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18th IRC meeting: Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006 at 18:00 GMT

  • The QA team has run all the Selenium scripts on 2.20.3 and 2.22.1. No regression has been found so far. These scripts are being updated to run on 3.0 too, but this requires some time. Additional (manual) testing is still required.
  • We expect the QA stuff to be done by October 12th, with the releases being out right after it.
  • The roadmap for the next few weeks is: release Oct 12, soft freeze two weeks after, hard freeze two weeks after, 3.0rc1 on December 8.
  • Not all tasks from the initial roadmap for 3.0 will be done on time, such as supporting Oracle, AJAXification, customised statuses and workflow.
  • We plan 3.0 RC1 to be a real Release Candidate, i.e. with all blockers fixed before releasing it. Else we will call our next release 2.23.4.
  • Testopia 1.1 is going to be released soon now.
  • The QA team is using Testopia for the very first time to manage QA tests and results.