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Scribed by Karl

Critical Program Review for Webcompat (karl)

Initial proposal > Bet: Reduce the total instances when a user’s page fails as a result of loading it in Firefox Mana has a page for Web Platform about the possible bets. Currently the line for Web Compatibility might be too broad and not testable. > "Reduce the total instances when a user’s experience differs from other browsers as a result of using a website in Firefox." is probably "better" but even that is not satisfying. What do you think? Another possible bet. Fix all Webcompat P1 each semester. Or something along WebCompat P1 and an evaluation of the effort. Let's discuss.

  • Dennis: How do we measure things which we do not control?
  • Thomas: the thing which is here is ok.
  • Raul: We have different results depending on the location of the users. Knowing the location would help us.
  • Dennis: Probably we should add something along which significantly different from other browsers.
  • Thomas: Some rendering differences are important for users.
  • Karl: Could our bet be not be focussed on "the world", but rather on what is perceived insde Mozilla? Focussing a bit on the bugs we resolve for Web Platform. Our outreach work is significant to Firefox Product, but the core bugs are more relevant to Web Platform. It's hard to control the outside, but we can control what happens with Core bugs. >Reduce the total instances where reported site/user experience in Firefox differs from other browsers in ways web platform can address.

Team Goals (karl)

Do you want to set Team Goals? What would they be?

  • Dennis: Something to keep us motivated to do more diagnosis?
  • Dennis: Smartblock interventions and site interventions are interesting goals to set.
  • Thomas: It would be good to know how many people are doing what we do. Core engineering is fixing web web platform issues through flags.
  • Karl: We could do more internal "PR", like presenting our work (smartblock interventions for example) in internal meetings (like the Firefox Weekly). These presentations can also be used to make core developers aware of our abilities.
  • Tom: Then this could be a worthy team goal.

Cost Benefits Analysis on devtools bug (karl)

We got praise for our cost benefits analysis on our devtools. Thanks to your help on pushing this through.

FYI: Thomas Wisniewski (karl)

  • karl: Thomas has been promoted to Staff Software Engineer. His work with the Privacy Team has been instrumental for Mozilla and making a better browser for users.

August 31 meeting (karl)

according to next meeting on August 31, Thomas is scribe, Dennis is chair. Regrets for me and Oana and James

Two Minutes ( 👹 )

The useful, the silly, the things you did since the last meeting. Pro and Perso accepted.

  • Dennis: Needsinfo (sorry for the delays <3). Diagnosis. Reviewing SmartBlock patches. Installing mosquito nets on my windows.
  • James: pto
  • Karl: diagnosis. management. mid-year perf. Found a new apartment. Preparing moving. Second shot of vaccine.
  • Ksenia: pto
  • Oana: Triage and moderation. Needscontact verification and Bugzilla triage. PTO - hiking and reaching some of the highest peaks in Romania - vf.Retezat 2482m and vf. Peleaga 2509m
  • Raul: Triage and moderation. Needscontact verification. I've managed to break every possible breakle thing in the house
  • Thomas: SmartBlock phase 3 is half-released now in Fx92; did a lot of coordination there with QA and such. Also a lot of work with the ETP Team on our Fx93 release goals, and also goals/admin stuff (some diagnosis, but less than I wanted). Real life? What's a real life? :)
  • Joe:

PTO / Travel ( 👹 )

(no more travel until the end of 2021… probably) Coming holidays across the world

  • jgraham: Aug 16 - 31 (PTO)
  • Karl: August 26, August 30-September 3 (UTO), back on September 6.
  • Oana: August 30 - September 3 (PTO)
  • Ksenia: August 16-20 (PTO)
  • Dennis: September 13-17 (PTO)
  • Raul: September 6-17 (PTO)

FYI: 2021H1 Ideas (karl)

Let's keep this around so we have a reference.