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Scribed by Mike

Q1 Milestone (ola) - deploy (ola)

We have a release plan ready and identified blockers.

  • ola: There's a small release plan in place (see document above). Lots is already done, thanks to Guillaume and a new contributor Christian whos is amazing. We would like to get the P0 and P1 bugs done before the 22nd. Anything above and beyond would be great. Then we'll deploy to staging, and start with the code review from refactor to master (it will be painful sorry in advance :)). And test and try to find any major blockers. On the 29th, assuming everything goes well, we will deploy on 29th. And then I go on PTO. Good luck.
  • ola: If needed, I'll be around, but I will take the time off later on to compensate.
  • dennis: New in 2 weeks. That's exciting. I'll show off the new designs for my lightning talk.
  • mike: Does Christian know about the P0 and P1s?
  • ola: I'm directing him towards these issues; he's been asking about what to work on.
  • ola: Thanks for the feedback and reviews from everyone so far. Tom and Adam. I'll integrate it then work on the screenshots.
  • adam: I added some comments.
  • ola: We definitely need help around the labels, so if you have some time Guillaume that would be amazing.
  • guillaume: I can try.
  • ola: I think we're in good shape.
  • ola: Any feedback or questions around the release plan?
  • dennis: It looks good to me.
  • mike: Are all issues in the doc in the Q1 milestone?
  • ola: Yes.
  • ola: And after that, there will be plenty to do. After the main refactor is shipped, I will have less time to work on it (working on other projects). But I'll be around at least one day a week in the beginning.
  • mike: Cool.
  • GIF!
  • We'll deploy a new version very soon. Will ping on IRC after. Please test as much as possible after the deploy. So we can find bugs and fix them as soon as possible.
  • Ola: We need to review the content for Home, About, Contribute and Contact pages. If anyone can help out with that it would be appreciated. Deadline is tomorrow (Friday). #1933
  • DATES!: until March 22, 2018.: Fix P0 & P1 (
  • March 23, 2-18 Deploy to Staging -
  • March 23 to March 29, 2018. Start Code Review && fixing major blockers
  • March 29, 2018. Prod
  • (Ola on PTO - March 30 to April 6, 2018 😱)
  • ola: Feel free to continue adding feedback around content (in the bug #1933).

Slack #2083 (Ola)

  • ola: If you have suggestions for channels feel free to comment in the bug, or let me know so we can discuss. For example, we could have a channel for triage, diagnosis, events, tooling, etc.
  • mike: Can anyone create channels? I have no idea.
  • ola: Right now, all admins can. You all should be, if not let me know.
  • ola: There's a service that handles invites to join the slack, rather than requiring manual moderation of invites.
  • ola: Also we'll have a bot that helps people to use nice language.
  • dennis: Nobody should be surprised, since I do it all the time. :)
  • Ola:
  • ola: Feel free to make suggestions to this as well.
  • mike: I don't love slack, but I will try to follow along.
  • dennis: I will be reading the messages and let you know or karl if there are questions or things to answer.
  • mike: It would be cool if we could invite people into Mozilla slack.
  • dennis: If they have NDA, it would be possible.
  • adam: there's actually a beta feature that allows you to share channels.
  • ola: We don't have a paid account, so we're limited to 10,000 messages in history, max.
  • adam: I don't think it's worth paying for if we go above that, because it's per active user per month.
  • guillaume: 6 euros per user.
  • dennis: We could create or use a log bot if we feel the need to. tantek has one.

Metrics (Ola)

  • ola: In the past few days, some people have asked me about metrics for I just wanted to check in on this. How should I reply?
  • mike: Feel free to redirect to Adam or to me for now. We're focusing on this for Q2, with dashboards, etc.

Blog post (adam_s)

  • adam: I think everyone except for Guillaume has seen the blogpost to promote the Report Site Issue button to Dev Edition and Nightly users. Arcadio wants to run a larger webcompat campaign. If that gets approved, we'll have more resources for assets designs, etc. Just started.