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Welcome to Dennis (miketaylr)

Dennis is a new hire. Let's welcome him.

  • mike: Welcome to Dennis. He's starting this week. Also welcome to Eric who's already part of Mozilla and he is focusing on Compat in China, and they will both work on go faster addon. Dennis and I will be together in the Toronto's office.

Compat Dashboard (miketaylr)

A dashboard with a status of the bugs.

  • mike: There is a really really, REALLY, WOW how it can be so ugly dashboard. Comic design. (mike explains what the keywords mean.)
  • karl: needscontact is when we don't have any contacts yet, and we need to find contacts. Maybe the person who will find them is not necessarily the person who will do the outreach. Once the contact has been found, you can go on and put the bug in contactready.
  • mike: I should highlight the old bugs in the dashboard.
  • TODO: karl to write a blog post explaining the different keywords for managing the status of webcompat and tech evangelism.
  • TODO: karl to do the design of the compatibility dashboard.

Webcompat-reporter (adam_s)

Opened an issue about expanding the reporter add-on: Started building it: test.png Got more interested in having the icon update when visiting sites with issues: webext-test.png Fetches data from the Github API which is paginated, then stores the data locally, refreshes after 24 hours My code is here: Tips and feedback are welcome :)

  • adam: (explains the code and the way it works). I'm happy to receive feedback, code review, etc.
  • mike: I'm excited by this idea of highlighting old issues and give better feedback.
  • adam: also useful for showing dupes.
  • karl: Cool stuff!
  • mike: we might get help for the UX of our add-on from Mozilla.
  • adam: I have perf issues with the volume of issues. To improve later.

Broken Voices of the Web

Web Compatibility Progress