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Meeting with annevk to talk about speccing window.event (mike)


  • mike: We tweaked the test I was using to determine that window.event leaks shadow internals, so that need to be accounted for.

Meeting with Vlad, Beatriz and Mike about possible goBack() Intern/geckodriver (mike)


  • mike: We're not 100% sure where the bug is post-53, but Vlad showed us a workaround w/ execute(). Beatriz will continue to investigate the original bug at some future date.

Meeting with Beijing Team about WebCompat issues (eric)

The Beijing team has a couple of issues with some Web sites on Firefox Android like taobao.

  • Li: Taobao has some promos running for one week only. They do not work.
  • karl: When this is happening, tell us right away on and ping eric or karl because we are in the same time zone. You can also ping us on IRC on #webcompat we can analyze quickly and determine if we can/should modify Gecko or if we should try to get their library fix.
  • LI: we also have issues with banks and some said they will not fix at all their sites.
  • karl: when this is happening just tell us in the bug, so we stop bugging you about it.

Deploying (karl)


  • karl: We (karl and mike) solved a couple of issues related to the ability to deploy and devops issues related to the site instances. karl needs to test the deploy once back at home.

Trending content (adam_s)

  • adam: Met with Martin Lopatka today and discussed the value of Activity Stream data to Webcompat. He is currently working with Pocket to get access to regular curated data / URLs, with contextual information. In the next week or so, he should have a data set to share with us for use in testing trending content for compatibility issues. I think initially we can look through the data manually to understand the value of it to us. If there appears to be value, we can discuss a longer term solution to automate some level of testing on this content.

Issue (guillaume)


  • guillaume: We (guillaume and carol) discussed about two solutions for this issue. We tried to understand what is the better UX. So we think that the solution consist in replacing the previous image with the new image (for 2nd dnd) and the link in textarea without any more features.

Issue (guillaume)


  • guillaume: we discussed about git and how rebase working. The goal was to fixed conflicts in this PR

component grid (guillaume)


  • guillaume: Continue to work on grid component. Testing some design made by ola to be sure everything are good.

Quantum Flow profiling (twisniewski and denschub)


  • thomas: Ehsan provided some information on how he starts looking at profiles, we looked at some example bugs and tried to figure possible performance regressions out. Thomas attended the Quantum Flow/Gecko Profiler open house and got a better understanding of what kind of profiling is beneficial. He also met with a lot of people including :overholt, :mconley, and a few people on the CI team, who were enthusastic about having a web regression tool that could reliably work on even a reasonable subset of top sites. CI has some projects that seem similar, but are not as comprehensive and/or require tests to be crafted by hand. Thomas also demoed his site diagnosis helper add-on, and was asked to make a post about it (but also learned that something related to bug 1334550 has broken the addon in current nightly builds).

Alexa DB stats with webcompat(eric)

  • eric: Do some statistic using current web-bugs issue, how may issue in alexa DB, how many unique domain name using 1-pass and 2-passes
  • eric: 1-pass (full hostname match), 294/7840 issues matches, 167 unique site name
  • eric: 2-passes (shorten to less-level domain name). 3565/7840 issues, matches, 1092 unique site name
  • eric: See for detail and how many duplicates Choose 2-passes, in case we will miss many important site.
  • ACTION: Use 2-passes first, only 18% issues is critical. Then monthly add black list to filter some site like
  • ACTION: Update current for deployment

Webcompat data collection and signals (mike)

Eric, Mike, Adam and Karl attended a meeting with David Zeber.

  • David: I'm on the Data Science team. And we designed an algorithm that I think would be interesting for webcompat. We might collect URLs which are visited and some features with the sites (describing a vector). Then we can publish an health report. We can anonymize the data.
  • Karl: Do you need a big volume of data? (explaining where we are getting our current web compat data)
  • David: We need to have automatic detection of issues with high volumes of data.
  • Karl: Does it use telemetry?
  • David: We will not have access to the full URL.
  • Harald: if it's an article broken among many reddit users, we will not get any interesting results.
  • mike: We need to define what are the interesting signals that can make us think it is a webcompat issue.
  • Harald: There is a theory about refresh in browser which could be a manifestation.
  • mike: what would be the simplest thing? If there's an error when someone clicks a video.
  • karl: we would not have the url, just the tld.
  • david: I would be intestered to know what are the most useful signal for webcompat.
  • karl: who would need to write the detector? for example custom-elements.
  • mike: Us
  • eric: I would be interested in webkit-line-clamp, for those unimplement CSS property messed-up layout in top websites.
  • mike: css-zoom, meta-viewport… though it is only desktop. Probably custom-element
  • karl: Would end of July would be cool for you for us to tell you which kind of signals would be interesting for us?
  • David: yes.
  • mike: hls video on desktop.

Type-media future (karl)

We (mike, karl, adam) met with Anthony Jones

  • karl: we have an issue with the flood of type-media. We would like to know if it's useful, handled by media team.
  • anthony: Let's put it on hold, and see with the current volume of data if we have enough open bugs to work on.
  • ACTION: karl to open a new issue for asking gerald to close the firehose but keep the code around. 2017-06-29