=url" does not send a POST request to "url" when the link is opened in a new window or tab. UNCONFIRMED DUPEME
606751 No info if something is loading UNCONFIRMED
606802 page often does not render properly when logged into this site and attempting to post on the discussion group UNCONFIRMED
606856 Tearing on videos while not in fullscreen, in kde UNCONFIRMED
606865 Embedded link that appears in IE-8 does not appear in Firefox 4.0b6 UNCONFIRMED
606881 new windows pop up with any new search/program instead of a new tab on same window UNCONFIRMED
607206 download for update to 3.6.11 becomes unresponsive after 873kb of 2.6mb is downloaded UNCONFIRMED
607247 New Tab tab opens new window UNCONFIRMED
607261 java escript UNCONFIRMED
607285 Property page is showing black block UNCONFIRMED
607289 Images/objects in the viewed webpage can be seen through top toolbars while scrolling. UNCONFIRMED
607542 XPI and jar should have "Install" option UNCONFIRMED
607575 Javascript code fills memory and virtual memory to 100%, slows down the computer, and potentially crashes the browser using document.title UNCONFIRMED [sg:dos] DUPEME
607700 element hides if I right-click on it and bring up the context-menu UNCONFIRMED
607916 Add ability to guess scam web pages UNCONFIRMED
608017 On Snow Leopard the browser text is represented in invalid characters UNCONFIRMED
608073 Back button sometimes greys out after upgrade to 3.6.12 UNCONFIRMED
608226 Using Segoe UI font with jQueryUI doesn't work UNCONFIRMED [platform-rel-jQuery]
608240 High pitching noise only when firefox is running UNCONFIRMED
608321 [QAC generated] Subscribe buttons appears on pages with no subscription options UNCONFIRMED
608553 browser.taskbar.previews.enable reset to true after update UNCONFIRMED
608557 Starting Tab doesn't close until opening and closing a new tab. UNCONFIRMED
608583 Browser becomes unusable when all Bars and Toolbars are deselected UNCONFIRMED
608688 text block popping up when over a button shows last link that mouse pointer was over UNCONFIRMED
608715 Remove gBrowser.getBrowserForTab UNCONFIRMED
608904 page crashes, and it comes up ERROR Not Enough Java must refresh your page. then it gives you directon on how to do so. UNCONFIRMED CVE-2009-3555
609100 Select tag with Multiple options WITH height/width setting THEN Page up picks downward, Page down picks upward UNCONFIRMED
609291 Firefox doesn't use the default file handler when opening downloaded files UNCONFIRMED
609441 Width mismatch with two default buttons displayed sequentially by using a XUL overlay UNCONFIRMED
609523 It shows the html tags of "Next" and "Previous" while searching on google something. UNCONFIRMED
609703 browser hangs when calling a javascript to increase font size UNCONFIRMED
609892 Page elements appear but many are overlaid. UNCONFIRMED
610033 White flashes caused by using keyboard to scroll through a dialog full of images UNCONFIRMED
610090 User interface to "Block sites using unsecure TLS/SSL handshake" UNCONFIRMED
610192 Unable ton connect in sites.google.com UNCONFIRMED
610297 Can be too much to reduce the textarea UNCONFIRMED
610335 Window buttons (maximize, minimize & close) are painted wrong when the menu bar is hidden w/'xpize' theming UNCONFIRMED
610569 The new tabs are opened in windows UNCONFIRMED
610572 Jump to Page (tab) should force a Refresh... or have that option UNCONFIRMED
610595 Right click search should open in a new window when tabbed browsing disabled UNCONFIRMED [invalid?]
610731 I am unable to get rid of the Search Bar in my Firefox no matter what I attempt UNCONFIRMED
610779 create an icon on the desktop (or in a folder) to a the current website UNCONFIRMED
611012 holding the mouse down inside a textarea and then moving outside does not trigger mousemove with the correct target. UNCONFIRMED
611228 don't show up select menu UNCONFIRMED
611248 Option to automatically stop unresponsive scripts UNCONFIRMED
611402 XUL:menulist and HTML:select should follow native GtkComboBox keyboard accessibility UNCONFIRMED
611644 when logging onto paypal under linux redirect freezes UNCONFIRMED
611713 Nobile Bold and Nobile Bold Italic display as plain Nobile. UNCONFIRMED
611942 Blank space on toolbars UNCONFIRMED
611962 assign ctrl+click on tabs to pin it as shortcut UNCONFIRMED
611964 sidebar-headers need adjustment to the new theme UNCONFIRMED
611972 Marking reset fields better UNCONFIRMED
612004 "home" "end" doesn't work and "page up"-"down" sometimes work UNCONFIRMED
612006 Sometimes pressing backspace for History back in a frame will display that last page in a wrong target frame UNCONFIRMED
612039 Youtube layout acts weird .. read on UNCONFIRMED [platform-rel-Youtube]
612116 can't get the default page when i open it UNCONFIRMED
612189 Mouse scroll doesn't work when moving a tab UNCONFIRMED
612224 DOM: link.port = "" UNCONFIRMED
612282 Items of "List All tabs" are without caption after working with many tabs UNCONFIRMED
612489 Rows of repeating icons displayed in toolbar area if ff4b7 opened after ff3.6 UNCONFIRMED
612541 feedback options(Right click on mouse) UNCONFIRMED
612556 Atom feed view does not display author name UNCONFIRMED
612570 Display of tag select into svg document UNCONFIRMED
612742 Problem with the toolbar UNCONFIRMED
612904 Issues Logging into ipMonitor by SolarWinds UNCONFIRMED
612908 new saved passwords are not offered but old ones work for aa.com UNCONFIRMED
612963 HID wireless left Mouse Button don't work fine when Firefox is working UNCONFIRMED
613026 [QAC generated] Preferences window won't open UNCONFIRMED
613070 Drop shadow on panel elements is still visible even though in the inline style attribute it says no UNCONFIRMED
613177 problems with form submit UNCONFIRMED
613273 NodeList constructor is Object, while for example body-element has HTMLBodyElement UNCONFIRMED
613296 Page Component Security Indicator UNCONFIRMED
613413 [Win7] Aero Peek sometimes functions incorrectly for App Tabs UNCONFIRMED
613497 blank areas of preference panel are live for clicking, causing inadvertent changes UNCONFIRMED
613745 New addons tab instead of GTK window: too small resolution cause hidden text and buttons UNCONFIRMED
613765 Unicode strings mangled by drag-and-drop between Firefox and other GNOME apps UNCONFIRMED
613849 Drag & drop broken with KDE. UNCONFIRMED
613860 Clicking on the toolbar buttons has no effect in some cases UNCONFIRMED
614143 Change master password window closes on error UNCONFIRMED
614154 Don't change selected attribute when moving tab UNCONFIRMED
614176 I am getting an error from Firefox! UNCONFIRMED
614182 Firefox does not keep persistent cookies, it treats persistent cookies as a temporary. No other browsers have this issue. Newest build of Firefox treating all cookies as temporary. UNCONFIRMED
614185 Combined stop/reload buttons less intuitive than before and now preclude some use cases UNCONFIRMED
614206 Element background displayed incorrectly (strange gradient appears) UNCONFIRMED
614226 Can't use the right-click on a Grooveshark tab when you have the focus on it. UNCONFIRMED
614240 Sometimes after closing firefox cpu spikes to 100% and process keeps running UNCONFIRMED
614256 When input field is styled bold, it becomes larger on Windows than non-styled field, and smaller on Mac than non-styled fields UNCONFIRMED
614758 Copy of icons etc. forward backward home refresh print are on the right side and when pressed they react, not all UNCONFIRMED
614808 Default to Maximized Window UNCONFIRMED
614876 Font rendering is Aliased and Approximate UNCONFIRMED
614941 Closed tabs not fully closed in Windows7 UNCONFIRMED
615005 link function only with internet explorer whe not cant open sections UNCONFIRMED
615040 In wowarmory can't display game equipment links UNCONFIRMED
615071 JavaScript: Viewport height is not updated correctly (too large) when zooming in (Ctrl-+) UNCONFIRMED
615439 Firefox doesn't do a proper refresh after ssl-error(s) like ssl_error_bad_cert_domain UNCONFIRMED
615497 separated list of capability.policy.policynames UNCONFIRMED
615503 "Exceptions - cookies" - let the user edit the entries by double click UNCONFIRMED
615558 when entering info in texbox you can't.. UNCONFIRMED
615563 picture can not completely download UNCONFIRMED
615575 No Set-Cookie for HTTP responses from local cache UNCONFIRMED
616105 Homepage with multiple bookmarks will not load correctly on startup UNCONFIRMED
616410 Scrolling page with a touch screen scrolls also in the tab bar UNCONFIRMED
616630 Keyboard navigation does not work until user clicks on the window UNCONFIRMED
616735 'FormElement' in document.forms.formName.elements wrongly returns false UNCONFIRMED
616979 The Firefox application Title is not showing Cyrillic UTF-8 characters properly UNCONFIRMED
617317 Fx button doesnot appear when disabled tabbar UNCONFIRMED [4b8]
617334 page source the same for different tabs with the same url UNCONFIRMED
617357 switching default brouser FF3->FF4b7 won't switch default profile UNCONFIRMED
617583 Feature Request: Ability To 'Copy Image Current Scale' When Viewing Pictures UNCONFIRMED WONTFIX?
617594 offsetHeight is zero for map element UNCONFIRMED
617800 back and forward button history drop down not useable if certificate error page is in there UNCONFIRMED
617875 Allow replaying of animated GIF if preferences are set to Play Once UNCONFIRMED [testday-20110902]
618090 suggestion for UNC-Path access restriction UNCONFIRMED
618236 The first tab occasionally refuses to close and does not change the icon in the tab title UNCONFIRMED
618639 Feedback buttons not working when clicked on UNCONFIRMED
618794 Blank browser screen upon program execution UNCONFIRMED
619172 Feature request: toggle Ctrl + K UNCONFIRMED
619890 when clicked an a tag, two undefined dots appeared on screen UNCONFIRMED
620338 resize of bookmarks for all tabs just resizes the window's border, not the content area. UNCONFIRMED
620433 Failed to add bookmark to Toolbar UNCONFIRMED
620645 When closing a pop-up tab, ff asks twice if i want firefox to remember and restore all my tabs the next time i start firefox UNCONFIRMED
620913 Integrate toolbar into toolbars UNCONFIRMED
621220 Customized bookmark toolbar order isn't respected when re-opening Firefox UNCONFIRMED
621368 Show-Favourites-Icon disappears UNCONFIRMED
621461 New tabs not dismissable UNCONFIRMED
621498 Incorrect (darker) colors in images & canvas UNCONFIRMED
621749 Sometimes scrolling feature is not functional UNCONFIRMED
621875 The "flexible space" item during customization should look opaque UNCONFIRMED
622249 Improve handling of many cookie-requests UNCONFIRMED
622668 Compiz Window Previews for Tabs UNCONFIRMED
622871 Exception logged for successful call to nsIHttpChannel.getResponseHeader() at http-on-examine-response event UNCONFIRMED
623143 bug in error console->evaluate when return html code UNCONFIRMED
623150 No title bar visible in full screen view UNCONFIRMED
623314 v3.6 free download offer continues but I can't get it to open, the download manager just keeps running UNCONFIRMED
623453 comment box requires 3rd party cookie acceptance UNCONFIRMED
623483 This symbol / always starts fast searching at the bottom of the page. UNCONFIRMED
623770 Autostarted Firefox does not drop down address bar and does not search it for typed text UNCONFIRMED
623856 [QAC generated] Anonymous Navigation can't be started from taskbar (Windows 7 - 32bit) UNCONFIRMED
623899 Can't login with phpMyAdmin in multi-server configuration UNCONFIRMED
623952 if onpopuphiding attribute in a menupopup element displays an alert the whole GUI of the desktop is locked out and it's impossible to directly close the alert UNCONFIRMED
624142 'View in Mac App Store' buttons not working for web links UNCONFIRMED
624277 Pop-up option bar is displayed for sites that are not in the allowed list UNCONFIRMED
624592 Back Arrow button "greyed" out and unusable (it is there, just unusable) UNCONFIRMED
624826 In Windows Server 2003, styles will not display for drag and drop hover states. UNCONFIRMED
625088 Including javascript file causes problems with firefox4 video tag controls UNCONFIRMED
625223 "firefox -browser <url>" does not open the <url> UNCONFIRMED
625482 I increase product amount through javaScript button. When i click it whole page reloads (as written in JS code assigned to button) but FF cant follow exact amount of times i pressed the button, while IE does it perfectly even when the page is reloaded UNCONFIRMED
