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  • Scribed by Ksenia
  • Facilitated by Honza

Firefox Developer Experience Blog (Honza)

  • [Tom] (something that kind of rhymes)? is already taken, sadly.


  • honza: to avoid troubles/approval for each blogpost for the blog for the "Firefox Developer Experience" we could get a new domain. maybe we could all come up with a few options and set up voting

dennis: probably domain name doesn't matter as much, could get any name and get started with the content

DevTool Search (Honza)

  • Workflow requirements
  • Support for multipe searches UI/UX


  • honza: there were a few requirements for the search. do we need to have multiple search results and be able to select it on a separate tab, possible displayed in a sidebar?
  • dennis: there might not be enough space available for that, but yes I like this idea
  • honza: what about showing these results in a tab?
  • dennis: +1
  • ksenia: could we have multiple tab with different search results?
  • Dennis: preferred solution would be to have one search per tab
  • dennis: one alternative is how Chrome is doing it, splitting the results
  • honza: it might be difficult for us to implement