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Q3 Planning (continued) (miketaylr)

We started conversations around H2 planning in SF. People have done some more thinking around Q3 goals, so let's do a roundtable to briefly let everyone on the team know what we're going to be focusing on.

  • mike: we discussed that we wanted to share more about what goals each other have. let's start with ola
  • ola: my plan is to finish the CLI tool for the setup and also build out the refactor for the website. Also a bug for duplicates that are linked.
  • mike: so that's like a UI that suggests duplicate entries as reporting bugs. T actually comes after O
  • tom: help people diagnosing bugs by using web extensions. If you are starting the from beginning and have little context about the code. The web extension helps you log various bits of information. It's proved to be helpful for me so far. Hoping to get a better UI over time and eventually replace the need for MITM for our needs. Edit the file and have the browser automatically reload the page. Also have a log of all the changes that you made while editing the source file. Always available to talk about it. The other big one is the regression tool. Anytime someone makes a change that modifies something like stylo, the tool will check top websites like Facebook to automatically tell the person they broke a particular site / behavior. It captures a full web test file, that is a full copy of the page including network, allows you to compare previous version of FF results with your proposed changes.
  • eric: plan is to increase the connection between bugzilla and The first one is to one click cross post information from webcompat to BZ. Also to setup a dashboard that can show duplicates on BZ and, to help with focusing priority for engineers to know which bugs are most important to us.
  • dennis: still working on the webcopmat gofaster extension. Still trying to figure out how to make the extension quantum compatible. At the end of the quarter, would love to have JS and CSS overrides working. 2nd item is shipping this to fennec, getting simpler UA overrides into fennec without breakage. Tom's webextension is really great, I'm working on a UI to make it even easier to use. And add a webcompat panel to the developer tools. Will get back to the community engagement stuff. Plan on releasing 3 screencasts this quarter, one for gofaster so people internally understand why we do it. Looking for others from the team to do other screencasts and I can edit them.
  • mike: if I do a screencast of 30 mins of triage, is that helpful?
  • dennis: Yes.
  • adam: I will do one as well, on webcompat environment setup for testing / triage / etc.
  • mike: running out of time, so Adam and Mike will share next meeting.. possibly Karl as well, maybe Sergiu and Oana if they want also.

Contact from Mozilla India (Sergiu&Oana)

P. Prasanth from Mozilla India contacted us and offered his (and the Mozilla India community members') help in participating in web compatibility testing. He'd like to discuss the process, if you decide we should work together. We suggest encouraging them to log issues on, on their most used websites (or maybe we can even assign them a list of Alexa websites, maybe Tier 2). They will be responsible for their own work. We could set up a meeting and present them some guidelines in how to search and log web compatibility issues.

  • sergiu: we were pinged by a person from India who offered to help. I could guide them to log issues directly on
  • mike: we've had communities engage temporarily in the past, the participation org is looking to do another sprint similar to last years. There may be less valuable bugs to us as 57 is mostly performance related. We may have to provide some docs or meet with them for more context. There should be some info on the activate website. Sergiu- what do you think is the best next step? Maybe just have a meeting and talk
  • sergiu: put together an email of what to test and not to, how to file reports. Will review with Oana.
  • dennis: we do break a lot of sites with stylo at the moment. might be an opportunity for community participation leading up to 57
  • mike: Stylo - we're implementing the servo CSS style system into Gecko. This is slowly shipping out as it will break websites, lots of testing to do still. We could add to the webcompat reporter to identify if the browser is using stylo or webrender. It's potentially a good idea to have the community testing this. But currently they want the bugs in bugzilla, not, meta bug for sites breaking with stylo:

Help with Investigation (Sergiu&Oana)

We can also help with investigation on other contributors issues (with insufficient details, works for me/unable to reproduce status) in order to decrease the number of issues. You can assign them to us and we will investigate and provide relevant information or comment on them in case we are not able to reproduce them either.

  • mike: this is good, we need help. Feel free to start the diagnosis if you'd like
  • sergiu: We were thinking more about anon issues that didn't reproduce. Maybe come up with STR, different scenarios.
  • oana: Or add screenshots.
  • mike: Eric, Karl, Adam, if we can't reproduce or need help, we can ping sergiu and oana to help out

Acceptance Test Case (Sergiu&Oana)

Did you manage to have a look on the Acceptance Test Case document? We can start using it on German locale.

  • mike: I read this in EU, no brain in EU, will read it again and get back to you

Automatic Closed Duplicate Issues by Webcompat Bot (Sergiu&Oana)

Example of closed issues,

  • oana: Some issues are being closed by webcompat-bot.
  • mike: if I were looking at this I would look into the CSS, dig a little deeper and use the status-duplicate.
  • dennis: If someone closes an issue on, it appears that webcompat-bot did it. Maybe we should have a white list for this?
  • mike: Github is setup to allow anyone who has an account and is signed in can edit labels and close reports.
  • oana: The site should require the closing person to log a comment before allowing it.
  • mike: Can you file a bug? We could also have the bot automatically comment who it was that closed it.

webcompat? tracking flag tirage (denschub)

We now have 24 bugs with webcompat? ( and we should have another look at these, maybe?

  • dennis: Not sure if this is a good idea to review this here, or maybe better for co-debugging? Not everyone here would be interested in this on the weekly meeting.
  • mike: Next Monday let's do this. Look through the tracking flag issues and decide how often we need to address it.
  • tom: Many of the bugs aren't moving
  • mike: That is to be expected, we will have to poke people. Though currently with the 57 release many of the other teams have higher priorities.

communication channels (ola)

As I've realized after all hands, our communication channels seem not be consistent. As IRCCloud is not working spotless for everyone and history might not be retrievable and just NDA/LDAP users have access to Slack, I'd like to talk about a possible way to fix this.

  • ola: not all of us saw specific things in irc, not all have access to slack. It can be complicated to pass information along to everyone. Does anyone have any thoughts about this? Sometimes in IRC the context is lost.
  • mike: does anyone not have any irc bouncer or IRC cloud
  • sergiu: only had a temporary license of IRCcloud. It was expired, so we miss out on conversations
  • mike: service now / AKA the hub is there to request stuff like IRC Cloud.
  • mike:
  • mike: slack is closed, community can't participate. IRC is best for inclusiveness. Slack is OK if you need to talk to a Mozilla employee privately.
  • tom: didn't realize I had to go to the hub, but went through it to get access to IRC Cloud
  • adam: i wonder if there's a way to set up a bot to ask people to talk to us on IRC. it seems like conversations aren't private...
  • ola: There's bots like that already, that you can set up to make a response.
  • mike: I'm less concerned about Moz people, like "this website is broken" then that's fine for slack it's not an important conversation. For the team though, we should be using IRC for most of our discussion.

Broken Voices of the Web

Web Compatibility Progress