625742 Increase URL bar and search bar font size UNCONFIRMED
625782 Cannot log in to PayPal. UNCONFIRMED [platform-rel-Paypal]
626010 Add a "bookmark these tabs" option in sessionrestore error page UNCONFIRMED [WONTFIX?][addon idea]
626045 After sign out of yahoo mail, redirection to main yahoo webpage does not load. UNCONFIRMED [platform-rel-Yahoo!]
626048 Can't enter any text in the address bar or in the search bar. UNCONFIRMED
626140 internet content all in italics UNCONFIRMED
626375 horizontal line appears on mouse click in title bar UNCONFIRMED
626381 Navigation without PinTab doesn't affect a lot the CPU, but with 3 of them the CPU becomes crazy. UNCONFIRMED
626388 Keep getting chucked out of Mozilla3.0.1 every time I open a pps file UNCONFIRMED
626418 When trying to use context menu in the right part of the screen an item which appears under the mouse pointer is "clicked" automatically. UNCONFIRMED
626615 nothing seems to happen when a link is middle-clicked in full-screen mode UNCONFIRMED
626690 Back/Forward buttons are disabled when adding them to the toolbar after navigating. UNCONFIRMED
626789 Add options to eliminate the "Email image..." and "Set as desktop background" item actions from the context menu UNCONFIRMED DUPEME
626892 File Open/Save dialogs open briefly and rapidly close UNCONFIRMED
626972 Full tab bar responds to up/down scrolling, but not sideways scrolling. UNCONFIRMED
627005 document.body.clientWidth always returns 0. UNCONFIRMED
627022 proxy preferences is not working (if proxy is a SSH tunnel) UNCONFIRMED
627046 User dosn't have any option to delete favicons cache UNCONFIRMED
627131 printing XML document results in a blank page UNCONFIRMED
627191 "Show all tabs" buttons flickers when clicked UNCONFIRMED
627224 Addon icons missing from toolbars and from customize toolbar menu UNCONFIRMED
627615 Title Bar doesn't honor text colour when maximized. UNCONFIRMED
627694 Don't put the Home button on the nav bar by default UNCONFIRMED
627777 When inserting RSS Button at toolbar, the Reload/Stop buttons are affected in inconsistent ways UNCONFIRMED
627796 Can't click links UNCONFIRMED
627836 Phantom duplicate tabs in tab bar UNCONFIRMED
627863 div background does not draw properly with http, body, div height 100% when scrolling UNCONFIRMED
627961 White line/border at the top of the navigation toolbar missing (tabs-on-top) UNCONFIRMED
627980 TABLE: First TD border is always drawn in black in the case of ROWSPAN UNCONFIRMED
627994 pages aren't loading correctly UNCONFIRMED
628010 Scroll feature does not work in scrollable areas UNCONFIRMED
628023 Firefox takes too long loading pics from anywhere on last.fm. UNCONFIRMED
628077 Clicking and Dragging Inside Text Box to Erase Contents Causes Window to Scroll UNCONFIRMED
628126 Firefox cannot display correctly with JSF rendered page. UNCONFIRMED
628141 More pref control on tabs & tabbar animation events. UNCONFIRMED
628250 Live RSS menus occasionally appear out of place UNCONFIRMED
628569 JSF render page cannot be display correctly UNCONFIRMED
628952 Error in cookie handeling? UNCONFIRMED
629563 Tab menus(when right click the mouse) have "Bookmark all tabs..." item, but not "Bookmark this page". UNCONFIRMED
629803 Reload all Tabs should ignore blank tabs UNCONFIRMED
629805 Hyperlinks previews should not be animated UNCONFIRMED [fx4-fixed-bugday]
629880 Custom tab sizes in UserChrome.css breaks the tab bar UNCONFIRMED
629915 Change status info overlay to display at top of screen on top of content UNCONFIRMED
629958 Bugzilla left pane returns after exiting FF until explicitly closing tab UNCONFIRMED
630022 Identical tabs (same URL) stomp on each other UNCONFIRMED
630030 Clearing download results from the downloads dialog locks up the entire browser for the duration of the 'clear'. UNCONFIRMED
630043 alert error on draging a div to new tab UNCONFIRMED
630071 After Beta 7 (Worked fine In Beta 7) Telerik RadCombobox when inside a RadajaxPanel and the panel is refreshed, causes the combobox to no longer function. UNCONFIRMED
630118 In-line javascript dynamically inserted into page causes browser to malfunction on key down event when holding down a key UNCONFIRMED
630208 text artifacts remain in location bar after character deleted UNCONFIRMED
630597 plug in container UNCONFIRMED
630627 Resend Error UNCONFIRMED
630771 Toolbar buttons cause Bookmarks Toolbar to grow taller. UNCONFIRMED
631180 Restoring applications while mozilla runs in background UNCONFIRMED
631190 Allow moving a window by dragging empty areas UNCONFIRMED
631195 OnUnload event handler terminates when window.location.href = 'MY_APP/logout' is invoked inside. UNCONFIRMED
631207 Show Host at DownloadManager when downloading UNCONFIRMED
631229 I sugest creat a botom "favorites" when in F11 mode and the "menu bar" is hiden. UNCONFIRMED
631523 buttons in languages menu in are invisible if we delete all languages and then after closing menu add one UNCONFIRMED
631814 For convenience, Firefox Menu button should shown on the rightmost of Toolbar instead of leftmost of title bar UNCONFIRMED
631888 Opening file from localhost when update for addon installing UNCONFIRMED
631962 Dropdown menu failure on Windows 7 Non-Aero. UNCONFIRMED
632001 Bad positionning on module bar UNCONFIRMED
632307 Opening multiple tabs and finding text in them UNCONFIRMED
632498 Word "Sites" in URL fails UNCONFIRMED
632620 Mac OS: Switching windows with cmd+` doesn't work when in Japanese Romaji (Kotoeri) input mode UNCONFIRMED
632632 A different icon should be shown for items being saved versus items being opened in download window UNCONFIRMED
632731 [QAC generated] Playback Controls on NRJ Radio UNCONFIRMED
632735 Line on tabs UNCONFIRMED
632912 the top part of the screen is allways covered black UNCONFIRMED
633114 Status message post in Diaspora fails after upgrade to Firefox 4.0 Beta 11 UNCONFIRMED
633134 Default browser: local .html files open in Firefox instead of my preferred editor UNCONFIRMED
633482 A Mac OS X Service will sometimes be called twice when called by using the keyboard shortcut UNCONFIRMED
633573 The content (including the sending button) is cut UNCONFIRMED
633889 While paying flyordie chess UNCONFIRMED
634165 Split menus in the firefox menu should display sub-menu on a slightly delayed hover UNCONFIRMED
634220 User should be able to customize the appearance of app tabs UNCONFIRMED
634228 door hanger shouldn't resize as download progresses UNCONFIRMED
634560 Move default bookmarks toolbar position above Tabs bar UNCONFIRMED wontfix? why?
634789 permissions.default.image - value 3 is displayed incorrectly in the preferences window UNCONFIRMED
634849 SLES 10: The hyperlink buttons in the right pane are inactive UNCONFIRMED
634874 Add button to Options for Home page to Set to blank page UNCONFIRMED
635075 Upon Exiting instead of Save & Exit : 'check to remember' does not save choice UNCONFIRMED
635104 Firefox tab bar "new tab" notification does not fit UI/unpleasant look UNCONFIRMED
635149 vertical space user interface improvement: floating expandable navigation and bookmark toolbar UNCONFIRMED
635152 Does not set filesystem permissions correctly for directly opened files UNCONFIRMED
635262 Reopening immediately after closing Firefox does not work UNCONFIRMED
635278 Addons can be opened in the app tab UNCONFIRMED
635453 Apps tabs (pin tabs) aren't refresh on startup UNCONFIRMED
635507 Incorrect Page Rendering (Menus) UNCONFIRMED
635538 text input width issue with application font settings in Ubuntu UNCONFIRMED
635600 Clicking bar underneath tabs, creates new tab UNCONFIRMED
635603 exiting tab-candy without select a tab return you to the latest active page but the page-tab is not visible UNCONFIRMED
635614 When set to automatically switch to new open tab, I get a blinding white flash on screen before the page loads. UNCONFIRMED
635702 download manager displays amount of downloaded data in a strange way UNCONFIRMED
635864 "Firefox" button should be moveable UNCONFIRMED
635866 Shortcut icon sometimes stuck when changed dynamically UNCONFIRMED
635887 cookies list about 1st lvl domains, not about 2nd lvl doms UNCONFIRMED
636419 Custom key length of symmetric cipher. UNCONFIRMED
636447 IMG tag inside a JS string loads url when assigned to a variable UNCONFIRMED
636553 Tablet input sometimes doesn't show UNCONFIRMED
636610 Opening firefox with saved tabs the music starts to play UNCONFIRMED
636616 Tooltip background remains when page scrolled with wheel UNCONFIRMED
636784 Visual Tab Switcher self-activated itself with the control-shift-tab shortcut UNCONFIRMED
636859 Simplify adding toolbarbuttons to toolbars on extension firstrun. UNCONFIRMED
637035 padding border width of firefox is not system default UNCONFIRMED
637044 Layout of Block Level Links Break When Wrapping HTML5 Elements UNCONFIRMED [bugday-20110401]
637052 Redirect Local Html File to HTTPS UNCONFIRMED
637090 Firefox freezes when you move stumble upon toolbar to the tab bar. UNCONFIRMED
637149 Window resize gripper should always be the right-most element. UNCONFIRMED
637235 web problem UNCONFIRMED
637257 "&#160;" emitted by CGI in "application/xhtml+xml" returned as "&nbsp;" when using innerHTML UNCONFIRMED
637302 Firepass SSL VPN Not Working UNCONFIRMED
637303 bug with personalize options UNCONFIRMED
637638 Include WebMarker UNCONFIRMED
637802 Bottom pixel of maximized window frame is not redrawn. UNCONFIRMED
637944 I know this is a government website, so I approved the exception. Firefox froze. UNCONFIRMED
637991 Info window: questionable app name in info version string (Firefox 4.0b12) UNCONFIRMED
638013 Firefox won't shutdown all the way. UNCONFIRMED
638069 Ctrl+click (to un-minimize) on the Firefox Icon change the current tab UNCONFIRMED
638103 WebEOC application does not work correctly when using Firefox UNCONFIRMED
638158 popup menus not destructed when showed out of the firefox window UNCONFIRMED
638215 new tab comes up whenever I select the home button in addition to resetting the current page to home UNCONFIRMED
638404 Oversized 'connection settings' window UNCONFIRMED
638427 Inactive windows sometimes paint on top of Firefox UNCONFIRMED
638757 Contradiction between preferences "Clear saved passwords when Firefox closes" and "Remember passwords" UNCONFIRMED
638760 micro blog site can't be displayed on Firefox for Maemo UNCONFIRMED
638802 Feature Request: Freeze Page UNCONFIRMED
638950 Selecting 'Open Link in New Tab' opens in wrong window (browser instance) UNCONFIRMED
639184 With my Firefox, I get errors (at BOTH sites above) that will not allow me to check my upload speed. But with Chrome and Explorer, it works fine. UNCONFIRMED
639205 In Firefox 4.0 beta12 Alt-left arrow and alt-right arrow do not work if keyboard layout is different than USA.Tested with greek,italian,afghanistan. UNCONFIRMED
