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Web Compat wiki project list (karlcow)

The project list has not been maintained for a while. I have started to reshuffle a bit the wiki, but I need help.

  • karl: I've been wanting to reshuffle the wiki. I've moved thigns from Compatibility/Mobile to Compatibility. I've been finding dead bodies in the closets. One of which is the projects page. This needs a bit of cleaning. Feel free to do a bit of gardening, don't delete but move things to the archive/inactive section at the bottom.
  • mike: we should update this page along with our projects which we attempt to complete on a quarterly basis

Organizing our time in London (miketaylr)

There's a ton of stuff happening in London (meetings, electives, tutorials, etc.), and we should be free to take advantage of that. That said, it's also one of the few opportunities for us to be together and discuss our own work. Let's discuss ways to accommodate both (a few "required" team hours each day? open time for the rest? something else?). Perhaps we can prune potential topics and move some to ML discussions in advance.

Partner Mailing Lists (miketaylr)

Any objections to being subscribed by default to any future private partner mailing lists?

  • karl: What is the question? ;)
  • karl: No, I don't care, I have no issue with e-mail. My issue is what it creates in terms of bubbles and silos. What is the expectation of having the webcompat team on this list?

Broken Voices of the Web

Web Compatibility Progress


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