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Middle-aged bugs

This is a project to work on Firefox bugs reported in a range time of -6months(-180d) to -1months(-30d).

These are bugs that haven't been changed recently, but were reported within the last 6 months. Triaging them may find good, relevant bugs. It can also help clear out invalid bugs!

Middle Aged Untriaged Firefox Bugs, UNCONFIRMED.

Full Query
ID Summary Status Whiteboard
394423 cannot open local file at named anchor from command line UNCONFIRMED
470158 Alert accessible event should not be fired for bookmark page dialog UNCONFIRMED
482027 Being able to remember better the last folders selected for bookmarking UNCONFIRMED
489981 Launching Firefox twice quickly reproducibly gives "Firefox is already running" error UNCONFIRMED
502489 Change applications search text box text to Search Applications UNCONFIRMED
557781 Save and restore contents of textareas prior to sending (when back button doesn't work) UNCONFIRMED DUPEME?
568794 "Allow pages to choose their own fonts" should be a per-site preference. UNCONFIRMED
580562 access keys: please provide mechanism at least as good as Konqueror UNCONFIRMED
595962 Can't insert/type text in field UNCONFIRMED
596922 about:config should show default values for modified entries UNCONFIRMED
606113 Text not shown in menu dropdowns in preferences, nor in js tables UNCONFIRMED
614182 Firefox does not keep persistent cookies, it treats persistent cookies as a temporary. No other browsers have this issue. Newest build of Firefox treating all cookies as temporary. UNCONFIRMED
623822 Menupopup is inside in the browser window UNCONFIRMED
662025 [wfh] Add a profile-switching menu UNCONFIRMED
663633 the cursor blink on buttons and the non editable text as well UNCONFIRMED
670529 There is no contextual substitution caused by the glyph in private area which is itself the result of a contextual substitution UNCONFIRMED
680565 I was reading at the middle of the page, and the page got reloaded and brought to the top UNCONFIRMED
688937 Application Cache (manifest) notice sounds malicious UNCONFIRMED
696609 With dual monitors: Firefox in fullscreen on first monitor causes Firefox windows on second monitor to be kept on top UNCONFIRMED
755652 Application cache manifest in Data URI site UNCONFIRMED
762284 Fake certificate used by site, real certificate shown in Certificate Viewer UNCONFIRMED
767010 FF starts new window if multiple URLs are specified on the command line. UNCONFIRMED
778339 Clicking anywhere outside of the localStorage prompt dismissed the prompt. UNCONFIRMED
814628 Check for update on startup before restoring session UNCONFIRMED
842170 Session restore with multiple browser windows on different screens (virtual windows) comes up in one window, does not rember window locations. UNCONFIRMED
844472 pdf.js doesn't render document correctly UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-c-rendering][pdfjs-d-font-linux]
847020 embedded pdf is not displayed UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-c-integration]
858007 Tooltips get cut in text/plain when the page is not large enough UNCONFIRMED
866040 "Web developper extension" toolbar not visible UNCONFIRMED
870721 page visibility does not reflect locked screen/screen saver UNCONFIRMED
881177 Firefox Sync: remote wipe UNCONFIRMED
889502 minimize, maximize button not available UNCONFIRMED
908346 Request for about:config pref for downloads in a tab (non-private-mode) UNCONFIRMED
928836 PDF viewer ignores files from appcache UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-c-integration]
1010654 Error page should be aligned to the top UNCONFIRMED
1048286 When launching FF in permanent private browsing mode (with the -private option), only the initial window has the indicator that it's private. UNCONFIRMED