639643 Toolbars not disappearing in fullscreen on popups UNCONFIRMED
639824 I dont like using mouse/trackpad while browsing web. So there should be a key on pressing which i should get many (key eg. 1,2,3) display for each link so that i can directly jump to that link this feature will be very useful. UNCONFIRMED
640037 no sound UNCONFIRMED
640087 Beta 4 will not open with windows 7 UNCONFIRMED
640114 Highlight blue color in x close tabs and highlight black color in menubar UNCONFIRMED
640378 Menu bar buttons are remaining dark UNCONFIRMED
640442 'Open a new tab' (+) button and tab scroll buttons have missing tops on mouseover UNCONFIRMED
640478 Latest version offered by when accepted won't download. UNCONFIRMED
640495 Win32 only: forward slashes are not supported in command line integration UNCONFIRMED
640497 [QAC generated] Problems Clearing Recent History UNCONFIRMED [bugday-2011-05-06]
640508 A misleading application UNCONFIRMED
640521 unvisible scrool when i opened page. UNCONFIRMED
640747 fuzzy pictures UNCONFIRMED
640762 Internet Explorer 8 shows the updated webpage while MF 3.6 still shows the old version of the updated webpage UNCONFIRMED
640886 Inter-character spacing too narrow with Bitstream Vera Sans, resulting in Bold glyphs touching each other UNCONFIRMED
640952 nsiObserverService doesn't fire profile-before-change event UNCONFIRMED
640976 Middle mouse button scroll not working in FF4.0 on Thinkpad X61s UNCONFIRMED
640991 Firefox will zoom in randomly when i use control tab to scroll through my open tabs. UNCONFIRMED
641071 Tab insertion marker moves too far when dragging a tab UNCONFIRMED
641085 Inclusion of Firefox in Mac App Store UNCONFIRMED
641161 RC 4 reduces download speed compared to 3.6 UNCONFIRMED
641194 Some /internal/ (i.e. FF own) hotkeys didn't work with foreign layouts UNCONFIRMED
641204 when uploading an pdf file this is not recognized as an pdf filetype UNCONFIRMED
641280 Some simplified Chinese character is still in its traditional style. UNCONFIRMED
641317 graphic bug when you open download manager UNCONFIRMED
641481 Editing field in NOWnews blog gone sometimes. UNCONFIRMED
641515 Upon loading, page appears to be blank. Only background images are showing. After scrolling page/resizing window, content appears. UNCONFIRMED
641646 it just goes in circles UNCONFIRMED
641767 Right scrollbar of inbox not shown in mail client from one.com UNCONFIRMED
642072 Another application going full screen causes lots of logged errors from Firefox UNCONFIRMED
642079 Automatic proxy configuration doesn't work UNCONFIRMED
642084 frame content painted also on wrong place temporarily after F5 UNCONFIRMED
642096 Sometimes the navigation toolbar disappears when choosing the "tabs on top" option with the menu bar hidden. UNCONFIRMED
642124 Hyperlinks from third-party programs don't open in Minefield. UNCONFIRMED
642134 When I'm opening a link in a new tab it doesn't load (there is only a new tab and the link in the adress bar but it doesn't load automaticaly). This bug is since the RC. UNCONFIRMED
642193 firefox doesn't display the main window when the system has incorrect proxy settings UNCONFIRMED
642212 Java functionality difference UNCONFIRMED
642339 Receiving error message UNCONFIRMED
642376 A white vertical stripe appears to the right of the central image after resizing the Firefox window UNCONFIRMED
642454 not able to use scrolling from touchpad,on some websites this one included, UNCONFIRMED
642581 Indicate slow loading to user - Red cross of death on slow loading web pages UNCONFIRMED
642781 The link to the Nero Essentials doesn't work but neither can I file a report using 'Help' in Firefox. I can't connect to the server. UNCONFIRMED
642836 bad behavior whilst dragging image UNCONFIRMED
642967 showing/hiding tab strip and url bar in fullscreen causes web page content to reflow/"jump" UNCONFIRMED
643012 Extra space to the right of "bookmark toolbar items" when moved to custom toolbars UNCONFIRMED
643013 Clicking Firefox Button causes popup menu to not stay visible on 2nd Monitor UNCONFIRMED
643097 find bar covers up loading bar UNCONFIRMED
643114 Default theme has white glitch at start/end of every tab UNCONFIRMED
643209 iframe source loads in new tab UNCONFIRMED
643226 Synaptics trackpad - cannot scroll back/forward UNCONFIRMED
643309 Old video content shows when opening new video UNCONFIRMED
643377 Zombie (unaccessible) tabs after browsing for some time UNCONFIRMED
643381 Restore previous session selects last app tab regardless of what was active earlier UNCONFIRMED
643396 The licence file for this update could not be found... UNCONFIRMED
643500 Progress line at the bottom of page tells me I'm connected but page remains blank UNCONFIRMED
643660 use right click the toolbar some button has an error UNCONFIRMED
643682 Not display all toolbars when force quit UNCONFIRMED
643706 Wheel scroll is not working in Firefox window on non-primary display UNCONFIRMED
643863 Disable extension menu interaction with icons in the toolbars during customization UNCONFIRMED
643931 Representation error in Pivot View. UNCONFIRMED Need a pivot display
644129 Startup settings default to last page viewed when browser restarted while active downloads are happening UNCONFIRMED
644304 Tools-->Options-->Open new window in new tab doesn't work in 4.0, did work in 3.5 UNCONFIRMED
644353 Several address/search bar bugs. UNCONFIRMED
644365 Errors while customizing toolbars UNCONFIRMED
644411 scrolling with the trackpad in google images UNCONFIRMED
644655 Select control with custom "focus" background color renders incorrectly on Mac OS X when control receives focus UNCONFIRMED
644876 Memory leak with Adblock Plus & Pagespeed enabled UNCONFIRMED [MemShrink:P3]
644914 Firefox only combines with pinned taskbar icon if taskbar icon is named "Mozilla Firefox" UNCONFIRMED
644975 Custom Navigation Toolbar settings not getting saved UNCONFIRMED [bugday-20110401]
645251 Addons menu should be a split menu UNCONFIRMED
645295 Make the browser titlebar a toolbar even when the Firefox button is hidden UNCONFIRMED
645456 Firefox Opening Problem UNCONFIRMED
645549 FF4 App Tab URLs should act more like Bookmarks, and not be current-page persistent across restarts UNCONFIRMED [bugday-20110401]
645609 VEMap.AddTileLayer doesn't work in Firefox 4 UNCONFIRMED
645661 Text Only Zoom option lacks a keyboard shotcut. UNCONFIRMED
645687 Yahoo ATT webmail inbox and preview display is missing the vertical scrollbar in free account but not in Yahoo Plus account. UNCONFIRMED [platform-rel-Yahoo!]
645696 Focus in Password Field changes Input Method Automatically UNCONFIRMED
645772 Omni.jar pops up in the command prompt UNCONFIRMED
646077 CAPS .sites entry is discarded if TCP port is in the address bar UNCONFIRMED [bugday-20110401]
646092 Allow JS advanced settings to be associated with whitelists/blacklists UNCONFIRMED
646146 Session restore activates occasionally after a normal close, with browser.sessionstore_resume_session_once is set to false UNCONFIRMED [bugday-20110401]
646204 Closing a window with one normal tab and some app tabs raises a wrong information popup UNCONFIRMED [bugday-20110401]
646218 Wpad discovery not performed on network change (proxy) UNCONFIRMED
646319 displays way too much of the title bar color UNCONFIRMED
646352 Tab previews sometimes show incorrect titles. UNCONFIRMED
646401 Middle-click "close all tabs" closes browser without saving the tabs for restore UNCONFIRMED [dupme]
646471 Make Add-ons Manager be in an "app tab" by default UNCONFIRMED [bugday-20110401]
646511 Jumping page without action from me UNCONFIRMED
646537 Too high "main UI zone" when opening a new Firefox window by clicking on a link in Firefox dialog boxes UNCONFIRMED
646622 Address bar loses focus when autocomplete no longer matches typed input. UNCONFIRMED [bugday-20110401]
646625 composing email gets continuous pop up error "redirect" message UNCONFIRMED
646790 Some text is not displayed, looks like it was hidden UNCONFIRMED
646796 lines missing in prefs.js after Install, White Flash after Start Firefox 4.0 UNCONFIRMED
646835 General failure. The URL was: "http://www.someURL.com" The system cannot find the file specified. UNCONFIRMED
646877 Focus on input not working UNCONFIRMED
646883 The new grey symbols in the toolbar can only be a bug I'm sure. Please change. UNCONFIRMED
646946 Window size is lost when maximising with Aero Snap UNCONFIRMED
646975 "Clear Recent History" always wipes cache completely, even if a certain time range was selected UNCONFIRMED
647144 Download option UNCONFIRMED
647147 Add access to download settings from the Downloads window UNCONFIRMED
647275 Authentication Dialog on URL to File Dismisses "Remember Password" Window UNCONFIRMED
647401 tabs from closed window are restored when opening new window with history open UNCONFIRMED
647415 Hide option of Mac OS X does not hide Firefox on startup UNCONFIRMED
647489 I downloaded the newer version of Firefox now my Firefox will not open I keep getting an error message UNCONFIRMED
647528 Helper applications lack support for URI fragment UNCONFIRMED
647563 Inconsistent Handling of Tab Exit UNCONFIRMED
647592 While uploading a youtube video, Firefox started using a lot of RAM. UNCONFIRMED [platform-rel-Youtube]
647596 Lower Case "o"s in VZ Wireless Statement downloaded via FF 4.0 Cannot be Saved UNCONFIRMED
647638 page cannot cancel backspace navigation UNCONFIRMED
647691 WMV video files have become invisible in Firefox ! UNCONFIRMED
647709 IPv6 URL with embedded hex ASCII codes not correctly decoded UNCONFIRMED
647811 No visual GUI indication that the app has indeed started and is currently initializing. UNCONFIRMED
647853 Random crashes in Linux with Assertion failure: mLength + incr <= mCapacity, at jsvector.h:530 UNCONFIRMED
647880 xml <object>, height attribute: value 'auto' hides part of the object rendering UNCONFIRMED
647903 Page Updating When Opening Locally Saved HTML Files = 15 Second Delay UNCONFIRMED
647976 Certificate validation does not use Login or System keyrings UNCONFIRMED
648035 Switching between Firefox 3.5 and 4.0 causes Firefox to loose saved cookies UNCONFIRMED
648179 unable to connect to any of the Internet streams I normally used after upgrading to Firefox 4.0 UNCONFIRMED
648680 Upgrade from Firefox 3.6 to Firefox 4.0 would result "Illegal variable _files or _env or _get or _post or _cookie or _server or _session or globals passed to script." UNCONFIRMED
648743 When a website wants to set a cookie and firefox doesn't load cookies by default, user should be notified UNCONFIRMED
648790 Bookmarks that fit on the bookmarks toolbar, do not fit after resize UNCONFIRMED
648796 Save password prompt balloon obscures window UNCONFIRMED
648822 does not support windows 7 flick navigation UNCONFIRMED
648838 "about:userchrome" as an editor of userChrome.css UNCONFIRMED [wontfix?]
