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Scribed by Karl

Making high-profile interventions public? (dennis)

  • dennis: Some people have suggested to add the Slack UA override to the release note and/or find some other way to publicly highlight those things.
  • dennis: Do we want to be more public with our interventions? How? Where? When? Ekr proposed we make this more public. One idea we could do is follow the lead of the data team, with a "weekly" blog post. Probably less than a week, but at least one by cycle. It's just an idea. We need approval for creating a new blog. If there are volunteers that would be great, but if anyone wants to jump you are welcome. What do you think about it?
  • jgraham: Blog vs releases notes. What is the audience here? For site interventions it makes more sense to talk about them in the releases notes. The process of writing them is not super tricky. For a blog, who will be the target audiences? The impact is always difficult to assess. A lot of work, but does it have a readership. What will be the approval process?
  • dennis: Release notes: The process is simple. Everything in the release notes needs approval from PR. We don't need to put a lot of stuff in there. One benefit of having a dedicated blog, we can document for every release, and we can also include other things. There's no approval process. The data team has their own without approval issues. For the targeted audiences, it's complicated. Both outside and internal. People are often surprised by what we do. I'm not proposing to write anything complicated.
  • jgraham: Release notes visibility > blog post
  • thomas: ETP team has written regular blog posts. And they get eyeballs. Specifically if we have a message to convey. It's worth the shot. We should publish just the important stuff on release notes. We could grow our own community around that.
  • ksenia: For the internal stuff, could we use Firefox Headlines.
  • dennis: They try to keep them as short as possible. Yes it would be good for things like the slack UA.
  • thomas: everything which is a big news. some topics we can talk about firefox 100, specific interventions.
  • karl: Let's minimize the friction. Have one editor. Try with a blog post. And if something is interesting, we can try to push the notes.
  • Dennis: I volunteer to be in charge of the blog posts.

Clean-up of Bugzilla bugs when in need of a wind-down task (tom)

  • tom: we have a significant list of bugs in our bugzilla component, and some of them seem obsolete, or at least stale enough that they may no longer be issues (especially for the interventions/addon stuff). I'm going to be cleaning them out slowly over time, and needinfo'ing folks as I go along, but feel free to use this as a convenient "wind down task" when you have a few more minutes to spend before your day is over, and no emails/airmo videos to view instead :)
  • oana: we can also help here to check if issues are still reproducible or not. Maybe an OKR task, if you provide the link for the Bugzilla issues in question.
  • karl: Oana/Raul have also investigated the bugs in web compatibility: Mobile + Desktop 2020/2021

Work Items 2022H1 (karl)

Let's try to have this ready by the end of next week.

FYI - Firefox iOS (karl)

They are testing beta with 95.

FYI - Firefox for iOS reporter will be available for beta only (ksenia)

Two Minutes ( 👹 )

The useful, the silly, the things you did since the last meeting. Pro and Perso accepted.

  • Dennis: Some more work on the data pipeline thingie. Building and shipping site interventions (whooo, Slack!). Triaging `needs-sitepatch`, building some more sitepatches that will ship in Karl's cycle (I hope).
  • James: WebComaptInterop 2022. Better documentation for testharness.js. Finally landed page range support for print-to-PDF in marionette/webdriver.
  • Karl: Meeting with Product team about webcompat as quality signal. Working on webcompat strategy. Diagnosis. Some reviews. meetings.
  • Ksenia: Released Github app auth. Made my first patch for Firefox for iOS. Diagnosing Cmd+click issue on Gmail links
  • Oana: Triage&Moderation. TSCI re-check and Enterprise testing. Rainy days with not much to do outside, so I've be gathering some cloths and things to donate.
  • Raul: The usual Triage&Moderation. TSCI re-check and Enterprise testing. Slept like Dracula since I've got a new neck/throat tattoo, couldn't do any fun stuff over the weekend due to this.
  • Thomas: the usual diagnosis and ETP stuff; also lots of meetings as well (especially with ETP team). progress is good on SmartBlock/dFPI issues, and I'm beginning work on a refactor of our webcompat addon. Also helped out diagnosing a Panopto-Slack integration issue in a meeting with Panopto's team. Also found time to visit a ski-resort village near Ottawa that I hadn't been to in a long time, and had fun hiking with my folks there for some beautiful views. Now I have a lonely dog constantly wanting attention.
  • Joe: