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webcompat Needs Triage (miketaylr)

We've deployed the New -> Needs Triage changes (thanks Deepthi!), but there will exist a number of issues w/o status-needstriage labels. What to do?

  • karl: This is fixed. I went through them today and have relabeled them. Also closed a couple of forgotten ones with label:worksforme.
  • miketaylr: karl is the best (sorry everyone else).

Automating Changelogs (miketaylr) * *

  • miketaylr: you tell gitcop your commit convention. And if a commit message doesn't match the convention, it sends a message you are just a very bad bad bad brat.

Screenshots of top sites (adam_s)

Working with this pixel diffing tool from Yahoo Want to give quick update and longer term goals

  • Pass: pass.png
  • Fail: fail.png
  • adam: One of my goals for Q2 is to look at screenshots. I found the tool which does diff of screenshots. There are parameters to adjust to minimize the fail rates. There are many reasons for failing: ads, content changing, rotating backgrounds, pop up, domain redirections, etc. We are pretty well right now. I need to go through the pass ones just to be sure.
  • miketaylr: I like the magenta. Pretty cool.
  • adam: I might get help from abdul.
  • miketaylr: Did you run this on a big sample?
  • adam: I used 150 sites the first time to evaluate the rate failure. Then I ran it over night on 550.
  • karl: Write a blog post with your tools, techniques, and findings. *dramatic voice* WRITE A BLOG POST.
  • adam: I have notes here, it's gonna be a blog post
  • karl: Cool.
  • adam: We might need to optimize a bit the infrastructure if we go towards big numbers.
  • miketaylr: You should look at taskcluster.

Broken Voices of the Web

Web Compatibility Progress