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Scribed by Thomas

Austin All Hands (miketaylr)

Sergiu and Oana are confirmed to attend, pending visa and passport etc. + milestones update (miketaylr)

Eric, karl and mike had a great work-week a couple of weeks ago, and as of today the changes are ready to be deployed to staging for testing. Statuses were labels before, now we have a new milestones editor to make things easier (an email will be sent with more details about this). There is no real test-plan, just general testing of the normal workflow (an hour an item, report bugs as usual). confidence is good, as all tests are passing, but we don't have the best coverage. Just a documentation bug to go...

Q4 OKRs (miketaylr)

Note that these are team objectives, but we should have our own individual ones as well.

  • mike: every 2 to 4 weeks we want to have a team meeting for a status update, to know if the OKR is achievable, going through all the bugs to ensure we didn't miss anything.
  • mike: we want to have 2 to 4 team OKRs:
  • mike: 1. diagnosis work on the google search testing that sergiu and oana did; highest priority, want to get them all done this quarter. (look at these before normal priority stuff). let's determine an owner for that (tom? dennis? mike?)
  • mike: - we need to file bugzilla issues for these. need a summary report for selena and joe and their report managers (andreas is really invested in this work, as he's meeting with google during their dev summit this month, working on devrel with them, wanting to have a list of issues we need to solve before asking them to contribute).
  • https: //
  • mike: 2. (possibly more debatable) we want an objective around the triage lifecycle, so we can burn the queue down to "zero" (though it's understood that it won't ever be zero... maybe 50).
  • mike: - everyone triaging will have their time-of-day to focus on it, so new bugs won't sit long without having been looked at within 24-to-48 hours.
  • mike: - someone needs to identify what the diagnosis team should be most concerned with, and what regression/etc bugzilla flags need to be active for a given issue (to minimize the length of time before we fix a bad regression, especially).
  • mike: - the priority is a "share the burden" thing; not the more pressing thing for any single person to work on. we've been getting about 50 issues a day lately, which includes the Quantum work-rush. so if we can handle that amount, that seems like a reasonable goal for our team right now.
  • mike: - any other useful key results we can add to this objective? any insights?
  • tom: define ahead of time what a properly-triaged bug looks like, so we're all on the same page and things are less likely to slip.
  • karlcow: weekends might be an issue, mondays can be hectic. we also are no longer able to keep the triage and contact queues as clear as we did six months ago. we need to deal with issues like that.
  • mike: the recent milestone work (see notes above) should help with this.
  • karlcow: but we do need to ensure that every bug is triaged/assigned a status, as there are still piles of them that aren't properly managed)
  • mike: - is two objectives enough?
  • sergiu: maybe one for a release calendar for features?
  • mike: sounds good, please propose it when i send the email to the list!
  • karlcow: how about an OKR for whatever locales sergiu and oana are testing this quarter?
  • mike: yes!
  • sergiu: we can link it to our test plan time-estimates for how long it should take for each locale
  • etsai: are there any specific features for that we want to create OKRs for?
  • mike: my thinking is that if it's something more than one person is doing, then it's a candidate for a team OKR... but otherwise it might be better as a personal OKR.
  • mike: i want us to keep active about our OKRS, not just check in every three months or something. every two weeks maybe, during the team meeting, we can rate our confidence in each OKR and do a short status update.
  • mike: bear in mind that team OKRs are something we want to *attempt*, because they could help us manage things better. they may not work well for us.

Two Minutes ( 🐝 )

This is the summary of what you have done during the week. Feel free to add your own 2 minutes. Keep it short. Feel free to add your name if you think you need to share something.

  • Adam: __
  • Dennis: Did more work on GoFaster, fixing bugs. Also, trying to keep on top of the Webbug queue, which seems to get harder...
  • Eric: Issue triage and diagnosis; embed default product/components mapping in wc-2-bz extension
  • Karl: Review of domain search issue. Triage. Finishing Shoki (minutes script/secretary). Contacts/Bugs life.
  • Guillaume: __
  • Mike: Worked a bit on milestones issues. Triage. Meetings. Reviewing Quantum Participation thing. Getting web platform tests local dev setup. 58 REO.
  • Oana: Continue testing on TW locale. Investigate and triage issues. Worked on Desktop Web Compatibility video presentation.
  • Ola: __
  • Sergiu: Continue testing on TW locale. Investigate and triage issues. Worked on Desktop Web Compatibility video presentation.
  • Thomas: Landed compat fixes for scrollIntoView (1389274) and XMLHttpRequest (1341609, 1400748, 1341609), continued work on other compat fixes for PerformanceObserver and XMLHttpRequest and Canvas (1070763, 1403027, 918731, 792808, 928150). Also did the usual needsdiagnosis work and some work on my addons (trying to figure out some issues with the popup blocker blocking things it shouldn't be for my addon UI, especially).