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Scribed by Dennis

Devtools (karl)

The sprint has been done. See the message on matrix. Maybe we could have a blog post about it.

  • Karl: Quick reminder: The DevTools team has worked on some feature useful to us while doing diagnosis. Cool work, check the Matrix channel for updates, especially the latest update. Includes stuff like debugging tabs that have been opened by ``, which makes debugging some authentication-flows easier. You can also blackbox individual source lines (that's behind a pref). The inspector now shows events. I encourage everyone to play with those features, and provide feedback to the DevTools team. Pretty-printing for HTML files is still missing, but they're still working on it. Overall really good news.
  • Karl: Have you had the opportunity to try any of the new features yet?
  • Tom: I used the event disabler, and it's helpful.
  • Ksenia: Not yet.
  • Tom: I'll probably use line-blackboxing on remote debugging today.
  • Karl: If you think it's helpful, do not hesistate to talk about it. Write a blog post! Make a tweet! Send love to the devtools team.
  • Tom: Writing a blog post might be a good idea.
  • Karl: The DevTools team really liked the collaboration, and they're looking forward to another round. Keep thinking about devtools bugs that you'd like to see resolved, especially things that help with diagnosis.
  • Tom: Do they have a list of bugs to pick from?
  • Karl: There's a meta bug ( with the bugs we like. You can report stuff and add it to the metabug.

Review of Epics for Webcompat (karl)

  • Karl: If tasks inside Web Platform take longer than 2 weeks, those are tracked in Jira, and there's a process attached to it. More and more, I receive questions for WebCompat to review things to allow the WebCompat team to review things before issues arrive.
  • Karl: I a Proposed process when people want to ask for WebCompat review, and how they can perform a self-assessment. Webcompat Review for Epic
  • Tom: Sometimes, I learned that enabling a new features causes sites to also expect other issues that we might not yet support. So if someone asks, we should highlight that there is a chance that sites may break because of this, and we might not be expecting this.
  • James: One thing that isn't mentioned here: Even if we're not seeing compat issues, if we see a high usage in usecounters, then it could suggest importance, so we should look at that as well.
  • Tom: Question: Someone suggested our own version of origin trails for our own features. Is there someone interested in pushing this, and is there a neeed?
  • Karl: I heard about it 6 months ago, but I'm not aware of any new developments.
  • James: There was a high-level proposal coming from the data team, but haven't seen updates.
  • Karl: Not sure where the final document will be, and when it will be done, but I'll provide updates.

Two Minutes ( 👹 )

The useful, the silly, the things you did since the last meeting. Pro and Perso accepted.

  • Dennis: Recording a talk for Thursday's Firefox Weekly. Some diagnosis.
  • James: Wrote some tests for Interop 2022. Started looking at fixing/updating marionette/WebDriver input handling. Made some fixes for firefox-source-docs.
  • Karl: Process for webcompat, Strategy description for the team, Coordinating, Firefox 100 blog post drafting (not yet published.), Understanding work on webdriver bidi. Diagnosis. Visiting Imperial Garden. Preparing for remote schooling soon.
  • Ksenia: Diagnosis. Creating bugs for the next release of the addon
  • Oana: Triage and moderation. ContactReady verification - done. Bugzilla issues triage. Went an a few hikes,, one with the happy dog
  • Raul: Triage and moderation. ContactReady verification - done. Bugzilla issues triage. Snowboarding as much as possible.
  • Thomas: Automated testing suite work, some diagnosis, lots of planning, tons of snow-shoveling.
  • Joe:
  • Paul: Paternity leave - 1 month (14 Jan - 11 Febr)