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Welcome to Ola (miketaylr)

It's Ola's first day, welcome + quick team intros.

  • mike: let's welcome Ola. (Applause).
  • ola: I'm a JS developer. I use to work opensource fulltime on the Hoodie project. It was fun. I speak at conferences. I have a four year old daughter coding.
  • everyone: (going for a self intro tour) ## Q4 Goals follow up What got done? What's in flight? What didn't?
  • mike: Ship webcompat addon. In review. Next 2 weeks?
  • mike: Ship webcompat gofaster addon. Waiting for QA signoff. R+ done. Good work eric and dennis.
  • mike: needsdiagnosis getting down. Congrats Thomas and Dennis.
  • mike: perf audit. Will be done in Q1 at the beginning.
  • mike: issues.db. Let's consider done. And we might want to move forward on another branch.
  • mike: Speaking in 2016 was good. ## Review of H1 2017 Goals
  • mike: we had a preview of what was coming for this quarter.

33rd Chaos Communication Congress summary (denschub)


  • denschub: Talked to 7 WebDevs and 3 German Mozillians, nobody did know what we're doing. Two Mozillians knew, but were not aware that this is a Mozilla-driven project.
  • mike: once the button is shipped in Firefox, we should probably do a bit more PR about

Broken Voices of the Web

Web Compatibility Progress