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Scribed by Adam

Q2 OKRs planning (miketaylr)

Let's start this now so we're ready to hit the ground running for Q2.

  • karl: tried to access the form, but it's not accessible.
  • mike: I want to work asynchronously on this. So I will just introduced it today. Let's try to use Github to manage OKRs this quarter. As an example of what this would look like: For each KR we create an issue. Each KR has an owner, that can give a status update (but doesn't have to do all the work for that KR). Will give confidence in % points which should be easier to understand. Once items are in backlog / pending / done we can move them across to the appropriate column. You will need to be in the Mozilla Github org, there's a mana page for this Mike will send an email about it.
  • mike: Let's propose OKRs over the next weeks, I've suggested some items in the doc already.
  • mike: Objective 1 - make ourselves more effective at the web-bugs lifecycle. Objective 2 - Jet would like to measure the quality and performance of web compat / web-bugs. Objective 3 - making tools that are helpful for Mozilla but also that could be used by developers. Objective 4 - We have some experiments that we want to pursue, will provide more info later. Objective 5 - experiment with spoofing user agent on fennec on sites like Google / Facebook for Tier1 experience.
  • tom: is much changing with regards to our deliverables? How we mark what we get done.
  • mike: No. Also as a reminder key results should be something you can assign a value to completion / or measure success
  • karl: in the Google doc it says 2 to 5, what does that mean?
  • mike: each Objective should have 2 to 5 Key Results that make it up. release plan (ola)

  • ola: we have setup a release plan to prioritize bugs. We would like to deploy next week on Thursday. We are at 80% right now and still confident.
  • https: //
  • mike: we're calling the p0 and p1 bugs are blockers. We also have some nice to have bugs and things that we can continually work on after.
  • mike: we'll send out an email when we deploy to staging and are ready for code review.

Two Minutes ( 🐝 )

This is the summary of what you have done during the week. Feel free to add your own 2 minutes. Keep it short. Feel free to add your name if you think you need to share something.

  • Adam: Outreach, experiments and metrics fun. Plus content review.
  • Dennis: (went to Paris and did some MDN stuff)
  • Karl: needsdiagnosis. contactready. webc-dev: #2215
  • Guillaume: (lots of hacking on metrics + webcompat dev <3) <3
  • Mike: Some more PTO, some planning. Some hacking on webcompat dev.
  • Ola: (80% complete, 24 open, 97 closed), on boarding call
  • Oana: Investigated/Triaged/Checked needsdiagnosis issues. Configured Webcompat Dev Environment on Windows (not working) and Linux (working).
  • Sergiu: Investigated/Triaged/Checked needsdiagnosis issues. Configured Webcompat Dev Environment on Windows (not working) .
  • Thomas: needsdiagnosis, helping ola with webcompat reviews, some addon hacking on tripwire, some work on next-gen XHR implementation

PTO / Travel ( 🐝 )

  • Dennis: 2018-03-15 to 2018-03-20 Paris for a MDN hackathon weekend. PTO on 19.+20.
  • Ola: 2018-03-30 to 2018-04-06. PTO