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Scribed by Mike

OKR Check-in (miketaylr)

Final check-in for the quarter (with just a few days left to wrap things up).

The Great Keyboard Event explosion (denschub)

[Bug 1536453]( and related issues are causing trouble. If you see any keyboard event related issues, please ping Adam, Mike, or Dennis.

  • dennis: In 66 release we introduced some changes related to charCode and keyCode in keypress handlers. This breaks some sites, powerpoint, word online, IBM webmail. Possibly more. We can fix on a site by site basis, so if you see anything related to keyboard issues (like you can't type in a form, etc), let us know ASAP.
  • tom: Is it possible for us to use gofaster to apply these? Or does it have to ride the trains?
  • dennis: We have a blocklist pref, so we can use Normandy.
  • karl: (I should do a joke about Normandy here.)
  • mike: We can use Normandy, but RelMen would prefer dot-releases, because enterprise customers have turned off Normandy updates.
  • mike: Here's a summary with links: <>
  • tom: Is there a way to roll out a specific hack to a percentage to verify things are OK?
  • mike: It's possible, something to consider going forward.

Two Minutes ( 👹 )

This is the summary of what you have done during the week. * Feel free to add your own 2 minutes. * Keep it short. * Feel free to add your name if you think you need to share something.

  • Abdul: A bit of triage and serving notice period
  • Cipri: Tier 1 report card (2nd pass) and Triage.
  • Dennis: Fixing PowerPoint, Word, and other broken webapps using Keyboards. Rambling on politics.
  • Guillaume: Maintaining webcompat dashboard.  
  • Karl: A bit of little bit of everything. Worked on python 3 migration, FastClick, and diagnosis. Got definitely on the shorter end of my life.
  • Kate: Got a metrics container set up for needstriage, comging into the final stretch of new dashboards. Have both my parents here for a visit until tomorrow, so short on time and won't be able to meet today (but did update OKR issue). <3 to all!
  • Mariana: I'm on a goodbye trip from Brazil. I finished the text optimization stuff. I think I'll start tackling some random issues now. See you next meeting! :) \o/
  • Mike: PTO!
  • Oana: Finished Tier 1 report card (2nd pass). Triage issues. Biking and spring cleaning and awesome warm weather.
  • Sergiu: Finished Tier 1 report card (2nd pass), began the great Triage overhaul. Walked the great outdoors with some friends and the doggos. BBQ'ed some fish. Spring cleaning. Gardening.
  • Thomas: Spring cleaning: administrative stuff for upcoming events, landing XHR/Fetch bugfixes, addressing stalled standards stuff with XHRs/Fetch, reviewing Tinker Tester Chrome port status, a couple of enterprise diagnoses.

PTO / Travel ( 👹 )

  • Dennis: 2019-04-25 to 2019-04-29 Visiting MozBerlin for a non-Mozilla hackathon.