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SoftVision testing (miketaylr)

Update on Mobile Testing Surveys

  • mike: Softvision will do manual testing for a couple of sites. We should be officially started in a couple of weeks. We will prioritize issues from softvision. It will be high quality issues. We'll learn about webcompat weird issues in some areas of the world. Specifically tier1 issues.

Tier 1 Google (miketaylr)

Let's follow up, on search at least. (maybe better for later, since this is a focused meeting)

  • mike: I will followup with karl and Google about it. We'll keep informed on the mailing-list.

Let's share our cool stuff (denschub)

(does not need to be a verbal item, this is more like a think-and-discuss-afterwars item)

  • Dennis: Sometimes, I have no idea what other team members are doing and how they are progressing with their ideas. For example, I don't really know how Tom's and Eric's testing work is going on. I obviously could ask them in a mail or on IRC privately, but I think others might be interested as well. I also didn't really have any idea what Adam and Misha were doing unless I hopped in their meeting and did some of the readings myself, which took a bit of time. I feel like there is a better way of sharing the gist of what people are working on.
  • Dennis: How about that: let's add a section to our team meeting where everyone who wants to (no pressure and not required! if someone doesn't feel like it or does not yet want to share their progress, it's totally fine! I want this to be optional) is able to share "what I have been working on since the last meeting". I don't feel like people should have to add their items to the pad before, I think we just should ask if somebody wants to share stuff. If nobody wants to share anything, it's cool, but I feel like some people might want to tell us something. Also, I'd keep the updates very short (just 30 seconds or so).
  • Dennis: For example, if Eric shared "I've been working on the test suite, now have local jenkins instances running and I'm working on making some fancy tests", it would literally take 30 seconds but it would be soooo helpful to know that he is doing the work. Even if we feel like we should talk about a specific topic in more detail, we can add that to the next meeting or decide if we have enough time/concentration to do it right away. Sure, this could be also done via email, but the overhead of shouting out a sentence in a meeting where everyone is already attending is way less than having to write a mail.
  • Ola: Just an additional thought to what Dennis said. I love the idea and I am sure, this would be interesting for all of us as well as for the open web compat meetings. We did that in my old project, but started to prep notes for it. So basically everyone know what they wanted to say. 2 minutes max were enough for that part. (we had 5 minutes per person, but also more additional questions like availability etc.) We just need to make sure, we don't start off discussions, which can take up a lot of time.
  • Karl: My own thoughts on the topic (non-verbal)
  • Mike: I like the idea of writing things down in a weekly agenda, and then giving verbal or non-verbal updates. If we do verbal, we should be strict about time limits. Knowing myself, I'll probably not want to write weekly emails, or forget to do so. An in-person meeting provides more accountability for me. :P

New Icons for Index Page (Ola)

Issue 1374

  • Mike: Why don't we add a comment for each icon and give people some days to vote (give thumbs ups on GitHub), so everyone has a chance.

New label status when bug is filed on bugzilla or another browser bug tracker (mike)

Issue 1339

  • Mike: Guillaume suggested to add labels so we can tag issues that have been reported to browser bugtrackers
  • Karl: Could be used to mark issues as filed "upstream", but in issues we still want to track for potential outreach or further diagnosis.
  • Mike: So, do we end up with a large number of labels?
  • Karl: Maybe we could find another syntax for tracking that.
  • Mike: So let's document some kind of magic syntax string to add the bug numbers instead of using labels.

Management/Admin scripts for the project (mike)

Issue 965

  • Mike: Karl suggested to simplify the chain of scripts to generate and deploy stuff to make it simpler.
  • Karl: Currently a lot of work to get the site up and running
  • Mike: Vlad worked on Docker containers for fx-a, where everything is already set up. He'd be happy to contribute that to webcompat eventually. Seems cool for simplifying development setups for contributors.
  • Ola: Suggesting a CLI tool for setting up the project in multiple steps. One step for general setups, one step for setting up API credentials for the GitHub integration, ... Basically a wrapper for setting the project up as if somebody walks you through it.
  • Mike: Currently we use Grunt, but we will eventuall move away from it. sets up labels needed for testing. If we need to decide today, Karls proposal is okay.
  • Mike: Let's create a scripts/ directory, move the inside it. Create issue for writing a script to set up issues needed for tests. Also, we could move other scripts we develop in that folder.

Add Contributor link to top navigation (mike)

Issue 1281

  • Mike: Looks nice, have some potential issues in some viewports. But Mesha wants to work on the UI, so that should be fine.
  • Ola: i added the label since we have to decide what page we actually want to link to. We either can link to the "Contributors" page, or the "Join the team" page.
  • Mike: My first instinct would be to link the more generic "Join the team" page, since that works as a starting point.

Generic issue triage (mike)

Open issues

  • Mike: Issue 1391
  • Karl: I'd rather not implement the URI, There is no reason to implement there since it's perfectly fine to say "there is nothing to see here". Also, the proposal would change the behavior if the user is logged in or not, and that's even more wrong. But let's have further discussion in Berlin. Also, if we actually would have content for a "global" activity, we could put it there. It could be also possible to put more information on the 404 page.
  • Mike: Adam is working on some dashboard, that could be a good place to put those in. But this work has only started. We should chat about this in Berlin.
  • Mike: Issue 1390
  • Mike: On Galaxy S6, it's not possible to upload a screenshot.
  • Karl: Is it possible the image is too large for the server?
  • Mike: Possible, but we do cut the size in half once, and in theory, it should ask you to select a smaller image. I've experienced a similiar problem on on my Nexus, where it didn't fire a JS event when I selected a photo. We should fix this, since the S6 is a popular phone. I want to get to that in the next days.
  • Mike: Issue 1368
  • Karl: Failed for me all the time. Would be interesting to test this side-by-side in Berlin, and compare environmental differences.
  • Mike: The upcoming Outreachy round will be mainly focusing on making the tests more stable.
  • Karl: What's the progress of implementing Selenium WebDriver? Is it possible to do everything through Python?
  • Mike: Right now, the answer is probably "no", since they only started GeckoDriver.
  • Mike: Issue 1357
  • Mike: Karl, do you think this is a good first bug?
  • Karl: For someone who knows a bit about the backend, it might be. I also provided some of the code and I am happy to review patches.
  • Mike: I'll add "good next bug" and add Karl as a mentor.

Broken Voices of the Web

Web Compatibility Progress