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Scribed by mike

OKR Check-in (miketaylr) (see comments in issues, no meeting minutes)

type-foo labeling (miketaylr)

We're trying to collect metrics on types of issues we diagnose. Please be sure to add one or more "type-foo" labels once a diagnosis is complete, even if it's a duplicate.

  • mike: a PM will help us with bug diagnosis, so for the next couple of weeks, nothing changes. He will help us to analyze velocity. He will help us understand the type of issues being reported. One important piece is to label the type of issues. type-css, type-flash, …
  • karl: which kind of granularity. do you want just css, or deeper like flexbox? or viewport?
  • mike: I don't know right now. What do you think?
  • karl: Hmmm.... (hand scratching on beard). It could be quite generic, but if it's a duplicate for a core issue it could help to categorize.
  • dennis: If we know it's in a category that's occuring frequently, being specific is good. If it's some obscure edgecase, possibly something more generic is fine.
  • mike: after 6 weeks, if marco doesn't come up with results which are meaningful for us, we will pass.
  • adam: I found from the outreach bug, the most common ones that I apply are "generic css or js".

depends-on-bugzilla label proposal (miketaylr)

We've talked about closing issues as duplicate not having the right semantics. I propose we continue to do that, but also add a "depends-on-bugzilla" label. Let's bikeshed.

  • mike: please put some proposed label ideas below.
  • karl: most of the time, it will work. sometimes it will be awkward. but we can live with it. for example, you can start with the assumption that it's a core issue, but later you find out that the issue is actually a chromium bug. so you might have to change labels, but it's doable.
  • sergiu: should we distinguish between duplicates in webcompat and bugzilla?
  • tom: or chromium?
  • karl: rarely, it will be a duplicate of an issue on github somewhere else.
  • mike: it might work to just infer webcompat dupe w/o a bugzilla or chromium label
  • kate: as long as we can infer there's a dupe (and we didn't just forget to add the label for the other thing)
  • tom: can we just add a text box, or have a regular comment format so we can do some analysis.
  • karl: eric's addon does this.
  • Karl: dup-moz, dup-webkit, dup-blink
  • Dennis: Don't quite like the word "duplicate", maybe "vendor-mozilla", "implementation-mozilla", or something else? Technically, those issues are not a "duplicate", because the webcompat issue is about a website, while the browser engine issue is about... an implementation bug.

Closing Softvision issues as worksforme (Sergiu, Oana)

For issues reported by Softvision team, we would suggest to receive a ping before being closed as "Worksforme". We can provide more details and help with reproducing the issue.

  • karl: I'm probably the biggest offender here. I'm happy to ping if sergiu and oana close it ;) Also don't be offended to reopen if you think it has been closed too quickly. Some of the issues I close as worksforme are also because I think the issue is too minor to keep it open, like for example a different font, an alignment issue which doesn't create readability issue, etc.
  • oana: if you close it for a minor thing, leaving a comment saying that would be helpful.
  • karl: what would be best for you?
  • oana: pinging, or asking a question would be good.
  • sergiu: some issues only reproduce on windows (or don't reproduce on macos)
  • karl: that's good, most of our users are there.

Two Minutes ( 👹 )

This is the summary of what you have done during the week. * Feel free to add your own 2 minutes. * Keep it short. * Feel free to add your name if you think you need to share something.

  • Abdul: Mobile triaging and figuring out booting for mobile
  • Adam: Outreach, cross-functional meeting Q1 update, shoveling
  • Cipri: Parental leave until 2019-02-04
  • Dennis: Diagnosis, some work on getting scroll anchoring issues in Fenenc fixed for eBay
  • Guillaume: (hacking on metrics stuff)
  • Karl: flu for most of the week. Deployments. A bit of coding for devops. Back into full diagnosis mode. Coded also a bit things for webcompat-metrics-server.
  • Kate: Catching up and re-orienting. Code review for Karl's cool metrics script, some (problematic) work on pagination issue, job hunting x_x.
  • Mariana: Fixed(?) the Firefox bug.
  • Mike: Usual manager stuff. Working on platform gap things.
  • Oana: Triage issues and "Tier 1 Report Card" testing.
  • Sergiu: Triage and Tier 1 Report Card.
  • Thomas: muchos diagnosis, about:compat work, also got Tinker Tester's Chrome port ready for debugging/dogfooding

PTO / Travel ( 👹 )

Cipri :2019-01-21 to 2019-02-04 (Parental Leave)