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Non-verbal update (miketaylr)


  • Reminder: When closing web bugs as dupes of bugzilla bugs, link to the webcompat issue in the See Also field of the bugzilla bug. (if there are other agenda items, we can discuss, but not necessary to hold a meeting just for this one) - filing issues (karl)

When filing issues on, make sure to take 10 or 20 minutes to be descriptive and explains the purpose of the issue. The rest of the people in our community are not in our heads. And a lot of issues with low context can be overwhelming.

  • karl: It's very quick to open an issue, and good to record things going through our minds. But please take the extra time to explain what you're thinking and what you're trying to achieve. People who are outside might receive a lot of issues without understanding what's happening.
  • miketaylr: I'm one of the top offenders at filing one line issue. Is 10-20 minutes a typo?
  • karl: no no :) it takes time to write a good issue. Think about context and search for old issues.
  • tom: It will also help us if we can't get to the issue for six months.

Flash-related non-compat bugs (miketaylr)

Mike discussed with cpeterson about Flash non compat bugs. A summary of the discussion.

Contextual bug reporting Meeting (miketaylr)

Mike met with bugmasters Emma Humphries and Rares Bologa following the blog post

  • karl: Can we publish the meeting notes publicly?
  • miketaylr: adam and I met with Emma Humphries. There are a lot of ways to say "We have a problem in Firefox". We will need a followup meeting about it.
  • ACTION: mike to publish the minutes about the contextual bug reporting on compatibility mailing-list.

Testimonials / Success Stories (mlockett/adam_s)

Does it make sense to include both? Who would we like to include initially? 3 would be a good start.

  • adam: Does it make sense to include both testimonials *and* success stories? It seems like everyone is on board with something like this, but we haven't nailed it down. Mesha is thinking if we have 3 of these things in some form, she can run with it and start testing. If we're planning on having this, we should get on it now.
  • ola: Success stories are one tiny issue we tackled at some point, so people can see that things happen and bugs get fixed. People's voices matter. Testimonials are more general: why is the project important and do we need web compat?
  • mike: Would these live on the same page?
  • ola: Testimonials would be "about", success stories would be scoped to contributor pages.
  • karl: As for testimonials, I understand the power of attracting celebrities, but for me it feels a bit disconnected from the reality of the project. What are the core values of the project, and what do these testimonials say about what we believe?
  • ola: I agree. Putting people not related to the project is not something that will help us. But certain people have a wider audience and that can help. I think we should get bigger.
  • karl: When you're saying we should get bigger, what do you mean?
  • ola: In terms of Mozilla, the project is p0, so there are expectations to get bigger.
  • karl: I agree we need to grow. I like the fact that we are tackling new issues and growing step by step. I would be careful that we don't go into startup mode.
  • miketaylr: People are motivated to do things. And Webcompat is important. We need to grow into a smart way. Creating tooling and prioritizing for dealing with the possible flow of incoming bugs.
  • ola: We can focus on how to make things better for users, developers, others in a smart way. A testimonial by someone gives you an insight into the project, a specific feel. This attracts certain types of people. It's not just about getting 1000 issues a day. It's people to do outreach, to tweet, to speak.
  • miketaylr: we should focus on people involved in the project. And we could contact people like Rick Byers or Chris Coyer from CSS tricks. It makes it legit.
  • ola: How about moving with the success stories, because we have them. And ask about a couple of testimonials.
  • miketaylr: What mesha needs now for moving forward?
  • adam: The discussion was good. It was useful. We probably need what is a good success stories.
  • miketaylr: Guillaume had a good experience. Ioana is another candidate.
  • karl: Trishul also helped a lot.
  • miketaylr: Sime Vidas.
  • miketaylr: Also Daniel Davis/tagawa

Europe-friendly meeting (miketaylr)

We have a few options so Europeans can participate, let's discuss.

  • miketaylr: proposal is to have a once a month at a Europe-friendly time. Asia is disadvantaged, but our current time is hard for Europe.
  • karl: as long as we document things?
  • tom: Can we take recordings?
  • miketaylr: we will have once a month a meeting with a friendly European time. Recording meetings is a good idea as well.
  • ACTION: Mike to propose a time and set up a calendar invite. - waffle triage (miketaylr) This is our first dedicated meeting, so it should be interesting. We should do a bit of waffle triage

Broken Voices of the Web

Web Compatibility Progress