648841 Button on error page should have a "font: message-box" style UNCONFIRMED
649234 "Save and Quit" button when closing Browser is misleading - will not save form data. UNCONFIRMED DUPEME
649314 Writing the first Arabic letter in a word then deleting it again needs pressing backspace 2 times UNCONFIRMED
649482 ui items position: improve use of screen real estate UNCONFIRMED
649632 _moz_resizing appears wrong if content is centered UNCONFIRMED
649712 Display issue in comboboxes, somtimes in a whole website UNCONFIRMED
650064 Running Aurora and Firefox in parallel UNCONFIRMED
650277 Input is too high when the hardware acceleration is enabled UNCONFIRMED
650346 seesmic web client stop working after 15/April update UNCONFIRMED
650459 Maximize, minimize, close disappear after full screen of a video or generally playing a game. UNCONFIRMED
650568 Customized toolbar components moved when updating from 4.0 to 4.0.1 UNCONFIRMED
650595 no tabs visible after firefox was launched by external program. (link to check for updates) UNCONFIRMED
650630 No fast switch from IPv6 to IPv4 after an ICMP address unreachable message UNCONFIRMED
650712 context menu does not reflect selection UNCONFIRMED
650716 [Mac] Command-left still serves as Back button when focus is in iframe-based WYSIWYG editors UNCONFIRMED
650757 Cookies error UNCONFIRMED
650758 Bookmark search in sidebar: support Enter and Down-Arrow keys for smoother workflow UNCONFIRMED
650783 [OSX] Java dialog boxes and windows are pop-unders instead of pop-ups UNCONFIRMED
650942 Downloading Financial Statements UNCONFIRMED
651026 Printed Fonts different size (smaller) than same page printed with Firefox Version 3 UNCONFIRMED
651065 "Save page as" fails with unknown error as filename gets incorrectly decoded (instead of saving as urlencoded string) UNCONFIRMED
651446 Firefox does not close properly UNCONFIRMED
651457 Resizing a resizable textfield doesn't correctly shift focus on button below textfield UNCONFIRMED
651532 Image with "background-repeat" css property isn't rendered properly on RHEL 5.x with Firefox 3.6.y UNCONFIRMED
651883 Aurora installer hangs when clicking Finish UNCONFIRMED DUPEME? [testday-2011-06-17]
652051 favicon does not changing at gmail when new mail arrives UNCONFIRMED [platform-rel-Google] [platform-rel-Gmail]
652108 No writing to hard drive - Feature request UNCONFIRMED
652112 Firefox 4.0 and followers do not function well with Plaxo Sync and backup. UNCONFIRMED
652632 Ctrl-R causes duplicate POST requests, one "aborted" and one not, but both are processed UNCONFIRMED
652726 UI to edit custom dictionary (spelling) (import, export, sync, allow changing without closing browser) persdict.dat UNCONFIRMED
652790 Append profile name to WM_ROLE UNCONFIRMED
652934 Accept-language HTTP Header has invalid value UNCONFIRMED
653351 Page navigation Page Up/Down nonfunctional,down arrow works not up. Scroll bar ok Everything works in other browsers, Opera, IE, Chrome UNCONFIRMED
653387 Wordpress-Firefox 400 Bad Error Request Error [Happens Randomly] UNCONFIRMED
653667 cannot resize address bar after customizing UNCONFIRMED dupeme
653946 EMAIL THIS (Clickability) employs a Captcha display to prove human use; display never loads UNCONFIRMED
654487 Toolbar icons very big when firefox is initially loaded UNCONFIRMED
654634 Firefox.exe (process) will not terminate UNCONFIRMED
654648 Incorrect page viewing UNCONFIRMED [DUPEME?][bugday-20110513]
654654 Drop down boxes disappears on display #2 UNCONFIRMED
654789 can't store untrusted cert exception when FIPS enabled and unauthenticated UNCONFIRMED
654892 New tabs appear in wrong window UNCONFIRMED
655424 my default home page when starting up changed unexpectedly UNCONFIRMED
655447 sub-menus (bookmarks, etc) stutter when using dual screens. UNCONFIRMED
655468 Fullscreen topbar still sticky after Firefox 4 update UNCONFIRMED
655484 When shutting down windows (or logging out) Firefox can't be killed by windows UNCONFIRMED
655515 Page doesn't reload - it remembers previous visit so miss up-to-date info UNCONFIRMED
655516 History settings display incorrectly if the defaults are changed. UNCONFIRMED dupeme
655547 The buttons are not working properly UNCONFIRMED
655627 open a group of links all at once from a text file UNCONFIRMED [wontfix?]
655646 Text box displaying two extra lines below flashing cursor UNCONFIRMED
655672 Opening multiple tabs does not highlight point of origin UNCONFIRMED
655707 Mac shared system find clipboard (Command-E) not used UNCONFIRMED
655757 Email no longer functions UNCONFIRMED
655955 Blank Dialog appears in screen, on javascript UNCONFIRMED
656138 I receive a pop-up continuously. UNCONFIRMED [bugday-20110513]
656428 SSRS Reports do not render correctly in Firefox UNCONFIRMED
656475 No shadows under menus and context menus when using 3rd party visual styles UNCONFIRMED
656477 Tab scroll flashes when opening a new tab when tab min width is small UNCONFIRMED
656563 When maximized with tabs in titlebar are filled, win7 Aero is broken -> no easy drag of titlebar, just some small places you have to hit UNCONFIRMED
656667 Display driver stopped and recovered: Nvidia Windows Kernel Mode 258.96 UNCONFIRMED
656843 Intelligent suggestion mechanism for directory where I save my files UNCONFIRMED
656849 Provide "restart with clean profile" beside "restart in safe mode" UNCONFIRMED
656851 Forward/Back gestures on 'Alps pointing device' dont work with firefox UNCONFIRMED
656868 Mozilla Firefox freeze after pressing shift and any letters on the keyboard UNCONFIRMED
656870 Cut and Paste bug UNCONFIRMED
656930 Proxy comes attached with firefox 4.0 UNCONFIRMED
657083 Add Image Exceptions UNCONFIRMED dupeme
657085 Multiple Problems: Plug in checker has a bug, might be causing problems with performance. UNCONFIRMED
657315 ghost of previous site appears briefly when closing down UNCONFIRMED
657546 closing the browser while in full screen causes the browser to stay in full screen forever. UNCONFIRMED
658223 troubles with 'reg' conversion UNCONFIRMED
658296 on input tag javascript call back is slow if style contain border color UNCONFIRMED
658349 Clicking URL shortcut with browser maximized and with tabs on top yields blank screen UNCONFIRMED
658438 Textbox being selected the wrong way UNCONFIRMED
658463 Have an option to switch to last used tab UNCONFIRMED parity-windows, ui-wanted
658472 Put a 'switch to tab' menu on existing links UNCONFIRMED
658529 Can't open shortcuts/links in firefox if I have several profiles and a window of the choosen profile is already open UNCONFIRMED
658764 Close suddenly UNCONFIRMED
658903 TransitionEnd does not fire when font-size is transitioned UNCONFIRMED
658970 [Win] remove the old file "urlclassifier3.sqlite" in roaming part of profile UNCONFIRMED
658986 Text search on the page: too picky UNCONFIRMED
659002 If starting page is authenticated, no authentication dialog is shown UNCONFIRMED
659307 Zoom Refresh UNCONFIRMED
659365 cant access ssl More information window UNCONFIRMED
659454 [QAC generated] Can't access the Stylish user styles tab UNCONFIRMED [testday-2011-06-17]
659593 can't choose saved username and password to insert in popup query UNCONFIRMED
659735 urlbar-search-splitter disappears when placing a button between urlbar and searchbar UNCONFIRMED
659835 Problema em pagina PHP usando banco de dados UNCONFIRMED
659939 The favicon for the most frequent pages in the jumplist is still the old minefield icon. UNCONFIRMED DUPEME
660007 Failure to launch Firefox after switching from Aurora down to "beta" UNCONFIRMED
660063 Ctrl+- and Ctrl+6 mix on french keyboard UNCONFIRMED
660218 Conflict With Firefox 4.01 and Blackboard WebCT 8 in the Opening of Subfolders UNCONFIRMED
660720 Have an option to compact/expand multiple app tabs into one button/tab UNCONFIRMED
660757 I go to login to my Metropcs acct - enter in username/password and the next screen (should be my acct scrn) is blank. This displayed fine in Firefox 4, but when updated to Firefox 5 beta, acct scrn was blank. UNCONFIRMED
661160 Frozen Firefox information dialog should offer to restart process UNCONFIRMED
661361 Page.MaintainScrollPositionOnPostBack = true; UNCONFIRMED
661512 Enhancement Request: Enable configurable security policies to handle subdomain filtering like Internet Explorer (ie. *.acme.com) UNCONFIRMED
661754 rectangle calculation after scrolling (an element, not the window) UNCONFIRMED
661788 network.http.phishy-userpass-length preference missing from about:config UNCONFIRMED
662025 [wfh] Add a profile-switching menu UNCONFIRMED
662866 Session Restore overwrites dynamic input element values with those from previous session UNCONFIRMED
662952 'Send Link' chops off everything in the URL after question mark UNCONFIRMED
663350 Add hidden preference for tab behavior in secondary windows UNCONFIRMED
663739 character entities &rarr; etcetera not displaying correctly UNCONFIRMED
663802 Unable to click on Authorization tab UNCONFIRMED
663875 Strange rendering of characters, whatever the encoding, problem spreads in multiple tabs UNCONFIRMED
664675 please enable File->Close UNCONFIRMED
664719 Browser reports "Offline mode" when a modal "download error" popup window is open. UNCONFIRMED
664984 Password sync dialog box susceptible to phishing attack UNCONFIRMED
665266 ff spamming syslog on osx when world of warcraft is running UNCONFIRMED
665606 [idea] Certificate abuse with root CA is too easy UNCONFIRMED
665693 When writing serbian (cyrillic or latin script), firefox starts (after some time) doubling the diacritic characters (and the cyrillic counterparts) UNCONFIRMED
665825 Update notification dropdown does not go away UNCONFIRMED
666076 Inform user when doing automatic reload on back/forward UNCONFIRMED
666219 Very high CPU usage during playback on jsmad.org UNCONFIRMED
666544 presence of html5 required attribute = alert low and alert high states UNCONFIRMED
667013 always the same problem with this payment processor UNCONFIRMED
667223 last used download path not remembered UNCONFIRMED
667229 browser.download.manager.focusWhenStarting is not Obeyed UNCONFIRMED
667401 Email in yahoo doesn't download sometimes. UNCONFIRMED [platform-rel-Yahoo!]
667444 unable to open file in mozilla UNCONFIRMED
667458 Regarding Https Browsing UNCONFIRMED
667463 mozItems bugged UNCONFIRMED
667920 slash at end of a url is not necesary and causes problems UNCONFIRMED
668174 Firefox doesn't render blank glyphs from system fonts for non-blank characters UNCONFIRMED
668260 system toolbar freezes in 5 UNCONFIRMED
668381 Middle-click on links does not work when Menu Bar is visible UNCONFIRMED
668433 firefox does not read plist based webloc or webbookmark files on OS X UNCONFIRMED
668490 Add downloaded files to recent documents on Freedesktop platforms UNCONFIRMED
668707 save as dialogs, focus wrong with keyboard navigation UNCONFIRMED
668888 enlarging text makes pane disappear UNCONFIRMED
669008 Window position not restored if FF started with a URL command line parameter UNCONFIRMED
669053 App Tabs are too hight UNCONFIRMED
669258 Bookmarks toolbar behaves erratically if Search toolbar is also turned on and located on the same line UNCONFIRMED
669447 bug form POST UNCONFIRMED
669518 jstests.py fails when testing XUL condition '!xulRuntime.shell' UNCONFIRMED
669568 FF asks user to download m4a clip, rather than playing in browser UNCONFIRMED
669571 Firefox has display problems on multi user Windows XP system for non admin users on that system. UNCONFIRMED
669687 SFGate Comics next page link won't function under Firefox v5.0 but will under IE. UNCONFIRMED
669828 Firefox 5 cannot print to paper other than letter size UNCONFIRMED
669871 page corners looks buggy when resizing FF5 window. UNCONFIRMED
669933 Aero glass glaze effect jumps down when mousing over links while Find bar is open UNCONFIRMED
670027 Zimbra Mail 7.1.1 - Firefox Nightly (Since Night 7a1) UNCONFIRMED
670204 setTimeout/setTimeinterval take much more CPU usage than other browsers UNCONFIRMED
670306 Text block becomes invisible if font is "Courier" and transform:rotate used UNCONFIRMED
670336 cmd+/ shortcut for add on toolbar on germany QWERTZ keyboard layout has double action UNCONFIRMED
670340 Unable To Permanently Store Unsigned Certificates in Firefox 5.0 and Firefox 7.0 aurora... UNCONFIRMED
670529 There is no contextual substitution caused by the glyph in private area which is itself the result of a contextual substitution UNCONFIRMED
670615 Incorrect letter spacing with some italic text. UNCONFIRMED
670642 Add option for non-instant page search UNCONFIRMED
670679 Other programs eat Firefox window. By moving the mouse an other program appears. UNCONFIRMED
670955 The XUL flex attribute no longer works on html:embed element UNCONFIRMED
671215 Full support for browser and iframe in panels UNCONFIRMED
671222 Firefox 8 startup has high gpu usage (linux) UNCONFIRMED
671233 typing wrong URL in address bar results in a senseless google search removing the typed URL UNCONFIRMED [DUPEME?]
