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Web Compatibility Projects


Web Compatibility is wide. There are many possible projects around this topics. You may want to take a look at our quarterly goals list too.

Project Peer link Description Ksenia Berezina General responsibility of the project
webcompat ML Bot Ksenia Berezina Webcompat ML bot backend Ksenia Berezina Python development of the project frontend Guillaume Demesy CSS, JS of the project
metrics dashboard Guillaume Demesy (frontend), Kate Manning (backend) Python and React
webcompat bug triage Oana, Raul Triage Process
webcompat bug diagnosis Dennis, Ksenia, Thomas Diagnosis Process
Webcompat GoFaster Dennis Schubert _ _
Web Platform Tests James Graham _ _

Site Interventions

  • owner: Dennis Schubert

We are hotfixing some Websites for webcompat issues. Outreach is taking a long time and is not always fruitful. While we continue to try to contact important sites, we sometimes need also to patch them so the users have a good experience in the meantime.

Site Interventions Automated Test Suite

  • owner: Thomas Wisniewski, James Graham

Site Interventions need to be tested automatically.

Machine Learning Bot for Webcompat triage

  • owner: Ksenia Berezina

We receive a lot of bugs on, A team of two persons is currently triaging them with the help of a Webcompat Machine Learning Bot @@link to documentation@@. The bot will identify valid and invalid issues and accelerate the triage. Web site

  • owner: Ksenia Berezina

A cross browser issue reporting Web site has been created and is maintained on GitHub. Developed in Python, JavaScript.

The project has a certain number of keywords that are worth documenting.

Evangelism - In progress

Part of the Evangelism effort, the Web Compatibility Guide helps individuals to report, analyze and contact Web sites for issues with Web Compatibility. (work in progress)


Projects which have been abandoned or have been completed are being archived.