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  • Regrets: Mike (will be at Manager work week, with a "kickoff" meeting that conflicts with this.)

Webcompat - issues reproducible both in Firefox and Chrome (Sergiu)

Testing done so far: Issues logged so far: Accounts were created for most of the sites tested. Items for discussion:

  • sergiu: What if the issues reproducible both in Firefox and Chrome are bugs on both browsers? I think the issues should be investigated.
  • mike: These are interesting bugs, feel free to open bugs IMO. But these shouldn't be prioritized over bugs where things work in Chrome but not Firefox, in terms of diagnosis or outreach.

Webcompat - ranking from Alexa is pretty dynamic (Sergiu)


  • Sergiu: The ranking from Alexa is pretty dynamic, from one week to another. We are now testing according to the Wiki ( ranking. Up until 20th of March, we followed the Alexa list, daily.
  • mike: IMO, a static snapshot is fine. We're trying to understand compatibility in general terms. It's OK if things change slightly.

Webcompat - Receiving meetings invites (Sergiu)


  • Sergiu: Please send meetings invites for me.
  • mike: Assuming this meeting -- done.

Webcompat - Netflix subscription (Sergiu)


  • Sergiu: We need a Netflix subscription (also brought up on March 14th).
  • mike: Adam, can you ask cpeterson for this? I think he has access to a test account.
  • adam: He does, I'll share tomorrow

Webcompat - NDTV (Sergiu)


Webcompat QA Action Items (Sergiu)


  • Sergiu: Follow up on the Kick Off Meeting for WebCompatibility QA action items (also brought up on March 14th).
  • mike: It would be good to set up a separate meeting for this -- unfortunately I'll be at a work week thing this week, so next week would be better.

Webcompat - Site owner notifications (Sergiu)


  • Sergiu: Webcompat improvement: How about we automatically notify the site's owner every time an issue is logged on webcompat, after the first contact has already been made?
  • mike: We have a bug for this -- it's a feature we'd like to have (or at least, something like allowing people to subscribe to issues around domains).
  • karl: There is the Access issues by domain names (Atom feed) - Issue 132. Apart of that, it is hard to create a sustainable system which is tied to a specific email address for multiple reasons. One of them is the turn over in online companies. So engineers move, change department, etc. It means that it requires a generic email address from the address which is passed from people to people. Also a bug on the client side is not necessary a bug for people for the server side. It means that while a contact is effective to pass the information through emails. It's not exactly the same as handling all the bug requests. We have such formal systems with some of the partners. For example with Google the combination of one point of contact + a mailing-list. Sometimes this is a mailing-list only. This for usually big companies. Small companies are much more volatile.

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