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Scribed by Karl

Feb 20, 2018 OKR Check-in (karl)

  • https: //
  • karl: we went through the OKR and updated the document.
  • Ola: After Q1, I will be only 50% on the project, so less time for it.
  • Dennis: I think we already out-performed the 100 target of needsdiagnosis.
  • Thomas: I will check with mike for one of the OKRs but good progress altogether.
  • karl: dashboard I need to check the prio bug. (edited: need to be resolved and we have finished) adam was regrets for the meeting.

Webcompat tooling (karl)

Add your ideas to the webcompat tooling draft. Anything is welcome, even if you think it is crazy or not doable. Some of them might blossom, some might vanish in a peaceful way like the petals of cherry trees.

  • karl: just a reminder be creative and free with regards to the proposal..

Team PTO and Travel - March 2018 (karl)

  • ola: would it be
  • karl: FYI. PTO Feb 23 and PTO from March 1st to March 9 2018
  • dennis: 15th to 19th, in Paris for a MDN work week(end), will take PTO on 19+20 to rest
  • ola: 28th Feb to 2nd of March, Conference in Salzburg

Two Minutes ( 🐝 )

This is the summary of what you have done during the week. Feel free to add your own 2 minutes. Keep it short. Feel free to add your name if you think you need to share something.

  • Adam: Mostly reviewing and tagging bugs, some triage as well
  • Dennis: Triage, Diagnosis, GoFaster
  • Karl: webcompat (review mike #2041 PR and , content for #1933, some code to improve form #1997, Proposal for PR/issues #2035, #740) web-bugs (triage, diagnosis, contacts), Review of the first release of refactor.
  • Guillaume:
  • Mike: Fixing a lot of refactor branch tests. Some time cleaning up Tech Evang product in Bugzilla w/ Adam. window.event spec + wpt tests work (working on PR revisions).
  • Ola: deploy on stage. fixing bug reports for refactor.
  • Oana: Investigate and triage/diagnose issues. Testing on
  • Sergiu: Investigate and triage/diagnose issues.Testing on
  • Thomas: Tripwire now works as a marionette test. Helped Dennis with reviews of GoFaster. Also found a useful extension work-around: Also landed, opening the door to more compat fixes/refactoring of XMLHttpRequest code.