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Scribed by Ksenia

Next steps with building WCKB (Honza)

  • WebCompatibility P1 bugs
  • Recording experience from fast response triage meeting
  • honza: just wanted to make sure that we're on the same page on what are the next steps. also during the triage meeting we can come across some findings and those should be added to the WCKB?
  • tom: we can add comments/ assign right away
  • dennis: it could be a scribe or host of the meeting
  • james: it's either whoever working on diagnosis should add it or yes, one dedicated person every week
  • tom: to keep the meetings efficient, we could continue assigning issues to whichever expert is likely to have the best insight. after the meeting, they can make a judgement call on a given issue's priority, if they don't already know what's going on, and can add it to the knowledge base right away.
  • tom: and to keep information spreading out among the team (so one person isn't our only expert in the longer term), we could use time during our weekly meetings to discuss a given "expert topic" from time to time, to all be brought up to speed on how it's progressing, how the issues are diagnosed, etc.

anti-tracking and Private Browsing upcoming.. stuff (Tom)

  • tom: next cycle we're going to try and improve Private Browsing Mode, I'm going to be focusing on adding shims for that.
  • joe: Background - [Status of Storage APIs in Private Browsing]( Also, if there an issue that is hard to know whether it's webcompat issue or anti-tracking issue, so I'm going to add some information to the WCKB the anti-tracking aspect of webcompat
  • joe: the goal of WCKB is not to replace bugzilla, so I wonder if anti-tracking issues would fit there?
  • tom: this would be for our team, to do diagnosis faster. we also want to know which issues are fall into anti-tracking category to share with the anti-tracking team
  • james: Checking for ETP related breakage is already a standard part of the workflow
  • tom: this will focus more on the issues where we're not sure (script race conditions for instance slip through the cracks sometimes, as neither team knows whose bug it is). so having some knowledge base entries on deciding those things more quickly should help, and also let us know how anti-tracking issues are diagnosed (which might help us prioritize tooling improvements/etc)