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  • regrets: Dennis

Messenger bots (miketaylr)

I had a conversation with the Open Innovation team about using Facebook Messenger platform for interacting with volunteers. Sounds interesting, let's talk about it.

  • karl: grmbl… facebook… grmbl… facebook… grmbl…
  • mike: I had a meeting with the members of Open Innovation. They try to come up with different ways to engage with communities. It's more about Open than innovation. They were talking about the Facebook Messenger platform. You can create bots which are dedicated to a certain type of communities. There's a vendor lock-in because a specific company would create the bo. We struggle sometimes to tweet. It might sit there once built and could be a waste of money.
  • thomas: If it is a potential to be helpful. Why not?
  • ola: It's a kind of IRC + mailing-list.
  • mike: it's a communication channel, a bit AI style.
  • ola: Why Facebook?
  • mike: This is very much a sales pitch. the pitch was about the mass.
  • karl: The thing which worries me: sending a message to the masses is not a good value proposition to me. I prefer quantity to quality. You might find the one right person, but you dilute the...
  • mike: we could let this happen.
  • karl: is there a possibility of a trial period?
  • mike: That could be an interesting question to come back to them. Do people use messenger?
  • ola: Yes I try to avoid, because of the privacy nightmare.
  • mike: (explaining Faust damnation). Knowing everything is useful, but not necessary the place we want to go.
  • thomas: Would there be an issue to have a webcompat facebook channel with Public Service Announcement?
  • eric: We could use the bot to ask community some specifics questions. Maybe easier than the
  • ola: On Facebook, you have already a feeling of community, so you are in known territories. It's more comfortable.
  • mike: Facebook Mozilla is millions of Like. I don't think we want to build a user support forum.
  • thomas: Maybe the question is what would it be useful for?
  • mike: And one more thing to do. We have to prioritize at a point. "Do you live in Mexico?" And we need someone to look at this.
  • ola: We (could) have many channels on Slack for specific type of issues. We don't have the answers yet on what we want to do. But if we don't curate or participate, it will kill the community.
  • karl: The danger of multiplying channels is that people need mentoring. It takes time. We might be spreading ourselves thin. It takes energy.
  • ola: It does take time, I agree. When you mentor a person the hope is they can help mentor the next. The better their experience is, the better the chances they help do the same.
  • karl: The community is growing, I'm not arguing against that. What I'm saying is when you have _multiple_ channels on different properties, it is time consuming.
  • ola: Of course, this is why we need to pick our tools for least effort and most outcome.
  • Mike: Let's pause the discussion and think about this.
  • karl: Maybe it will be good. Can we try?
  • tom: Maybe there's someone who can help us to work on this.
  • ACTION: Mike to follow up and understand a bit better what the Facebook Messenger platform could bring us.
  • adam: sounds like an interesting thing for the team, very big platform to reach people. we should look at "jobs" the users/contributors would be doing to understand how this would fit into or improve what they are currently doing. By jobs I'm referring to the jobs to be done theory/framework.
  • mike: +1

High priority bug on bugzilla (eric)

I had a short talk with swu about file bug to bugzilla from Is there any criteria for high priority bug and we can set keyword for platform team to filter and solve those issue in more efficient way?

  • eric: I had a small chat with Shian-Yow about Bugzilla bugs that come from He had questions about how we're taking care of these issues. I don't know how to push those issues. If the team in Taipei can help me, I will ping them to know the progress. But I don't check all of them. What should we do? Or what do we do already now?
  • mike: I don't think we had a formal process.
  • mike: we said these are the important issues to fix. How do we do flags issues?
  • eric: Do we use a whiteboard keyword?
  • karl: I discussed this a bit with eric this afternoon. I don't think there's been a formal process. I've started to add [webcompat] to bugs, but not for prioritization. We've used our Non_Standard Compat wiki to help prioritize in the past. Mike has conveyed the priorities to the Platform. I had a conversation with :jet in Tokyo a few weeks ago. He said if you see a bug that is really important, just tell me. I will prioritize it. The process we should come up with at some regular pace is to decide what we think is most important to push forward.
  • tom: Why not every time we create an issue: 1) ping jet or 2) plop it on etherpad for next week's discussion for discussion.
  • karl: I have done that for viewport issues.
  • mike: I really like the idea of prioritizing on the etherpad through agenda item. I can raise them with platform management. Going through me will help maybe to not overwhelm everyone. We should make it known that [webcompat] keyword is a way to advertise.
  • karl: On the etherpad, we could add a section for new bugs related to etherpad -- do we think they're a priority or not. I would love to stress that not everything should be a priority. Like viewport + scrolling (overflow:hidden not enforced by chrome), it affects many many sites. Maybe we could use wiki instead of etherpad: Web Compat priorities.
  • karl: You need to think about best solution for you to be notified. The ball is in your court. What is the most convenient way.
  • mike: keyword tracking, needinfo tracking, there are many ways of doing things.
  • karl: When raising issues about webcompat in Platform, how does it go to Taipei?
  • mike: Platform managers in Taipei and non Taipei communicate -- they should be coordinating.
  • eric: Shian-Yow wants to know if an issue is important, how do we push this to each team?
  • ACTION: Mike to file bug to get tracking flag, send a strawman proposal for triage/prioritization to mailing list. Go from there.

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