671493 Subsequent 'new window' requests spawn irregularly shaped windows. UNCONFIRMED
671508 Firefox 5 is Ignoring Cache Control Until Refresh After Update From Firefox 3 UNCONFIRMED
671516 WPAD not working when using gnome system proxy settings UNCONFIRMED
671845 Moving Toolbar Buttons Forgotten UNCONFIRMED
671876 Firefox stops responding while saving a web page results in disk full error UNCONFIRMED
672028 White gradient on the window background with Aero UNCONFIRMED
672070 Transparent Button Glitch UNCONFIRMED
672205 Firefox is frozen UNCONFIRMED
672454 Charts are not posting to the IFR web site UNCONFIRMED
672540 Allow wildcard in image blocking functionality UNCONFIRMED
672567 quick find (links) vs. content-editable div UNCONFIRMED
672608 301 redirect no longer working properly when using www. prefix UNCONFIRMED
672616 Smart keyword search fails on fast input UNCONFIRMED
672865 App tabs break when navigating within the page, allowing you to change the default page of the tab. UNCONFIRMED
672926 Text not rendered correctly (chrome and content) after leaving fullscreen mode watching youtube video UNCONFIRMED [platform-rel-Youtube]
673024 After being promoted to its own window, the tab appears to move back to its original position. UNCONFIRMED
673402 removeItem works incorrectly with localStorage UNCONFIRMED
673640 Mashable.com more or less unbrowseable using Firefox UNCONFIRMED
673678 Firefox still exists after exiting UNCONFIRMED
673694 Give buttons placed in title bar look of caption buttons UNCONFIRMED
673758 Two finger scrolling breaks numpad scrolling with PgUp PgDown keys, pages turn instead of scrolling UNCONFIRMED
673805 Dragging a shortcut as Software Security Device appears makes Firefox unclickable UNCONFIRMED
673845 Prompting for unnecessary Proxy authentication UNCONFIRMED
673939 Scrolling via spacebar sometimes doesn't happen until next mouse movement event UNCONFIRMED
674232 background-image is change before -moz-transition-delay time UNCONFIRMED
674328 Poor screen update rate using Molehill (compared to Safari) UNCONFIRMED
674432 Problem with saved form history, selection, JavaScript events, for Enter Selection and Mouse Selection of the saved form value from drop down list does not always trigger JS Events on mouse click. UNCONFIRMED DUPEME
674496 firefox issue UNCONFIRMED
674715 fault with file save dialog while extension downloading UNCONFIRMED
674873 Address of Last Tab Appear in Address Bar of Existing Open Tabs UNCONFIRMED
674885 Cannot have two tabs on the same web page UNCONFIRMED
674935 application/json propoed to be saved/opened instead of showing it like *.js resource UNCONFIRMED
675138 Sigpipe on closing ssh to ad.zanox.com:443 UNCONFIRMED
675453 Close window option, though missing from file menu, is seen by extensions as not missing UNCONFIRMED [invalid?]
675507 tab drag and drop function is crippled after introducing tab animations in Nightly builds. UNCONFIRMED
675524 Profile Manager pinned to Windows 7 Start menu needlessly duplicates default Firefox options. UNCONFIRMED
675684 i wish ctrl-tab would behave the same way as opera UNCONFIRMED
676010 "firefox must be closed to proceed with the installation" While Install / Uninstall error is thrown UNCONFIRMED
676226 Bug 622411 UNCONFIRMED
676230 In full screen mode with animateUp=2, toolbars hide when moving cursor off and back on toolbars UNCONFIRMED
676278 Search Bar in Aurora doesn't remember search engine option changes after sessions closed UNCONFIRMED
676472 Firefox5 does not open mailto links in Gmail. UNCONFIRMED [platform-rel-Google] [platform-rel-Gmail]
677052 In private browsing mode HTML5 offline storage causes firefox to think it's offline when it's not. UNCONFIRMED
677181 Jobsdb website cannot show correctly UNCONFIRMED
677435 hardware acceleration on nvidia Geforce 460M w/ driver 267.54 very laggy UNCONFIRMED
677460 "Menu Bar" entry in "popup" window inoperative on "popup" window UNCONFIRMED
677870 Menus do not display correctly in multi screen environment if firefox window is not on primary screen UNCONFIRMED
677891 when popups windows are running and if mozilla crash ,,after restarting the poup window shows tab UNCONFIRMED
678139 style.resize="none" doesn't work if position is absolute (textarea) UNCONFIRMED
678144 Browser close button UNCONFIRMED
678252 Show request for favicon.ico in webconsole UNCONFIRMED
678375 Photo zoom it's broken in the latest UX build UNCONFIRMED
678533 Main menu is to transparent UNCONFIRMED
678651 Clear All History Items freezes the browser UNCONFIRMED
678684 Windows Glass interface downgrades on 4 monitor system UNCONFIRMED
678698 Recent Beta and Aurora exhibit constant CPU load while idling displaying about:home UNCONFIRMED [about-home]
678784 Color link bug on aminet.net portal UNCONFIRMED
678831 After restart Firefox allways goes to connect through manual proxy setting UNCONFIRMED
679127 Tethering locks up firefox UNCONFIRMED
679270 Remove version number from About ONLY if the version is current UNCONFIRMED
679276 The REASONING and LOGIC behind, "When I open a link in a new tab, switch to it immediately" default UN-checked setting. UNCONFIRMED
679292 Unable to view "My Products" or register new product on Novell support site UNCONFIRMED
679519 Yahoo! Mail attachment upload doesn't send user and password to proxy UNCONFIRMED [platform-rel-Yahoo!]
679740 When I click any link within a windows program the top half of the Firefox button gets sliced off UNCONFIRMED
679946 Windows sometimes don't redraw after losing focus on Mac OS X UNCONFIRMED
679989 Firefox 6 won't open UNCONFIRMED
679997 Nightly- full screen video fails as browser asks to update. UNCONFIRMED
680011 inline frames UNCONFIRMED
680105 /usr/bin/firefox produces two errors and fails if a non-bash /bin/sh is used UNCONFIRMED
680163 HTML5 Cache manifest download fails UNCONFIRMED
680230 Tabs overlap Firefox button when reducing Windows Active Title Bar size UNCONFIRMED
680245 Screen turning grey/gray- applies to dropdowns, full screen, download window, etc UNCONFIRMED
680367 Spellchecker in 6.0 doesn't check custom dictionary for hyphenated words UNCONFIRMED
680394 custom event fired from embedded SVG does not get handled in container UNCONFIRMED
680399 Font rendering problems on Windows FF4.0 onwards UNCONFIRMED
680424 Some mouse and DOM Inspector selections end in the middle of paragraph UNCONFIRMED
680601 after update to 6.0 i noticed that my minimize and button for close dissapear from the top corner UNCONFIRMED
680672 window.location works wrong in FF6 UNCONFIRMED
680675 Cant move text cursor on non-text in <textarea> UNCONFIRMED
680736 page margins in messages from E bay double width UNCONFIRMED
680785 tabs no longer fade UNCONFIRMED
680836 The update installer does not remember the selection UNCONFIRMED
680887 Versions from 3.6.4 - 7b1 not working - no window - only process UNCONFIRMED
681215 I saw in the latest editions of firefox, sometimes when i click a textbox, i get a misaligned curser which is sort of annoying. For e.g., www.irctc.co.in, if i try to click in the checkbox in bottom i get a misaligned curser. UNCONFIRMED
681216 Minimize page to bare necessities when tear off tabs UNCONFIRMED
681224 Text rendering error when textarea is transparent UNCONFIRMED [HW accel]
681370 right click on selected navbar text open in new tab UNCONFIRMED
681485 Web pages that appeared to download but dissolve into terminal screen flutter. UNCONFIRMED
681589 Firefox 7.0 GET method error/problem with embedded web server UNCONFIRMED
681603 Unable to load a previously unloaded PKCS#11 security device. UNCONFIRMED
681749 Microsoft OWA 2010 adds extra semi colon when replying to email and hitting the backspace UNCONFIRMED [platform-rel-Microsoft][platform-rel-Outlook]
681856 Firefox 6; When FF6 launches FF6 is in "not active" mode and FF6 does not open "on top" UNCONFIRMED
681955 rejected because cookie has already expired - Cookie not expired UNCONFIRMED
682074 support for HTTP upload throttling UNCONFIRMED
682161 Menu list displayed as black rectangle UNCONFIRMED
682170 Firefox 6.0 – Display Rendering Errors UNCONFIRMED
682220 Install Add-on warning shouldn't appear for default theme in new profile. UNCONFIRMED
682509 RFE: Add Page's Title when using "Firefox Button" (no Menu) UNCONFIRMED
682553 [Windows] Animated GIFs generally eating far too much cpu power UNCONFIRMED dupeme
682565 Infinite save dialog loop block with document.location reassignment UNCONFIRMED
682640 Error console does not have a sandbox UNCONFIRMED
682699 When using https: I get double clicks sent to the web server. Only in Firefox versions later than 3.0.4. UNCONFIRMED
682719 javascript or canvas speeds up when moving firefox window UNCONFIRMED
682768 Windows symlink breaks firefox cache UNCONFIRMED
683136 Changing name in Save as dialog switches automatically filter UNCONFIRMED
683384 media_cache file delete required to correctly refresh page reload cache UNCONFIRMED
683459 Page is show as partially encrypted even when all transfers are forced to be encrypted UNCONFIRMED
683698 When my google blogspot posts are nest in outer frame and I try to edit a blog posting the blogspot frame goes blank. UNCONFIRMED
683845 Toolbar settings when changed on one window applied to all UNCONFIRMED
683892 Firefox : respect the user's flow in tabs UNCONFIRMED
683909 xremote ping() doesn't find running instance as of nightly 8/31 UNCONFIRMED
684119 Invisible Tap and Taps at right side of the "New Tap" Button !! OS Win 7 Firefox V.6 UNCONFIRMED
684148 Support for zero width non-joiner in Farsi (Persian) language on some website using FireFox on Mac OS X UNCONFIRMED
684162 Popup window does not close automatically as expected UNCONFIRMED
684454 Need visual indicator of where the keyboard focus is in the Addons Manager: Extensions List UNCONFIRMED
684475 graphics blocked UNCONFIRMED
684490 Tabs strange behaviour UNCONFIRMED
684510 Browser.startup.homepage override.mstone set as Ignore no longer Stops First Run Page Appearing since v4.0.1.2 and up to v6.0 UNCONFIRMED
684532 Left close dialog UNCONFIRMED
684579 Unable to remember window location UNCONFIRMED
684694 On upgrade to ff 6.0.1 from ff 6.0 , add-on registration fails. UNCONFIRMED
684702 Double redirect (301) when using "Warn me when web sites try to redirect or reload the page" UNCONFIRMED
684770 Attributes are not persisted correctly, if the tab is never restored UNCONFIRMED
684976 After resizing search bar, location and search bars in new window shift to the left UNCONFIRMED
685027 Closing last Firefox window doesn't reliably exit the process needs Firefox > Exit UNCONFIRMED
685055 save all tabs function/ library has count error UNCONFIRMED
685148 The FORM POST value clear after submit UNCONFIRMED
685250 Homepage does not default back correctly UNCONFIRMED
685330 When filling out forms on a website suddenly the whole FF turns blue. UNCONFIRMED
685711 unused groups are not cleared from content-prefs.sqlite UNCONFIRMED
685791 run firefox on multiple displays in parallel UNCONFIRMED
685885 print.css inconsistancies between Firefox 6.0.2 and 3.6.x UNCONFIRMED
686152 Trojan injected "please give us your credit card details" into amazon.co.uk UNCONFIRMED
686156 Firefox document.window reports incorrect values for narrow windows UNCONFIRMED
686163 Printing does not print all elements UNCONFIRMED
686211 Arrow back previous page sometimes does not work. 8.0a2 (2011-09-08) UNCONFIRMED
686399 [QAC generated] Missing download button UNCONFIRMED
686437 The color is not changing in the comment window UNCONFIRMED
686624 no contents refresh in third monitor UNCONFIRMED
686670 bug: positional shift of links and tab in Firefox 6.0.2. UNCONFIRMED
686877 http referer not filled with disbaled javascript UNCONFIRMED
687131 HTML5 Youtube Player not working on old profile after 6.0.2 update UNCONFIRMED [platform-rel-Youtube]
687411 Browser hang when trying to press toolbar buttons (File, Edit, View, etc) UNCONFIRMED
687474 Tabs and Adressbar are positioned too far to the left UNCONFIRMED
687764 Viewing current page certificate gives a false sense of security UNCONFIRMED
688091 URL field empty when site is restored UNCONFIRMED
688159 webgl gl.uniform4fv does not work when array is larger than needed UNCONFIRMED
688243 Firefox Loading Error with FoxNews.com UNCONFIRMED
