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2016 WebCompat wins (miketaylr)

What amazing things have happened in 2016 so far. What are the most dramatic wins (besides Eric and Dennis joining the team)?

  • karl: * Firefox 49 with -webkit- included. bitter win.
  • karl: * Good discussions restarted with Yahoo! Japan on fixing their sites.
  • karl: * More organic community participation to (triage, contacts)
  • karl: * a better direct interaction with Platform on fixing Webcompat issues.
  • karl: * a better support and actions from Google fixing webcompat issues on their properties.
  • adam: * A great experience with Outreachy - Deepthi
  • adam: * Discuss lists with many large companies - direct communication and better priority
  • adam: * Hacks article with positive feedback: Make the Web Work For Everyone
  • eric: * Finish China and Taiwan desktop/mobile browser profile (Overview of China:, Taiwan: )
  • mike: Go Faster.
  • mike: * A number of talks and workshops on web compatibility
  • mike: * Collaboration with the Participation org on a webcompat campaign
  • miketaylr: do we have a way to show what sites were fixed with webkitcss?
  • karl: you can search for [webkitcss] whiteboard for some view of this. you might also search for the bug number in GitHub.
  • karl: Another thing, we could put your travel diary. Conferences are good to highlight.

Some bugs and news (miketaylr)


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