1068459 download dialog stay above all windows after drag and drop UNCONFIRMED
1133166 Downloaded JAR files are saved with the extension .jar.zip UNCONFIRMED
1146224 No more close tabs to the left option? UNCONFIRMED [wontfix?]
1179917 On the navigation toolbar, icons and bookmarks are pushed away by the address field when dragging a tab on the toolbar. UNCONFIRMED
1186324 Favicon requests are made to root path even if an explicit load direction exists UNCONFIRMED
1195139 Ctrl+Shift+B, Ctrl+Shift+H and Ctrl+J hotkeys (shortcuts) should work in Library window UNCONFIRMED
1197159 open a new Private Window from a Private Window and you have Cookies from the first one UNCONFIRMED
1206702 "Search with current engine" should have a different background for hover and hover:active UNCONFIRMED
1208308 Input field suggestion position off UNCONFIRMED
1218034 cannot set big picture as background image UNCONFIRMED
1237912 Use site's "theme-color" meta tag for desktop Firefox UI UNCONFIRMED
1239323 ctrl+w sometimes closes browser UNCONFIRMED
1262800 Downloads panel should only display overflow info on n+1 downloads UNCONFIRMED
1296944 [Request] Add (per-site) exceptions to "browser.display.use_document_fonts" and "intl.accept_languages" UNCONFIRMED
1308822 Firefox shows a separate PDF and Portable Document Format option and refuses to open a PDF file UNCONFIRMED
1313109 Reload all tabs does not load content from network for tabs that are not yet (session-)restored UNCONFIRMED
1324394 Allow origins to be edited in the Password Manager UNCONFIRMED
1329912 Wrong "last-pb-context-exited" notification in some cases (one for child process and one for global process?) UNCONFIRMED
1335279 -silent -setDefaultBrowser doesn't set Firefox as default browser - Windows 7 UNCONFIRMED
1335963 Accel keys in Page Info Media panel are both "A" for "Save As" and "Select All" UNCONFIRMED
1356879 Timestamp "lastAccessed" written too often to File "recovery.js" UNCONFIRMED [fxperf:p5]
1385683 [Suggestion] Privacy Badger and HTTPS Everywhere by default in FF UNCONFIRMED
1402396 Homepage-Shortcut not working in awesomebar UNCONFIRMED
1402756 Control+Q sits right next to Control+W on QWERTY keyboards UNCONFIRMED
1404283 Add security key support to master password prompt UNCONFIRMED
1404295 Firefox developer edition - default browser issue UNCONFIRMED
1417276 Tabs unable to move to another monitor on top Discord UNCONFIRMED
1428463 Opening Firefox (normal mode) via CLI and then opening another Firefox window via CLI will always be in 'normal mode' rather than whatever you chose (normal or private mode) when inputting the second command UNCONFIRMED
1432721 Dark Theme-about:preferences to match theme UNCONFIRMED
1437287 Add an "Add bookmark here" option UNCONFIRMED
1437434 Add option to narrate text when text is selected like in read mode UNCONFIRMED
1439079 Make library window white when using preinstalled default and light theme UNCONFIRMED
1440992 Firefox ESR 64 Bit does not show up in default apps on Windows 10 UNCONFIRMED
1447380 Sync email link has white text UNCONFIRMED
1459703 Default browser checking does not work correctly on Windows 8.1 UNCONFIRMED
1463274 Firefox does not allow configuring a default webcam device UNCONFIRMED
1463527 Implement a mechanism to prevent multiple downloads UNCONFIRMED
1467057 Support multi-row tabs build-in or via API for extensions like Tab Mix Plus UNCONFIRMED
1472317 relocate tab audio indicator to other side because current position is not touch-friendly UNCONFIRMED
1475066 Problem with hyperlinks in Outlook 2016 UNCONFIRMED
1475188 Restoring a pop-up window adds the tab bar, when it wasn't there before UNCONFIRMED
