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  • Scribed by Honza
  • Facilitated by Dennis

Should we touch trend-* labels during diagnosis triage? (dennis)

Dennis: Example at - which is not a "graphical glitch". Should we remove/change those labels during triage?

  • Dennis: we were wondering whether we can change the trend labels after we had a closer look to the reported issue?
  • Raul: yes, no problem, you can change it
  • Dennis: should we create a new lable when the original one isn't relevant
  • James: if the issue is something we can add to kb, it's less useful. And we can re-create the trend later using the KB (all reportes associated with specific kb entry)

WebCompat Knowledge Base NG (Honza)

WebCompat Knowledge Base NG PRD


  • Structured comments and syncing web-bugs & Bugzilla data sources (automated process might be broken by manual edits)
  • Structured comments maintenance (editing one vs adding multiple ?)
  • Examples of structured comments: core-bug, last-reproduced,
  • Storing console logs (Bugzilla or BQ?) Is that part of MVP?
  • Should BQ be just a cache?
  • BigQuery vs Google Cloud SQL
  • Database structure (set of tables for MVP)


  • Dennis: Where do we stor the data, if we decide to store all in BQ we can't simply update the data. We can't answer all questions till we know the technical details/aspects. Data team is storing all in BQ (not in Google Clound SQL). But, the data pipline team mighg help, they have some tooling already. I am waiting for a response form them. I am a bin concerned about doing all in BQ. We would have to do a lot of tooling, high maintenance cost, sharing tools with data pipeline team is beneficial. We do not have to reinvent all by ourselves.
  • James: I'd propose to setup a meeting with the data pipeline team. We have some requirements to connect CrUX, but it's not limiting us to use BQ. Always adding stuff is good for BQ, but for updating entries is better to use Google Cloud SQL. This is new to us, so there is some learning curve. We might want to create new doc with answers, something like engineering design document.
  • Dennis: My plan is to schedule the meeting as soon as I find the right person, and time slot. The entire data team seems to be located in the US. Should happen this week. We should talk to them before making decisions

Bugzilla Triage (SV)

Can we do an OKR for Bugzilla clean-up, like we did in the past? ( If so, how can we get a list of issues? (Unconfirmed, New)

  • Raul: we did bugzilla triage in the past and we were wondering whether we should do it again. Looking at the WebCompat component and NEW and UNCOFIRMED issues.
  • Dennis: I don't think we have to do anything on that.
  • Dennis: But, there are quite a lot of old issues. Not a lot, most of the issue are from 2020
 * Mobile (31 issues):
 * Desktop (205 issues):
  • Raul: we'd be looking at new/unassigned/desktop/mobile
  • Dennis: there are some, MS teams, reddit, pasting issues - those are active issues, we don't have to look at them. But, there are other issue.
  • James: Would make sense to start with the old ones.
  • Dennis: User might complain when and issue that is reproducible, but we can always reopen.
  • Tom: it's good to make good note at the end Like: "Please reopen if you can still reproduce the problem, thank you!"