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This is a property of type Enumeration.

Available goals are:

  • Scale Firefox OS
  • Add Services to our Product Lines
  • Get Firefox on a Growth Trajectory
  • Invest in Sustainability
  • Grow Adoption of Webmaker
  • Enable Communities that have Impact

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2014 +Scale Firefox OS  +, Add Services to our Product Lines  +, Get Firefox on a Growth Trajectory  +,


Ckoehler/Projects/Connect MozillaWiki to Baloo +Enable Communities that have Impact  +
Ckoehler/Projects/Facilitate OPW coordination +Enable Communities that have Impact  +
Ckoehler/Projects/Learning Resource Index +Enable Communities that have Impact  +
Contribute/Contribution Challenges/Firefox Growth Team - Project DistruFox +Get Firefox on a Growth Trajectory  +
Contribute/Contribution Challenges/Firefox OS Local Content +Scale Firefox OS  +
Contribute/Contribution Challenges/Mobile Webmaker +Grow Adoption of Webmaker  +
Contribute/Contribution Challenges/Test Challenge E +Scale Firefox OS  +