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Scribed by Ksenia

OKR Checkin (miketaylr)

Webcompat AB testing (SV team)

Softvision team signed up for manual testing of the-all-new-and-improved webcompat bug reporting form.

  • Context:
  • mike: I spoke with the OI team, and they're into it. We should start testing only after the next PR is merged (still hasn't shown up yet...) and we deploy master to staging. Please add the "scope: new form QA" labels to all issues!
  • sergiu: We're keen to start on this
  • mike: A little update here: we're waiting on a pull request, not sure yet
  • sergiu: do we have a timeframe for this?
  • mike: open innovation has a goal to launch this tomorrow! but maybe by the end of the week is more realistic. So, early next week we can start QA
  • sergiu: will we be using staging or prod env?
  • mike: staging
  • dennis: can you ping when this happens, because it can affect outreachy?
  • mike: sure

ML addon feedback (miketaylr)

I'm curious if the SV team has any feedback on the web extension powered by the machine learning magick. SV team: The ML add-on is doing its job outstandingly. We'd love to know the logic behind it. So far we see that 26% are incorrectly identified (based on our judgement)✓&q=label%3A"ML+inCorrect" We feel that with minor improvements and let loose, it would help a great deal with the triage activity, and save time for other activities.

  • mike: please file bugs if you think they're relevant
  • oana: we already doing this and it's working quite well
  • sergiu: we can't really see what the addon is doing, how it's labeling the issues
  • mike: what additional information will help you? we should have a document that would describe how the model works

Moving daily chatter from IRC to Slack (SV Team)

  • karl: It's not possible to have local archives on Slack. And there is no possibility to export the logs. This is basically trapped information.
  • karl: What is the issue to solve? If it's an answering machine, we can install that on IRC. There are bots where you can leave a message to someone until the person shows up on IRC. Something like: "nestor, tell sergiu that we miss him." When sergiu shows up the next time. The bot will reply "sergiu, karl said: 'we miss him' on October 12."
  • karl: Or is it another issue?
  • sergiu: nope... that's exactly what we're missing. we are not seeing history from overnight or from when we're on PTO or week-ends. An answering machine would do the job, I think.
  • tom: didn't mozilla have IRC logging for some channels? maybe we should just use that for now:
  • sergiu: we don't really have history of overnight chat
  • karl: is it to read what people posted?
  • sergiu: we need it for the cases when we're pinged overnight
  • karl: when you have an irc logbot with online archives, we change the nature of the discussions. The public archive makes it more difficult for some type of chats.
  • tom: source code of logbot is on github, we can have our own instance of it
  • karl: we could send an email to the mailing list to see what the group think
  • sergiu: everyone can ping us on slack instead of irc
  • mike: which clients do you use?
  • sergiu: we use irc cloud
  • mike: we'll decide on this later, but please use webcompat internal channel if you have an urgent message

Triaging session of Needscontact issues (SV Team)

  • sergiu: Karl mentioned that there a lot of (now) invalid Needscontact issues. We could add an OKR to retriage these issues.
  • karl: I have been closing a couple of them when doing the outreach. Probably around 50% were invalid for the old ones.
  • cipri: can we have another session to make sure everything is still valid?
  • mike: do we have enough bandwidth?
  • oana: we could do this
  • mike: I can just probably add a card to the OKR

The "type-tracking-protection-strict" label on Fennec (SV Team)

  • sergiu: what is the mechanism by which these issues get the "type-tracking-protection-strict" label? AFAIK, there is no explicit setting to increase or decrease the TP level on Fennec.
  • sergiu: I don't know how mobile issues got this label. Karl?
  • karl: I'm not sure, maybe the UA is not correct
  • mike: do we still do that?
  • tom: yeah, reporter does this
  • sergiu: do we still need to care about those?
  • mike: not really, since Fennec is going away

FYI: Coming Devtools features (karl)

Two Minutes ( 👹 )

This is the summary of what you have done during the week. * Feel free to add your own 2 minutes. * Keep it short. * Feel free to add your name if you think you need to share something.

  • Abdul: outreach
  • Cipri: Triage
  • Dennis: Outreachy comms, TSCI diagnosis, Dashboard work
  • Guillaume: _
  • Karl: webcompat_work: Diagnosis + Outreach. webcompat_dev: Code review for AB project, Investigating orphan images on the server.
  • Kate: looking into TSCI setup, thinking about how to implement in a way that works with remainder of dashboards. made a note to add contact-ready to dashboards.
  • Ksenia: PTO and some diagnosis, tried running performance tests with try run
  • Mike: Some PTO, went to the state fair and ate terrible food.
  • Oana: Triage, TSCI testing and Telemetry investigation. Hiking & biking on beautiful autumn weekend.
  • Sergiu: Triage & TSCI testing.
  • Thomas: Diagnosis+outreach, Enhanced Search tweaks, post-conference blues and Canadian Thanksgiving

PTO / Travel ( 👹 )

Coming holidays across the world

  • Karl: 2019-11-11 Tokyo moz dev roadshow
  • Karl: 2019-11-13 Seoul moz dev roadshow