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Enterprise Testing Surveys

The Web Compatibility team is testing to Enterprise sites in Firefox Desktop in order to understand the current compatibility landscape for this market.

Test Plan

In general, we want to test a site in the most useful ways it can be tested, beyond looking at the home page, i.e., exercising the core functionality of a site, to the extent that we can. For example, for an word processor type webapp, test that we can create new documents, edit them, share them, etc.

This is fairly open ended, but patterns may emerge depending on the category of site.

See also: Wiki Test Plan, which may serve as inspiration for an Enterprise test plan document.

Bug Reporting Guidelines

All sites should be tested in current Release version of Firefox on Desktop, as well as the current ESR version.

If an issue is discovered, but doesn't reproduce in Firefox Nightly, we should file a bug and note that. It's possible the issue is already fixed in Nightly, or it's possible there is a Nightly-only configuration that fixes the bug. Engineers working on diagnosis should associate the bug with relevant Bugzilla bugs.

If an issue doesn't reproduce in Chrome on Desktop, AND reproduces in Firefox Nightly, a bug should be filed on with steps to reproduce and a screenshot.

If an issue reproduces in Chrome in addition to Firefox, we do not need to file an issue.

(question: should we consider testing against IE as well?)

Bug identifier

Each bug report should have a lowercase bug identifier to help us link back to all bug reports filed as part of this project, and by country (via a search query). It should look like this:

sv; type: enterprise-survey

We should also add a type-enterprise-survey label to the newly created bug.

Sites and Accounts

The following (Mozilla-only) spreadsheet contains the sites to be tested as well as credentials for test acccounts, where we have them. Adam Stevenson is working to arrange accounts for the remaining sites, where possible.


  • Wednesday, August 8, 2018 - Minutes.