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Nightly build bug team

Hello! If you'd like to help out with bug management for Nightly builds, please read this page and try out the tutorial at http://www.tizianasellitto.it/trainingmontage/bugzilla-triage-tutorial.html.

Every night the latest pre-release version of Firefox is made available. If you want to test against the cutting edge of Firefox, download the Nightly build and use it as your main browser. If you find any bugs, file them. (How to File a Bug).

You may also be interested in looking at the bugs others have filed, and see if you can replicate them or add any useful information. Triaging the Nightly bugs will help us catch important bugs as quickly as possible!

1. Download the Nightly build and run it.
2. Make a bugzilla account.
3. Skim over the current bugs against the Nightly release (currently, 59 branch).
4. Triage through the list of UNCONFIRMED Nightly bugs. So helpful!
--- replicate the bug, comment, and confirm it
--- needinfo the bug reporter to get more details
--- regression testing with the mozregression tool

For example, the current release version of Firefox is 57. The Beta version is 58, and the Aurora version is 54. That means the Nightly build is 59. The bugs filed against that release are listed as being in the 59 branch of Firefox.

UNCONFIRMED bugs in the 59 Branch (Nightly)

Full Query
ID Summary Product Component Status Op sys
1416976 WAV files show as ridiculously long when content length headers are missing Core Audio/Video: Playback UNCONFIRMED Unspecified
1418134 Navigation Cancels XHR Requests and Calls Onerror Callback Core DOM UNCONFIRMED Unspecified
1418799 browserAction popup doesn't trigger browser.tabs.onRemoved Toolkit WebExtensions: Android UNCONFIRMED Android
1419459 Add CORS information to webRequest details objects Toolkit WebExtensions: Request Handling UNCONFIRMED Unspecified
1420865 web extension popup does not repaint Toolkit WebExtensions: General UNCONFIRMED Unspecified
1421280 Firefox window flickers white randomly while using WebRender Core Graphics: WebRender UNCONFIRMED Linux
1422037 <mover>/<munder>/<munderover> stretches stretchy operators inconsistently with or without <mrow> Core MathML UNCONFIRMED Unspecified
1422550 Bad CSS? Render on Phoronix Forums on latest Firefox Nightly Core CSS Parsing and Computation UNCONFIRMED Unspecified
1423323 CSS injected using contentScripts.register should be removable without page reload Toolkit WebExtensions: Untriaged UNCONFIRMED All
1424588 Possible memory leak when accessing Gamepad pose.orientation or pose.position from JavaScript. Core WebVR UNCONFIRMED Unspecified
1424589 WebVR not presenting to headset if SteamVR was started or rebooted after Firefox. Core WebVR UNCONFIRMED Unspecified
1424802 Intermittently, SteamVR Home boots up while using WebVR on Firefox. Core WebVR UNCONFIRMED Unspecified
1425114 Firefox restarts on the wrong virtual desktop after an update Core Widget: Cocoa UNCONFIRMED Mac OS X
1425208 slow network download for merged Blob from FileSystem sliced one Core DOM: File UNCONFIRMED Mac OS X
1425469 [css-writing-mode] Text overflows the viewport for nested writing modes Core Layout UNCONFIRMED Unspecified
1425739 Scrolling in Android has a distinct hitch when releasing finger Core Panning and Zooming UNCONFIRMED Android
1426226 CPU spike and memory expansion on Ubuntu Linux Core General UNCONFIRMED Linux
1426625 dataTransfer is unavailable in listener of dragstart event when drag a text of input Core Drag and Drop UNCONFIRMED Unspecified
1426820 only print 1st page Core Printing: Output UNCONFIRMED Windows 10
1426861 Videos cause visual glitches and causes the GPU to run at 100% activity. Even when Firefox is closed the GPU issue persists and the PC needs to be restarted for the issue to be fixed. Core Graphics UNCONFIRMED Windows 10
1427239 Crash in java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method ''void org.mozilla.gecko.FormAssistPopup.destroy()'' on a null object reference at org.mozilla.gecko.webapps.WebAppActivity.onDestroy(WebAppActivity.java) Toolkit General UNCONFIRMED Android
1428271 Use moz-icon in WebExtensions Toolkit WebExtensions: General UNCONFIRMED All
1430111 Element rendered in black when 'webrender.all' is set to 'true' Core Graphics: WebRender UNCONFIRMED Unspecified

23 Total; 23 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);


  • Bugs that changed state from UNCO to NEW. (Active triaging happened to move them to NEW)
  • Total number of bugs reported for 59 Branch that were confirmed (Including bugs that were originally filed as NEW)

Firefox Untriaged bugs in 59 Branch

Bugs that are in the Firefox Untriaged component, reported for 59 branch. The UNCONFIRMED bugs need to be replicated and their status changed to NEW. Often they turn out to be support issues. In that case mark them as RESOLVED INVALID and redirect the person who filed the bug to Support.

No results.

0 Total; 0 Open (0%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

The following bugs have been replicated, or confirmed as NEW, but haven't yet been assigned to a product and component. It's important to make an effort to get these bugs into a category where developers on particular teams are more likely to see them.

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0 Total; 0 Open (0%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

  • To search later branches, go to the Advanced Search form in Bugzilla, select Firefox for the product, then under the Detailed Bug Information dropdown, scroll through the Versions listed and select the latest one. That search will bring up all bugs reported for the latest nightly build.

Other ways to help with the Nightly release: QA Test Plan for Firefox 59