1476755 Web Extensions cannot manage saved logins for accounts.firefox.com UNCONFIRMED
1477504 Reword "Open Link in New Private Window" to "Open Link in Private Window" and open the link in the existing private window, if there is one UNCONFIRMED
1477594 all tabs popup does not mark which tabs are visible in the tab strip UNCONFIRMED
1482682 [tracking] Sessionstore development related to session managers UNCONFIRMED
1486205 Dark UI support for not supported areas on macOS UNCONFIRMED
1489090 Firefox does not include bookmarks in address bar search UNCONFIRMED
1489541 Firefox says it is default browser in KDE despite xdg default-web-browser setting UNCONFIRMED
1497038 Pinned top sites on home page should be synced as bookmarks UNCONFIRMED
1504970 pdfjs shouldn't use .print_scaling UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-c-printing]
1505049 bookmark bar is messing up with the order UNCONFIRMED
1506628 [RFE] Add permission for link targets to open a new window / new tab UNCONFIRMED
1507451 Add feature to restore session on a case by case basis UNCONFIRMED
1509350 Provide tab groups (panorama) UNCONFIRMED
1512354 Pinned tabs do not recognize subdomains as belonging to the same website UNCONFIRMED
1516819 [CSD] Popup window created by browser.windows.create loses title bar after session restore UNCONFIRMED
1519647 Opened tabs should be in separate 'folders' by device and should be managable from any of synced devices UNCONFIRMED
1521456 WebExtension popup windows have a black border at the top UNCONFIRMED
1537953 Windows taskbar context menu should use Photon icons for "Open new tab", "Open new window", and "New private window" UNCONFIRMED
1538522 Private Window's search bar colour does not match Firefox theme UNCONFIRMED
1543302 Firefox Sync restores deleted bookmarks UNCONFIRMED
1547388 Pocket + firefox sync does not work when clearing cookies after closing firefox. Making an exception seems impossible. UNCONFIRMED
1550067 Cannot open new PDF viewer with blob: URL UNCONFIRMED
1552426 Using the default theme syncs the wrong color between different OSs UNCONFIRMED
1559104 Always signed out of sync when Firefox starts. UNCONFIRMED
1560501 Frequent freezes and large use of memory UNCONFIRMED [MemShrink:P3]
1564351 "Restore previous session" reopens last closed tab UNCONFIRMED
1567822 about:logins should re-use an already open tab UNCONFIRMED
1568358 Provide user with option to delete synced data from account when disconnecting Sync UNCONFIRMED
1569239 Tabs not loading when #urlbar-container is hidden UNCONFIRMED
1574732 Top Sites on New Tab page are not labelled correctly (only lower case is used) UNCONFIRMED
1577750 Urlbar search icons disappear with extensions.enabledScopes=1 UNCONFIRMED
1579574 Preferences show Firefox is the default browser when it is not associated with html files UNCONFIRMED
1579595 Firefox keeps allocating memory until all consumed when streaming live YouTube presentation UNCONFIRMED [MemShrink]
1580494 Deleted bookmarks in toolbar folder come back at end of list. UNCONFIRMED
1580633 Unable to show bookmark in highlight section of blank page. UNCONFIRMED
1581872 Contextual identity is not preserved for a tab that was open as discarded UNCONFIRMED
1582360 Firefox 68.1.0 ESR language change problem UNCONFIRMED
1584616 Problem to save pages to pocket UNCONFIRMED
1586072 Password Manager using Secret Service UNCONFIRMED
1587023 If page is zoomed in/out, screenshot tool overlay is zoomed in/out too UNCONFIRMED
1587983 Make it clear what the check marks do in the one-click search engines preferences UNCONFIRMED
1589500 Unauthorized full access to logged-in sites in LAN environments (protect profile data storage) UNCONFIRMED [reporter-external] [client-bounty-form] [verif?]
