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Web Compatibility Bugs Convention

In Web Compatibility, we are using a specific set of keywords to classify our work. It helps each of us to work together and create meaningful searches for some classes of bugs: per type of issues, per countries, etc. We also used the status for giving the state of a bug.

More information about other topics is offered in the Web Compat Guide.


This is a short explanation of the bug status in Web Compatibility Area.

This bug has been opened, probably through Mobile Web Compat form
The bug has been confirmed and probably analyzed. Whiteboard flags are added. It's free for everyone to work on it.
A person has been assigned on the bug. It has been taken.
A site was fixed in response to a request made by volunteers through Mozilla.
If the problem is no longer there but we haven't asked for any fixes (yet)
If a bug is not a valid Tech Evangelism bug in the first place

whiteboard keywords for categorizing the issues

We are using a set of keywords in the whiteboard field to help us figuring out priorities, languages, etc.

When the sniffing is happening on the client-side such as HTML or JS
Once the Web site has been analyzed for Web compatibility issues AND we found a contact (so after [needscontact]). Someone can take the bug and contact the Web site for achieving a resolution. List of Web sites to contact
Some websites are dedicated to a specific country. For example, a French Web site can be classified as [country-fr], a japanese Web site as [country-jp], for international Web sites you can use [country-all]
JavaScript issue
When related to a specific JS lib being used. Example [lib-yui] [lib-jquery] [lib-mootools]
Finding the right contact is a bit like black magic. It requires a certain set of skills. Before contacting and switching the bug to [contactready], we need to find how/who to talk to.
Sometimes a bug has a dependency or is in the process of being further investigated, hence it is not ready for being formally contacted.
When the sniffing is happening on the server-side such as HTTP redirection and/or different content being served on the same domain
Once the Web site has been contacted for Web compatibility issues. This helps to not have two separate persons contacting the same Web site. Leave also a comment with the date when you contacted the site. list of contacted Web sites
When the issue is about a site not giving the nicest experience that some other browsers get. For example, getting the low-end mobile version instead of the shiny touch version.
When the current bug is about the UA override list added on to Firefox for Android or Firefox OS
An interoperability issue created by WebKit CSS: missing -moz- and/or prefixless equivalent.
This bug is affected by the old version of WPTouch.

comment tagging

Bugzilla allows the tagging of bugs comments. We use that specifically to extract specific comments for the wrapper helping us contacting Web sites.

Comment explaining in simple language and detailed what the bug is about
(reserved) The comment is written with a Markdown syntax
Comment explaining how to solve the issue