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Taipei workweek topics (mike)

  • mike: Main focus is and go faster, please put any topics you would like to suggest.

Taipei Lightning Talks (mike)

See previous topic, but please come prepared with a 5 to 10 minute talk (with slides) to share with the team (and the larger Taipei office, brownbag-style).

  • mike: would be cool to do lightning talks (brown bag) with the Taipei office. Share things you've been working on, or cat pics
  • eric: you can email to let people know
  • karl: what kinds of topics are in scope?
  • mike: anything that's somehow related to our work: new tech you want to learn about, tool you use to do your work, crazy bug, etc.
  • karl: How to stalk people.

View Source (denschub)

Mike, is there anything cool/new/interesting going on in the webdev world that you've heard of on View Source that we need to know?

  • mike: only saw half of the talks. The videos will be on air mozilla though. 2 talks on CSS grid. 2 PWA talks.

Broken Voices of the Web

Web Compatibility Progress