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Compat Pain Points for 2017 (miketaylr)

What are the major issues that we're facing this year? MDN is interested knowing how they can support us with them.

  • karl: to understand a bit more the scope. Web compatibility issues? Aka what needs to be documented in priority?
  • eric: +1, compatibility issue for normal user or web developer?
  • mike: It's the usual top 10 list of issues.
  • mike: how do we collect info and communicate it back to the rest of mozilla.
  • thomas: we can communicate to MDN.
  • mike: some things are easier to do this with, some cases are more difficult
  • karl: We had a wiki page on this maybe?
  • adam: or this?
  • mike: [webcompat] is used.
  • karl: I tend to flag the issues with the [webcompat] whiteboard keyword. In the list of priorities, meta viewport is one issue I'm going to be researching and I think there will be work to do.
  • mike: The angle of MDN is to write documentation and articles, but different teams are asking us the same thing.
  • adam: I think process might start to make sense, since there's more of us. We won't see all of the bugs at this point. It might make sense to collect some kind of information. Maybe once a month we review. I'd volunteer to help clean this up and maintain it.
  • mike: What's a lightweight way to track this?
  • adam: Maybe we can use labels, that way we can link back to them.
  • ACTION: Mike to open a discussion bug in repo about labels for categorizing top issues.

Goals for 2017 (karl)

Mike reshuffled the goals for 2017 and added new ones.

  • karl: noticed the compatibility goals on the wiki
  • mike: mostly just organizing, did I add something?
  • karl: ah ok, it is the same goals
  • mike: for other people, the context of the page is and is organized in Q1 and Q2.

Report Site issue mislead user to (eric)

YouTube crashes Firefox Nightly on Windows on Monday, users report issues to ~20 issues: How to help user solve their problem or report issue to correct place from product design's perspective?

  • eric: we closed a lot of youtube crashes on Monday since the launch of the report site issue button. Users should be using the crash reporter for issues like this.
  • thomas: it's a tab crash. There was a bug about it on bugzilla.
  • mike: UX and expecatations. When tabs are crashing it doesn't prompt to use the crash reporter.
  • eric: maybe we can add something on when reporting so crashes are sent elsewhere
  • mike: we can add more questions like "did your tab crash", "did you test in another browser" to properly direct people/issues. Sumo did the same thing with webcompat, now users are sent to us with website issues.
  • karl: do we know when the user reports through the system add-on? (Yes) Is there something where we have more knowledge about the browser state, to know if a crash happened recently?
  • mike: probably and we should talk to Mike Conley. It would be a good idea if we can detect the crash through privileged API.
  • thomas: and we might redirect people directly to the bugzilla.
  • eric: the amo version wouldn't have the same level of access, we'll have to maintain two codebases. Should we just remove it so release users don't have access?
  • mike: I think for now we should keep it, as release users have different use cases
  • karl: Dev edition could potentially bring better quality and less crashes. Maybe the report site issue will be better there.
  • mike: lawrence mandel would be good to ask about the future of Aurora channel.
  • thomas: the devtools are being moved to dev edition.
  • karl: planning to write a blog post about the type of bugs (crashes) we are getting, should we communicate with anyone about it
  • mike: maybe let's wait one month to have better data. So at a point we should share this type of information.
  • eric: detect when certificates are bad, don't let them report
  • ACTION: Mike to have discussion with Brad about detecting crashed tabs, etc. Then file bugs as appropriate.

Broken Voices of the Web

Web Compatibility Progress