1589925 When you add a pocket bookmark, it plays an animation which blocks the bookmarks from being opened UNCONFIRMED
1591804 Some windows lost after closing firefox UNCONFIRMED
1592667 tabs are restored in wrong windows from session restore UNCONFIRMED
1593205 Built-in screenshot utility serves wrong mime type text/ico UNCONFIRMED
1593883 Allow content to handle Accel+N and Accel+T in Full Screen mode UNCONFIRMED
1594248 Clicking lock icon in URL bar displays garbled planet/checkbox background dropdown UNCONFIRMED
1594307 Protection UI empty when ETP is turned on alongside with adblockers/privacy extensions, confusing the user UNCONFIRMED
1594838 click on pin/link to a local page (e.g. file:///C:/index.html) on about:newtab page do not load content into new created and open tab view UNCONFIRMED
1595125 Firefox deleted all keywords for searches UNCONFIRMED
1595387 "Take a Screenshot" icon in the right-click menu is dark even on dark themes UNCONFIRMED
1595702 share tab via FxA UNCONFIRMED
1599575 [mac] Intermittent New Tab is non-operational UNCONFIRMED
1599910 Lockwise - Do filter based in opened page when open the tool from browser hamburger menu UNCONFIRMED
1600258 Firefox displaying blank page, not "Firefox Home" though configured UNCONFIRMED
1600393 Previous session does not restore UNCONFIRMED
1600710 In Bookmarks Toolbar, if >1 folder has (no title), upon syncing, all bookmarks across both folders will end up in one folder, and the other will be empty. UNCONFIRMED
1601163 Add a "Dismiss Website" option in the context menu of "Top Sites" UNCONFIRMED
1601394 FF 70.0.1 buggy and can not load various sites UNCONFIRMED
1601569 unable to use enterprise policies.json to allow notifications when using first party isolation UNCONFIRMED
1602240 Make more use of available vertical space in the synced tabs when opened via touch UNCONFIRMED
1603817 Facebook Container recommended even though Firefox Multi-Account Containers is installed UNCONFIRMED
1604642 about:logins "Sort by: Name (A-Z)" sorts by domain name only -- should then sort by login A-Z within each domain UNCONFIRMED
1605229 use Bing InPrivate search in Firefox's Private mode when Bing is set as default search engine UNCONFIRMED
1605908 "Import from another browser" does not show Firefox forks UNCONFIRMED
1606547 Documents sidebar - allow using Firefox as a pdf viewer UNCONFIRMED
1606893 JavaScript error: resource://gre/modules/PushDB.jsm, line 414: Error: Record ? does not exist UNCONFIRMED
1608075 Display text/* (for example, text/x-java) in browser instead of prompting to download UNCONFIRMED
1608656 pocket has only one row on new pageand no option to change UNCONFIRMED
1608718 Immediately remember the sidebar visibility, not when FireFox exits. UNCONFIRMED
1609551 UI/Accessibility Barrier: Forms in add-on dropdowns impossible to fill with on screen keyboard on desktop Linux UNCONFIRMED
1609740 Redhat Linux EL 6.10 Firefox v68, Set as Desktop Background not working - Dialog appears and allows but image not actually set UNCONFIRMED
1610210 Don't replace original tab when opening a new container UNCONFIRMED
1611121 Allow users to access context menu actions for underlying media in more cases UNCONFIRMED
1611587 Bookmarks get mixed up during sync. UNCONFIRMED
1611605 Tabs did not get restored from previous session UNCONFIRMED
1612261 PDF.js does not render borders consistently UNCONFIRMED
1612351 Firefox ignores content-disposition for embedded pdf because of default action UNCONFIRMED
1612789 Dragging imported folders in bookmark manager does not move all nested bookmarks UNCONFIRMED
1613577 Some pending/discarded tabs are loaded when dragged to an existing window UNCONFIRMED
1614439 Page Info Dialog Uses Significant CPU While Open UNCONFIRMED
1614516 Probably bad handling of HTTP headers UNCONFIRMED
1614963 Window tabs design on light vs dark modes UNCONFIRMED
1615513 Improve look of context menu on Windows UNCONFIRMED
1615841 Multi Tab session saves w/ Mozilla Account. UNCONFIRMED
1615878 Move context menu navigation buttons to the bottom if menu is opened above cursor UNCONFIRMED
1616046 Letterboxing does not always set resolution correctly UNCONFIRMED
1616126 DOS based on repeated basic authentication prompt. UNCONFIRMED
