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Finished testing US locale (Sergiu)

We have finished testing the first 100 sites - US locale. We also prepared a Lessons Learned document and a Testing Plan. We need the next list of sites (next priority locale). We should set up a meeting to discuss this.

  • mike: We haven't read that yet. We have seen the email. I pinged HR for ldap access. They will soon move on that. You need the next priority locale. The next locale will be France.
  • Sergiu: We have only the first 50 sites.
  • mike: we will figure out how to get you 51 to 100
  • karl: Something to be careful when you're going to another locale. Some of the popular sites will be the same, for example I don't think it's necessary to re-test them. Most of the big properties won't be worth testing. So, to get 100, we'll need more than 100.
  • oana: I'm gonna see if we already have issues logged.
  • adam: There were some differences with Amazon.
  • karl: Sometimes it happens, there can be differences, for example Yahoo! JP.
  • sergiu: if we don't see any differences, we will just move on. karl, mike: thumbs up.
  • mike: About a meeting. Friday I'm traveling. Do you have time on thursday of a meeting? send me a request.
  • Oana: we can schedule another meeting at the same hour than today.

wiki organization (Ioana)

- as we will have more and more docs and wikis is it ok with you to add an entry about SV Team's work in the main wiki - ? Ex. See your SV Team's progress/ docs etc here" ?

  • mike: yes. Do you have access?
  • Oana: yes.
  • mike: Feel free to do gardening on the wiki.

Broken Voices of the Web

Web Compatibility Progress