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SoftVision testing (Sergiu)

Testing done so far: Issues logged so far: Accounts were created for most of the sites tested. Items for discussion: 1. Giving the fact that the team will double in size, we recommend using Priority and Severity codes, for better triage. We could use tags in title, eg. [Low/Medium/High][www] Title. We can use either a L-M-H scale, or a Severity 1-5 and Priority 1-5 scale.

  • adam_s: We have an open issue for this on Github: We seem to agree that something is needed to help with this. But how we implement it needs more discussion. 2. The team will start sending the weekly status once Mike gives us the go-ahead.
  • karl: Where this will be sent? Sergiu: mailing lists - compatibility ( 3. Follow up on the Kick Off Meeting for WebCompatibility QA action items.
  • karl: I was wondering what was used to fill the bug reports? ?
  • Sergiu:
  • karl: Any reasons for using the github form?
  • Sergiu: I report them from the PC instead of the phone, because I think it's faster. I have to edit screenshots, I can add more than one screenshot, I can add a custom title to the bug, and I need the bug's link for my internal tracking. As of 14 March, I'll use the webcompat form. 4. We need a Netflix subscription. 5. The site is not working on our side.

NeedsDecision (ola)


Broken Voices of the Web

Web Compatibility Progress