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Scribed by Karl

OKR Checkin (miketaylr)

Two Minutes ( 👹 )

This is the summary of what you have done during the last two weeks. * Feel free to add your own 2 minutes. * Keep it short. * Feel free to add your name if you think you need to share something.

  • Abdul: (got a new job!)
  • Cipri: Triage, TSCI testing, Needscontact re-check, exploratory testing. NEEDS MORE COFFEE.
  • Dennis: All-Hands. Sitting on trains. Sleeping. Figuring out how good our WebAuthn implementation is.
  • Guillaume: (hacking on stuff on
  • James: (berlin All hands)
  • Karl: Berlin all hands. Coding a lot for new anonymous workflow. Taught my son how to patch the tire of his bike. Monitoring the Coronavirus evolution.
  • Kate: (hacking at All Hands)
  • Ksenia: All hands and finishing up interventions
  • Mike: Experimenting with sleep deprivation in Berlin. Thinking about the future of our work.
  • Oana: Triage, TSCI testing, Needscontact re-check and some LinkedIn exploratory testing.
  • Sergiu: Triage, Needscontact, Sitewait, Reddit
  • Sonia: Working on the reporter!
  • Thomas: Doing awesome Fenix/GV work.

PTO / Travel ( 👹 )

Coming holidays across the world

  • Karl: 2020-02-28 to 2020-03-07 - France, half here
  • Dennis: 2020-03-16 to 2020-03-23 - Attending [GDC](
  • Mike: 2020-02-10 at Wasm Summit in MV. Flying home 2020-02-12.