688246 System proxy setting still in FF for localhost but proxy setting was removed UNCONFIRMED
688975 Firefox6.02 seizes up randomly and for random lengths of time UNCONFIRMED
688985 "Open Link in New Tab" from context menu or from modifier-click should do the same thing UNCONFIRMED
689586 pinned links in windows 7 jumplist disappear after upgrading firefox UNCONFIRMED
689867 FF restart cause window dimensions to be Zero (0) Width and Zero (0) Height UNCONFIRMED
689949 java/javascript issues with Firefox 7 UNCONFIRMED
689991 Data flavors from drags of text from the address bar are all text flavors, whereas previous versions included link flavors. UNCONFIRMED
690317 bug printing html page with multiple div with box-shadow UNCONFIRMED
690384 problem installing extensions UNCONFIRMED
690444 anchor tags will not disable in Firefox UNCONFIRMED
690538 specifying the default path of the profile created for a new user in a domain controlled environment UNCONFIRMED
690712 Components.util.import case-sensitivity depends on how the addon is loaded.... UNCONFIRMED
690727 Don't allow specific domain's cookies to be used when on other web sites UNCONFIRMED
690764 Double-click on title maximizes window AND creates new tab UNCONFIRMED
690780 Import NTLM config from IE UNCONFIRMED
690846 mediafire.com "File upload failed due to a networks timeout"‏‏ UNCONFIRMED
690905 WebWorker does not detect js file changes after first use UNCONFIRMED
690999 Connecting to myprofile.ignorelist.com slows or prevents sites from loading UNCONFIRMED
691098 Desktop Icon Fails to Open New Window After Opened Through MS Outlook UNCONFIRMED [platform-rel-Microsoft][platform-rel-Outlook]
691123 Firefox 7.0.1 - OS X 10.7.1 Lion - Opening Firefox at boot causes long delay in loading other login items UNCONFIRMED
691127 Keyboard shortcuts missing consistency on windows / linux UNCONFIRMED
691333 After (perhaps coincidentally?)"syncing", a number of sites either won't open, or open to a partial, incoherent window. UNCONFIRMED
691390 Narrow non-breaking space rendering poorly in title bar UNCONFIRMED
691410 Document does not own the load group UNCONFIRMED
691917 Toolbar resizing when tabs are made (or loaded or something?) UNCONFIRMED
691941 mp3 streams at high bit rates don't play right UNCONFIRMED
691969 GTK gtk-auto-mnemonics setting is ignored UNCONFIRMED
692112 hanging problem UNCONFIRMED
692345 Tabs alignment bug UNCONFIRMED
692376 In every Loginname- or Linkadress-Selection the Up- and Down-Button doesn't work UNCONFIRMED
692389 The cursor jumps back to start after the seconds character in a dropdown-searchbox when using Polarion ALM UNCONFIRMED
692482 Interaction between IPBoard 3.+ and FF3.6.+/FF7.01+ with images posted after ignored user - Works OK if FF is switched to IE Tab 2 UNCONFIRMED
692710 Web interface of freebox reovlution craches firefox often enough UNCONFIRMED
692816 Firefox 7.0.1 on 1920x1080 resolution font/zoom issue UNCONFIRMED
692962 Tab thinks I'm dragging after mouse button release UNCONFIRMED
692967 Dragged tab preview loses capture after alt + tab UNCONFIRMED
693024 using the up and down arrow causes the page to jump to bottom or top of page. UNCONFIRMED
693052 Clicking on "mail to" links takes no effect UNCONFIRMED
693085 Dubai Airport WLAN does not connect with Firefox UNCONFIRMED
693117 Invalidating only the intersection of the frame's bounds with the damaged rect should work in DoRedraw UNCONFIRMED
693123 When there is a streaming video playing and I go to maximize the window (haven't tested about any other window modification) all firefox windows freeze UNCONFIRMED
693211 Firefox won't start UNCONFIRMED
693224 Minimize, maximize, close buttons stop working after startup UNCONFIRMED
693268 Window size is not fixed in Mac OS UNCONFIRMED
693525 Since I installed Firefox 7.1, when I try to open a webpage in Firefox, it frequently spins its wheels endlessly, never fully loading the page and chewing up MASSIVE amounts of CPUs, and tying up my whole computer. UNCONFIRMED
693542 Combine plug-in UNCONFIRMED
693572 Ajax Caching Object UNCONFIRMED
693689 V7 link on desktop comes up with can't find file error UNCONFIRMED
693832 Disabling 'Tabs on top' function leaves placeholder where it is not needed UNCONFIRMED
693927 check wrong checkboxes from cache on page reload when there is javascript code on page UNCONFIRMED
693932 Download file by dragging and dropping to destination folder UNCONFIRMED
693984 add on doesn't appear UNCONFIRMED
694076 While typing, it goes to the next text area/field UNCONFIRMED
694128 Shift-Reload Cache Purge Unavailable (Sometimes) UNCONFIRMED
694259 Mac graphics switching causes choppy scrolling UNCONFIRMED
694284 Firefox consistently freezes in Leopard if opened from being minimized. UNCONFIRMED
694293 variety of things displayed on username field UNCONFIRMED
694425 Disabling AVG Safe Search failed to load CSS for Windows Live UNCONFIRMED
694473 Recent closed tabs:short cut command + Z UNCONFIRMED
694486 Enhancement New 3D Feature UNCONFIRMED
694794 When launching Firefox from a URL, if you must select a profile the url is forgotten UNCONFIRMED
694848 methods of cut and paste UNCONFIRMED
694889 tab close cross not simple to find UNCONFIRMED
694905 Firefox 7.0.1 does not refresh webpages that change UNCONFIRMED
694944 can't open second ff window UNCONFIRMED
695298 Github: line selection becomes very slow as line count increases UNCONFIRMED
695443 result screen is appearing before update bar finish UNCONFIRMED
695617 Web pages flash when moving the mouse and using hardware acceleration UNCONFIRMED
695678 tab bar behaves like there are many tabs opened when there's only one UNCONFIRMED
695720 The value of input was not refreshed. UNCONFIRMED
696011 Nightly, after a restart (of the browser) loses an opened window UNCONFIRMED
696047 Bookmarks-toolbar-items is not visible on Aero background UNCONFIRMED
696111 window minimizes after pressing "restore" in "well this is embarrassing" screen UNCONFIRMED
696120 openning new tab cause firefox to stuck for 30 seconds in OSX LIon UNCONFIRMED
696389 I already changed my settings to "No Proxy" but, still, after some time using the browser, the websites just stop loading UNCONFIRMED
696522 Long filename problem UNCONFIRMED
696526 View source of selection : menu File : New window UNCONFIRMED
696570 Firefox 7.01 process not terminating UNCONFIRMED
696609 With dual monitors: Firefox in fullscreen on first monitor causes Firefox windows on second monitor to be kept on top UNCONFIRMED
696610 Tabs keep shaking if you open more tabs than the screen fits and the last one is selected UNCONFIRMED
696692 FF flashes repeatedly on mouse over UNCONFIRMED
696729 Top Icons in the Options Window Not Aligned Properly on Windows UNCONFIRMED
696778 Too much trace output to DbgView application UNCONFIRMED
696800 Zoom failing to keep selected area on screen UNCONFIRMED
697010 current link indication vs. background color: use multicolored dots instead of all black dots [testcase URL not safe for work] UNCONFIRMED
697059 preventDefault on right-click can cancel context menu (despite pref) UNCONFIRMED [bugday-20131106]
697138 Introduce Alt+Shift+Left/Right shortcut to drop down the back/forward menu UNCONFIRMED
697146 Text selection is broken UNCONFIRMED
697199 Zoom out results in incorrect resizing of menu frame to text UNCONFIRMED
697735 SVG text element offset during printing for opacity < 1 UNCONFIRMED
697892 Submitting a form causes browser to freeze. UNCONFIRMED
697929 Dropped video frames are FAR worse in Firefox UNCONFIRMED
698008 Pinning app tab scrolls tabs to far left UNCONFIRMED
698199 Google translate looping 9 times UNCONFIRMED
698200 Resize triggered on toggling display:none neither appropriate nor even symmetric UNCONFIRMED
698202 Cannot save password when two password prompts are following too fast UNCONFIRMED
698421 Halloween Google doodle image not working properly UNCONFIRMED
698676 Juniper Network Connect does not work with FF v7.0.1 UNCONFIRMED
698710 In high contrast mode, "border-width" does not work for some elements like "input", "select" UNCONFIRMED
698749 autoscrolling blocking middle-clicks to dynamically updating links UNCONFIRMED
698896 Retain the secret pref browser.link.open_newwindow value when upgrading Firefox UNCONFIRMED
698926 Don't mix insecure links in awsomebar results when user started with 'https://' UNCONFIRMED
698941 http://cams.com and http://icams.com do not load properly [Not safe for work] UNCONFIRMED
699056 JavaScript error reported on HTTP header UNCONFIRMED
699174 Firefox 7.0.1 is unresponsive when browsing a local directory with many files. UNCONFIRMED
699209 After update to 7.01, Yahoo Mail's "online contacts" tab disappeared UNCONFIRMED [platform-rel-Yahoo!]
699338 firefox no more plays m3u radio streams UNCONFIRMED
699342 keep getting a pop up for a firefox update 7.0.1 and when i click update it doesn't do it. if i click ask me later, it keeps coming back. UNCONFIRMED
699441 Provide detailed information about collected hardware information for Usage Statistics/Telemetry UNCONFIRMED
699562 Firefox interferes with Adobe Photoshop CS5 keyboard shortcuts UNCONFIRMED
699666 Firefox keeps overloading on RAM the more it stays open UNCONFIRMED
700056 Drop down selections not working UNCONFIRMED [need account @trading.scottrade.com]
700100 [OS X] New Window only a vertical line UNCONFIRMED
700301 Must use 3.5.63 -upgrading to 7.0 causes access to sites be denied UNCONFIRMED
700400 25-35 sec lag prior to playing 20 MB mp3 online UNCONFIRMED DUPEME
700585 Firefox 7.0.1 keeps randomly freezing up on me no matter what site I am on. UNCONFIRMED
700791 browser.gesture.pinch.out doesn't trigger if browser.gesture.pinch.latched is false UNCONFIRMED
700998 "Bookmarks Toolbar" and "Tabs" get merged together when new window opened when clicking on a link UNCONFIRMED
701029 Error: uncaught exception: Error: Permission denied for <> to get property Proxy.InstallTrigger UNCONFIRMED
701336 'let' in prefwindow script gives error UNCONFIRMED
701368 On localhost, Firefox does not read css when html page does not match the cached html page UNCONFIRMED
701394 firefox hardware acceleration window orientation UNCONFIRMED
701400 windows relative url file:/// on MAC OS: works on windows share but fails on local disk UNCONFIRMED
701602 Firefox 8 upload (html form) dont't work with file more than 481 Kb UNCONFIRMED
701642 Scrolling stucks for a while on a newly opened page UNCONFIRMED
701650 The “When updates to Firefox are found” setting group should not be disabled if it has an effect. UNCONFIRMED
701657 Frequent GC pauses in a real time audio visualizer demo UNCONFIRMED
701886 PlayEventSound gets called even with sound disabled and does complete sound init UNCONFIRMED
701927 Pref > Content tab displays "Colours" text in en-US version UNCONFIRMED
701950 Add an advanced tab config menu to accomodate the diverging needs of FF users UNCONFIRMED
701978 Cannot make hard edge in gradient UNCONFIRMED
702006 Firefox 8 no longer applies saved passwords on some sites UNCONFIRMED
702008 Firefox last window cannot be closed with window's close ('x') button UNCONFIRMED
702031 firefox welcome page opens everytime instead of the home page after updating firefox UNCONFIRMED
702033 Strange shape on top of the scroll bar UNCONFIRMED
702049 start up option 'show my windows and tabs from last time' combined with homepage UNCONFIRMED
702052 Error: addons.repository: Failed to open database: Unknown database schema UNCONFIRMED
702053 nightly will not open since thursday UNCONFIRMED
702070 Drag & Drop into Folders on Desktop Moves Them UNCONFIRMED
702091 Pinned tab alarm should set urgency ICCCM WM_HINT UNCONFIRMED
702163 negative top positioning within containers UNCONFIRMED
702229 Packaging Debug build: nsScriptSecurityMessager fails to initialize UNCONFIRMED
702236 iframe target anchor UNCONFIRMED
702259 IPv6 proxy support is broken UNCONFIRMED
702323 RFE Firefox should retry on ssl_error_rx_unexpected_new_session_ticket UNCONFIRMED
702392 backbutton display issue UNCONFIRMED
702537 Performance issue while dragging objects over floating borders of certain styles UNCONFIRMED
702588 problems with new Yahoo mail and with www.estadao.com.br UNCONFIRMED [platform-rel-Yahoo!]
