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Prioritization (adam)


  • adam: The triage we are currently doing might increase when our button report site issue hits devedition. And we will not have time to deal with everything. So we need to create a prioritization.
  • dennis: Agreed, specifically with needsdiagnosis getting bigger and bigger. labels would work because there are easy to put on github.
  • karl: agreed. one detail to cover. How many levels of priority do we really need?
  • adam: Yes we might not need a lot.
  • dennis: 3 levels seem a good balance. Super Urgent. Important. and well if you are really bored.
  • adam: it would be nice if normal would be the default. If it's low priority let's flag it to forget about it.
  • dennis: low_priority might be not well perceived by the community.
  • karl: Bugzilla priority isn't descriptive, what do the numbers mean to new users?
  • sergiu: low, medium, high
  • dennis: low might not be well perceived.
  • karl: How should it be visible to you?
  • dennis: I have my own tools,
  • karl: Is it better for you to have a label?
  • dennis: yes. priority-*

Upcoming work week in April (karl)


  • karl: If you have any questions, suggestions, issues (for that you want us to address during that week, please ping us.
  • adam: we'll have a meeting the week before the work week. it might make sense to move the meeting so we can talk about the meeting in detail.
  • magsout: I want to write good guidelines to improve the codebase. There are a lot of issues we can solve.
  • adam: anything sergiu you think are missing in the form for webcompat it is very useful feedback. Everyone knows about mesha. The project has ended for her. But she wants to continue and having some ideas for her would be cool. She could try to explore new solutions.