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Web Compatibility Sites & Tools

Below is a list of websites and tools that are used in Web Compatibility. These are all hosted on Github with open issues that you can help with!

  • Simplebug - site | issues
    • Tool that helps with site contacting by writing Bugzilla bug reports into non-technical language.
  • Are We Compatible Yet? - site | issues
    • Lists of top sites by region with compatibility bugs, fast bug search, regression test results.
  • - site | issues
    • A place for all web users, developers and browser vendors to get involved in the web compatibility effort. The goal is to make it easy to report and view problems for any part of the web
  • Browser Extensions - site | issues
    • Tool that makes reporting compatibility problems simple. Adds an icon to your browser to quick report any site issue while browsing.
  • Bugs Ahoy! - site | issues
    • Tool that provides a simple interface to find web compatibility bugs to work on.