1616296 PDF Printing: Unusual Characters Appearing UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-c-printing]
1617503 Bookmark button not working after system returning from standby UNCONFIRMED
1617505 render un-coloured HTML documents using the system colours UNCONFIRMED
1617658 When searching about:logins, select and show the search results' first login. UNCONFIRMED
1618218 "Start New Session" should store existing session in sessionstore-backups UNCONFIRMED
1618783 Context menu mostly blank in window opened by -private-window command line option UNCONFIRMED
1619373 Let WebExtensions preload their new tab page UNCONFIRMED
1619634 On First opening Firefox, the software hangs for 10 to 20 seconds when anthing is entered into the address bar UNCONFIRMED
1619772 Memory leak after long work UNCONFIRMED
1619942 Scrolling in Firefox UNCONFIRMED
1619967 Firefox screenshots lose hover effects UNCONFIRMED
1620355 Context menu hotkeys and different localizations UNCONFIRMED
1621301 Firefox does not load webpages from the new tab page since 74.0 update UNCONFIRMED
1621924 Please make Minimize and Maximize buttons more visible like Close button. UNCONFIRMED
1622175 Bookmarks toolbar wrong folding after resize window UNCONFIRMED
1622321 Firefox stuck after past to long sentences .2020-03013 UNCONFIRMED
1623331 Firefox Sync clears most bookmark folders UNCONFIRMED
1623466 Cannot screenshot some websites [e.g. Tantek.com homepage] UNCONFIRMED
1623554 Restore tabs more lazily UNCONFIRMED
1623750 Dynamic price index on exchanges charts based on tradingview.com is misplaced UNCONFIRMED
1623894 Replace 'stopped' with 'blocked' in the "Firefox stopped a social network from tracking you here" doorhanger wording UNCONFIRMED
1624131 Firefox hits 5.3GB memory cap and then cannot function UNCONFIRMED
1624133 Do not show me Pocket when I have Pocket disabled UNCONFIRMED
1624171 Crash in [@ shutdownhang | libpthread.so.0@0xfea2] UNCONFIRMED
1624182 Show shortcuts in page action menu UNCONFIRMED
1624197 Allow for more granular permission management/site settings control UNCONFIRMED
1624201 [Feature request] Firefox Color Dark Theme mode UNCONFIRMED
1624204 about:preferences should have sub-sections for each section UNCONFIRMED
1624990 app.normandy decreases the security.tls.version.min to 1 UNCONFIRMED
1625460 [Protections Panel] Unreachable code in updateSubView under ThirdPartyCookies in browser site protectio UNCONFIRMED
1625695 Make the light-on-dark theme available when the OS is set to dark mode UNCONFIRMED
1625732 Confirm closing tab that is emitting sound when doing "Close Tabs To The Right" UNCONFIRMED
1626731 Firefox doesn't open all windows when restarting UNCONFIRMED
1626879 missing symbols in pdf file UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-c-rendering][pdfjs-d-font-conversion]
1627030 Native PDF Viewer Misaligns Hyperlinks Embedded in Graphics UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-c-rendering][pdfjs-d-annotations]
1627396 Refresh the page and verify if items are present in cart UNCONFIRMED
1627427 PDF: Some Korean letters are copied incorrectly UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-c-text-selection]
1627757 Automatically switch between dark/light theme UNCONFIRMED
1628179 Page Info window's media list scrollbar's dragger has incorrect size when opened (gets updated on window maximize, but not on manual resize). UNCONFIRMED
1628632 Firefox crashes in headless mode UNCONFIRMED
1628652 New tab stays bright when using Firefox Default scheme with dark system UNCONFIRMED
1628669 Cannot remove amazon.com from top sites list UNCONFIRMED
1628764 Favicon displays error when attempting to use internal file for image UNCONFIRMED
1628806 Swiping left and right with the pen does not go back/forward UNCONFIRMED
1629172 Misleading description of Search Bar choices UNCONFIRMED
1629209 Cannot access bug reports on Bugzilla.com for FireFox, even though I logged into my account. WTF?! UNCONFIRMED
1629239 Broken keyboard shortcuts displayed in menus under Ubuntu UNCONFIRMED
1629452 Add a "current-url" attribute to #main-window in browser.xhtml UNCONFIRMED
1629635 Convert Customize Firefox page to HTML UNCONFIRMED