702635 Javascript JIT bugs with FileReader functions (attempts to run compile-and-go script on already cleared scope) UNCONFIRMED
702750 opening link with middle click opens 1-4 new tabs UNCONFIRMED
702902 html5 manifest does not consider FALLBACK section UNCONFIRMED
702953 text decoration on inline images not working (espacialy link underlining) UNCONFIRMED
703074 Start using another profile than default, for specific file type/protocol UNCONFIRMED
703200 FF 8.0 popup allowed disappears after restart of the browser UNCONFIRMED
703222 html5 audio do not load ogg or wav file completely UNCONFIRMED
703245 Firefox / Thunderbird doesn't start when a custom Windows Shell Extension is registered that doesn't have the ThreadingModel Attribute set in the Registry UNCONFIRMED
703362 Cmd-W does not work when only one tab is open. UNCONFIRMED
703435 There are no config options to undo/reverse recent changes to tab folders behavior UNCONFIRMED
703498 HTML5 & js: Double-clicking on <a> tag thumbnail makes 2 videos play at the same time, so pausing one leaves the other playing in the background (I have sent you a file).. UNCONFIRMED
703518 Even Pop up blocker is enabled, many unwanted websites are popping up when clicking on any links in the website. UNCONFIRMED
703581 disabling image dragging let the cursor empty UNCONFIRMED
703606 Page won't print properly UNCONFIRMED
704051 SELECT menus cut off on low-resolution monitors UNCONFIRMED
704096 [SVG]Events registered on <symbol> does not fire if addEventListener is used UNCONFIRMED
704458 Clicking a link in Tweetdeck causes Firefox menus to disappear on hover UNCONFIRMED
704636 Firefox process still running even after closing the Firefox application during the setup UNCONFIRMED
704657 Xulrunner's temporary file creation results in long latency sometimes UNCONFIRMED
704661 I have a few Feature add-in Ideas UNCONFIRMED
704796 menubar item selected after POST-Request UNCONFIRMED
704809 Image not updating after src change when width is set in CSS UNCONFIRMED
704947 FN Zoom Keys on Sony vaio Laptop don't work in firefox UNCONFIRMED
705222 Countdown timers stop on some manual surf traffic exchange sites particularly Ventrino sites UNCONFIRMED
705292 HTML5 Native Context Menu - Usability UNCONFIRMED
705412 can not open new page (CTRL+T) when exit from private mode UNCONFIRMED
705445 Uploading a torrent file onto NAS Iomega StorCenter iX2 not working UNCONFIRMED
705487 Firefox 8.0.1 20-Second DELAYED reaction for New Tab after Mac OS X 10.6 update UNCONFIRMED
705527 Control-Z does not work when swapcaps'd UNCONFIRMED
705531 [Firefox 3.6.*, Windows] After using Windows shortcut, Win+D, to show desktop and again Win+D to activate Firefox back, no shortcut works in FX until you manually click on a tab or activate a control UNCONFIRMED
705544 Preferences/Privacy/History does not honour my setting UNCONFIRMED
705560 'select' buffer in Linux should NOT include HTML formatting UNCONFIRMED
705601 Firefox 8.0.1 Doesn't Launch On Clean OS X Lion Install UNCONFIRMED
705857 Unify all management interfaces in firefox UNCONFIRMED
706019 Opening link in new tab results in accessing the start page randomly UNCONFIRMED
706053 changes to default preference branch doesn't persist UNCONFIRMED
706124 If you see the css active of a select drop down, if you open the drop down and dont move your mouse and click it again, it shows the active css again, it shouldnt UNCONFIRMED
706139 going back to previous site, FF 8.0 often doesn't restore scroll position UNCONFIRMED
706224 Firefox Version 8 does not completely empty cache after shutdown. UNCONFIRMED
706254 Data in LocalStorage is not exposed through user interface UNCONFIRMED
706546 FF takes minutes to prompt for username and password for Kerberos auth UNCONFIRMED
706737 After "Server not found" error, it is impossible to force Firefox to reload for ~30 sec UNCONFIRMED
706792 Firefox "remembers" scrollbar position of non-"Things that scroll natively" elements after page refresh UNCONFIRMED
706837 Box model default incorrect for input elements UNCONFIRMED
707050 Input Element Miscoloration (Windows) UNCONFIRMED
707169 Menu bar Items cannot be moved UNCONFIRMED
707370 Preference to explicitly preserve current session from being cleared when privacy.sanitize.sanitizeOnShutdown = true UNCONFIRMED
707416 canceling a navigation initiated by the Back or Forward buttons within the TabsProgressListener failes UNCONFIRMED
707447 Dragging to the tabbar in RTL-mode indicator is broken UNCONFIRMED
708108 Detaching a tab into a new window can be done accidentally UNCONFIRMED
708119 Extending JS Object results in error UNCONFIRMED
708137 Impossible to access Swing dropdown menus on Mac, FF8, and Java 1.6u29 UNCONFIRMED
708269 Incorrect focus handling on dynamically displayed fields UNCONFIRMED
708276 Dijit files are over-aggressively cached causing errors when a Dijit-based webapp is upgraded UNCONFIRMED
708449 Ability to change fonts to Bold via edit->Preferences UNCONFIRMED
708510 Pasting into RTE component prefers image over RTF UNCONFIRMED
708512 Firefox 8 lag spikes (worse with lastpass) UNCONFIRMED
708584 Unable to make a new window when viewing page source on mac UNCONFIRMED
708732 textarea border change with background-color UNCONFIRMED
708887 Cannot print iFrame content under Mac OS X 10.7 UNCONFIRMED
708980 Firefox stops responding when I clear recent history (should show a busy Icon on the mouse) UNCONFIRMED
709089 Spell check stops working while typing. Have to disable enable to get it working. UNCONFIRMED
709177 Tab contents shifts right when dialog box (with certain text) is opened UNCONFIRMED
709659 Down arrow key works as page-down in some sites UNCONFIRMED
710204 sessionStorage event URL blank for clear() events and during session restore UNCONFIRMED
710567 open with .. Firefox UNCONFIRMED
710846 browser freezes on Lion OX UNCONFIRMED
711777 Add preferences to available tasks in Win 7 Jumplist menu UNCONFIRMED
711788 Dragging tabs into another windows fails UNCONFIRMED
711827 Pressing [Escape] should stop all kind of animations UNCONFIRMED
711938 Allow collapsing of default items if contextmenu is assigned. UNCONFIRMED
711992 11.0a1 will not start in Sandboxie after I updated the program on 2011-12-19 UNCONFIRMED
712025 Close button appears on Aero Peek preview of App Tabs UNCONFIRMED
712083 Tabs in Firefox Preferences should feel like native OS X tabs (clicking state behavior) UNCONFIRMED
712313 Navigation Toolbar Button Inconsistencies UNCONFIRMED
712412 Popup buttons are outside screen if message is too long UNCONFIRMED DUPEME
712537 load event fires on a closed sidebar during session restore UNCONFIRMED
712668 Wasted real estate (enhancement request) UNCONFIRMED
712862 Pasted text does not match text copied from Location bar when `browser.urlbar.trimURLs` is set to `true` UNCONFIRMED
712879 FF 9.0.1 fast clicks don't register UNCONFIRMED
712906 The dragstart event cannot be prevented when using internal scroll bars making a bad user experience on internal scroll bars UNCONFIRMED
713036 Extend bookmark operations to a multiset of tabs UNCONFIRMED
713083 Html5 manifest and ajax problem UNCONFIRMED
713129 ⇧↑ Shift + Up in the awesomebar highlights bottom result rather than inputted text UNCONFIRMED
713177 Firefox converts last 2 characters in textarea to ``Pr''. UNCONFIRMED
713194 Canvas rendering in IMG element UNCONFIRMED
713195 When Menu Bar is closed scrolling only works from arrow keys or scroll on mouse pad UNCONFIRMED
713220 Page scrolling lag on heavy js site UNCONFIRMED [Snappy]
713262 Update preferences are not respected UNCONFIRMED
713351 Refresh is not proper UNCONFIRMED
713525 Cannot copy-paste files from Download dialog on OSX UNCONFIRMED
713838 format chooser should be in small mode of "save as" dialog UNCONFIRMED
714038 freezing firefox during a virus scan (mcafee anvirirus plus) UNCONFIRMED
714106 Corrupt downloads when saving to router network share with Win 7 UNCONFIRMED
714301 Rewrite Sanitizer to Support Asynchronous Patterns and Avoid Spinning Event Loops UNCONFIRMED
714512 Internet options aren't imported as displayed, bug or works as designed? UNCONFIRMED
714575 Implement "onloadtstart" HTML5 Event UNCONFIRMED
714598 only one download at once UNCONFIRMED
714665 "Safe File..." window unfocused when clicking on link and then hitting enter at Save File/Open UNCONFIRMED
714681 Bookmarks menu should expose "Add Bookmark" function as first item UNCONFIRMED
715462 Back button ignores header caching directives UNCONFIRMED
716288 Startup info bars should be persistent across tabs UNCONFIRMED [wontfix?]
717142 Order of options in browser.link.open_newwindow.restriction is un-intuitive UNCONFIRMED [needs the owner's decision]
717642 Redirection prevention image UNCONFIRMED
717867 <input type="image" ...> value is not posted , while checking with isset($_post UNCONFIRMED
718163 Add "zoom in" to the context menu of a standalone image document UNCONFIRMED [wontfix?]
719355 Preferences won't save, specifically "Firefox will: Use custom settings..." UNCONFIRMED
719746 Choose in the download dialog if save the file in the standard download folder or somewhere else UNCONFIRMED [bugday-20131111]
719764 No Aero blur applied on floating box borders in Firefox on Windows UNCONFIRMED
720041 mouseover preview of where Help button will take us UNCONFIRMED
720049 allow user to copy text of menus UNCONFIRMED
720080 Firefox does not respect "Simulated Secondary Click" in Ubuntu UNCONFIRMED
720221 allow menu bar items when tabs on top UNCONFIRMED
720280 [Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80570016 (NS_ERROR_XPC_GS_RETURNED_FAILURE) [nsIJSCID.getService]" nsresult: "0x80570016 (NS_ERROR_XPC_GS_RETURNED_FAILURE)" location: "JS frame :: chrome://browser/content/preferences/advanced.js] UNCONFIRMED
720976 Highlight name of downloaded file when opening download folder in file manager UNCONFIRMED
722064 back-button user chrome UNCONFIRMED
724164 Closing a tab and scrolling the tab bar doesn't deactivate the tab scrolling arrows UNCONFIRMED
724196 Zoom level should be per tab UNCONFIRMED
724233 Thumbnails rendering issue when using a bitmap system font UNCONFIRMED
724287 Firefox(Cookie viewer) displays wrong cookie information UNCONFIRMED
724551 Options : Content : Languages : Macedonian language line in the local menu and in the list UNCONFIRMED
724646 pop-up menus disappear as mouse is moved to select, if any tab of any window has a dialog over it, on latest FireFox and latest Ubuntu X UNCONFIRMED
725256 When a tab is duplicated the initial state of form fields is not the same as it would be if reloaded in the same tab UNCONFIRMED
726284 Add-on Sync doesn't respect Add-On Channel Selection UNCONFIRMED [sync:addons]
726407 Back browser button doesn't load up my javascript UNCONFIRMED
726424 antialiasing in css3 text UNCONFIRMED
726472 Closing a tab with CMD+w in Mac OS 10.6.8 closes the entire window instead. UNCONFIRMED
727099 Full Screen Auto Hide Response to OnMouseOver Should Have an Optional Delay UNCONFIRMED
727574 Sync is losing passwords somehow UNCONFIRMED [sync:passwords]
728145 FF 10 on Win7 : external editor setting doesn't work UNCONFIRMED
728855 scroll speed of double-click on the tab overflow widget should be adaptive UNCONFIRMED
729178 Firefox 10.0.2 loops on Mac OS X 10.6.8 UNCONFIRMED
729493 Provide ability to fetch whois information from within Site Identity doorhanger UNCONFIRMED
729819 nightly build 13.0a1 fails to run after container.exe quarantined UNCONFIRMED
730512 Disable pinning an app tab during private browsing UNCONFIRMED
730514 don't auto-select the address on alt-D UNCONFIRMED [dupeme?]
