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Scribed by Ola

HLS Video in Fennec 59 (adam_s)

  • HLS support shipped in Firefox Android 59. We should validate sites that are fixed now and which ones / frameworks need Outreach. Some talking with JWPlayer
  • adam: There are some sites we might need to do outreach because of user agent sniffing. We could use our triage time this week? Depending on how long it takes, we could ask oana and sergiu to help.
  • adam: maybe we discover issues during that time and report to the team.
  • mike: cool thanks! we'll start the work on thursday and follor up. There is a triage meeting in thursday, if anyone wants to join. its 5pm berlin time.

Pre-triage experiment (Sergiu & Oana)

  • We've created a spreadsheet containing the pre/post quality score.
  • mike: I should have more info about this after a check-in meeting with Rosana a few hours after this team meeting.
  • oana: we are having an issue with the number of issues.
  • mike: let me give some context. this experiement is part of the open innovation discussion and there might be an opportunity for community members who do not know much about triage, there is a way to improve reports before triage. We have 2 contributors who gonna help us. We gave them task and the quality went up. So we're gonna try to find ways how we can add this to the project. I'm having a meeting today with Rosana and have hopefully more info this week.
  • Oana: The number today is quite low, but we can add 5 issues on Monday and assign to them.
  • Mike: we decided to use real issues.
  • Oana: yes, that's better.
  • Sergiu: what environment should we look for when we give them to the 2 contributors?
  • Mike: Just send them an email with a doc that includes instructions.
  • Sergiu: I was referring to the platform
  • Oana: should we ask them about the devices they have and which envoriment they are using
  • Mike: this is an interesting experiment.

Final Q1 OKR Check-in (miketaylr)

  • wowowowo:
  • GoFaster update from Dennis, who sadly is in bed with a bad cold:
  • Got r+'ed by Kris for the final patch yesterday, so that's really good.
  • Talos shows a ts_paint regression (time from startup to first paint), which is bad.
  • However, this seems to be unrelated to our actual code, and more a framework issue
  • Some people in #perf, including aswan, ganalf and mconley offered help looking at profiles
  • and might be related, but I'm not sure yet
  • Need to finish up release plan docs See document for further updates. Non-verbal Updates

Proposed Q2 OKR Objectives (miketaylr)

Here's the list of things people submitted, beyond what we already have. To be reviewed and prioritized with Panos. (if you intended to submit something but forgot, you have about 1 hour to get it in :))

Some insights into the MDN browser compat data and its uses (Dennis)

(will provide more details verbally next meeting) MDN is migrating their old browser compat data into a central, machine-readable JSON structure: Data includes details about web features (JS, CSS, SVGs) and their compatibility across browsers. Besides Mozilla, other browser vendors are contributing their data as well, including Microsoft, Google, and Samsung. Lot's of interesting projects happening around this. For example, there is an addon to make web developers aware when they use features with non-perfect compatibility:

Two Minutes ( 🐝 )

This is the summary of what you have done during the week. Feel free to add your own 2 minutes. Keep it short. Feel free to add your name if you think you need to share something.

  • Adam: Bringing down needscontact queue + PTO
  • Dennis: Investigating startup performance issue with GoFaster v2 loaded
  • Karl: needsdiagnosis (means also opening new bugs against Core). triage dashboard. proposals for OKR. Reading about python2 to python3 conversion.
  • Guillaume: triage dashboard. metrics dashboard (webdesign and scaffolding)
  • Mike: Some PTO. Working towards release. Planning. Triage. Breaking things. Being sick over the weekend (boooooo).
  • Ola: refactor. rebase fun. more fun with code.
  • Oana: Investigate, triage and check needsdiagnosis issues.
  • Sergiu: Triage and Issue investigation.
  • Thomas: Work on Tripwire, diagnosis, and XHR refactoring.

PTO / Travel ( 🐝 )

  • Ola: 2018-03-30 - 2018-04-06 on PTO