1629718 Address bar (appears to be) focused and zoomed in, unable to close on first run. UNCONFIRMED
1629965 The two "new tab" buttons have different accessible label UNCONFIRMED [access-s4]
1630206 Firefox Home page doesn't support dark theme UNCONFIRMED
1631006 Lots of different “circled i” monochrome icons used in different places UNCONFIRMED
1631101 Firefox update 75.0 lost MOST of my tabs (not all) using orderly update/restart of Firefox UNCONFIRMED
1631189 My bookmarks are not visible in Highlights UNCONFIRMED
1631360 search icon disappears UNCONFIRMED
1631408 "Restore previous session" causes multiple cookies to activate at Firefox startup UNCONFIRMED
1631433 have different settings (such as enable DRM in one and disable in other) for each containers. UNCONFIRMED
1631645 Opening Instagram through the Top Sites immediately after starting Firefox, it fails to open in a Facebook isolated tab UNCONFIRMED
1632011 Session Randomly Doesn't Save After Clearing History Multiple Times UNCONFIRMED
1632377 History should be available in an HTML page UNCONFIRMED
1632841 Customize Firefox Kiosk mode to activate its components one by one (à la carte) UNCONFIRMED
1632906 The upper part of letters is cut off on Facebook. UNCONFIRMED
1633129 Doesn't save default browser setting in preferences UNCONFIRMED
1633465 my bookmarks continuously copy/sync and duplicate them self UNCONFIRMED
1633908 pdf viewer fails to render 1 setlinecap 100 100 moveto closepath stroke UNCONFIRMED
1634477 Highlight refresh button instead of refreshing with refresh header UNCONFIRMED
1634572 when blocking document fonts, exempt PDFs UNCONFIRMED
1634857 Middle-click close tab and open link in new tab is broken UNCONFIRMED
1634918 Rename "Safe mode" to something that doesn't imply that it is completely "safe" UNCONFIRMED
1635042 Tab-strip becomes partially obscured when enabling split-view with Firefox as the secondary window UNCONFIRMED
1635376 windows 10 does not offer firefox as default UNCONFIRMED
1635445 Dynamics 365 Pop-ups Do Not Work in Firefox UNCONFIRMED
1635765 Open tabs lose container association on restart UNCONFIRMED
1636367 Feature request: Add to top sites UNCONFIRMED
1636529 Clicking the URL bar lock icon does nothing on some sites UNCONFIRMED
1636705 CTRL+ALT+W or CTRL+OPT+W should close all tabs except the active one UNCONFIRMED
1636715 Add option: move tab close button to the favicon UNCONFIRMED
1637128 The overflow menu in the address bar is hidden for local files UNCONFIRMED
1637308 Broken functionality on Kickstarter UNCONFIRMED
1637545 No label on screenshot frame in responsive design mode UNCONFIRMED
1637686 After updating to Firefox 76.0.1 (64-bit) today, the Outlook app within Office 365 started crashing UNCONFIRMED
1637790 Email Link broken in 76.0.1 UNCONFIRMED
1637952 [Mac] Cmd+click on links in gmail switches to new tab immediately, contrary to preference UNCONFIRMED
1638197 Auto restoration of Tabs showing Server Not Found issues UNCONFIRMED
1638541 Build in uBlock Origin (or other) adblock into Firefox for iOS UNCONFIRMED
1638577 question/bug(userChrome.css): placeholders customization UNCONFIRMED
1638674 Important background data consumption/use UNCONFIRMED
1638732 DNS-over-HTTPS: incessant nagging "opt-out" pop-up that DoH is enabled UNCONFIRMED [necko-triaged][trr]
1638796 Firefox cannot download screenshot with prohibited characters in filename UNCONFIRMED
1639070 Page back on reopening Firefox UNCONFIRMED
1639617 Grouping Tabs UNCONFIRMED
1639746 Endless scrolling/infinite scrolling is incompatible with user font preferences UNCONFIRMED
1640380 "Duplicate tab" opens different url UNCONFIRMED
1640446 Opening a new tab before the current tab's website has loaded causes the new tab to take the URL of the current tab UNCONFIRMED
1640455 after click the restore previous session,the 10% of the right side screen just freezes UNCONFIRMED
1640640 Support taking large full page screenshots with higher device pixel ratios UNCONFIRMED
1641120 Update Photon theme UNCONFIRMED
1641349 Progressive web app doesn't respect container tabs UNCONFIRMED
1641836 copy filename download manager UNCONFIRMED
1642136 Crash in [@ PR_Lock | PR_CallOnce | nss_Init | <&mut serde_json::de::Deserializer<R> as serde::de::Deserializer>::deserialize_seq] UNCONFIRMED [SACI]
