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Scribed by Karl

OKR Check-in Number 1 (miketaylr)

  • mike: we are two weeks in 2019Q2, Let's introduce a bit the OKR and look what is already being done.

Diagnosis rotations (miketaylr)

There is now a rotation for handling the diagnosis weekly on a basis of two days.!topic/mozilla.compatibility/-ORWLM1sd4A This is tracked on

  • karl: I added the dates for the weeks.
  • karl: To clarify things for the diagnosers. Creation date is not relevant. Specifically these days, where the triage team has a backlog to handle. Incoming needsdiagnosis issues are issues which have not yet been handled at all. There are easy to identify because they have only comments from Sergiu, Oana or Ciprian. They can be 4 weeks old, but they have never been touched yet. So these are incoming into needsdiagnosis.
  • karl: Watch out for issues with low comments. There are also plenty of other issues in limbo for a long time. These too are good to look at again. Last week I closed a couple because we passed the window where we could reproduce the bug.
  • mike: I created a way to do the rotation.
  • dennis: It worked well, opened a couple of bugs.
  • karl: I will be on conf wednesday (JP).
  • thomas: I can do it.
  • karl: cool, I'll take your Friday.
  • mike: it's a pilot experiment. We will revisit in two weeks. If you have a better idea on how to track the dates, please propose them.
  • mike: I will check with marco if we want to continue of assigning bugs.
  • [TODO] mike to check with marco about the bugs assignments. before 2019-04-17

Firefox Nightly issues test on Fenix? (Oana)

I found an issue that was reproducible on Fenix (TP Off) and had no Fenix label - Should we consider testing all Fennec issues on Fenix (TP Off) also?

  • oana: Should we test all issues on Fenix?
  • mike: probably only for Core issues. For TP stuff it could be different.
  • [TODO] mike to ask andreas bovens about the type of testing for issues reproducibility in Fenix. before 2019-04-17
  • karl: I have a tendency to test in Fenix, the viewport issues.
  • mike: oana if you have feelings, do it.

Two Minutes ( 👹 )

This is the summary of what you have done during the week. * Feel free to add your own 2 minutes. * Keep it short. * Feel free to add your name if you think you need to share something.

  • Abdul:
  • Cipri: PTO - family time. Back to triage.
  • Dennis: Back into diagnosis, with the freshly introduced rotation! Planning a hackathon. Being famous on the internet for a week.
  • Guillaume: worked on webcompat-metrics-client fixing a couple UI issues.
  • Karl: Diagnosis. Webcompat started to work on porting to Python 3 for a couple of weeks. Trying to maintain a parallel branch in sync with the current master. Not too hard for now. Helped figure out actual bugs/variabilities in the current master, in the process of being fixed. Solved a couple of devops issues on too. So all good. Will be at AMP conf in the next two days. working on library detection too.
  • Kate: Did some research on next steps for metrics DB, but mostly offline.
  • Mariana: Read about some new web performance stuff we could use. Fixed a bug.
  • Mike: Spent the week in Toronto at BlinkOn, asked Chrome to switch to Gecko.
  • Oana: Triage & more triage. Biking, hicking and some gardening.
  • Sergiu: braindead
  • Thomas: Attended BlinkOn, diagnosed IBM webchat and webmail issues, investigated a couple of about:compat follow-ups, completed the Tinker Tester and Testcase Reducer Chrome ports (along with other improvements to each). Also managed to land a couple more XHR/Fetch patches.

PTO / Travel ( 👹 )

  • Karl: 2019-04-17 to 2019-04-18
  • Dennis: 2019-04-19 and 2019-04-22, Public Holiday in Germany (Easter stuff)
  • Dennis: 2019-04-25 to 2019-04-29 Visiting MozBerlin for a non-Mozilla hackathon.