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  • This week: Adam
  • next week: Dennis

Webcompat - Testing progress (Sergiu)

Testing done so far. Issues logged so far. Accounts were created for most of the sites tested.

Webcompat - Some websites are running slow (Sergiu)

What is the criteria to determine slow on a Web site? And is it worth reporting?

  • Sergiu: Should we file webcompat bugs for the slow-running websites (eg. )?
  • karl: Only if they are like super fast in Chrome and/or Safari. There are many slow sites for different types of reasons. Heavy in resources, bad JS which is CPU intensive. Also slow can be a matter of context. For example, a site fast on WIFI but slow on mobile. A site slow in isolated region, but very fast in the middle of Seoul.
  • Sergiu: example of perf issue
  • mike: Usually we don't consider performances a a webcompat issues. We might want to report them directly to bugzilla. But I'll ask first internally with Mozilla engineer.
  • Sergiu: if a website has a portion that is mobile and part is desktop?
  • mike: we tend not to focus on these as it's a choice by the company, if it's the same in all browsers - Can we identify a bug reported by SoftVision in the description? (adam_s)

It would be good for reporting to be able to exclude SoftVision reports for certain metrics. An example is percentage of valid vs. invalid reports, SoftVision reports will skew that metric by being valid most of the time.

Follow up on Manager work week / re-org (miketaylr)

Sharing a few things I learned, how it will affect our work (probably not much).

  • mike: Platform is no more, long live Firefox. Four teams: Runtime, Visuals, Product integrity, Ops
  • mike: does webcompat fit into visuals? (where we currently are) seems like there's some flexibility
  • mike: We could also fit into product integrity possibly.
  • mike: Leadership is still enthusiastic about gecko / quantum

Outreachy PR's / issues (ola)

In the Outreachy context, I'd like to make you all aware to just +1 issue / pr requests, if you know this person is not working on more than one other issue. It seems to get a little bit messy right now and I am having a hard time to keep up with it as well as mentoring some of them through private messages. (Will say a few more words to it later). Thanks <3

  • ola: encourage contributors to complete previous tasks before encouraging them to take a new bug/pr
  • mike: applications for Outreachy are due on March 30th, this should slow down a bit
  • karl: this is good advice from Ola. Good first bugs sometimes still need a decent knowledge of the language.
  • karl: maybe we should mark the requirements on the bug - python, JS etc.
  • tom: labels would be helpful for this
  • mike: as part of Outreachy they are required to make a contribution, would be good to make it clear what the requirements are for each bug
  • ola: there are two types of good first bugs: tiny bugs but help you get setup with the project and starter bugs
  • ola: did anyone get private messages from Outreachy applicants?
  • mike: some. people aren't always comfortable having conversations in the public
  • karl: none this round but in the past yes
  • dennis: one ping due to time zones and others being away

Needs decision (ola)

Please check the issue on webcompat dev that needs decisions. Thanks!

Weird APIs? (miketaylr)

Random question -- what are the weirdest browser APIs?

  • mike: was assigned this topic, more dom/js stuff
  • karl: as in the implementation is weird or the use case is odd
  • mike: both I think Template:I missed a bunch, please add
  • tom: indexdb
  • dennis: canvas, webgl
  • ola: webrtc
  • tom: touch and pointer Web-bugs Update (adam_s)

WIP: Issues filed for week of: March 20, 2017

Total: 113
Valid: 37
Needsinfo: 1
Incomplete: 19
Worksforme: 24
Invalid: 10
Duplicate: 41
Wontfix: 0
Non-compat: 6 

  • adam: Non-verbal!
  • adam: I'll add a comment, the last 3 weeks we've had a consistent amount of bugs, around ~110. Seems to be a steady state.

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Web Compatibility Progress