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Scribed by Thomas

End of the Year (karl)

Next meetings: on Dec 7, 2021. Maybe Dec 21? (Holiday time). Basically There are really only 3 weeks left to wrap up things.

Firefox iOS and Webcompat (karl)

Discussion with Ashley Thomas (PM of iOS team). More of an icebreaker, but now we have a channel for conversation open. Let's hope things remain in motion.

Devtools (karl)

Work has started on devtools issues related to webcompat. Be ready in case questions are asked. Let's prepare another round of requests. Submit your ideas. Who would like to take the lead on this? Bear in mind that it involves measuring the value of each bug as possible (how much time it will save).

  • Dennis: ok, I'll tentatively take the lead.

Softvision Ioana/Paul (karl)

Hello Paul! Farewell, Iona! (Paul says hello, and Karl welcomes him, then raises his arm and it vanishes into his Zoom background)

FYI - OKR stuff (karl)

  • karl: Thanks a lot for adding these. We will need an effort estimate. Really rough. I will start fleshing out JIRA issues when it is necessary. That is when effort >= 2 weeks.

FYI - EOY Survey (karl)

Monday, November 29th. Do not forget to fill the survey. Reminder I'm not seeing any results because our team is too small.

Two Minutes ( 👹 )

The useful, the silly, the things you did since the last meeting. Pro and Perso accepted.

  • Dennis: Some reviews for System Addon patches. Diagnosis. Outreach. Deleting the old ES+Kibana from Heroku.
  • James: Interop 2022. Getting review / fixing some longstanding wpt patches.
  • Karl: Tired. Webcompat Strategy. Diagnosis. Firefox iOS. Plants have issues with the new environment.
  • Ksenia: Diagnosis, OKR, added "moved" label
  • Oana: Triage & Moderation. Enterprise Testing and Interventions/UA Overrides verification. PTO time doing a bit of gardening and biking. Team log updated >
  • Raul: Triage & Moderation. Enterprise Testing and Interventions/UA Overrides verification.Nothing fun over the weekend due to bad weather (collected leaf mould). Waiting for the slopes to have snow and to start snowboarding
  • Thomas: Finishing touches on dFPI shims project, automated test-suite work, and too many meetings to remember much else that went on. Snow... winter really is coming, isn't it?
  • Joe: