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Scribed by Karl

All Hands (miketaylr)

Orlando All Hands - December 2018

  • mike: We would love to have a better experience with our OKRs in 2019Q1 by being ready. … also think about your personal OKRs for 2019H1. … Unfortunately, sergiu and oana will not be able to join us this time. … We will try to loop them in during the discussion when it makes sense. … Either Tuesday or Thursday, I would love to organize a team dinner. If you have any requirements, tell me. … Any comments related to the events?
  • karl: I won't be at opening event or closing event due to early and late arrivals.

OKR Check-in (miketaylr)

OKRs list

  • mike: karl, feel free to do your thing!
  • karl: Mooooo!
  • mike: I would like us to change a bit the way we do the status update. The comments are wonderful. I would love that we change the labels on the progress.
  • mike: In Orlando, we will discuss about blipz and its future.
  • sergiu: For professional websites testing, Salesforce is blocked by content blocking. I'm testing without content blocking for now. I opened an issue.
  • mike: we should escalate this.
  • adam: We should not break their website because there is a tracker on their web site.
  • dennis: If we need to override the ua is to add the label sitepatch-needed on the issue, or on bugzilla, add [sitepatch-needed] to the whiteboard. Contact me too.

Two Minutes ( 🐝 )

  • Abdul: Triage Mobile issues, trying to maintain 'needstriage' to less than 10 bugs
  • Adam: Outreach, triage, meetings. Plan to move TP reports to telemetry.
  • Dennis: Diagnosis, mostly, besides writing some site patches and having fun in meetings.
  • Guillaume:  
  • Karl: needsdiagnosis and a bit of triage. Improving the webcompat-metrics-server to make it more resilient. Starting to setup Orlando. Booked another flight for Orlando, I'm coming.
  • Kate: Basic framework for weekly reports dash done, in process of fixing it up for merge. Currently covered in restaurant sludge and doing dump runs -- sorry to miss y'all!
  • Mike: In SF for Chrome Dev Summit, planning stuff around 2019
  • Oana: Investigate and triage issues. Investigate Tracking Protection issues. Performed Exnterprise Testing on WebEx Modern view.
  • Sergiu: Investigate and triage issues. Enterprise testing - Salesforce
  • Thomas:  

PTO / Travel ( 🐝 )

  • Mike: November 19 - 23 (Thanksgiving week)