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CA Program Bugzilla Dashboards

Bug Triage in Mozilla's CA Certificate Program

Mozilla’s CA Certificate Program governs inclusion of root certificates in Network Security Services (NSS), a set of open source libraries designed to support cross-platform development of security-enabled client and server applications. The NSS root certificate store is not only used in Mozilla products such as the Firefox browser, but is also used by other companies in a variety of products.

The Bugzilla products/components related to the CA Certificate Program are:

The CA Certificate Program deviates from Mozilla's standardized Bugzilla Bug Triage process by not using bug priorities (P1, P2, P3, or P5), because CA Certificate Root Program bugs do not directly include code changes to Mozilla's release trains or iterations.

CA Program Whiteboard Tags

CA Certificate Issuance Problems and Incidents

To report a concern about certificates being issued by a CA in Mozilla's Program:

The bug summary should begin with the CA name, so sorting the bugs by Summary will sort the bugs by CA.

Open CA Mis-Issuance bugs:

The whiteboard tags for NSS :: CA Certificate Mis-Issuance are:

  • [ca-investigation] -- Concern has been raised about certificates that a CA has issued. Investigation and/or discussion in progress.
  • [ca-incident-response] -- The concern about a CA's certificates has been confirmed, and the CA has follow-up action items
  • [ca-compliance] -- The concern about a CA's certificates is in regards to failure to comply with Mozilla policy and/or the CA/Browser Forum's Baseline Requirements, and is determined to not be an imminent security concern.

Root Inclusion/Change requests and EV Treatment Enablement Requests

A representative of a CA may begin the process of root inclusion, change, or ev-enablement by filing a Bugzilla Bug as described here:

The whiteboard tags for NSS :: CA Certificate Root Program are:

  • [ca-initial] -- not enough information to begin the Information Verification phase, or not yet assigned to someone to do the Information Verification
  • [ca-verifying] -- in Information Verification phase
  • [ca-ready-for-discussion yyyy-mm-dd] -- Information Verification phase complete. Ready for public discussion. In parentheses add date when Information Verification phase was completed.
  • [ca-in-discussion] -- in discussion in the forum.
  • [ca-discussion-hold] -- discussion on hold, pending CA actions.
  • [ca-hold] -- CA's request is on hold, typically because the CA is a super-CA, so all of their subCAs have to achieve inclusion first.
  • [ca-pending-approval] -- final notice of intent to approve the CA's request
  • [ca-approved] -- request is approved, pending code changes in NSS, also including certs which are in NSS and pending code changes in PSM

CA Audit Statement Bugs

  • [ca-audits] -- One bug may be created per CA to store audit statements that are not published on, the auditor's website, or the CA's website.
    • Link to create ca-audit bug
    • Make sure the bug has the correct product/component for the CA Certificate Program, which is NSS :: CA Certificate Root Program
    • Add [ca-audits] to the Whiteboard
    • Add Comment: "Closing this bug, but this bug may continue to be used for uploading annual audit statements for this CA."
    • Close bug as RESOLVED | WORKSFORME

CA Program Process or Policy Related Bugs

Certificate Revocation Related Bugs