730624 allow user defined accept-language UNCONFIRMED
731455 need "send page to" button UNCONFIRMED
731949 Feature: 'match case' in search highlighted more clearly UNCONFIRMED
731990 helper application not remembered and dialog box (file picker/chooser) cumbersome/inconvenient UNCONFIRMED dupeme
732436 Mouse less browsing feature. UNCONFIRMED
732729 canceling file upload dialog box creates '/' as file to upload UNCONFIRMED
733605 menupopup should have more control rather then be dependent on it's parent menu node UNCONFIRMED
733637 Microsoft VC++ assert on file save box "New folder" button UNCONFIRMED
733819 Firefox window size lost after system restart and the window in fullscreen UNCONFIRMED
734689 do not automatically enable "Accept third-party cookies" when "Accept cookies from sites" is enabled UNCONFIRMED WONTFIX?
734699 history submenus per item UNCONFIRMED
734776 keybindings for quit and close tab are too close UNCONFIRMED
735154 middle clicking the new tab button should open a new window UNCONFIRMED
735224 Double frame bug UNCONFIRMED
736265 Scrolling and resizing are partially broken UNCONFIRMED
736417 Firefox Sync causes the password manager to prompt, interrupting typing UNCONFIRMED
736885 "Find" bar cannot be closed. At the same time, "Open a new tab", bookmarks toolbar and reloading page doesn't work. UNCONFIRMED
736974 Restore last closed window on MacOSX UNCONFIRMED
737015 View>Stop and View>Reload menu items are missing on Linux UNCONFIRMED
737255 closing a tab should leave the position of the newly selected tab in the location of the old tab, when the two tabs are adjacent UNCONFIRMED
737811 links not showing my colors UNCONFIRMED DUPEME?
738532 always show the tab bar preference no longer works UNCONFIRMED
738887 spellchecker: language and word menu items accumulate in the menu UNCONFIRMED
738895 icons on navigation bar display inconsistently in size UNCONFIRMED
738903 "Search when I start typing"/Quick Find Shortcut for text '/', redirects to Google search form/box on Google pages UNCONFIRMED [closing compose window can cause app to exit in some situations is Bug 738907]
738928 1st found in 3.2 series version top bar minimise one bar gets hand for few min some time doest works at all so i have to close directly from taskmanger UNCONFIRMED
738987 Application tabs should be animated if title changes UNCONFIRMED
739050 Firefox update removes user list of pages with blocked images UNCONFIRMED
739086 no question "overwrite file" when saving files, which are identical UNCONFIRMED
739637 CTRL+Tab sends you to different places UNCONFIRMED
741299 Button not updated UNCONFIRMED
741747 Clicking arrow does not show the next tab UNCONFIRMED
742471 FEATURE REQUEST: Add an action to the tab itself. If I double click on the tab itself, why not reload the page for me? Thanks! -JW UNCONFIRMED
742595 Show a specific set of App Tabs on work, home, etc. when user selects it. UNCONFIRMED
743337 [Wishlist] New cache sanitizing policy settings are too agressive for power users UNCONFIRMED
744291 use 127.1 as proxy server didn't work sometime. UNCONFIRMED
745938 Weather Underground radar 'animation' loop stalls after random interval UNCONFIRMED
746436 Add Internet Protocol version (IPv4 or IPv6) to Page Info UNCONFIRMED
747865 Tabstrip transparency glitch UNCONFIRMED
748571 Autoscroll icon appears on incorrect monitor when clicking to edge of dual display UNCONFIRMED
749323 add better indication of resumed downloads after browser (re)start UNCONFIRMED
749796 annoying "downloads complete" popup notification, after disabling similar misfeature UNCONFIRMED
749805 Pulling a file to the address bar triggers security errors UNCONFIRMED
750007 Broken smooth scroll with keyboard in Google Groups UNCONFIRMED
750186 Misplaced byte order mark creates weird rendering issues UNCONFIRMED
750345 Control scroll doesn't work in Firefox 12 UNCONFIRMED
751533 Warnings with javascript.options.strict set to true UNCONFIRMED
751540 Bookmarks rearrange themselves after close/restart in Nightly 15.0a1 (2012-05-02) UNCONFIRMED [sync:bookmarks]
751852 Advanced Options is not displayed in Options window. FollowTools->Options and click Advanced UNCONFIRMED [ux][testday-20120622]
752136 file == "Remote XUL", firefox still registers as handling .xul even though support is disabled by default UNCONFIRMED
752388 Closing tabs in quick succession often requires a double click to close a tab. UNCONFIRMED
752478 Dictionaries are not offered to users, who don't look for them at AMO UNCONFIRMED
753036 Incorrect Tab size makes some tabs unreachable when system font size is set to 120dpi UNCONFIRMED
753303 tab bar won't automatically scroll to new tab (Firefox was open for some days) UNCONFIRMED
753890 Tab lose position and are not accessible UNCONFIRMED
754332 problem with aniweather UNCONFIRMED
754444 Don't automatically update my browser! UNCONFIRMED
754549 Tab drop arrow does not dissapear UNCONFIRMED
754560 No Thumbnail Preview of Yahoo Mail! UNCONFIRMED [platform-rel-Yahoo!]
754609 changed inContent in perferences lost app, changed them back and they reappeared UNCONFIRMED
754687 When I click with the new tab and the left click button at the same time, my mouse cursor gets stolen. UNCONFIRMED
754700 Page does not load completely unless referred to by a link UNCONFIRMED
754707 [QAC generated] Youtube videos are blank UNCONFIRMED [platform-rel-Youtube]
755330 Preference with wrong data type cannot be corrected UNCONFIRMED
755774 Classic Button for Bookmarks Toolbar UNCONFIRMED
756098 Page don't stay at the top UNCONFIRMED
756374 Installer should deploy settings to keep Win7 Native Backup system from backing up cache files UNCONFIRMED
756385 Add-on sync claims "add-on not found in add-on repository" UNCONFIRMED [sync:addons]
756807 enh: option for upward-growing bookmark menus to build from the bottom up UNCONFIRMED
758557 Suggestion: Alternative Mouse Pointer When Hovering Over Hyperlinks Opening in the Same Window UNCONFIRMED
758594 Open website and quickly change tabs makes it open on the wrong tab. UNCONFIRMED
758830 Edit >> Find breaks down if something is not found UNCONFIRMED
759949 When reloading a page with the keyboard, the "resend information" dialog causes the View menu to stay lit UNCONFIRMED
760419 horizontal and vertical Scroll bar missing when the window size is <100% UNCONFIRMED
761833 Firefox renders UI onto a cached image instead of the screen UNCONFIRMED
761913 Apply TrueType GaSP tables on Linux UNCONFIRMED
762004 Unable to close tabs without switching to the particular tab UNCONFIRMED
762360 Feedback button text color. UNCONFIRMED
762914 Buttons in Firefox 14 are without background UNCONFIRMED
763131 large performance hit when applying custom css to tabbrowser UNCONFIRMED
763275 It keeps on hanging when I try to use multiple tabs, like in a range of 8-10 and then takes a long time to come back to its normal state. Sometimes I have to restart my computer because of this. UNCONFIRMED
763309 New tab is invisible UNCONFIRMED
763403 Firefox 13 will not quit from Dock quit menu. UNCONFIRMED
764822 onclick event does not report modifiers if user pressed enter instead of clicking UNCONFIRMED
765308 New tab thumbnails improvements and some issues UNCONFIRMED
765560 Bookmark submenu not opened when moving mouse while other submenu is loading UNCONFIRMED
765586 Duplicate url tooltip when hovering on history sidebar UNCONFIRMED
767010 FF starts new window if multiple URLs are specified on the command line. UNCONFIRMED
767310 Warn if Firefox is running with administrator privileges UNCONFIRMED
767324 Page Refresh maintains field values set with Javascript UNCONFIRMED
767534 Tabs won't switch after a while of inactivity UNCONFIRMED
767536 Layout bug when file served via https and FF toolbar is visible UNCONFIRMED
767743 The Firefox window often cannot be moved around on the screen UNCONFIRMED
767859 Ensure browser.js loads without errors by using a JS error streamroller library UNCONFIRMED
769162 Firefox Taskbas Preview Display Errors UNCONFIRMED
770946 Ability to view ePub files in Firefox UNCONFIRMED
771065 resume_session_once and mozilla-gnome-keyring extesion (maybe others) is not reseted to false upon restart UNCONFIRMED
771221 Navigation Timing API incorrectly reports first byte UNCONFIRMED
772597 Firefox stutters after some time spent browsing UNCONFIRMED
773005 IPv6 hexadecimal addresses not recognized as cookies exceptions UNCONFIRMED
773046 firefox closes tabs when scrolling UNCONFIRMED
773063 If drag & drop a tab out Firefox to generate a new window, drag & dropped tab disappears in the tab bar of the new window UNCONFIRMED
773213 Sent problem, when picture was selected but deleted before uploading UNCONFIRMED
773611 Cookie preferences are difficult to find UNCONFIRMED
773974 2 icons on the task bar when I run nightly UNCONFIRMED
774082 App tab notifications should NOT happen on document.title change UNCONFIRMED
775012 When tab's are restored and then asking multiple auth it opens in new window instead of current tab UNCONFIRMED
775280 Firefox 14.0.1 run with limited rights continues to present the "default browser" dialog at startup UNCONFIRMED
775322 toolbarseparator too tall UNCONFIRMED
775427 If Firefox 14 isn't running, opening an associated file (e.g. HTML) locally launches it twice in separate windows. UNCONFIRMED
775522 http://translate.google.com/ stylesheet doesn't render properly in Firefox 14.0.1 UNCONFIRMED
776275 NEEDED option: When new tab opened by incoming (either signal or take to tab) UNCONFIRMED
776292 URLs for each Preference, deep about: item, etc. UNCONFIRMED
776837 Smoothscroll value in config reverts back to true on restarting firefox UNCONFIRMED
777239 Closed tab still visible in tab bar UNCONFIRMED
777912 Wrong size on favicon shortcuts in Windows UNCONFIRMED
778396 Update sidebar to match the rest of the theme UNCONFIRMED
778546 POST data: Recently Closed -> Reload -> lost UNCONFIRMED
779449 Provide tab transaction history UNCONFIRMED
780079 Cookies which have a domain starting with a '.' (dot) are considered third-party cookies by firefox UNCONFIRMED
780310 Option for serial instead of parallel download of page elements UNCONFIRMED
780480 Impossible to add a second Bookmark toolbar, and non-user friendly toolbar creation system. UNCONFIRMED
780916 ALT+SPACE to move the document backward by a screenful as well as SHIFT+SPACE UNCONFIRMED
781462 firefox hangs when you select something in terms of text UNCONFIRMED
781532 Html5 offline storage warning: 'allowed' cannot be pressed UNCONFIRMED
781651 When a link opens in a new tab, back button should be available and return to previous tab UNCONFIRMED
782003 Cannot add Google or Yahoo from Web Feed handler in Preferences UNCONFIRMED [platform-rel-Yahoo!]
782176 Location: mailto:example@example.com redirect leaves redirected page in the address bar UNCONFIRMED
782838 Opening link with Middle click opens more than one tab (two tabs) UNCONFIRMED
782923 Please fix the (Mountain) Lion top bar covering the Firefox toolbar in fullscreen mode. UNCONFIRMED
783186 Print preview's close button inaccessible at 1024x768 sceen resolution UNCONFIRMED
783194 Do not generate Thumbnails for pages requested with POST-method UNCONFIRMED
783201 Firefox main window quits resizing before IE and Chrome UNCONFIRMED
783647 Tab scrolling problems with more than 64 tabs UNCONFIRMED
783929 bookmarks child menus jitter and shake incessantly when dragging in a shortcut while the main firefox window is using an external monitor UNCONFIRMED
784276 unencrypted content on encrypted page warning upon 301 redirect UNCONFIRMED
785802 many reasons to eliminate the error message of the download manager "....could not be saved, because the source file could not be read" UNCONFIRMED
787923 firefox opens a