1642311 New Tab should be able to be set to Home Page UNCONFIRMED
1642583 PDF preview not correct when using clipmask and Blendmode DARKEN UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-c-rendering][pdfjs-d-smask][pdfjs-d-blend-mode]
1642861 CTRL+W is attempting to close all tabs vs. open tab or window (pop-up email window). UNCONFIRMED
1643300 Highlighted item in download list hides the progress bar in dark mode UNCONFIRMED
1643719 Full screenshot of Gmail gives a truncated screenshot UNCONFIRMED
1643876 email a link to this page not working UNCONFIRMED
1643903 Title of the tab will not be restored when right-clicking on a tab and using "Reload Tab" UNCONFIRMED
1643908 "Server Not Found"/"Problem loading page" as <title>-element is less helpful than original title-element UNCONFIRMED
1643922 Support Outlook.com as one of default handlers for mailto: URIs UNCONFIRMED
1643989 Full screenshot is incomplete with hardware acceleration option enabled UNCONFIRMED
1644060 Firefox will not open one particular website. Website opens fine in other browsers. Restarting Firefox fixes it but the issue comes back randomly. UNCONFIRMED
1644144 The "Firefox has just been updated in the background" message is inaccurate. UNCONFIRMED
1644289 Multiple requests for Windows account/password UNCONFIRMED
1644785 Add file support for network.trr.excluded-domains feature UNCONFIRMED
1644843 session restore behaviour for visible tab leads to stale data being shown to the user UNCONFIRMED
1645161 reopen my tabs that I had open, AND clear history when I close and reopen Firefox UNCONFIRMED
1645332 Firefox don`t open MS OFFice if you click in sharepoint 2019 on a document UNCONFIRMED
1645585 Screenshot not working on pages with special characters at start of title UNCONFIRMED
1645604 Pages don't open, resintall failed, Firefox disappears from Start menu UNCONFIRMED
1645605 Full-page screenshot doesn't scroll some pages (like Hotmail) UNCONFIRMED
1645721 UI glyphs disappear when changing ui.prefersReducedMotion pref UNCONFIRMED
1645811 Enable to open in new tab by clicking "Home" button UNCONFIRMED
1646218 new global sharing indicator opens in the center of the screen UNCONFIRMED
1646282 PDF with long page cut off UNCONFIRMED [pdfjs-c-rendering]
1646503 Tab title does not update if titleless page is loaded after 'Problem loading page' UNCONFIRMED
1646985 "Select a container for each new tab" checkbox doesn't work with Ctrl-T UNCONFIRMED
1647618 Tab is stuck during dragging when user get pop-up message in Microsoft Teams UNCONFIRMED
1647660 failure sending bug report (mozilla crash/restore, detail information) UNCONFIRMED
1648338 UI for storage usage calculation can be improved UNCONFIRMED
1648953 "Gah! your tab just crashed" tab crash error text should explain the cause, such as Linux system RAM being low or the tab process being killed externally UNCONFIRMED
1649207 Fail to login on Apple TV UNCONFIRMED
1649299 Feature request: "New tab with IPv4" UNCONFIRMED
1650169 Use purple private browsing tint in more places when in private browsing mode, like on mobile Firefox UNCONFIRMED
1650503 Operation Fails: right_click >> close multiple tabs >> close tabs to the right results in closing tabs before confirmation is applied on Mac OS X Catalina UNCONFIRMED
1650528 Firefox complains of not enough space if filesystem last saved to ran out of space, even if "Always asks you where to save files" is set UNCONFIRMED
1650550 Misplaced export box in about:certificate page UNCONFIRMED
1650695 Allow option to disable screenshot notification UNCONFIRMED
1650711 Autoplay about:preferences options could allow better blocking without using unclear about:config options UNCONFIRMED
1651061 Record `auto_admin` and `require_signon` macOS equivalents for pwmgr.reauthenticate telemetry UNCONFIRMED
1651113 PDF search should default to unlimited whitespace UNCONFIRMED
1651891 Per-file-extension open in default app and save UNCONFIRMED
1651969 Firefox translators should be able to translate dynamically added content UNCONFIRMED

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  • Some of these bugs have more than one comment, maybe those are more likely to be significant and already started to be triaged.